The 'Book Review

The 'Book Review 2001.12.28

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2001.12.28

Except as noted, prices are in US dollars, bold links are to outside sites, and regular links lead to 'Book profiles on Low End Mac.

D-Link Launches Roq-it Jukebox with 10 GB hard drive

The new D-Link Roq-it MP3 Jukebox is a powerful portable hard drive-based MP3 Jukebox featuring a 10 GB hard drive that can store over 150 hours of nonstop music and a large, easy to read blue backlit LCD screen that displays song title, album name, genre and other track information contained in each MP3 file's ID3 Tag.


  • 10 GB Jukebox Storage Capacity
  • ID3 Tag Support
  • Large Blue Backlit LCD Display
  • USB Interface
  • M3U Playlist Support

Plug and Play software drivers combined with the USB interface ensures a fast and easy installation of the MP3 Jukebox. When connected through the USB interface, the Roq-it will show up as a new drive letter to allow a user to employ drag and drop functionality from a PC or Mac to copy music to the Roq-it.

The D-Link Roq-it has all of the programming modes that are standard on portable CD and MP3 players including: Repeat, Repeat All, Program, Random and Random All. In addition, the D-Link Roq-it 10 GB Jukebox has preset equalizer modes for Jazz, Rock, Pop and Classic and showcases a user-definable preset equalizer mode that allows users to adjust the sound of the Roq-it to their particular taste.

Up, Down, Left and Right buttons on the face of the Roq-it control navigation to a particular song or album. The Keypad Lock feature disables the use of all buttons so that the user cannot accidentally change any function. Further flexibility is added to the Roq-it with the included infrared remote control for ease of use from a distance. The Roq-it 10 GB provides an audio jack for connection to earphones or playing through speakers. A Line-Out stereo jack is also provided that enables the connection to an external audio input.

With 10 GB of hard drive capacity, the D-Link Roq-it provides up to 150 hours of digital-quality music and other recordings using the popular MP3 standard. In addition, Roq-it 10 GB can also double as a portable external hard drive so that users can copy any file (such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics) to the Roq-it Jukebox in the same manner as a floppy disk. The hard drive compartment can be opened easily to replace the hard drive with separate 2.5" hard drives. The capacity of the hard drive is limited only to the capacity of 2.5" laptop hard drives available. The Roq-it 10 GB's USB interface allows for a full 800 KB of bandwidth to deliver music file transfers at blazing speeds.

Five minutes of Electronic Shock Protection (ESP) is supplied by 2 MB of DRAM buffer to ensure constant playing without skipping. The included Lithium-Ion Rechargeable battery will give users up to eight hours of listening enjoyment and the provided AC Power Adapter also functions as a battery charger. The Roq-it 10 GB is usable out of the box with included headphones, shoulder strap, carrying case and USB cable for a complete Digital Audio Package. The D-Link Roq-it is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98SE, Windows 98, and Mac OS 9 and above.

The D-Link Roq-it 10 GB MP3 Jukebox sells for $209 and comes with a 1 Year Warranty and free Technical Support including firmware updates.

Apple Releases PowerBook Firmware Update 4.2.9 for Rev. B TiBooks

The PowerBook Firmware Update 4.2.9 will only run on 550 MHz or 667 MHz PowerBook G4 computers running Mac OS 9.1 or later from a local drive. If you are using Mac OS X, you must boot from a local Mac OS 9.1 writeable partition (not a CD or network disk) prior to following the update instructions.

Firmware Update 4.2.9 includes improvements to FireWire target disk mode when running Mac OS X, improves starting up on systems with 1 GB RAM, and enables Netbooting over gigabit ethernet.

For more information, read <>

Dr. Bott Titanium G4 PowerBook Case Updated

Dr. Bott's TiCase and TiCase Plus have been updated for the latest revision of the PowerBook G4. The new interior design support either the new square power adapter or the original round model and also includes space for Apple's iPod.

"Steve Jobs touted the Titanium PowerBook G4 as the ultimate in power and sex," said Eric Prentice, CEO of Dr. Bott LLC. "We're excited to offer a case that is specifically designed to protect the TiBook without compromising the style of the sexiest computer around."

The detachable cover allows you to use the TiBook while it is in the case using the special "Lift-o-Matic" rear pads. These risers provide access to the rear ports while adding an ergonomic tilt to the keyboard. These cases may look sleek and satin-smooth, but they're also tough and durable. This model of case was used in the James Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough."

  • Brushed Aluminum Shell
  • Combination lock
  • Unique TiBook Interior Design
  • Weighs less than 11.5 lbs with the TiBook inside

Price: $399


Stylish Case for the PowerBook G4 with side bag for additional storage for peripherals and paperwork and comfortable shoulder strap. Price: $539.

TiCasePlus Upgrade (TiCase to TiCasePlus)

Contains replacement lid for the original TiCase to upgrade it to TiCasePlus. Includes new lid, shoulder strap and internal peripheral separator. $297.

Evergreen fireLINE 2.5" FireWire/USB 2.0 Combo Pocket HotDrive

Evergreen Technologies' new fireLINE 1394 and USB 2.0 Pocket HotDrive delivers up to 40 GB of high speed external data storage that PC and Mac users can quickly add to any desktop or laptop simply by plugging the drive into an available 1394 or USB (either 1.1 or the new 2.0 standard) port.

Evergreen's fireLINE 1394 and USB 2.0 Pocket HotDrive has a lightweight, compact 2.5" case that fits in a fireLINE drivepocket, making it a good storage solution for users on the go who frequently back up large amounts of data or need to share data between multiple systems quickly. With both PC and Mac compatibility, it is also an excellent vehicle for users to transfer data between the two environments.

Like the original 1394 data transmission standard, new USB 2.0 also supports 'hot swapping' (plugging devices in and out without powering down the host system), daisy chaining of devices and power transmission from the host system. The 1394 and USB 2.0 Pocket HotDrive is supported by Windows 98SE or higher or Mac OS 8.6 or higher. It comes with an illustrated installation guide, 1394 and USB 2.0 device drivers (1394 digital video camera drivers needed for Windows 98SE/ME only), 1394 and USB cables, a 5V power supply and a one year warranty.


  • 10 GB, $259.99 (list), $199.99 (direct web purchase)
  • 20 GB, $329.99 (list), $249.99 (direct web purchase)
  • 30 GB, $399.99 (list), $299.99 (direct web purchase)
  • 40 GB, $529.99 (list), $399.99 (direct web purchase)

Besides the new fireLINE 1394 and USB 2.0 Pocket HotDrive, which is very compact, Evergreen continues to offer its complete line of fireLINE 1394 External HotDrives in the more standard 5.5" case size. Users can obtain up to 100 GB of additional storage capacity, and each HotDrive comes with one 6 Pin to 6 Pin 1394 cable. Evergreen also provides a HotDrive kit for customers who already have an external drive but want to convert it to IEEE 1394.

Pricing of fireLINE 1394 HotDrives and HotDrive Kit:

  • 40 GB, $259.99 (list), $199.99 (direct web purchase)
  • 60 GB, $329.99 (list), $249.99 (direct web purchase)
  • 80 GB, $399.99 (list), $299.99 (direct web purchase)
  • 100 GB, $529.99 (list), $399.99 (direct web purchase)
  • HotDrive Kit, $104.99 (list), $79.99 (direct web purchase)

1394 (FireWire) has become the industry standard for digital multimedia devices, as it enables transfer speeds up to 400 Mbps, provides power to the connected device and offers hot-swap and plug-n-play convenience. The new USB 2.0 standard enables data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps and is backwardly compatible with the initial USB 1.1 standard, providing speeds up to 12 Mbps. USB has long been the communication standard of choice for office peripherals like printers, scanners and faxes. Connectivity between systems and both 1394 and USB peripherals is supported by Windows 98SE or higher (including the new Windows XP operating system), and Mac OS 8.6 or higher.

SmartDisk FireFly Pocket-Sized FireWire Hard Drive

Extreme portability, striking design and high performance - a groundbreaking achievement in personal storage. Store up to five hours of superior quality video, more than 1,000 MP3 songs FireFly driveor more than 2,000 high-quality digital photos on a drive you can place in the palm of your hand. Smaller than a pack of playing cards, the four-ounce drive fits easily in your pocket or purse. When you need to get to your files, you do so at fast FireWire speeds. Read and write at 12 MB/sec. That's 100 high-quality digital photos transferred in ten seconds!

FireFly is powered by your computer, so you don't need an AC adapter or battery pack. Simply plug the drive into your FireWire port, and you're ready to go. Because FireFly is so small, it uses a minimal amount of a laptop's battery power.

FireFly features:

  • Easy installation: just one cable to connect.
  • Doesn't require an external power supply.
  • No software to install - just plug it in and use it.
  • Great performance - use data directly from the drive.
  • Perfect for both desktop and portable uses.

Potential uses:

  • Transfer documents easily between computers
  • Boost your laptop or desktop storage capacity
  • Use it as a high-capacity 'sneakernet'
  • Back-up programs and files you can't live without
  • Create a bootable backup image of your Mac

FireFly specs:

  • Weighs less than four ounces
  • dimensions: Width 2-1/2", Height 1/2", Depth 4"
  • 5 GB of storage
  • Durable, reliable and built for the road

System requirements for Mac OS users:

  • Any Macintosh with built-in FireWire port or a Power Macintosh G3 with a powered PCI 6-pin FireWire adapter
  • Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x, Mac OS X 10.1 or higher

Dr. Bott Shipping iPod Connection Kit with FM Transmitter

Dr. Bott's iPod Connection Kit includes everything you might need to bring your music anywhere you might want it. iPod Connection Kit provides many options for connecting to iPod's 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack to automobile stereo systems, home stereo systems, mic input of computers and other devices, boom boxes, and clock radios. The kit, valued at over $90, includes an iPod Auto Charger, FM Transmitter (batteries included), three audio cables and a carry pouch.

Dr. Bott's iPod Connection Kit is available immediately in the US and retails for $49.95. Dr. Bott's iPod Connection Kit II with cassette adapter will be available worldwide in January 2002.

Bargain 'Books

There are two different versions of WallStreet running at 233 MHz, the cacheless MainStreet version and the later Series II with a level 2 cache. It's not always possible to determine from the vendor's listing which is being offered, so we've included links within this paragraph to the two models.

Small Dog Electronics

That's the cheapest price I've seen on a refurb. TiBook.

PowerBook Guy

  • PowerBook G3/333 Lombard, 128/4 GB/CD/56k, $1,099.95
  • PowerBook G3/233 WallStreet, 96/2 GB/CD/ethernet/14.1", $949.95

Power Max

Interesting how well the Pismo is holding its value compared with the newer TiBooks.

Other World Computing

  • PowerBook 3400/200, 144/2 GB/12x CD-ROM/floppy/modem, OWC refurbished, excellent condition, 90 Day Warranty, $499.95

  • PowerBook G3/233 WallStreet, 96/2 GB/CD, $799
  • iBook 366, Key Lime, 192/10 GB/FireWire/CD, used, 90 day warranty, $899
  • iBook 500,128/10 GB/DVD, factory refurbished, 1 year Warranty, $1,089
  • PowerBook G4/400 128/ 10 GB /DVD/56k/14.1", new, $1,739

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