Keeping Up with Low End Mac

There are many ways to keep up on Low End Mac (LEM) as we add new content, update price trackers, and continue to migrate old articles from HTML files to the WordPress content management system.

The Home Page

As is true for most websites, the home page gives you links to the most recent content. At LEM, that’s the 20 most recent postings. The home page also links to the Mac of the Day (a model introduced on that date when possible, otherwise a significant model from the Mac’s 29-year history) and Today in LEM History, which links to articles and significant Apple happenings on this date.

RSS News Feed

We used to generate our own RSS feed, we later let Google Feedburner do it, and now WordPress itself generates the news feed, which is at If you’ve been using one of the older feeds, now is the time to update, especially since Google killed Feedburner in July 2013.


I don’t know how many people visit our page on Facebook, but we do have nearly 1,300 followers there. There’s a lot of give and take, and it’s a great place to ask for help with your Mac or iOS device. We announce new content on Facebook almost as soon as it’s published.


Likewise, we post links to our new content on Twitter @LowEndMac.

Google Plus

Must resist temptation to dump on Google’s “alternative” to Facebook. Some people really love Google Plus, and it gives you the chance to become a fish in a much smaller pond. And we announce our updates there as well.


I’ve only recently begun using Linkedin


We’ve launched a new announcement list on Google Groups, so if you’d like to receive a daily email with site updates, head on over.

Other Connections

MacSurfer’s Headline News has links to our new content for 24 hours before they go to archive.

Other Traffic Sources

After Google search, Facebook, and Twitter, blogs are our next leading source of traffic. 11.5% of traffic from social networks comes from writers on Blogger, 3.35% from people hosted by WordPress.

And then there’s StumbleUpon at the #4 social network traffic source. I can’t say I understand this service, but with 7.8% of our social traffic, I’m grateful for it.

Yahoo! Answers and Stack Exchange come next, at 7.56% and 7.25% respectively. Both are sites where you ask a question and select the best answer.

From there, it’s rapidly downhill to reddit at 2.44% and then Google Plus at 1.78%.

What Have We Missed?

We want to spread the news about what a friendly, useful resource Low End Mac is for those using Mac and iOS devices, including integrating them with PCs, Linux, Android, gaming systems, and more. If we’ve missed out on something, please let us know using the comments section below. (You can create your own Low End Mac ID or log in using your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or one of several other IDs.)