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Andrew W. Hill (a.k.a. Aqua) hasbeen using Macintosh computers since 1987 and maintains thatthe Mac SE is the perfectMacintosh, superior to all - including the ColorClassic. He is on the verge of being evicted from thefamily home due to its infestation of Macs (last count:about 50). Andrew is attempting to pay his way throughcollege at UC Santa Cruz with freelance Web design and Mactech support.

Articles by Andrew W. Hill

  • California vs.Kazaa, 2003.01.22. Can a California court havejurisdiction over an Australian software company?
  • Switching off Mac OS9, 2002.09.12. No more booting into OS 9 with2003 Macs - is it a bad thing?
  • The different world ofHong Kong, 2002.07.17. So many differences in HongKong - only the PowerBook 2400c seemed to really fitin.
  • Why my 2400 is betterthan an iBook, 2002.07.11. The iBook is small, muchfaster, more affordable, and has far better battery life,but the 2400 is smaller and more expandable.
  • Xserve and the AppleNetwork Servers, 2002.05.22. Apple's Network Serversflopped, but Xserve has a lot more potential forsuccess.
  • Obsolete two year oldcomputers, 2002.05.06. Why bureaucrats find it easierto replace computers than keep them up to date.
  • How far can you go?,2002.01.03. Making the right choice when picking alow-end PowerBook.
  • How low can you go?,2001.12.28. How low can or should you go to get a goodenough Mac on a tight budget?
  • Serial ATA, MyTurn, 2001.12.05. A look at a new protocol that promisesfaster, inexpensive, and easier-to-install internaldrives.
  • The computer of thefuture, My Turn, 2001.11.21. Tomorrow's personalcomputers won't be so much faster as the will be moreflexible.
  • Golf andcomputers, My Turn, 2001.11.19. How computers aresometimes like golf.
  • We still needSCSI, My Turn, 2001.08.31. With a multitaskingoperating system and constant drive access, we need SCSInow more than ever.
  • Theft in the computerworld, My Turn, 2001.08.13. How is stealing MP3s orsoftware different from stealing a loaf of bread?
  • Jalapeños andyou, My Turn, 2001.08.08. What if it cost onejalapeño to download an MP3?
  • Quicksilver's fatalflaw, My Turn, 2001.08.01. It looks pretty, but Applestill hasn't solved all the problems with the Blue G3 andPower Mac G4 case.
  • So many wares...,My Turn, 2001.07.25. Sharware, freeware, beerware,postcardware, and other varieties.
  • Reflections onMacworld New York, My Turn, 2001.07.19. From ahardware standpoint, the Stevenote wasdisappointing.
  • My perfect Macintoshline, with Sam Burrish, My Turn, 2001.07.18. "This iswhat I would announce at Macworld New York if I were torecreate Apple's entire product line."
  • A shareware Web?, My Turn,2001.07.16. We used to have donation-based BBSes andstill have donation-based software. Why not a sharewareWeb?
  • eBay: Standing up foryourself, My Turn, 2001.07.10. Tips when buying oneBay.

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