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Migrating to the iPhone 3G, Spotty 3G Coverage from AT&T, Google Talk for the iPhone, and More

This Week's iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV News

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2008.07.11

This is it, the day the iPhone 3G finally comes to market. Today's links include advice on migrating from the original iPhone to the new one, possible 15% savings on AT&T service, Google Talk support for the iPhone, high prices in Canada and low ones in Mexico, and lots of new iPhone accessories.

Mac notebook and other portable computing is covered in The 'Book Review, and general Mac news is in Mac News Review.

All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

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iPhone News, Reviews, & Opinion

How to Replace an Original iPhone with an iPhone 3G

A new Apple Knowledge Base article says:

"This article explains how to replace an original iPhone with an iPhone 3G using the same carrier. If you follow these steps to backup your original iPhone first, and then restore the backup to your iPhone 3G, your saved SMS messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings will be present on your iPhone 3G."

The iPhone 3G: What You Need to Know

Macworld says:

"With the iPhone 3G's release just days away, it's time to revisit the pressing questions relating to Apple's next-generation phone. We still don't know everything about this forthcoming iPhone 3G - and probably won't until we've picked one up on Friday morning - we do know more than we did immediately after Steve Jobs previewed the iPhone 3G at last month's Worldwide Developers Conference."

Analyst: iPhone Can Replace Laptops for Majority of Computer Users

Seeking Alpha's Jason Schwarz reports:

"There's a dirty little secret among iPhone users that Apple would rather keep quiet. For the majority of users, this device can replace your laptop. I refer to the iPhone as a device, because calling it a smartphone is condescending to the technology. It's much more than a phone. It still surprises me that analysts compare Apple's device to other phones. There is no comparison. Having the 'real' Internet in your pocket with the ability to surf the web with touch screen technology was the single biggest surprise from round one of iPhone. Using the widescreen video iPod has been cool, downloading songs over WiFi is great, scrolling through visual voicemail has been revolutionary but the elephant in the room has been the Internet capability."

Editor's mote: I beg to humbly disagree with the assertion. To say the very least, no machine with a virtual keyboard can satisfactorily replace a real laptop, and that's just for starters. cm

3G iPhone to Have Tsunami-like Impact

PR: The new 3G iPhone from Apple is going to have a tsunami-like impact on the smart phone market, according to a new ChangeWave survey of 3,567 consumers conducted in the aftermath of Apple's June 9th announcement.

At present, the Canadian Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIMM; 42%, unchanged) is the clear consumer smart phone market leader among smart phone owners.

But the biggest mover over the past 90 days has been the Apple iPhone (11%; up 2-pts), which continues to make major inroads in the consumer marketplace. Having gained market share for the fourth-consecutive survey, it is now close to wrestling the number two spot away from Palm (PALM; 14%, down 2-pts) which has sunk to a new record low.

"These numbers are good news for Apple," said Tobin Smith, founder of ChangeWave Research and editor of ChangeWave Investing, "but it's when we asked respondents about their planned smart phone purchases over the next 90 days that the tsunami-like effect of this marketplace transformation becomes crystal clear."

The Coming Apple Tsunami

ChangeWave graphThe survey found that a full 56% of respondents who plan to purchase a smart phone in the next 90 days say they're getting an Apple iPhone - a huge 21-pt leap from the previous survey.

The accompanying chart shows just how dramatic a jump in market share this represents.

Going forward, RIM's share of consumer planned purchases is set to take a hit over the next 90 days, falling 6-pts to 23%. Palm remains a far distant third with just 3% of planned purchases.

Note that the above chart focuses exclusively on the 10.5% of total survey respondents who say they plan on buying a smart phone during the next 90 days. The 10.5% represents a sharp jump from the previous survey in March, and it is the highest percentage of planned smart phone buyers recorded in a ChangeWave survey.

"The most likely explanation for such a large-scale projected increase in smart phone buyers going forward is the anticipation and publicity surrounding the imminent release of the 3G iPhone," said Smith.

In another positive for the new 3G iPhone, better than one-in-two current iPhone owners (55%) say they're Very Likely to buy the 3G iPhone for themselves or someone else in the future. And many don't plan to wait long. Among this group, half (50%) say they'll purchase within the first 90 days of release.

RIM Gets Set to Counterattack

While the 3G iPhone announcement has catapulted Apple ahead in terms of planned consumer smart phone purchases, it should be remembered that Research in Motion has a huge lead of its own in the corporate smart phone market. RIM is also still the leader among current owners in the consumer market.

Moreover, RIM isn't sitting idly by while Apple rolls out the 3G iPhone. The Canadian manufacturer has multiple plans in motion to counter Apple's momentum among consumers - including an already announced new product release (the Bold) and two likely additional product releases (the Thunder and Kickstart).

In an upcoming release, ChangeWave will report on what consumer respondents have to say about RIM's new counteroffensive - and the ongoing battle for smart phone supremacy.

Save 15% on Your Monthly iPhone 3G Bill

iPhone Alley's Michael Johnston says:

"If you're like me, you've likely grown hoarse from complaining about the iPhone 3G's increased plan cost. Thankfully, there is a way to mitigate the problem. Unlike the original iPhone, which Apple received service revenue kickbacks from, the iPhone 3G is a traditionally subsidized phone. This means that it now comes with some of the same benefits that other AT&T phones do, including the one that saves you 15% each month.

"According to AT&T, college and university students, as well as employees of certain companies, are eligible for a 15% discount on their entire monthly plan. Read on for more info...."

Incomplete 3G Coverage May Leave Some iPhone Users in the Dust

DailyTech's Jason Mick reports:

"There's much excitement surrounding the launch of Apple's new 3G iPhone. The new phone brings many wish list features like 3G, improved battery life on older EDGE networks, GPS, push email, simulated multi-programs, more applications (including better Microsoft Office integration), and a lower price tag. Despite the phone's shortcomings - no copy-and-paste, unsatisfactory storage for some users, and no video, among other things - the phone seems poised to be another hit for Apple.

ATT coverage - April 30, 2008
AT&T coverage as of 2008.04.30.

"However, recent reports about the iPhone are sending uneasy murmurs through the online community. It has been suggested that the iPhone 3G's new speed boost may be inaccessible to many users, as AT&T still has a relatively small coverage area for 3G. This would leave customers paying increased rates for the same older service."

iPhone 3G Won't Be a Hacker's Paradise

Computerworld's Andrew Hendry reports:

"The hacking and unlocking fanfare that surrounded Apple's first iPhone will be nowhere near as rampant with the new iPhone 3G.

"According to Gartner Australia's research director of mobility and wireless, Robin Simpson, the number of global carrier agreements Apple has made this time around means the motivation for unlocking and shipping the iPhone 3G around the world will not be as prevalent as it was with the original iPhone."

Google Talk Revamped for iPhone

InformationWeek's Thomas Claburn reports:

"In a move likely to make AT&T sweat, Google on Thursday introduced a new version of its Google Talk instant messaging application that runs on Apple's iPhone.

"The new Google Talk is designed specifically to run in Apple's Safari browser on the iPhone and iPod touch.

"In order to accommodate the restrictions that Apple placed on iPhone apps to conserve system resources, this version of Google Talk shuts down if you launch another application."

Google Talk for the iPhone

TUAW's Scott McNulty reports:

"Google has just announced Google Talk for the iPhone (and iPod touch). You won't have to wait for the App Store to use it, since this is a web app designed for the iPhone's browser (remember when Apple wanted us to believe that web apps were just as good as fully native apps? My how times have changed).

"All you have to do is point your iPhone to and soon you'll be chatting away with your Gmail contacts. Since this is a web app, Google Talk for the iPhone only works when it is the active window in Mobile Safari. Close the web browser, or switch to a different window and you'll show up as unavailable in Google Talk."

What the iPhone 3G Will Really Cost You

PC Magazine's Sascha Segan reports:

"The cell phone market is a dizzying magic show of misdirection. The cheap prices you see for phones are usually for new customers only, with two-year contracts and mail-in rebates. And guess what? The Apple iPhone 3G is just another cell phone.

"Because of 'activation fees,' 'upgrade fees' and just plain fees, it turns out the '$199' iPhone never costs $199."

Solution to High iPhone Prices: Don't Buy One

The Vancouver Sun reports:

"Canadian technophiles who have been anxiously waiting for what was last year's most anticipated gadget south of the border are understandably up in arms.

"Their reward for being forced to sit on the sidelines while more than a million Americans were able to buy Time magazine's invention of the year for 2007 - the Apple iPhone - is a just-for-Canada price that is much higher than American phone companies are offering.

"The iPhone is usable only on one network in Canada, Rogers Wireless. The pricing regime announced by Rogers last month reflects its monopoly position for a premium product....

"If you don't like the price of an iPhone, don't buy it....

"If Rogers finds it has priced itself out of the market, it won't take a petition to ring in lower prices."

Rogers Blinks on iPhone Data Plan Cost - Sort of News reports:

"Rogers Wireless has slashed the cost of using an iPhone in Canada following an outcry of customer complaints over the price of its data packages.

"The company is launching the much-anticipated phone at six stores across the country on Friday. Customers who buy it before Aug. 31 will now be eligible for a six-gigabyte data plan for $30....

"The rate covers only Web browsing, emails and video, so phone service costs will be tacked on top of the $30....

"As part of an early morning launch event, the phone will go on sale at 8 a.m. this Friday at six select Rogers Plus stores and one Fido Store in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver. The phone will then be available at most Rogers retails stores and select authorized stores during regular hours. The phone is not being sold at Apple Canada retail outlets."

iPhone Debuts in Mexico at Half US Price

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All-Female MacJury on the iPhone and How the Mac Market Addresses Women

MacJury's Chuck reports:

"The first all-female Mac Jury panel provides some thoughts on the impending iPhone 3G release before diving in on what is needed in the Macintosh market from the women's perspective. The group discusses some software they like, some software that they would like to see developed, and some product design that needs to be expanded with women in mind. These ladies aren't bashful about their views, and no, they don't answer to 'MacChick.'"

Make Your iPhone's Virtual Keyboard Look Like the MacBook Air's

IntoMobile's Dusan says:

"Love the MacBook Air's keyboard? Who doesn't - it's probably the best keyboard I've seen so far. Heck, even Steve Jobs said it's the best keyboard Apple ever made, and you know he cares about the details...

"Anyway, what do you think about having that kind of keyboard on your iPhone? Naturally, you won't get the feel - just the look. But it's worth it, or at least that's my take."

Welcome to iPhone Airlines...

APC Magazine's David Flynn reports:

"New biz-class seats from Singapore and United let you connect your iPod or iPhone to the plane's in-flight entertainment system.

"When it comes to international travel, an iPod has become almost as mandatory as your passport - and the iPhone 3G looks set to be the next must-have accessory for travellers. Both gadgets are the ultimate way to stave off boredom during those seemingly endless hours in the air as well as during lay-overs and while standing in customs and baggage queues.

"Now Singapore Airlines and United Airlines are boosting the iPod's ubiquity to make it part of their in-flight entertainment system so you can not only enjoy music through the airline-supplied active noise-cancellation headphones, but also watch videos stored on your iPod or iPhone on your personal 15.4 inch screen...."

iPod nano vs. iPhone: Decisions, Decisions...

iPod Observer's Vern Seward says:

"Recently, at the World Wide Developer's Conference in San Francisco, Apple took what turned out to be very leaky wraps off the second iteration of the iPhone: The iPhone 3G. The new version of the game-changing iPod/Internet tablet/cellphone now offers a built in GPS receiver, better reception, business-friendly upgrades, and the promise of more applications than you can shake a dead cow at.

"But the real news is the price of the new device. Apple says that it will go fore a mere $199 for the 8 GB model here in the US, and $299 for the 16 GB device. That price makes for some interesting consumer thinking.

"Hence, my current dilemma."

iPod News, Reviews, & Opinion

Apple to Discontinue iPod shuffle 'by February 2009'

PC Fastlane's Logan Harrison says: :

"First introduced in January 2005 by Apple, the iPod shuffle has been popularized as Apple's attempts to reach to the low-end market. In reality, the shuffle is just the stunted half-brother of the iPod nano, lacking a screen and any real features for that matter. Though the postage-stamp sized MP3 player has received quite a bit of fanfare for its compact size, who would buy something so crippled and stunted? The answer is no one. Additionally, competition in the low-end market from the likes of Creative and changes in the iPod line Apple will make in the coming months give the Cupertino company good reason to change their ball game. Consequently, Apple will drop the shuffle from their line and replace it with something with more features by the post-holiday season."

For iPods and iPhones

The Cassette Case Meets the Digital Age

PR: Rubik's Cubes. Global Hypercolour. 29 Acacia Road. We all have different memories from the 80s and 90s. Compilation tapes is another. The good ol' cassette case. Now that's what we call music!

Proporta introduces the Playback Pack.

iPod classic Playback PackAvailable for the Apple 3G iPod nano and the Apple iPod classic (80 GB and 160 GB).

Based on an iconic cassette case design, the Playback Pack is made from a tough polycarbonate that protects your device against any bumps and scratches. It also doubles up as a stand for desk viewing so you can watch videos with ease.

iPod nano Playback PackThe device can be used whilst in the case as Proporta have included cut outs which allow access to your devices' ports and controls.

And because Proporta believe in sharing, they've also included a free Stereo Y Splitter and headphones so you can view, listen, and reminisce with a friend.

iPod nano Playback PackMade from a (well) 'ard polycarbonate plastic, the Proporta Playback Pack (Apple 3G iPod nano) protects your Apple iPod nano from everyday knocks and scratches. The iconic tape cassette case design (remember those?) doubles up as a stand for desk viewing and because Proporta believe in sharing, we'll also send you a Proporta Stereo Y Splitter Cable and pair of headphones free of charge.

Key Features

  • Cut outs give access to ports and controls so that you can use your device in the case
  • Flip the lid over to enable desk viewing
  • Iconic cassette case design
  • Made from durable polycarbonate plastic
  • Free pair of Proporta Headphones and a Stereo Y Splitter to enable sharing


iPhone 3G and iPod Compatible 2-in-1 Charger & Backup Battery Smallest of Its Kind

PR: Gone are the days that your iPhone or iPod will run out of juice. i.Sound, leading provider of high quality accessories for iPods and iPhones, announces the release of its new rechargeable 2-in-1 Charger & Backup Battery. The i.Sound 2-in-1 Charger & Backup Battery is the smallest of its kind, providing hours of additional life for the iPhone, iPhone 3G and all iPod models with a 30 pin connector.

"Something as simple as a dead battery can become a serious problem, especially if you have an immediate need to be connected while you're on the go," says Richard Weston, COO of dreamGEAR, producers of the i.Sound brand. "The compact i.Sound 2-in-1 Charger & Backup Battery ensures that consumers never have to be without their phone, music or videos while on the road or traveling, making it a versatile high-capacity charger and back-up option."

The only charger and back-up battery to include a two-in-one USB AC adapter that can double as an iPod/iPhone charger, the i.Sound 2-in-1 Charger & Backup Battery has the ability to recharge while simultaneously charging your device. The low-profile battery attaches directly to your iPhone or iPod, allowing for a wire-free connection that provides up to an additional 30 hours of music, 6 hours of video and 3 hours of talk time. A status indicator alerts the user to how much life is left on the battery, warning of a low charge through visual cues.

Each i.Sound 2-in-1 Charger & Backup Battery pack ($49.99) comes with the Charger/Backup Battery, USB AC adapter and a retractable USB charging cable.

USB Fever iPhone/iPod Cable with USB for Sync and Charging

PR: Highlights:

Connect an iPod/iPhone to your TV with the composite AV Cable, gather up your friends, and watch videos or slideshows together on the big screen.

USB Fever iPhone/iPod CableYou can also connect the Composite AV Cable to your Stereo or powered speakers for a room-filling audio experience.

The composite AV Cable connects to your iPod via the 30-pin dock connector and to your TV, home theater receiver, or stereo receiver via the composite video and Red-White analog audio ports. The cable also features a USB connector that you can plug into a power source, such as a computer or the included USB Power Adapter.


  • Direct Plug, no need to go thru any other media
  • Stereo
  • Plug and play


  • iPhone
  • iPod classic (6G)
  • iPod touch
  • iPod nano 3rd (Video)
  • iPod video


  • One end is iPod/iPhone Dock connector
  • Another end is RCA and USB Male connector
  • Total length: 150cm (6 Feet) approximately


TalkBubbles 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

PR: Greenwave Software LLC announces TalkBubbles 1.0, their fun-to-use photo sharing utility for iPhone and iPod touch. TalkBubbles can add comic-like speech and thought bubbles to a picture from either the image library or photos taken with the iPhone's camera. Easily manipulate, position, and change the bubbles with the iPhone's touch interface. Images can be saved back to the devices library to share with friends.

Greenwave Software LLC announces TalkBubbles 1.0, their fun-to-use photo sharing utility for iPhone and iPod touch. TalkBubbles can add comic-like speech and thought bubbles to a picture from either the image library or photos taken with the iPhone's camera. Easily manipulate, position, and change the bubbles with the iPhone's touch interface. Images can be saved back to the devices library to share with friends.

Starting with a picture taken with the iPhone or by selecting one from the photo library, users can add dialog bubbles by double-tapping the screen. The style and placement of the bubbles can easily be changed with a touch, pinch, or drag. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture with witty additions must be priceless. With TalkBubbles, it's as easy as one, two, three, and friends will be ROTFL.

Minimum Requirements: iPhone OS 2.0 running on either an iPhone or iPod touch

A single user license for TalkBubbles is only $4.99. TalkBubbles will be available when the Apple App Store launches.

Fonix iSpeak Brings Personalized Voice Services to the iPhone

PR: Fonix Speech, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fonix Corporation announces the release of Fonix iSpeak - a voice activated application for the Apple iPhone 3G. Users can initiate several operations simply by speaking the command in natural language. Fonix iSpeak connects the user by just saying the phone number or by saying the name of a person in the contacts database. Additionally, users will be able to navigate their music libraries and launch a song or playlist simply by saying the name of the artist, song, or playlist.

Fonix iSpeak is the first of several anticipated product releases that support the growing mobile device and gaming industries and is at the core of the efforts of the company to focus its efforts on these markets.

"The powerful and dynamic tools provided by Apple have allowed the Fonix team to quickly and efficiently develop Fonix iSpeak for the Apple iPhone 3G," says D. Lynn Shepherd, Fonix Sr. VP product engineering. "The feature rich iPhone is easy to use and our robust embedded speech interface will further create a positive and natural user-friendly environment which will further illustrate the dynamic features of this phone."

Fonix iSpeak, includes a run-time engine that sits on the phone allowing users to interact with the personal contents of their Apple iPhone. Unlike other voice applets that enable voice search of the Internet by sending commands over the airwaves, this client-side application gives users the power of voice interaction with their personal content and eliminates network latency.

Fonix iSpeak will be available for release directly from Fonix Speech Inc., and expects to be available through traditional Apple distribution channels. For more information, call (801) 553-6600 and say "Sales" for demos, availability and pricing.

ZappTek Introduces Legends iPhone and iPod Book Service

PR: ZappTek introduces Legends, their premier book service for iPhone and iPod touch. Partnering with today's hottest writers, ZappTek will offer the best in cutting-edge fiction, while Legends brings the full reading experience to the iPhone and iPod touch. Eachbook displays as an icon on the Home screen, automatically opens to the last read page, lets users easily make their own bookmarks, plus make notes at any time. It's the look and feel of a book, with the ease of the iPhone.

ZappTek introduces Legends, their premier book service for iPhone and iPod touch. Partnering with today's hottest writers, ZappTek will be distributing the best in cutting-edge fiction, while Legends brings the full reading experience to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Starting with a number of short and novel-length fiction by New York Times best-selling author, Michael A Stackpole, ZappTek will be distributing works as apps through their new Legends service exclusively available via the iTunes App Store. Each book will appear under its own name within the Entertainment category in the App Store/iTunes, with many more stories and authors joining Legends in the near future.

Great stories become Legends. Each book displays as an icon on the Home screen. Users will appreciate how books automatically remember where they've left off, particularly when changing songs or even answering the phone. Any page may be easily bookmarked to revisit later, or make notes on any page.

Users can conveniently rotate their iPhone, so the screen makes it easy to read books at-a-glance. And if reading in low light, simply triple tap to invert the display. Double tapping allows the user to zoom in. Legends will truly offer the look and feel of a book, with the ease of the iPhone.

Supported Languages: US English

System Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch 2.0

The Legends Service will be available with the launch of the App Store on July 11. Pricing will start with short stories for $1.99 and novels for $4.99. Titles will be available exclusively through Apple's App Store.

iPowerRush Recharger Compatible with 3G iPhone

PR: iPowerRush has announced that its rapid power jump starter and internal battery recharger are compatible with the new 3G version of the Apple iPhone which will be available to the public on July 11.

According to Apple, the new 3G iPhone is twice as fast as the current Edge system and the user can preserve battery power by turning off 3G in the menu setting. This means a 3G iPhone user will be able to utilize twice the speed of the old Edge without worrying about power and use the iPowerRush to recharge.

"We are excited to offer iPhone 3G users a product that will help them save valuable time by charging quicker than traditional methods," said Larry Klein, president of iPowerRush.

The 3G version of the iPhone offers fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange and the new App store.

Manufactured in China, the iPowerRush is a slim white plastic case consisting of a 3 inch built in cable and 30-pin connector. The unit has a power on/off switch and battery light power indicator, high review kudos and is CE and RoHS certified.

The uniqueness of the iPowerRush is in its power source. It runs on six AAA batteries and provides instant power on for the iPhone while recharging the iPhone's internal battery at a rate of 50% capacity in just less than one hour. Most importantly, the iPowerRush delivers an unprecedented 500ma of current. This fact is what sets iPowerRush apart from all other chargers on the market. By utilizing two sets of three batteries and then regulating the output voltage iPowerRush supplies the current and voltage other backup units cannot.

Equally important, the ubiquitous availability of AAAs makes it easy to always keep the iPhone working. Because of the iPhone's unique high power internal battery, only a charger designed for the iPhone's power consumption will work effectively. Why would this be so? Many chargers exist utilizing from 1 to 4 batteries, most AA and a few AAA. However, these chargers are universal and once the user has laid down their money realize that those universal chargers are gimmicky and simply don't keep the iPhone powered for long periods of time. To keep the iPhone powered up, a charger must integrate with the iPhone's new internal battery. And the iPhone consumes power. Lot's of it. Furthermore, just hooking up any plain nonspecific battery charger will usually result in three things: a message on the iPhone that the power source is incompatible and should be removed, overheating and damage to the charger itself within a 15 minute time, and finally a short power supply time. Many battery manufacturers are releasing generic battery packs with USB connectors alleging to work with the iPhone. And though they might power the iPhone, it is risky and usually insufficient in power reserve and very gimmicky.

The iPowerRush sells for $29.95 and is available exclusively

Milliamp Announces iPhone 3G Battery Replacement Services

PR: Maker of iPod battery replacements, Milliamp LTD at their website , has just announced a battery replacement service for the new iPhone 3G.

"Although the new iPhone won't hit the US market until later this week, we wanted the world to know that we have the capability to replace the battery in the new iPhone 3G," said Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of the iPhone battery replacement service provider.

Milliamp LTD has been offering battery replacement kits for practically every iPod model, as well as battery replacement services for the more difficult-to-open iPods for three years now, and are widely considered the leader in the field.

Every iPod and iPhone has a lithium-ion battery, so over time, the battery will fail to hold it's original charge and will eventually have to be replaced.

New iPhone 3G batteries sell for just $20, and the installation/shipping fees vary depending on how fast you need to have your iPhone returned to you.

The company has been offering new iPhone batteries ever since the first generation iPhone came out in June 2007, so being able to support a battery replacement service for the new second generation iPhone is a natural progression for the San Antonio-based company.

The battery replacement service that Milliamp LTD offers the public that needs a new iPod battery of iPhone battery is generally much faster and less expensive than Apple Computer's offering, since iPod and iPhone batteries are usually replaced on the same day the device is received and then shipped back out the following business day.

"Our batteries are covered for ten years, whether you perform the installation yourself or if we replace the battery for you," continued Magnabosco.

Now that is good news and something to remember when the time comes for a new iPod battery or iPhone battery.

Milliamp LTD provides iPod repairs as well as iPhone repairs, in addition to performing battery replacements.

USB Fever In Car 2-in-1 USB and iPod/iPhone Charger

PR: Highlights: Wanna charger your iPod/iPhone at the same time or you want a spare USB charging socket for your other USB-powered devices while your are charging your iPhone/iPod?

Here is the solution!


  • Dual output: for charging iPhone/iPod and other USB-powered devices
  • Wide input range: 12 ~ 24V
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Bright housing and Sleek surface
  • LED indicator
  • Safe: Changeable Car fuse type


  • Input Voltage range: DC 12V ~ 24V
  • Output Voltage: 5W (5V/1000mA)
  • Size;7 x 2.5 x 2cm
  • Cable length: around 1.5 ~ 1.8m

Options: Color

  • Black
  • White (for OEM only)

Safety Approvals:

  • CE
  • E-Mark


TrailRunner 1.7 - Free Mac OS X Route Planning for GPS or Nike+ SportBand

PR: Berbie Software announces an update for TrailRunner, the outdoor oriented route-planning and journaling software for Mac OS X. Among other improvements, Release 1.7 integrates with the online community for the Nike+ SportBand and the Apple Nike+iPod Sport Kit running devices. With this new release, Nike+ users can display their collected workout data within TrailRunner, match the recordings with routes created in TrailRunner and analyze their performance with enhanced tools.

Berbie Software announces an update for TrailRunner, the outdoor oriented route-planning and journaling software for Mac OS X. Among other improvements, Release 1.7 integrates with the online community for the Nike+ SportBand and the Apple Nike+iPod Sport Kit running devices. With this new release, Nike+ users can display their collected workout data within TrailRunner, match the recordings with routes created in TrailRunner and analyze their performance with enhanced tools.

For users of GPS devices like the Garmin ForeRunner or Garmin Edge, the new release now offers an improved and optimized course merge to successively complete the personal trail network. Additionally the TrailRunner workout diary now displays a better overall workout history chart along with an extended personal weblog export. Also an import of TCX workout files for the recent Garmin ForeRunner 50 and Garmin ForeRunner 405 devices was added.

TrailRunner integrates a wide range of GPS, mapping and workout related scopes into a simple to use application. These include a seamless integration with online services to display topographic maps, satellite photos and elevation data. Easy workout import and geo visualization for Garmin ForeRunner and Edge devices.

Workout import and geo matching for running devices like the Apple + Nike iPod Sport Kit, Nike+ SportBand or Polar RS200d. Export of route directions as NanoMaps for color iPods or cellphones. Import and export of various file formats. Integration with free digital mapping communities like and

Focused on users doing any kind of outdoor activities like running, biking, hiking or inline skating, TrailRunner offers automatic route calculation for a given distance and attractiveness, a workout diary, workout histograms and analysis tools for measured data like speed, ascent, heart-rate, personal aerobic zone and more. An integrated exercise plan can help users to improve their base endurance in small and adaptive steps.

TrailRunner 1.7 is freeware but thankfully accepts donations.

iPhone 3G Crystal Case with Touch Screen

iPhone 3G Crystal CasePR: Features:

  • Fully protected, the screen is covered by a Poly Carbonite touch through PET screen
  • Full access to all ports, buttons and sockets
  • Anti-dust
  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Light weight
  • Perfectly fit

Option: Colors

  • Black (default item to be shipped)
  • White


USB Fever iPhone 3G Flip Top Leather Case

USB Fever iPhone 3G Leather CasePR: Features:

  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Comfortable
  • Protected from bumps and scratches
  • Easy access to all the vital controls and switches
  • Secure

Color: Black

Compatibility: iPhone 3G (or iPhone 2.0)

Note: Made of man-made (PU) Leather


Gilty Couture: Bling Your iPhone 3G and iPod

iPod shuffle with blingPR: A stunning one-of-a-kind creation, the latest iPhone 3G heralds a new generation of engineering and design that is far ahead of any competition," says John Hubbs, CEO of Gilty Couture. He continues to embrace the new device stating, "The iPhone 3G merges sensible design with an incredible user experience. Apple has listened to the demands of its fans all around the world, building a feature rich mobile device that embodies polished poise and edgy street smarts."

iPhone 3G with gold and glitterHubbs believes new pricing makes the Apple iPhone 3G the best value in the history of the mobile phone and handheld device category. And this leaves a lot more room to customize the device with Gilty Couture's newest "accouterments" for the iPhone 3G.

"The global impact of the iPhone 3G being available in 70 countries will be phenomenal for our international customers as Gilty Couture continues to design for the crossover between technology and fashion." says Hubbs. "Gilty Couture's fearless approach to fashion and art results in distinctively striking, captivating creations, bold patterns, attention to detail and unique materials that will give individuals a way to set their iPhone 3G apart from the 45 million others that are expected to be circling the globe."

all that glittersMuch like the fast paced race to change technology, Gilty Couture's fashions are constantly evolving and setting new trends in the international markets. Expect to see multicolored- and multi-karat Swarovski accents paired with vibrant rare metal designs that blend the flashy extravagance of contemporary glamour with the classic styling and tradition of yesteryear. Gilty Couture's first creations for the iPhone 3G are available for preorder on the Gilty Couture website as of this week.

pretty in pinkCombining the new Apple iPhone 3G with Gilty Couture's accessories is sure to create an experience in a league of its own.

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