Make Your Older iPhone Colourful

I love my iPhone 4, but I must admit to having iPhone 5c envy. Jazz your older iPhone up with a colourful look.

I have always liked to mod and personalise my Macs, whether it be removing all the keyboard letters from my PowerBook G4, changing the glowing logo colour on a PowerBook G3 Lombard or swapping the plastics over on an iMac G3 so the speakers were green but the body was pink.

However, I am a little more hesitant about ripping open my beloved iPhone 4. Previous iPhones were very difficult to get into, but the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s have removable backs that can be done by anyone – making changing the battery very simple.

I had a look around online at replacing the back on my black iPhone 4 with something a bit more funky. There are plenty around, a transparent one perhaps,but I heard this causes issues with the flash, so I ended up going for a bright yellow back – in line with the new iPhone 5c.

It had to contain the Apple logo and all the text at the bottom. I couldn’t have an iPhone with no silver logo on the back.


I use the word instructions loosely, as it really is the simplest of jobs to do and will take you no more than 5 minutes.

Turn off your iPhone and place it face down on a soft surface. Grab a very small screw driver and undo the two bottom screws on either side of the charger port. Keep these screws safe. Then simply slide up the back casing and lift it off.



To fit the new one simply reverse the procedure, ensuring you slide the back down enough to ensure it is a snug fit. Remove the protective cover if you have one.

Now you can sit an enjoy your new iPhone 4c. Or if you simply want to replace a cracked back you could just buy a replacement black or white one.

Whilst the iPhone 4 and 4s look the same and the procedure will work on both, you need to make sure you pick up the correct back for your iDevice, as the tabs on the inside are different for each model.

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