Drive Compatibility: Drive Setup 1.6

Apple has released Drive Setup 1.6 for use with Mac OS 8.5 and PowerPC-based Macs. We'll assume drives compatible with 1.3, 1.4, or 1.5 are also compatible with 1.6 - exceptions will be listed as discovered. It is possible that some previously incompatible drives will work with 1.6. If you have a drive to add, please email Dan Knight .

Apple does note that they are "unable to fully test or support issues that may arise from [non-Apple] hard drives." ( TIL article 30572)

As of Drive Setup 1.6, I am only listing incompatible drives.

 Incompatible Drives, Drive Setup 1.6-1.6.2 


  • Model M1606SAU, 1.0GB SCSI drive


  • Fireball 730S


  • Barracuda ST32550WCN
  • Barracuda ST32171N

 Western Digital 

  • Enterprise 2G

 Drive Compatibility: Drive Setup 1.5 

 Compatible Drives, Drive Setup 1.5 


  • IBM Ultrastar 9ES (DDRS-34560)


  • Atlas II XP32775W
  • Atlas II XP39100J
  • Empire
  • Fireball SE4.3S


  • ST52160N 0285

 Incompatible Drives, Drive Setup 1.5 


  • CFP2107S

 Drive Compatibility: Drive Setup 1.4 

 Compatible Drives, Drive Setup 1.4 


  • CFP1060S
  • CFP2107S


  • IBM UltraStar 2ES DCAS-34330


  • Fireball SE 4 Gig
  • Fireball ST2.1S
  • Fireball ST3.2S
  • Fireball QM32100SE-S
  • LPS540S
  • ST6.4S
  • Viking QM32275VK-SCA
  • Viking QM34550VK-SW


  • Hawk (model # ST15230WC)
  • 4XL Hawk HD (model # ST34555N)
  • ST15150N

 Drive Compatibility: Drive Setup 1.3 

NOTE: If you have a Centris 610 or Quadra 610 with a non-Apple drive formatted with Silverlining, read about a significant problem with Silverlining.

Drive Setup 1.3, which works on 68040- and PowerPC-based Macs, is the first to broadly support third-party hard drives. Drive Setup 1.3 should work with all Apple brand hard drives, but Apple doesn't maintain a list of compatible third-party drives. Following is a list of drives tested and found compatible or incompatible with this software. Drives are SCSI unless otherwise noted. (Thanks to Mac managers and others who have contributed their findings. If you have a drive to add, please email Dan Knight .

This list is only a guide. Changes during the course of a drive's manufacturing life may mean your drive differs from those tested. The Low End Mac makes no promises about any specific drive mechanism's compatibility with Drive Setup 1.3.

Ernst J. Oud has a page explaining how to patch Drive Setup using ResEdit so it will work with any drive. (This patch is not supported by Apple; use it at your own risk.)

UPDATE, October 6, 1997. Apple has released Drive Setup 1.3.1. This update specifically addresses problems with EDI drives in a limited number of models. There seems to be no advantage to the new version for SCSI drives. For now, I'll assume the same drives are compatible. Dan Knight, webmaster

 Compatible Drives, Drive Setup 1.3 


  • CFP4207S
  • CFP1060S


  • RZ26 (These drives are normally intended for UNIX & Ultrix systems, and do not spin up when power is applied due to a hardware lockout. When Drive Setup 1.3 scans the SCSI bus they spin up though. You then have to initialize & mount them. -Tripp Frasch)


  • DORS-32160
  • Ultrastor 2XP DCHS-09W (tested w/1.3.1)
  • WDS-3 160S


  • 4410 1GB drive
  • Stinger 4743NS


  • Atlas II XP32275W
  • LPS540S
  • Empire 1080s


  • Medalist 1.2GB IDE (tested w/1.3.1)
  • ST-31200N
  • ST-31276A (series number ST3LA1 36)
  • ST-52160N

 Incompatible Drives, Drive Setup 1.3 

Many users have reported problems with IDE drives to MacFixIt. If your Mac has an IDE hard drive, be sure to check there before using Drive Setup 1.3.


  • M2694ES-512


  • Fireball 540S
  • Fireball 1080
  • Fireball SE 4 Gig
  • Fireball TM1700A
  • Fireball TM2110S300N
  • Fireball TM3200S300N
  • Lightning 730S


  • ST15230N

Caution: Drive Setup 1.3 should not be used on any drive that will be used on a 68000-, 68020-, or 68030-based computer. (Drive Setup will not run on any of these Macs unless you play with the Gestalt settings. Information on this available on Ernst J. Oud's page.)


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