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5 Must Have iPhone Freebies, Inside 2G touch and 4G nano, Yahoo oneConnect Preview, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2008.09.19

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iPhone 2.1 Software Update Released

The iPhone 2.1 software update contains many bug fixes and improvements. To get it, connect your iPhone to your computer using iTunes 8 and click Check for Update.

Update includes:

  • Decrease in call setup failures and dropped calls
  • Significantly better battery life for most users
  • Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
  • Improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
  • Faster installation of 3rd party applications
  • Fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications
  • Improved performance in text messaging
  • Faster loading and searching of contacts
  • Improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
  • Repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages
  • Option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts
  • Genius playlist creation

How to install.

  1. Make sure you are using iTunes 8. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. When iTunes opens, select your iPhone under Devices in the Source List on the left.
  3. In the iPhone Summary pane, click Check for Update.
  4. Click Download and Install. Do not disconnect your iPhone until the update has finished.

AT&T to Tie iPhones into Its Own Internet Television, Phone Service

AppleInsider's Sam Oliver reports:

"AT&T said this week that it plans to eventually integrate the iPhone into its U-verse suite of Internet television and VoIP services, while also adding new features that will allow the handset act as a remote control.

"The exclusive US iPhone carrier made the announcement at a conference Monday covering future technologies that will more closely tie mobile handsets with computers and television sets."

Teens View Cell Phones as Essential

CNET's Marguerite Reardon reports:

"Cell phones have become almost as important to American teens as the clothes they wear, according to a nationwide survey of teenagers released last week.

"The wireless trade association CTIA and Harris Interactive surveyed some 2,000 teens across the country and learned that teens feel that cell phones have become a vital part of their identities. They also believe that behind clothing, they can gauge a peer's popularity or status by the phone he or she uses...."

Link: Teens View Cell Phones as Essential

Cellphone Fees Can Really Add Up

The Halifax Chronicle-Herald's Bill Power reports:

"When Lilla McRobb of Dartmouth signed up for three years for an estimated $60-per-month family plan with her cellphone service provider, mostly to provide a communication tool for her great-grandson, she was unaware she was potentially tossing more than $12,000 into cyberspace.

"'I understood there might be occasions when the monthly bill might go up a little, perhaps another $20 per month, at most, but nothing like this. The last bill was for $383.48.

"'It's a nightmare,' the senior citizen said of the financial horrors she said were brought on by a three-year contract for two web-enabled cellphones she signed up for in the spring.

"In coming weeks many people around Nova Scotia will be experiencing their own version of sticker shock as they add up additional charges spawned by incoming text messages. Bell Mobility and Telus started charging for incoming messages over the summer."

5 Must-have Freebies for iPhone, iPod touch

CNET's Rick Broida reports:

"Tuesday's roundup of killer freebies for Windows reminded me that I haven't covered iPhone/iPod touch freeware in awhile, so here's another list of must-have apps that won't cost you a penny...."

The list includes:

  1. Air Sharing
  2. Graphing Calculator
  3. Hanoi
  4. Instapaper
  5. White Noise

Podcaster Developer Uses 'Ad Hoc' Mode to Distribute Banned iPhone App

ReadWriteWeb's Sarah Perez reports:

"Over the weekend, a debate raged across the tech blogosphere concerning the risks involved in developing for the iPhone platform.

"What prompted the debate in the first place was Apple's decision to reject an app known as the Podcaster, which would have permitted you to listen to podcasts without first downloading them in iTunes. Because the app 'duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes,' says Apple, they decided to reject it from inclusion in the App store.

"To get around what many people consider to be an unfair ban, Alex Sokirynsky, the developer of the Podcaster app, decided to utilize a little-known feature of the iPhone/iPod touch: 'Ad Hoc App Distribution.' This largely unknown feature allows any developer to distribute apps themselves, without using the App Store to do so...."

iFixit Posts Photos of New iPod Internals

iFixit has posted the first internal photos of Apple's new iPod nano and iPod touch. The disassembly reveals the previously unknown presence of Bluetooth in the iPod touch. The photos and accompanying commentary for the iPod nano 4th Gen. and new iPod touch 2nd Gen. are available online immediately.

inside the 2G iPod touchThe disassembly includes high-res photos of the internals of both devices.

iPod touch:

  • Apple did some clever things with the iPod touch speaker. It's 0.2mm thin and mounted directly on the metal backplate.
  • The touch has a Broadcom BCM4325 Bluetooth chip! The Nike+ runs on the same frequency (2.4 GHz) as Bluetooth. It remains to be seen if the Bluetooth chip can emulate the proprietary Nike+ protocol.
  • This iPod is somewhat difficult to take apart - fairly similar to the previous iPod touch. Evidently Apple's claims of being environmentally friendly only extend to their manufacturing.

inside the 4G iPod nanoiPod nano:

  • The 4G nano screen is the same resolution and physical size as the previous 'fat' nano 3G.
  • The display cover is a piece of curved glass that physically separates from the case. The glass is .7 mm thick on the edges and 1.7 mm thick in the middle.
  • The nano has an updated Samsung-manufactured ARM processor capable of running all the fancy new games and software features.

iFixit plans to provide replacement parts and complete repair instructions for both iPods.

Fixit Guides for every iPod and Mac laptops are available free online.

How to Repair the Broken Screen of an iPhone 3G

Hardmac's Lionel reports:

"Pierre experienced what many users would have considered as a nightmare, dropping his iPhone 3G and see the glass screen in pieces after the shock:

"Knowing the cost of a repair operation by Apple Care, he decided to do it himself. He posted on our forum the entire procedure (in French, but nevertheless, easily understandable thanks to numerous photos)..."

You can check it out at <>

How to Save Images from Safari & Mail

Macsimum News' Dave Merten says:

"Ever come across an image while browsing the web on your iPhone that you'd just love to use as a wallpaper? Well, if you're running iPhone Software Update 2.0 or newer, you can save images from Safari or Mail. Simply follow these instructions...."

Unannounced 4 GB 4G iPod nanos on Sale in Europe (and Canada Soon)

AppleInsider's Slash Lane reports:

"Apple last week introduced its fourth generation iPod nano with storage capacities of 8 GB and 16 GB, making no mention of a 4 GB model that is now widely available through several overseas outlets.

"European blog OneMoreThing posted several photos of the mysterious offering earlier this morning, noting that they were spotted on the shelves of Dutch Apple premium reseller HTR for €119 (or $168) and appear to be the real deal....

"Apple Canada is also advising local resellers that they will have access to 4 GB nano's next week which will retail for $139 Canadian. Quantities will be limited."


Peek Is Email on the Go, and That's It

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Peek Unveils Easy, Personal, Mobile Email for Everybody

PR: Peek, the first elegantly simple email-only device, launched this week. Created for people who don't need or want an expensive smartphone full of functions and software, the Peek device delivers unlimited email to and from existing accounts, anywhere in the US. Extraordinarily simple to set up and use, Peek has eliminated multiyear contracts, bewildering rate plans and hidden fees. The mobile device is super-thin, stylish and easy to use. There are no scary buttons; no confusing bells and whistles. Peek connects to a nationwide wireless network, which ensures coverage everywhere.

Peek EmailStaying connected is increasingly important to people using email to make plans, catch up and share news - a trend that resonates across the country. Peek is so simple and efficient that anyone can stay on top of their email and respond, said Amol Sarva, Peek cofounder and CEO. Peek is finger-friendly, handbag-tough and pocket-safe - and it offers peace of mind to people on the go. Peeks the antidote to inbox anxiety.

A straightforward and stylish, pocketsize device without the complicated features usually found packed into an all-in-one smartphone, Peek is the first and only product that allows the user to start sending and receiving email in less than 2 minutes. For a flat monthly fee, people can access up to three of their existing accounts from top email providers Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail™, AOL and more. By connecting to cell phone towers behind the scenes, Peek works anywhere in the United States and at a fraction of the cost of an elite smartphone.

Remarkably simple, Peek is easy to use - just turn it on, enter an existing email address and password and start emailing from Peeks full keyboard. Peek has a large readable screen and offers simple navigation, making emailing effortless.

Email is now a defacto communication method and many consumers will opt for a dedicated device that can do a single task really well, said Michael Gartenberg, Vice President of Mobile Strategy, Jupitermedia.

Peek will be available at Target stores nationwide on September 15, 2008 in time for back to work and back to school. Consumers can also purchase Peek online from Due to high demand, expect localized shortages of product at Target stores and delays in orders to,, or


  • Retail price: $99.95
  • Monthly subscription (unlimited email access): $19.95

Peek Specifications:

  • Unlimited email access for up to 3 accounts
  • Email from top email providers Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and more
  • Activates in a few minutes
  • Full keyboard for easy typing and simple email navigation
  • Height = 102 mm (~ 4.02 inches)
  • Width = 68 mm (~ 2.7 inches)
  • Depth = 10.1 mm (~ 0.42 inches)
  • Weight = 109 grams
  • Colors: Charcoal Gray, Aqua Blue, Black Cherry
  • Display: 2.5 diagonal QVGA (Quarter VGA) which is 240 pixels high by 320 pixels wide
  • Battery life: Average two to three days with typical usage
  • Languages: English

Founded by seasoned wireless industry entrepreneurs, Peek is the only easy-to-buy, easy-to-use, affordable email-only mobile device on the market today. Never again pay for an expensive data plan with rules and restrictions. Peek is straightforward and stylish. It is a pocketsize device without complicated features usually found packed into an all-in-one smartphone. Purposefully designed to be a great looking device whose function is as elegant as its form, Peek is extraordinarily simple to set up, gets people emailing within minutes, and works anywhere by connecting to cell phone towers behind the scenes.


Yahoo! oneConnect Preview Available for iPhone

Yahoo! oneConnectPR: Yahoo! has announced the preview availability of Yahoo! oneConnect, the new social address book that brings together a users circle of friends, their lives, and all the ways they communicate into one seamless, easy-to-use application. Yahoo! oneConnect is now available in the Apple iPhone App Store and is also expected to support additional devices in the coming months.

With Yahoo! oneConnect, users can integrate all their contacts, send instant or SMS messages, post their status, and view the latest activity from their favorite social networks - making it easy to stay connected and in the loop.

The iPhone has ignited and captured the imagination of what a mobile phone can do, said Marco Boerries, executive vice president, Yahoo! Connected Life. The rich feature set of the iPhone enables the best way to experience oneConnect. The powerful combination of Yahoo! Blueprint, the mobile platform, and the iPhone SDK, was leveraged to create this unique experience of oneConnect for millions of iPhone users.

Yahoo! oneConnect for iPhone

Yahoo! oneConnect for the iPhone builds on Yahoo!s market-leading and award-winning mobile products and reinforces the Companys intent to lead and enable the global mobile ecosystem. Key features include:

  • Full-featured address book that integrates contacts from the users Yahoo! Address Book, iPhone and social networks.
  • Pulse: A convenient way to see what's happening on your social networks. The initial version of Yahoo! oneConnect supports networks including Bebo, Dopplr, Facebook, Flickr, Friendster,, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Integrated mobile messaging with your friends via SMS and Yahoo! Messenger, including support for avatars, photos, and emoticons.
  • Favorites: A simple way to keep your most important people close at hand to check on status, call or send a quick message or email.

Yahoo! oneConnect is available today free of charge for the iPhone and iPod touch in the United States. In future releases, Yahoo! oneConnect is expected to support additional devices and become available internationally.

iPhoneModem: Use your iPhone as a Modem to Connect to the Internet

PR: iPhoneModem provides the easiest and safest way to use your iPhone as a modem to connect you to the internet. Despite the the unsafe connection between your Mac and your iPhone your data are safe because all communication between both devices are encrypted by SSH. provides the easiest and safest way to use your iPhone as a modem to connect you to the internet. Despite the the unsafe connection between your Mac and your iPhone your data are safe because all communication between both devices are encrypted by SSH.

iPhoneModem works with all jail broken iPhones 2G and 3G over EDGE and UMTS.

HOWTO - iPhoneModem on Mac

Copy iPhoneModem to your Applications folder and launch it. A little iPhone icon will appear in your menu bar - click it. In the new popup menu choose "Setup...". Please fill in all fields exactly. "IP-Address of Mac" is the Address of your mac will use in the ad-hoc network. The last component (after the third dot) can be any value between 1 and 254 except 113, this reserved for the iPhone. "Password of Mac" is the password of the administrators account on your Mac (usually your account). "Wlan Name" will be used as the name of new ad-hoc network which you'll use to connect to your iPhone later on. For the WEP encryption enter a 13 character long password in the "Wlan-Password" box. Leave the "Socks Port" as it is. "iPhone root Password" should be clear - by default - is set to alpine and must be changed. To do so open Terminal with your iPhone and mac in the same network. Connect to your iPhone (ssh iphoneip -l root). The command "passwd" will change your root password - be sure to choose a password you remember! Repeat this step to change the password for the mobile user: "passwd mobile", (default here is alpine on fw ( 2.1 and dottie afterward). Finally fill in the MAC address of your iPhone's WiFi interface in the box "iPhone Mac Address". You can find your WiFi Address under Settings > General > About. Save this settings, open the iPhoneModem popup again and choose "start connection...".

How to run iPhoneModem zsrelay on your iPhone

Running iPhoneModem zsrelay on your iPhone involves only a few easy steps:

  1. Install 'iPhoneModem zsrelay' from Cydia.It is hosted on the MMi repository and listed in the 'Networking' section.
  2. Restart SpringBoard - (optionaly if you want status icons)
  3. Go into your iPhone preferences and select 'iPhoneModem'.

Choose your options:

  • 'Insomnia mode': Network connections will be kept alive even when you iPhone is locked (recommended).
  • 'SSH on launch': Start sshd along with zsrelay. This is needed if you want to use ssh for secure tunneling.

Start iPhoneModem zsrelay - (flip the 'start proxy' switch) If you did restart your springboard a status icon will appear after a few seconds. Depending on your insomnia mode settings this icon is either gray or blue/orange. The colored reminds you that the network keep-alive is active.

Connect your Mac/PC to zsrelay using SOCKS5 on port 1080.

'Advanced' preferences: The advanced tab contains some additional settings and status information. Here you can disable or enable the status icons and modify the URL used for keeping your outbound GPRS/EDGE/3G connection happy. This page also displays a nice traffic meter on the top so you can keep track on your active connections and data transfers.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later, 10.5.4 recommended.

System Support: PPC/Intel


iPhone App Provides Image Recognition

PR: Swiss company kooaba has released kooaba search, an application for visual search on the iPhone. Using kooaba's image recognition application, customers can "scan" posters of current movie releases and receive info about the releases on their iPhones.

This includes trailers, reviews, information about actors, or links to merchandising material. Every request is also saved in a history. Recognition of CD covers, DVD covers and games will be added to the service in a few months. kooaba's search service currently focuses on the German speaking market, but will be expanded to other countries in the near future.

Gesture by Big Stone Phone: Photos to Paintings on iPhone/touch

PR: Big Stone Phone has shipped a brand new revolutionary application for the iPhone and iPod touch named "Gesture". Gesture v 1.0 lets you create digital paintings from your photos simply by dragging your finger over the photo.

With just a little imagination, you can can make beautiful works of art. Be as rough or tight as you like as Gesture translates your movements into paint strokes using a sampled color from the photo below. Bringing a popular artistic technique from the desktop to the iPhone and iPod touch, Gesture makes creating stunning works of art a breeze for the artist and non-artist alike.

Big Stone Phone cofounder and CEO of Stone Design, Andrew Stone remarked, "We had so much fun with iGraffiti, we conceived of a new way to make original art quickly and easily on your iPhone. What's more, you can share and view your paintings with our online Public Art Space."

Gesture has a simple model - you create works of art in your "Studio" and you view your art in your "Gallery":

Gallery Features:

  • View your masterpieces in landscape mode
  • Add and delete paintings
  • Share and view paintings from other Gesture users online

Studio Features:

  • Save your painting to Photos
  • Play back your painting like a movie
  • Instantly Pointilize your photo
  • Zoom in for detail work
  • Unlimited undo
  • Load any image on the internet

Gesture 1.0 is $4.99 and available exclusively through Apple's App Store.

Bakelite Rotary Dialer for the iPhone

Bakelite Rotary Dialer for the iPhonePR: MildMannered Industries announces Bakelite 1.0 - a beautiful old fashioned Bakelite style rotary dialer for the iPhone. Bakelite is gorgeous to look at, with a numbered and lettered dial, and offers smooth accurate dialing, with audio feedback.

Unlike a real rotary phone, users can delete the last digit, to make it a little easier to correct any mistakes, but otherwise, Bakelite is just as pleasurable, (or awkward, depending on your point of view) to use as the real thing.

Visit MildMannered Industries, or go directly to the Apple App Store to learn more about Bakelite, or to download it to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
  • An iPhone is required to actually make calls
  • Requires iPhone or iPod touch 2.0 update

Bakelite is currently free, and is only available from the Apple App Store.

Findley Designs Updates iPod Access with iTunes 8.0 Support

PR: Findley Designs, Inc. announces the immediate availability of iPod Access v4.2.3 for Mac OS X and Windows Vista/XP. Version 4.2.3 adds improved support for the iPod touch and iPhone, improved iTunes integration and numerous bug fixes. iPod Access works with all past and present iPod models.

New in v4.2.3:

  1. Compatibility with iTunes v8.
  2. Improved iTunes integration.
  3. Fixed some registration issues.
  4. Fixed iTunes XML errors.
  5. Improved library loading.

iPod Access is the leading iPod/iPhone music and video transfer application for the Mac and Windows. With iPod Access you have instant access to all the songs on your iPod or iPhone. Your songs can be be displayed and sorted in almost any fashion so you can find the songs you need right when you need them.

With the new instant search feature in v4 you can find songs just as quickly as you would in iTunes. And once you have found the songs, movies and playlists that you want, iPod Access will copy them right back into iTunes or to an external drive for backup. If you need music from your iPod or iPhone back on your computer then you need iPod Access.

Features Include:

  • Universal Application (Support for Intel and PPC Macs)
  • Leopard (OS X 10.5) and Tiger (OS X 10.4) Support
  • Windows Vista and XP Support
  • Force iPod Manual Update Mode (iPod only)
  • Add songs, videos and podcasts directly to the iTunes Library
  • Export song listing
  • Automatic file renaming
  • Support for non-Roman characters (including Japanese)
  • Easy to use interface
  • Instant listing of all iPod songs
  • Playlist Cloning into iTunes
  • Support for iTunes Ratings, Play Count, Last Played date * Play music and video files directly from the iPod (iPod only)
  • Transfer ID3 tags for WAV, Video and iFM files.
  • AAC file support (including iTunes Music store songs)
  • support
  • Song Navigation by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
  • Copy songs organized by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
  • Single button sequential backups
  • Recover songs from iPods with a damaged database. (iPod only)
  • Support for PC formatted Hard drives
  • Support for Multiple iPods

iPod Access 4.2.3 can be downloaded as a free trial or purchased for $19.99. Version 4.2.3 is a free upgrade to all registered v4 users.

QuickOffice for iPhone Can Almost Edit Office Docs

PC Magazine's Sascha Segan reports:

"At the CTIA Fall trade show on Wednesday, I got a quick look at the latest state of QuickOffice, one of the two Microsoft Office-compatible suites being developed for the iPhone. It isn't quite ready yet; right now it can edit Microsoft Excel documents, but only read Microsoft Word documents.

"The biggest challenge with creating an iPhone office suite, it seems, is dealing with the iPhone's wacky file system issues. Each iPhone app has its own file storage space, and the apps can't access each others' spaces. So you can't save an e-mail attachment or something from Safari into a public folder to be edited by QuickOffice, for instance."

Pianochords for iPhone and iPod touch: Never Forget a Chord Anymore

PR: Mekentosj BV has announced the availability of Pianochords, an application for iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to easily look up all those nasty keyboard and piano chords. Major, minor, sus, flat and sharp, they are all there. Just press a key on the keyboard to set the root of the chord and click the display to select the derived chord. Pianochords is the perfect companion for every piano and keyboard player.

Pianochords Features:

  • Capable of showing 50 derived chords for all 12 keys
  • Shift chords up and down to see all variants
  • Toggle between single key and chord mode
  • Uses openAL to play selected chords using high-quality piano samples
  • Great looking and super intuitive user interface

Minimum Requirements:

Pianochords works on all iPhone and iPod touch models.

Pianochords is available in the iPhone App Store for $1.99.


Logitech Introduces 2 Speaker Docks for iPods and iPhones

PR: Whether you dock your iPod, or your iPhone, in the bedroom or crank up your favorite playlist in the living room, Logitech has a speaker dock for you.

The Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus omnidirectional speaker for iPod or iPhone delivers great sound throughout your room, while the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime premium alarm clock for iPod or iPhone is the perfect night stand companion. Both speakers are compatible with the first generation iPhone as well as the new 3G iPhone.

"Our research revealed that as digital music players, and especially the iPod, become more integral to our lives, we look for accessories to optimize the experience," said Mark Schneider, vice president and general manager of Logitech's audio business unit. "Our latest iPod speaker docks are designed to suit each person according to their individual needs, whether what's wanted is enhanced audio and portability or an alarm clock with innovative features such as motion sensing."

Pure-Fi Express PlusLogitech Pure-Fi Express Plus Featuring Omnidirectional Acoustics

A first for iPod or iPhone speaker docks, Pure-Fi Express Plus offers omnidirectional acoustics. An innovative speaker technology previously found only in expensive home-theater systems, omnidirectional acoustics transmit sound evenly in all directions. If you love to dock, charge and listen to your iPod or iPhone when you're at home, at work, or even in your backyard, now you can enjoy rich, articulate sound and minimal distortion from every corner of your room. Pure-Fi Express Plus provides more than just great sound. For added portability, Pure-Fi Express Plus can run on AC or battery power and includes an integrated handle, making it easy to take your music from room to room.

The new Logitech dock also features a wireless remote. With a range of up to 30 feet (10 meters), the remote lets you instantly adjust volume, play, pause, fast forward, rewind, as well as offering Shuffle and Repeat buttons all from the comfort of your couch or favorite chair.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime: The Perfect Night stand Companion

Pure-Fi AnytimeIf you commonly dock your iPod or iPhone in the bedroom, Pure-Fi Anytime offers a full set of features, such as advanced motion-sensing technology, that make it perfect for your bedside table and ensure that you'll have a fully charged iPod or iPhone when you wake in the morning.

To avoid the inconvenience of waking a sleeping partner, the motion-sensing backlight makes it easy to set your alarm without having to turn on the lights. The alarm clock's controls light up when you wave your hand over the speakers and the buttons automatically dim when you're done using it. And when you want to get a few minutes of extra sleep when your alarm goes off in the morning, you can simply wave your hand over the speakers and the motion-sensing technology will activate Snooze. Pure-Fi Anytime also features an easy-to-read display that is clearly visible during the day and night. A recessed dock helps prevent you from accidentally knocking over your iPod or iPhone. Plus, Pure-Fi Anytime offers a digital AM/FM radio for those times when you want to give your iPod a break and enjoy live music, news and sports.

The Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus omnidirectional speaker for iPod or iPhone is expected to be available in the US and Europe in October for a suggested retail price of $99.99. The Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime premium alarm clock for iPod or iPhone is expected to be available in the US and Europe beginning in October for a suggested retail price of $99.99.

Kensington Introduces Inexpensive Accessories to Simplify Home and Travel

PR: Kensington Computer Products Group has announced a line up of "must have accessories for notebook, iPhone and iPod users. All are priced under $60, making them great choices for personal use or for holiday gift giving.

Kensington Dash MountSince most family members carry multiple devices throughout the day and then bring them home for recharging, content downloading and sharing, accessories are playing an ever-increasing role in making everything work together more smoothly. Kensington's new 4-Port USB Charger ends home office squabbles about who gets to charge up first, and reduces cord clutter. It can handle mobile devices including smart phones, iPod music players, PDAs and more, at the same time, from just one wall outlet. Kensington's Media Sharing Cable lets everyone in the family share files of any size between two computers even across PCs and MACs with just one quick drag and drop movement, removing all the other steps that come with flash drives. The no file size restrictions benefit is perfect for speedy transfers of music, videos and photos. This is a perfect "early gift to make it easy for families and friends to share highlights of all their holiday gatherings.

Out on the road, Kensington's Dashboard, Power Port and Windshield Mounts put iPhone, iPod and MP3 players front and center in the car while keeping them steady and secure no matter how bumpy the ride. The Power Port Mount plugs into the auto power outlet, while a pass through lets people charge up even as they listen to their favorite tunes or follow GPS navigation instructions. Kensington designed the car mounts after its in-car studies showed that consumers found their current methods of putting devices in the center console to be clumsy and inefficient. While people loved having their phones, music and GPS close at hand during their commutes, they clearly saw the need for greater organization of their devices while in the car, as well as the ability to access them while keeping their eyes on the road at all times.

"Our Kensington philosophy is to design products as unique as the individuals who use them, whether at home, in the car, in the office or on the go, said Christine Dumery, Director, Marketing Communications Kensington. "Each of these particular products all under $60 brings a real solution to our consumers. Each offers a smart but simple way for people to enjoy great value for themselves or to share with others this holiday season.

4-Port USB Charger4-Port USB Charger for Mobile Devices Brings Harmony into the Home

Kensington's "Power it line brings harmony into the home with an easy to share USB charger that eliminates the need for multiple wall chargers and outlets. The Kensington 4-Port USB Charger for Mobile Devices (SKU K38035US; SRP $29.99) features the smart made simple design that can power mobile & smart phones, iPod, PDAs and more. The small, compact design frees extra wall outlets and looks good in your home. Use with your existing USB charging cable or Kensington USB Power Tips (sold separately) to power and charge your mobile devices.

Media Sharing CableHome Sharing Made Simple with Media Sharing Cable

The media sharing cable in Kensington's "Connect it line helps simplify file transferring between computers. The Kensington Media Sharing Cable for PC and Mac (SKU K33906US SRP $59.99) allows seamless sharing of files between any 2 computers faster than a flash. With a simple user interface and plug-n-play setup that doesn't require software installation, the Kensington Media Sharing Cable for PC and Mac is the easiest way to share your media and other files between computers without traditional file size limitations.

Kensington Dash MountKeep Eyes on the Road with Car Mounts for iPhone & iPod

Kensington has applied its smart made simple design philosophy to new products in its "Play it line that secure your iPhone and iPod on the road and make it easy to practice safe driving. The Kensington Dash Mount for iPhone and iPod (SKU K33446US; SRP $29.99) is the perfect home for your device on the road and features an adhesive bottom. Along with the other car mounts from Kensington, it is compatible with all iPhone/iPod/mobile phone models as well as other mobile devices. The Kensington Power Port Mount for iPhone and iPod (SKU K33447US; SRP $29.99) leverages the vehicle power port as an anchoring point. It includes a power port pass through, flexible arm, and universal dock to ensure compatibility with nearly any common portable mobile device. The Kensington Windshield Mount for iPhone and iPod (SKU K33412USA; SRP $29.99) includes a flexible arm and feet that adjust to hold your device firmly no matter how bumpy the road is. Designed to fit all cars, the mount installs in seconds and one-button quick release lets you grab your iPhone or iPod and go.

The new Kensington products are available for pre-order at and and will be available at major retailers at the end of the month.


Proporta Have Your New iPod touch Covered

PR: Proporta are never ones to leave a device at risk of the inevitable wear and tear of daily life, so to ensure that your iPod touch stays safe and sound, Proporta are one of the first to range a collection of accessories designed specifically to protect your 2G iPod touch

Profile CaseThe 2G (second generation) iPod touch is one of the newest additions to the iPod family. Boasting a sleeker appearance and larger memory than its predecessor- its as stylish as it is clever.

Proporta are never ones to leave a device at risk of the inevitable wear and tear of daily life, so to ensure that your iPod touch stays safe and sound, Proporta are one of the first to range a collection of accessories designed specifically to protect your 2G iPod touch.

The is made from a thin, yet durable, polycarbonate and covered in a stylish embossed soft leather coating. The ideal accessory to protect your 2G iPod touch against everyday scratches and impact damage.


Ted Baker Leather CaseThe Ted Baker Leather Case (Apple 2G iPod touch series) gives your 2G iPod touch the upper hand in the fashion stakes. Brains as well as braun, trust Ted keep your iPod touch safe from any knocks and bumps caused by everyday use.


Alu-Leather Edge CaseThe rather lovely Alu-Leather Edge Case (Apple 2G iPod touch) is handcrafted from a sleek, stylish custom design and like so many other cases from Proporta, meets the exact specifications of your device. Incorporating Proporta's trademark Aluminium lined 'Screen Saver System', a sheet of lightweight, rigid, aircraft grade aluminium lines the case. And as if that wasn't enough, this 2G iPod touch case also boasts an ABS (that's Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene to you and me) edging - giving it extra protection and security.


Aluminum Lined Leather CaseThe Proporta Aluminum Lined Leather Case (Apple 2G iPod touch) ensures that your iPod touch is never left out on a limb again. Handcrafted from high quality leather, this case also features the Proporta trademark 'Screen Saver System'. Available in a whole range of colours. Stylish and clever.


Leather Style Protective CaseMade from a high-quality alternative to leather, Proporta's Leather Style Protective Case (Apple 2G iPod touch) provides the same stylish protection as that of a leather case and comes in a variety of colour styles. A bespoke design to fit the exact contour of your Apple 2G iPod touch. It's also easy on the wallet (not to mention the cows).


Soft Feel Silicone CaseThe Proporta Soft Feel Silicone Case (Apple 2G iPod touch) gives your 2G iPod touch a hand in the strength (and style) stakes. Two tough, protective skins not only prevent scratching, but also limit impact damage. Available in a whole range of colour options.


WaterField Designs Creates Cases for 2G iPod touch and 4G nano

PR: WaterField Designs announces Ultrasuede Suede Jacket cases for Apple's upgraded iPod nano and iPod touch announced Tuesday. Each case is custom-fitted to the respective iPod dimensions and can double as a screen cleaner. The ultra-slim cases are designed for scratch protection, accessibility and style.

Ultrasuede Suede Jacket cases"I love the Suede Jacket because it's so simple; I can slip it in my pants pocket and my iPod won't get dinged by my keys," explained owner and chief designer, Gary Waterfield. "It's almost weightless and adds no bulk."

Ultrasuede Suede Jacket cases

The iPod Suede Jacket is a minimalist case offering elegant protection from scratches without bulk. The basic Ultrasuede case fits iPods snugly and doubles as a screen cleaner. The streamlined case includes no visible branding. It is comes in classic black. They are available with or without a mesh pocket for earbuds, a Bluetooth or a charger. Ultrasuede is a patented, scratch-free, washable, microfiber material - a more eco-friendly alternative to animal suede.

Ultrasuede Suede Jacket casesWaterField Designs also offers the The iPod Travel Case, designed to keep the iPod and its accessories all together and tangle-free. Custom-sized, padded, interior compartments keep gear organized. Self-locking zippers ensure contents don't spill out accidentally. Each of three offered sizes maintains a thin and compact shape even when fully packed, so they are easy to stow in a work or day bag. The Travel Case is available in six colors.

WaterField offers a variety of other cases for iPhones and iPods including the Smart Case Slip, Flap and Clip, and the iPod Gear Pouches.

The iPod touch 2G Suede Jacket: $9-$13. Available to order Now. Shipping begins this Tuesday, September, 16, 2008. Color: Black.

The iPod nano 4G Suede Jacket: $7-$11. Available to order Now. Shipping this Tuesday, September, 16. Color: Black. The iPod Travel Case: $35-$39. Available and shipping Now. Three sizes: Small, Medium, Large. Six colors: black, blue, brown, green, red, silver.

Amzer Jelly Cases: Dust-Free, Easy-Grip Protection for the iPhone 3G

Amzer Jelly CasePR: Sometimes, consumers just can't get a grip on their cell phones, resulting in both externally and internally damaging drops. The sleek look newer cell phone models have adopted creates a slippery situation for phone owners. The Amzer Jelly Case for iPhone 3G is a soft and flexible cover made of 100 percent premium silicone, patterned with a smooth (not sticky, as with other protective materials) flexi-grip design so 3G owners can avoid accidental drops.

"The Amzer Jelly Case prevents the owner's device from sliding on soft or angled surfaces," mentioned Pallavi Dinesh, COO of "The formfitting, skintight cover also protects the exterior of the phone from scratches and bumps. With regular skin types, phone owners can easily apply covers that are interchangeable, but our 'jelly' version of the skin offers a great grip and comfort of use in addition to these."

Additionally, the synthetic rubber exterior of the case wards off virtually all dust and dirt. Cutouts for the phone's buttons help keep functionality consistent. The Amzer Jelly Case is available in 7 different colors: Lilly White, Grey, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Sky Blue and Jet Black.


  • Brand new fashionable & flexible Jelly Case for iPhone 3G from Amzer!
  • 100% premium synthetic rubber with FlexiGrip pattern.
  • This flexi-grip pattern protects your device from dropped or bumped.
  • Helps to prevent your device from sliding on soft surfaces or angles surfaces.
  • Cutouts give easy access to the functionality.
  • Quality material used for this skin provides shield and avoid scratches.
  • This elegant skintight jelly case is perfectly manufactured to fit.
  • Installation and removal are very easy.
  • Protect your iPhone 3G at all times.
  • The FlexiGrip design technology provides you a comfortable grip at the same time prevent your new iPhone 3G from accidental damages.
  • Different colors available for your convenience.


  • Material: Premium silicone material.
  • Flexi-grip pattern
  • Manufacturer: Amzer.
  • Color: Clear

For more information or to order the Amzer Jelly Case for iPhone 3G, which is available for $8.95 plus shipping, or one of's other unique wireless accessories, visit:

OtterBox Launches iPhone 3G Protection

OtterBoxPR: Wipe that bead of sweat from your forehead, the anticipation is over. OtterBox releases iPhone 3G protection in the semi-rugged, drop and scratchproof Defender Series design. Case available now in black and coming soon in white, black/yellow and pink.

"Our waiting list for iPhone 3G cases has been building for months," said Curt Richardson, CEO, Otter Products LLC. "OtterBox engineers have worked hard to introduce slim and durable protection for Apple's hottest new device. Good design takes time and we wanted to guarantee our customers quality."

The OtterBox for iPhone 3G Defender Series accommodates Apple iPhone 3G 8 GB and 16 GB with three slim-fit layers of protection*:

  • Layer 1: Patented polycarbonate membrane protects against scratches and dust intrusion while allowing for full use of the screen
  • Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell
  • Layer 3: Silicone skin to absorb impact and provide tactile feel

Listening to customer suggestions about the first generation iPhone Defender Series case, OtterBox improved the design of the iPhone 3G case. The new case allows access to the silence switch, provides an improved screen and better fit and feel. Sync/charge, home, sleep/wake, volume, camera and headphone jack all remain accessible. Acoustical vents safeguard the microphone and speakers from dust and dirt to allow clear sound transmission. Case also includes a holster-style swivel belt clip which converts into a display stand when device is inserted screen out.

Purchase a black model today or wait for white, black/yellow or pink models coming soon. Pink "Strength" cases benefit the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and 10% of the purchase price will be donated to support access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer, with a focus on the medically underserved.

For customers needing less extreme protection; OtterBox will soon be offering a new silicone, skin-like case known as the Impact(TM) Series. Case will combine durable silicone with impact absorbing features and complete user interaction. Check in the coming weeks for details and availability.

Looking for additional Apple protection? OtterBox offers cases for the 1st generation iPhone, iPod nano 2nd and 3rd generation, classic and touch devices.

Additional Information for iPhone 3G Defender Series:

Environmental Protection:

Drop and Shock: Protected up to 36" to plywood on concrete

Water Protection: This case is not fully protected against water (not intended for protecting against damage caused by water)

Dust Intrusion: Protected against solid objects greater than 1mm


  • Layer 2 (plastic)/Layer 3 (silicone)
  • Black/Black (available now)
  • Yellow/Black (coming soon)
  • White/White (coming soon)
  • Pink/Pink (coming soon)

Belt clip - black

Dimensions: 4.87" X 2.77" X 0.8"

Weight (case only): 1.9 oz


  • Case not fully protected against water. Will provide some added protection against drop, bump and dust. not intended for protection against water intrusion.
  • Case will not fit the 1st Generation iPhone. See website for 1st Generation iPhone case.

Marware CEO Premiere for iPod touch 2G

CEO PremierePR: Marware Inc. has announced the CEO Premiere for the iPod touch 2G. The secure flap holds the iPod securely in place, while the bottom is open to make removal a breeze. The comfortable, built-in belt clip adds little to no bulk. Side openings allow easy access to headphones port and Sleep/Wake button. This slim profile case can be worn on a belt, or placed in a briefcase or purse. The CEO Premiere also comes with Marware's Lifetime Warranty.


  • Soft leather with microfiber interior
  • Works with new iPod touch 2G and original touch
  • Stylish perforated design accents with contrast stitching
  • Secure flap closure
  • Built-in, slim belt clip for bag and belt attachment
  • Easy access to headphones port and Sleep/Wake button
  • INCLUDES: leather case with belt clip, clear protective film, and microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Marware's Lifetime Warranty

The CEO Premiere is available in perforated, black Nappa leather. It retails for $34.99 and is available now for pre-order online. Please visit the Marware website for updated shipping dates. Marware is a leading provider of software and accessory solutions for iPhones, iPods, and Apple notebooks.

Marware CEO Flip Vue for iPod touch 2G

CEO Flip Vue for iPod touch 2GPR: Marware Inc. announces the CEO Flip Vue for iPod touch 2G. Made of premium Nappa leather with a convenient flip-top, this formfitting case provides a unique experience for even the most critical user.

Elastic sides and the patented Multidapt system provide one-of-a-kind versatility and will snugly accommodate the touch 2G comfortably and safely. Headphones port, dock connector port, and volume buttons are accessible whether the flip-top is open or closed.


  • Soft leather protection with microfiber interior
  • Stylish perforated leather design accents with contrast stitching
  • Interchangeable Multidapt low-profile belt clip
  • Elastic sides for a snug fit
  • Easy in-case access to all touch functionality and buttons
  • INCLUDES: leather flip case with Multidapt base, belt clip, clear protective film, and microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Marware's Lifetime Guarantee

The CEO Flip Vue is available in perforated, black Nappa leather. It retails for $29.99 and is available now for pre-order online. Please visit the Marware website for updated shipping dates. Marware is a leading provider of software and accessory solutions for Apple iPhones, iPods, and Notebooks.

Marware CEO Sleeve for iPod touch 2G

CEO Sleeve for iPod touch 2GPR: Marware Inc. announces the CEO Sleeve for the Apple iPod touch 2G. Constructed of soft Nappa leather, the CEO Sleeve works well on a belt or in a purse or bag. The elastic siding provides a snug fit, while the open top provides quick and easy iPod touch access. Marware's patented Multidapt low-profile belt clip is comfortable, convenient, interchangeable, and removable. The open top design allows full access to the headphones port. The CEO Sleeve also comes with Marware's Lifetime Warranty.


  • Soft leather protection with microfiber interior
  • Works with both iPod touch 2G and original touch
  • Stylish perforated design accents with contrast stitching
  • Interchangeable Multidapt low-profile belt clip
  • Elastic sides for a snug fit
  • INCLUDES: leather sleeve with Multidapt base, belt clip, clear protective film, and microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Marware's Lifetime Guarantee

The CEO Sleeve is available in black perforated Nappa leather with contrast stitching. It retails for $24.99 and is available now for pre-order online. Please check their website for updated shipping dates. Marware is a leading provider of software and accessory solutions for Apple iPhones, iPods, and Notebooks.

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