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Some Go iPhone to Save, iPhone App Reads Like a Book, Game Grip for iPhone and iPod touch, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2008.11.07

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News, Reviews, & Opinion

Some Turning to iPhone to Save Money

The Wall Street Journal's Sara Silver reports:

"Lower-income households are turning in force to Apple Inc.'s iPhone and may be doing so to save the cost of a separate broadband connection and music devices, according to the media measurement firm comScore Inc."

Lower-Income Households Turning to iPhone as a 'Swiss Army Knife' Tech Solution

Macsimum News's Dennis Sellers reports:

"Lower-income households are buying iPhones, apparently to save the money of paying for a separate cell phone, broadband connection and musical device, according to the media measurement firm comScore. As noted by the Wall Street Journal, a comScore study, shows that the fastest growth in iPhone sales over the summer months came from households that earn less than the median income."

Ear Docs' Warning Rings Loud and Clear: Turn Down the iPod!

The Buffalo News's Stephen T. Watson reports:

"iPods and other MP3 players have made one's song collection more portable than ever. That's great for music lovers, but those who listen with the volume cranked way up can quickly diminish their ability to hear anything at all. Ear experts are warning a generation of iPod lovers to turn down the volume - and maybe even take the earbuds out once in a while....

"A new study from the European Union cautions that people who listen to personal music players for too long, at too high a volume setting, may do serious damage to their hearing.

"The report estimates that up to 10 percent of users could start losing their hearing within five years, and most don't realize it....

"European scientists reported that those who listen to personal music players at a high volume for more than one hour per day each week risk permanent hearing loss after five years...."

Newest iPods Can't Charge with FireWire

AppleTell's Bill Stiteler reports:

"One of the stranger signs of iPod ubiquity: two years ago when I bought a microwave oven, it came with a free gift. It was an AM/FM radio that also had an iPod dock. It's been astonishingly useful gadget, both for music and as an iPod charger when I can't find a USB cable.

"No more. Connect my new iPod touch this morning, I was greeted with a message that 'Charging is not supported on this accessory.' A little bit of digging on the internet turned up the reason: newer iPods have lost the ability to charge via FireWire....

"Combined with the lack of FireWire support on the new consumer-level MacBook leads me to wonder if Apple is throwing in the towel on FireWire 400...."

New Skype Rival Offers Free Phone Numbers

PC Magazine's Michael Muchmore says:

"Skype users will be familiar with the service's 'SkypeIn' feature, which lets you buy a phone number that will work for any landline or cell phones. As of Monday, VoxOx, a new service from business telecom provider TeleCentris, will offer inbound telephone numbers to all of its users for free.

"The service also offers many other VOIP and Skype-like features, including instant messaging, video chatting, SMS text messaging, callback, and faxing. Its 'one number follow me' feature will even let users enter numbers to ring successively in case they're not at the main phone number - similar to Vonage's Enhanced Call Forwarding. They can even create a 'this number is not in service' message for telemarketers."

Obama May Not Be an iPhone Fanatic After All

Barack Obama with his iPhoneiPhone Savior says:

"What happened to the Obama iPhone? We recently uncovered two revealing photos taken on October 25, during Barack Obama's stop in Las Vegas. The photos show what appears to be a Motorola Razor in Obama's hand during two separate phone calls. After much effort, our team realized that spotting Barack Obama using an iPhone may be harder to capture than a photo of Bigfoot in the wild. We reviewed over 1,200 hundred photographs since early June unsuccessful in confirming Obama using his fabled iPhone."

Apple, IBM Dispute Reveals New iPhone Chips

InformationWeek's Paul McDougall reports:

"IBM's breach-of-contract lawsuit against top engineer Steve Papermaster reveals that Apple, which on Tuesday named Papermaster senior VP for devices hardware engineering, is planning to design its own chips for use in its iPhone and iPod portable devices....

"Apple lured Papermaster from IBM because the company 'intends to design microprocessors for incorporation in a variety of electronic devices, including handheld devices,' IBM stated in its legal complaint, filed last week in US District Court in Manhattan."

Apps & Services

Talk Radio 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

PR: Juicy Development LLC announces the release of Talk Radio 1.0. Talk Radio is the perfect companion for truck drivers, business travelers, and vacationers. Using location-aware searching, Talk Radio quickly identifies where and when a user's favorite talk show is available. By using Talk Radio listeners will never need to miss their favorite host or worry about being bored on the road again.

Using the Talk Radio application is easy - users simply select the host they wish to listen to. With a simple click, Talk Radio uses the iPhone's Core Location technology and a proprietary algorithm to presents a list of radio stations and program air times in your area. A manual search option allows you to find exactly what they want no matter where they are.

Talk Radio searches for programs including Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, and Glenn Beck. Additional hosts are being added regularly and users are encouraged to submit requests online. Designed to take advantage of the iPhone location and network capabilities, Talk Radio learns from users who report coverage, corrections, or changes and transmits that information to everyone with the application automatically. Left wing, right wing, or just wanting to hear the latest gossip, every radio listener will want this application.

Currently Talk Radio only works within the United States but, as a "learning application", collects information from our listeners who report in. International entries in our database are growing quickly.

Supported Languages: US English

System Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch 2.0

Talk Radio 1.0 for iPhone is $1.99 and available exclusively through Apple's App Store.

Memento 1.0 eCard Utility for iPhone and iPod touch

PR: Tapping It introduces Memento 1.0, their e-card creation and sending app for iPhone and iPod touch. Designed from the ground up to leverage the iPhone's unique abilities and interface, Memento is an elegant e-card sending application offering a natural feel and ease-of-use. Share an emotion, a precious moment or a unique event.

So much more than a plain e-card, Memento's emails are of unmatched quality and richness. Its built-in designer styles support and enhance anyone's photos, and help convey a mood or feeling. Easily compose a card by picking one of the beautiful 14 styles, add a favorite photo, enter personalized text, and email just the perfect postcard.

Feature highlights include:

  • 14 Designer Styles Included
  • Visual, Fully WYSIWYG display of Cards
  • Multiple Email Recipients
  • Amazing yet familiar User Interface
  • Compatible with Mac OS X Mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, MobileMe

Supported Languages: US English, French and Italian

System Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch 2.0 or later

Memento 1.0 for iPhone is $2.99 and available exclusively through Apple's App Store.

iPhone App Reads Just Like a Real Book

Classics iPhone appPR: Classics, a revolutionary software reading platform for a growing collection of literary masterpieces, is now available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

"My partner Andrew Kaz and I actually began working on this app after we had toyed around with my Kindle," says co-creator Phill Ryu. "We thought this flawed reading experience and we knew we could easily top that on the iPhone platform."

Classics iPhone appThe application features a groundbreaking interface, showcasing animated page turns that realistically respond to the user's touch, visualbookmarks, and a fully realized bookcase for your collection.

The initial collection includes a dozen classic works, including "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", "Hound of the Baskervilles", "Flatland", and "Robinson Crusoe". Additional books will be added over time via free software updates.

Classics is available for just $2.99 from Apple's App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.

ZeusDraw Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch

PR: Chromatic Bytes, LLC announces the release of ZeusDraw Mobile, a versatile drawing and painting program for the iPhone/iPod touch. ZeusDraw Mobile is a professional drawing program for the iPhone/iPod touch. It works for anything from doodling on a photo to serious drawing.

ZeusDraw Mobile features:

  • Smoothed drawing - with many programs, if you move you finger quickly, your line turns into an unpleasant looking polygon. ZeusDraw Mobile's freehand tool can turn these into nice smooth curves or smoothly drawn filled areas for you. (You can control the degree of smoothing or turn it off if you like.)
  • Editing - it's hard to get things exactly right the first time - especially on a small gadget! Use the iPhone's multitouch capability to place, scale or rotate what you just drew.
  • Text - any font, any orientation. Tap to show where you want text to go or drag a line to show the size and orientation of your text, and then use the keyboard to enter your text.
  • Brushes - add texture or interesting effects to your drawing with ZeusDraw's brushes. Use them with transparent colors to get watercolor-like effects.
  • Color - customizable palette including transparent colors.
  • Eraser - any of the drawing tools, including text, can be used as an eraser. Erasures can be edited with multitouch just like drawn elements.
  • Picture in Picture - you can, of course, use one of your photos as a background, but you can also import pictures to use as elements in your drawing and place, scale and rotate them like any other drawing element.
  • Shapes - selection of predefined shapes.
  • Zoom - zoom in to at work at 1.5x or 3x.
  • Drawing album - you can save your drawings to ZeusDraw Mobile's drawing album. In the album you can change the orientation of a drawing, select it to continue work on it, save it to to Saved Photos or delete it if you no longer need it.

System Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch 2.0

ZeusDraw Mobile for iPhone is $9.99 and available exclusively through Apple's App Store.

2 New Olive Tree Bible Products Available on iTunes

PR: NIV Bible for BibleReader: The New International Version is a popular, best-selling evangelical Bible translation.

NIV Family Pack for BibleReader: Includes the NIV Bible, Today's New International Version (TNIV) and New International Readers Version (NIrV).

Currently, you can only purchase iPhone titles from Apple iTunes. Titles purchased at are not presently compatible with iPhone.

Olive Tree on the Road

Meet Olive Tree programmers and designers face-to-face at any of the following conferences this winter!

Demo of Original Languages at ETS/SBL: Olive Tree will attend two conferences in November: Evangelical Theological Society in Providence, RI, and Society of Biblical Literature in Boston, MA. Will you be there? If so, stop by the Olive Tree booth and try out our newest resources. We'll be unveiling the first of our original language resources for iPhone, including the Greek New Testament, Greek Septuagint (LXX), and Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS), an edition of the Hebrew Masoretic Text.

2009 Christian Book Expo: You can also meet Olive Tree representatives at the March 2009 Society of Biblical Literature in Boston, MA. Sponsored by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association and completely open to the public, this expo is the first event of its kind. This expo will gather publishers, authors, ministries, and booksellers - all for the purpose of reaching the largest audience possible with the life-changing message in books, Bibles, and other Christian resources.

Do You Twitter?

You can now follow Olive Tree on Twitter. Olive Tree's Twitter username is OliveTreeBible:

Want to be the first to know about the release of major titles? Want to be the first to buy the new iPhone App? Want to upgrade BibleReader the same day we release the latest version? Olive Tree's Twitter announcements are the best way to know right when the important things are happening. They go out between newsletters, before blog entries - really, whenever anything newsworthy occurs at Olive Tree. (Don't know what Twitter is? Learn more at

The Olive Tree Blog is still a great way to keep up with us, and we can discuss our news in a little more detail than Twitter's 140 characters allows. We will continue using the Olive Tree blog the same way we have been using it - to keep you informed about Olive Tree's news in between newsletters. But now, Olive Tree on Twitter will accompany the blog with the most up-to-date postings about what is going on at Olive Tree.


Marware Game Grip for iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G

Game GripPR: Marware Inc. announces the Game Grip for the iPhone 3G and the iPod touch 2G. The silicone handle grips on the controller provide comfort for longer gaming sessions, and a unique cord management solution allows you to use your headphones and charging cable while you play.

The Game Grip also supports an optional, removable battery pack solution from Marware (sold separately) that can give you added power while gaming. Simply slide the battery pack onto the back of the Game Grip, attach the cable, and you won't even know it's there. Two silicone skins, a game controller with interchangeable silicone grips, cord management, and an optional battery pack solution - the Game Grip is the smartest answer to your portable gaming needs.


  • Provides radically comfortable iPhone/iPod touch gaming
  • Also includes two stand-alone silicone skins that fit iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2G
  • Unique cord management system - can be used with headphones/earbuds and can charge device while playing
  • Detachable battery pack option (sold separately)
  • Colorful and interchangeable silicone handle-grips on controller
  • INCLUDES: Two silicone skins, spacer for iPod touch 2G, game controller with silicone grips * Marware's Lifetime Warranty

The Game Grip for the Apple iPhone 3G and the iPod touch 2G is available in smooth black with blue handle grips. It retails for $49.99 and is available for pre-order online. Please visit Marware online for more information. Marware is a leading provider of software and accessory solutions for Apple iPhones, iPods, and Notebooks.

Hammacher Schlemmer LP to iPod Converter

Hammacher Schlemmer LP to iPod ConverterPR: This is the belt-driven turntable that converts and saves your prized vinyl LPs to MP3 format directly to an iPod or iPod nano connected to its built-in dock. In addition to providing high-speed vinyl audio conversion to MP3, the turntable plays LPs at 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speeds (adapter included), and its adjustable anti-skating control provides increased stereo balancing.

Includes 1/8" RCA output and cable for connection to a stereo system equipped with either a CD or AUX input. It can also plug directly into your computer with its included USB cable, allowing you to convert your LPs to MP3 using the included recording software (PC/Mac) for the removal of scratches, hisses, and pops, but will operate with any software that supports USB audio input sound cards. 20 1/4" W x 3" H x 17" D. (8 3/4 lb.)


Available for Immediate Shipment

Hammacher Schlemmer Classic Diner CD and iPod Jukebox

Hammacher Schlemmer Classic Diner CD and iPod JukeboxPR: Recalling the ubiquitous diner jukeboxes of the 1950s, this classic tabletop music box has the same chrome finish and letter and number buttons as the originals, yet is updated to play superior digital music from CDs and iPods.

Faithful to the original jukeboxes, songs are selected by pressing the letter and number buttons on the face of the device and, once a song is chosen, the jukebox mimics the pop of a classic vinyl record loading into place. The stereo speakers produce vibrant, room-filling sound. The jukebox has digital FM radio tuning with 20 presets and it connects to an external stereo, amplifier, headphones, iPod or other MP3 player. You can choose from several preset audio equalizer options (Normal, Classic, Pop, Jazz, or Rock) , and CD and MP3 tracks can be played sequentially or in random order. Includes a CD filled with 100 classic late 1950s/early 1960s songs from the original artists such as the Four Tops, Buddy Holly, and Patsy Cline. 15" H x 12 1/2" W x 7" D. (7 lb.)


Expected ship date 11/28/2008

Hammacher Schlemmer iPod to iPod Transfer Device

Hammacher Schlemmer iPod to iPod Transfer DevicePR: This device allows you to quickly and easily transfer music, video, and pictures from one iPod to another iPod without the use of a computer. It automatically recognizes when you plug in iPods (either Mac or PC formatting) on either end, and it can transfer a three-minute song in five seconds and a 30-minute video in three minutes.

The device can also transfer any files when the iPods are set to "disk drive" mode. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 1 1/2 hours of operation during transfers, and includes an AC adapter that recharges the device in four hours; iPods are recharged while connected. Songs transferred with digital rights management (DRM) formatting require appropriate iTunes password and authorization. 3/4" H x 2 1/4" W x 3 1/2" D. (2 oz.)


Available for Immediate Shipment.

FastMac iV Extended Battery & Charger for iPhone

PR: FastMac has announced "iV," an extended battery pack & portable charger for Apple's iPhone that triples battery life and adds a built-in flash & Bluetooth headset charger. Armed with an iV, the iPhone is capable of up to 24 hours of talk time, 31 days of standby, 20+ hours of video & almost 72 hours of audio playback time. Winner of several awards at Macworld Expo, FastMac's iV for iPhone is shipping now and can be ordered from for a special introductory price of $79.95. Each iV carries a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. In addition, each iV comes with a unique 90-day trade-in warranty that allows the original owner to trade in their used iV for a brand new, next generation iV for half price .

FastMac's iV contains a 3100mAh TruePower battery that is the longest lasting battery available for any iPhone. Unlike snap on chargers that stress the dock connector or fall off if the iPhone is used whilst charging, the iV is an on-the-go mobile battery charger that allows for continuous iPhone use even as it is being charged. Along with the dock connector port used for charging & synching, the iV also has a full-size USB port that can simultaneously charge another device such as a Bluetooth headset, digital camera, game system or even another phone. The iV's built-in flash LED can be used for emergencies and low light photos or videos.

"iV seeks to address the 2 most common complaints about Apple's iPhone- not enough battery life & no flash for the camera," said Michael Lowdermilk, Business Development Manager of FastMac Performance Upgrades, Inc. "Thanks to its many applications & features, even casual use can cause the iPhone's battery to drain before day's end, making the iV a must-have accessory for all iPhone users."

The iV's powerful TruePower battery is housed in a custom molded soft-touch non-slip case that is no taller than the iPhone itself and at just 3.9 ounces, weighs 25% less than the original iPhone. The bottom of the iV is contoured so that it can be docked (and charged) inside Apple's iPhone Dock & Universal Dock and its speaker chambers are designed to reflect sound up and out towards the listener instead of away from them.

"We're proud to be first to market with an extended battery for the iPhone 3G that not only lasts longer than any other iPhone battery, but also provides added functionality that no other product offers," said Edward Savio, President of FastMac Performance Upgrades, Inc.

FastMac's iV is compatible with all models of the iPhone & iPod touch. Its dock connector port can also connect to and charge all models of the iPod nano. Thanks to its secondary charging port, the iV is also compatible with any electronic device that can be charged via a standard USB cable & matching power connector (such as a Bluetooth headset, digital camera, another iPod and even another phone). According to the USB-IF, a nonprofit association of USB developers & manufacturers, more than 1000 devices can be powered using the iV's secondary charging port


OtterBox for iPhone 3G Impact Series: Not Your Average Skin

OtterBox for iPhone 3GPR: Engineered with recognized OtterBox protection in a sophisticated design, the new OtterBox 1943 Impact Series for iPhone 3G is not your average skin. The Impact Series merges durability, impact absorbing features and style in a single, slim-fit silicone layer.

OtterBox for iPhone 3G"The OtterBox for iPhone Defender Series case line offers users the ultimate level of protection from drops, dust and scratches. However, some customers wanted something less bulky and more stylish," said Curt Richardson, CEO of OtterBox. "With the Impact Series line, we reach those looking for less extreme, more slim-fit protection by incorporating the successful silicone design used in the Defender Series."

The OtterBox for iPhone 3G Impact Series provides complete user interaction and access to the headphone jack, silence switch, sync/charge jack, speakers, microphone, sensors and camera. Home, sleep/wake and volume buttons remain accessible through silicone pass through buttons. Inner corners of the case dissipate impact away from the iPhone to protect from bump and shock.

Visit to explore additional OtterBox protection for your iPhone 3G and other Apple devices.

Additional Information for OtterBox 1943 Impact Series:

Dimensions (Case Only): 4.66" x 2.59" x 0.64"

Approximate Weight (Case Only; including layer 1): 0.6 oz. (15g)


  • Black
  • White

Environmental Protection: Added protection against bump and shock

Case not protected against water. Will provide some added protection against bump and shock.

Marware Eco Vue for iPod touch 2G

Marware Eco Vue for iPod touch 2GPR: Marware Inc., designer and manufacturer of innovative products for the Apple market, announces the Eco Vue for iPod touch 2G. The Eco Vue is perfect for gaming or enjoying any of the hundreds of applications for your iPod touch while providing superior protection. The Eco Vue comes with a clear screen protector that provides scratch protection without adding bulk or loss of screen sensitivity. This eco-friendly case for the iPod touch 2G is perfect for use in pockets, bags, purses, or backpacks.


  • Eco-friendly reinforced case
  • Open-faced design for full touch screen access
  • Allows full access to all touch features and functionality
  • Strap closure system
  • INCLUDES: eco-friendly jacket, clear film protector, and microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Marware's Lifetime Warranty

The Eco Vue is available in black, eco-friendly material. It retails for $29.99 and is available now for pre-order online. Please visit Marware online for updated shipping dates. Marware is a leading provider of software and accessory solutions for Apple iPhones, iPods, and Notebooks.

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