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iPod for a Queen, iPod shuffle Surges, Skype Comes to iPhone, Next Gen iPhone Speculation, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2009.04.03

Top iPod/iPhone news of the week: President Obama gives an iPod to Queen Elizabeth. Next up: Skype for the iPhone. And the usual speculation about just when Apple might release the next iPhone generation - and what it will include.

Mac notebook and other portable computing is covered in The 'Book Review, and general Mac news is in Mac News Review.

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Obama's Gift: An iPod, Your Majesty

The Telegraph's Toby Harnden reports:

"Barack Obama met the Queen at Buckingham Palace today and gave her a gift of an iPod loaded with video footage and photographs of her 2007 United States visit to Richmond, Jamestown and Williamsburg in Virginia. In return, the Queen gave the President a silver framed signed photograph of herself and the Duke of Edinburgh - apparently a standard present for visiting dignitaries.

"It is believed the Queen already has an iPod, a 6 GB silver Mini version she is said to have bought in 2005 at the suggestion of Prince Andrew.

"Pool reporter Richard Wolf of USA Today says that an Obama aide told him the President also gave the Queen a 'rare songbook signed by Richard Rodgers'...."

iPod shuffle Sales Surge 50%, iPod touch Maintains Lead

AppleInsider's Sam Oliver reports:

"Sales of Apple's most affordable iPod shot up more than 50 percent a week after the company unveiled new, more compact models that shift the push controls from the player itself to the included pair of earphones...."

Mazda RX-8 Controlled with iPod touch

Engadget's Ross Miller says:

"We've seen some interesting ways people have tried to meld iPhone with car, but this one might top them all. Meet Jon's Mazda RX-8, controllable from anywhere in the world using an iPod touch over WiFi. As demonstrated on video, his custom web app can be used to lock and unlock the doors, start and stop the engine, and open the trunk. A telemetry window provides data such as fuel level, battery voltage, RPM, speed, and temperatures. It's even got a GPS so you can track the car's wherabouts with Google Maps. All of this is accomplished with computer hidden in the trunk, hooked up to the on-board diagnostics, and equipped with a 3G modem to stay constantly connected to the interwebs...."

iPhone Apps 'Glamorises Gun Culture'

Macworld UK's Nick Spence reports:

"Reports in Associated Newspapers owned newspapers claim a series of iPhone and iPod touch apps help glamorise gun culture, particularly among young people.

"Led by London's Evening Standard, the sale of such apps has caused 'outrage among anti-gun campaigners,' claims the reports."

See one of these "offensive" apps below.

Student Claims iPhone Combusted in Hand

The Airdrie Echo's James Emery reports:

"An Airdrie [Alberta, Canada] high school student was lucky to avoid injury after he claims his Apple iPhone internally combusted and began smoking, hissing and expanded in his hand before he threw it to the ground.

"Shayne Cryderman, a Grade 11 student at George McDougall High School, said he was texting on the phone at school March 23 when it suddenly got hot and began expanding...."

Skype to Launch iPhone Software

WSJ reports:

"eBay Inc.'s Skype unit plans to release a version of its Internet-based phone software for Apple Inc.'s iPhone."

Sneak Peek at Skype for iPhone

PC World's Daniel Ionescu says:

"Skype is set to launch its iPhone application . . . bringing its much-anticipated Net-based phone service to Apple's mobile platform. With the Skype iPhone app, users will be able to make free calls using Wi-Fi to other Skype users as well as use their Skype accounts to make reduced price calls to traditional landline phones. Skype announced its iPhone application will be available on Tuesday for free, with a version for the BlackBerry available in May. Mobile versions of Skype are already available for Nokia, Windows Mobile, and Google Android phones."

iPhone Finally Gets Skype - But Why?

The Register's Bill Ray reports:

"From tomorrow iPhone users will be able to download a Skype application from iTunes, though they'll still be prevented from making calls over 3G connections, and will still miss out on the functionality offered by alternative Skype clients.

"Announced at the CTIA show currently taking place in Las Vegas, the native iPhone client from Skype will provide free calls to other Skype users and cheap calling through SkypeOut: as long as one is securely connected to a Wi-Fi network....

"With all the clients being free there seems little reason not to download and compare, but many users will go for the 'official' client by habit."

RBC Sees Improved iPhone in June

Barrons' Eric Savitz reports:

"Apple will unveil a new and improved version of the iPhone in June, RBC Capital's Mike Abramsky asserts in a research note this morning. He contends the new version of the phone, which he calls the iPhone 3G Pro, will include a number of improvements: Faster 3G, using the HSUPA standard, versions the current HSDPA....

"He expects the new version to be offered on AT&T first, and other markets second."

No Low-cost iPhone in June

MacNN reports:

"In spite of continual suggestions to the contrary, a low-cost version of the iPhone appears unlikely to be announced this June, says RBC Capital analyst Mike Abramsky. Citing "build data and other checks" as evidence, Abramsky suggests that if a cheaper iPhone is in development, there is little chance of it shipping soon...."

2 Distinct iPhone Models Nearing Production

AppleInsider's Katie Marsal reports:

"A little-known equity research firm is out with a new report this week which could potentially shed some color on recent discoveries in Apple's iPhone 3.0 beta software that suggest two architecturally unique iPhones may be in the cards for this spring.

"'Our checks confirm that two versions of iPhones will be introduced this year,' Lazard Capital Markets semiconductors analyst Daniel Amir wrote in the opening paragraph of the report. 'Production of the new phones should start at the beginning of April and will ramp in May.'"

Apple Likely to Unveil New iPhone June 8

Silicon Alley Insider's Dan Frommer says:

"Apple will probably show off its next iPhone on June 8.

"That's the first day of Apple's 2009 Worldwide Developers Conference, which is when we expect the company to unveil its new iPhone and show off the final version of its iPhone 3.0 software...."

The Ultimate iPhone Home Screens

PC Mag:

"We've assembled the perfect collections of iPhone apps for TV junkies, travelers, sports fans, and bloggers."

Apps & Services

PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto Adds WiFi Export to iPhone PhotoUpLink

PR: Developer Mark Morris has announced PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto. All users of PhotoUpLink who have upgraded to iLife '09 also should download the new version for continued functionality, and access to new features.

PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto now includes the ability to export over WiFi to any iPhone or iPod Touch running PhotoUpLink. Select the photos you want from any album. Click Export -> PhotoUpLink -> iPhone and your device should show up in the list. Click on that, then click Export. PhotoUpLink for iPhone must be running at this time. Exported photos will show up in the Camera Roll album on an iPhone, or in the Saved Photos album on an iPod Touch.

PhotoUpLink for iPhone and iPod Touch enables free, easy photo sharing directly between devices on the same WiFi network using peer to peer file transfer. The FTP feature lets you send photos to any FTP site and generates an email for you containing links to the image files uploaded.

PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto maintains the existing feature set of FTP and secure FTP, database export, and Office integration. Selected photos and QuickTime movies can be sent to any FTP server, MySQL and other ODBC supported databases, or FileMaker 7 database. PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets of photo metadata can be created if Office X is also installed.

ShoveBox Gains Companion iPhone App, Wireless Synching

PR: Wonder Warp Software has released a new iPhone version of its popular Mac productivity software ShoveBox.

Originally introduced in 2007 as a Mac OS X application, ShoveBox is billed as a "smart clutter-catcher" that runs in users' menu bars. Users can drag clippings of text, URLs, images, PDFs, files, and more to ShoveBox and use the tool to organize and sort that information. Since its release, it has won praise for its streamlined approach and well-designed user interface.

The new iPhone app has many of the features in the desktop app including folders, labels, comments, and the quick capture of incoming information. Users can wirelessly sync all data stored in ShoveBox on their Mac to view and edit it on their iPhone (and vice versa).

One particularly useful feature is a web browser toolbar button for the Mac version that, when pressed, makes a complete archive of the current page for offline viewing on either device. Users can also use a bookmark in the iPhone version of Safari to import the current page to ShoveBox.

The new iPhone app is available on the iTunes App Store for $3.99 and runs on any iPhone or iPod Touch with OS version 2.2 or higher. The existing Mac version costs $24.95 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and WiFi capabilities for synching. Existing users of the Mac app will need to download a free upgrade to enable synching.

Wonder Warp Software SP is a small independent software vendor in Palo Alto, CA that produces Mac OS X and iPhone software. Founded in 2004, it is also known for its SimpleChord music software, Otis puzzle game, and PhoneFinger iPhone development tool.

birdJam: The Revolution in Bird Song Identification

PR: birdJam is the essential bird identification tool for the extremely easy-to-use Apple iPod and the Apple iPhone. With birdJam, any North American bird song can be found within 15 seconds from the easily-accessed and intuitive playlists organized alphabetically, taxonomically, and by habitat, family, sound-alikes, festivals, etc. the thousands of birdJammers who have quit struggling with tapes and CDs. Just scroll, click and listen!

Elegantly simple, birdJam is fast to learn and easy to use--even for technology newcomers. For more than two years, we have delivered free upgrades and new capabilities to enhance birding for novice to expert birders.

Easy, convenient, affordable. While it is possible to load bird songs and photos onto an iPod without birdJam Maker, it would literally take weeks to optimize and edit your bird song CDs to create the features that are built into birdJam.

birdJam includes multiple bird songs and calls for each species--simply the best bird sounds available

Definitive and vivid photographs of birds of North America are included at no additional charge

Intuitively organized for fast access in the field, at home, in the car or anywhere

System Requirements: birdJam Maker runs on all iPod models (including the iPod Touch and iPhone!) except the iPod Shuffle. The definitive photographs by renowned photographers are visible on all iPod models that have a color screen--and are included free.

birdJammers (current birdJam customers) can download free upgrades and new photographs by clicking here. You'll need your birdJam account email address and birdJam Maker serial number to access the upgrades.

birdJam is a powerful tool. Please use it responsibly.

birdjam actively supports bird conservation with our time and by donating more than five percent of company profits to organizations such as The Nature Conservancy and others.

North Woods Field Guides Launches App for iPhone

PR: North Woods Field Guides, Inc., based in Wevertown NY, announced this week that their informational nature guides are now available as downloadable applications on iPhone and iPod Touch.

"These educational nature guides are a valuable resource, providing information on various aspects of the outdoors," said Jeff Greco, Founder of North Woods Field Guides, Inc., who has been offering plastic versions of the guides for nearly ten years. "This transition to the iPhone app means they're now more portable and therefore more convenient than ever." Each guide offers information on a specific category of nature, helping the user identify anything from wildflowers and different types of trees to insects, animal tracks, fish varieties and more. There are illustrations for each, along with classification information and interesting facts. Greco stresses that these field guides are useful to more than just the avid outdoorsman.

"No matter how often you're out in the wild, it's handy to have these guides at your fingertips," he said. "From the casual hiker to the nature photographer to the keen hunter, these guides are for everyone. And with their colorful illustrations, they're even great for children!" iPhone and iPod Touch users can download the applications directly from the App Store on their device or through the iTunes program. There are currently seven electronic guides available through the App Store at just 99¢ each. These can also be purchased as a bundle of seven guides for $4.99.

For additional information, contact Jeff Greco at (518) 251-0818, or visit North Woods Field Guides online.

About North Woods Field Guides, Inc.: Based in Wevertown, NY, North Woods Field Guides, Inc. offers compact and lightweight field guides featuring various aspects of the outdoors, specific to North American nature and wildlife. Owner Jeff Greco has been distributing plastic, pocket-sized nature guides for nearly ten years in the Adirondacks and throughout North America. Now the guides are also available as apps for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Boom!BOOM! Shotgun Pro Edition for iPhone and iPod touch

PR: In association with RnSK Softronics, Damabia announces Boom!BOOM! Shotgun Pro Edition for iPhone and Touch. Boom!BOOM! Shotgun Pro Edition includes our wildly popular shotgun, as well as a .40 cal semi-automatic handgun, a 9mm semi-automatic handgun, a submini automatic handgun and a fully automatic assault rifle. Boom!BOOM! Shotgun Pro Edition lets you experience this childhood game in a whole new way.

Playing cops and robbers was never this much fun! Damabia, in association with RnSK Softronics, let you experience this childhood game in a whole new way with Boom!BOOM! Shotgun Pro Edition. With stunning visuals, ear-popping sound, fantastic animations and a sleek, professional interface, Boom!BOOM! Shotgun Pro Edition has it all, plus much, much more. We were the first realistic sound and motion gun app with Bang!BANG!, and now you get five guns for five times the fun.

Boom!BOOM! Shotgun Pro Edition includes our wildly popular shotgun, as well as a .40 cal semi-automatic handgun, a 9mm semi-automatic handgun, a submini automatic handgun and a fully automatic assault rifle. There are no static images or clip art here; each weapon is hand crafted and individually animated. Our guns look and sound fantastic.

Jean-Paul Florencio, CEO of Damabia, said, "Bang!BANG! was the first and best gun app, but now we've gone even further. We've got the best weapons, the best sounds, and the best animations. You can't beat our gun apps!"

Feature Highlights:

  • Natural motion-controlled firing and reload action
  • Five powerful weapons, from handguns to shotguns
  • Beautiful graphics and smooth animations
  • Cinema quality effects sourced from Oscar-Winning Sound Designers
  • Lefty flip so southpaws don't shoot themselves accidentally
  • Light weight - no heavier than an iPod Touch or iPhone
  • Reduced recoil - just a comfortable vibration when fired
  • Optional silencer for stealth operation

Support Languages: English

System Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
  • Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update

Boom!BOOM! Shotgun Pro Edition costs 99¢. Users can try out the program by downloading Boom!BOOM! Shotgun Free.

Bailout Watch Tracks Stimulus Spending on the iPhone

PR: Stalefish Labs announced the availability of Bailout Watch, the first and only interactive iPhone application that tracks the US economic bailout in visual detail. Bailout Watch pulls together every facet of the economic bailout, from AIG and Citigroup to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and the TARP.

The iPhone application reveals that there is more to the bailout than initially meets the eye. "When we starting digging into the numbers, we quickly realized that the TARP was really the tip of the iceberg," said Michael Morrison, President of Stalefish Labs. "Not only that, but it's incredibly difficult to put it all in perspective without a great deal of research and data gathering, which is why we decided to build the app in the first place. This is important information that everyone should have easy access to."

In addition to providing a detailed list of every bailout recipient, Bailout Watch also provides historical relevance to the bailout by contrasting the numbers with other expensive events in American history, such as the New Deal and World War II. Says Morrison, "It's not enough to just point out that the bailout costs 12 trillion dollars because most of us can't really make sense of a number that big. So we included the inflation-adjusted cost of other major events in US history, and created a visual timeline in the app to see how they compare against the bailout in terms of real cost. Those comparisons ended up being quite shocking."

Another important component of Bailout Watch is its Opinion section, where users can weigh in using various bailout-related poll questions. The poll data is instantly updated live so that users can get immediate feedback on how others feel about what's going on. New poll questions are added regularly to reflect current issues related to the bailout. When coupled with the constantly updated bailout data, the polls make Bailout Watch a living, breathing application - a mobile view of the historic economic times we find ourselves living in.

Features of the Bailout Watch iPhone application include:

  • Live data reflecting the current state of the bailout, including where every dollar is going.
  • Detailed updated breakdown of each and every bailout recipient.
  • Visual historical comparisons of the bailout vs. other big ticket US spending events.
  • Live polls where opinions can be voiced on a range of bailout topics.
  • A handy perspective on millions vs. billions vs. trillions to help make sense of the huge numbers.

Bailout Watch is currently available from the iTunes App Store worldwide for $1.99.

First Recovery Act-Related iPhone Application

PR: eGovernment firm NIC has just launched "Transparent Gov," a free iPhone application dedicated to deciphering where and how the money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is to be spent.

The Transparent Gov application includes:

  • Clear and concise spending information depicted graphically for ease in understanding
  • Lists of key recipients of the funds
  • Ability to drill down into relevant text from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

"NIC has launched a number of online budget tracking, budget input, and stimulus sites on behalf of our government partners," said Harry Herington, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of NIC. "Providing a national, easy-to-use application to help citizens understand this extremely complex and large spending initiative is a natural extension of our leadership in this space."

NIC also launched today a one-stop online source for access to stimulus and transparency information from governments nationwide. The site,, is a free resource that tracks the transparency services offered by federal, state, and local governments in their efforts to make more information available to citizens.

"Transparent Gov" is totally free and available from NIC, Inc.

My Loan Calculator Takes Guesswork Out of Calculating Loan Interest

PR: New Apple app from helps users evaluate mortgage loans, car and auto loans, student and credit card debt quickly and easily from an iPhone or iPod Touch. The app allows users to instantly calculate loan payments and total interest paid over the life of a loan. has just released My Loan Calculator, a new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch available for purchase through the iTunes App Store. This application can help take the guesswork out of borrowing money by putting the facts and figures right at the customer's finger tips. Users can download the My Loan Calculator App through the App Store for just $1.99.

Instead of trying to crunch the numbers themselves, our app will allow the average consumer the ability to compare apples to apples all from their iPhone or iPod Touch. Consumers will be able to see the difference in interest over the entire life of the loan, right on their screen, helping them get the best deal possible by evaluating loan packages from different lenders.

The application, available from publisher , is the brainchild of the team at has been a leader in spreadsheet templates and financial calculators since 2003. The company's easy-to-use custom templates make financial management accessible for the average consumer, regardless of math aptitude.

Within seconds of entering the required fields, a user can know the total interest paid on a loan, the monthly payments and how much money can be saved by making extra payments. Ever wondered how long it will take to pay off a specific credit card or how much of a loan you can afford, My Loan Calculator can provide you the answers.

"The new My Loan Calculator app is indispensable for evaluating loans at different financial institutions," said founder Dr. Jon Wittwer. "Instead of trying to crunch the numbers themselves, our app will allow the average consumer the ability to compare apples to apples all from their iPhone or iPod Touch. Consumers will be able to see the difference in interest over the entire life of the loan, right on their screen, helping them get the best deal possible by evaluating loan packages from different lenders."

Even if users are not in the market for a new loan, My Loan Calculator will help them manage their current loans more effectively. Users can enter the interest rate, balance and payment amount for an existing loan and be able to see how much interest they are currently paying. App users can also calculate how many extra payments they may need to make to pay off the loan by a certain time, and see how much money they could save by making extra payments.

The My Loan Calculator app includes some of the most popular features of Vertex42's amortization calculator, home mortgage calculator and simple loan calculator. Rather than using these spreadsheet-based calculators from a desktop, My Loan Calculator streamlines the process so that users can analyze many types of loans from one simple mobile app.

My Loan Calculator is very easy to use. It will remember all user settings and information, even when the app is not in use. Users can e-mail the amortization schedule or loan comparison to themselves or someone else. The app also has detailed compounding options that allow anyone to adjust the settings to cover both American and Canadian mortgage securities.

If a user is a loan newbie, they will still be able to find out more about confusing loan terms with the built in help tab. It connects directly to a webpage with helpful information about the app and the nature of loans. Topics like accelerated payments, compounding period, amortization and interest savings are covered on the help page.

CalcNexus provides free online calculators for web-enabled mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Blackberry. is owned and operated by Visit CaclNexus online. is a leading provider of spreadsheet templates, calendars, and financial calculators. Vertex42 was founded in 2003 by Jon Wittwer, a Ph.D. student at the time. Since then, Dr. Wittwer has created over 70 templates and spreadsheets for small business, personal finance, health and fitness, education, and time management, most of which are available as free downloads.

MicroKart for iPhone

PR: Orange Apps today announced MicroKart for iPhone. Built using the Unity gaming engine, MicroKart brings you back to childhood days as you race a toy Hummer around a 3D table, and living room. Users race against a computer opponent as they weave through cups and plates, and avoid furniture to complete the courses. MicroKart has found solid ground in the iTunes App Store, as it has climbed to #56 in Apple's top Free Gaming Apps in just 4 days.

MicroKart, a new 3D racing game on the iTunes App Store, has climbed the charts, and is now ranked by Apple as the #56 free gaming app available. Since hitting the store on Saturday, March 21, 2009, MicroKart has had over 20,000 downloads in 3 days. MicroKart, built using the Unity Gaming Engine, combines beautiful graphics and engaging game-play as you race a toy car around the table and the living room floor.

In the game users race against a computer opponent as they weave through cups and plates, and avoid furniture to complete the courses. Users steer their toy SUV using the iPhone's native accelerometer, and they use the gas and brake buttons to control speed. The game is easy to control, but difficult to master.

Brandon Pluim, the developer, mentioned that the game was initially designed for participation in a contest at the Marriott School of Business at BYU. "I wanted to create a game that was engaging and entertaining, but more than anything I wanted to give it a fun factor." said Pluim. "That eventually led to my idea of making a toy racing game, based loosely off Micro Machines 64 Turbo."

Although the initial version is being released for free, MicroKart promises future paid versions that will include more tracks (including outdoor tracks), weapons, customizable cars, and more. Pluim also mentioned that update for MicroKart was "not far off".

iPhone App Puts the Answers at Your Fingertips

PR: Just shake your iPhone or iPod touch, ask your question, and the answer will "magically" appear.

Facing a tough decision (or a rough day at work)? MagicAnswers, the latest app from developer Raisix, went live on iTunes last night. Just shake your iPhone or iPod touch, ask your question, and the answer will "magically" appear. You can change the answers, and also add your own.

The app is 99¢

A Geeks Guide2 ...iPhone Development

PR: Geeks Guide2 With more than 25,000 apps available and over 800 million downloads, the iPhone's App Store has become a battlefield for programmers. As well as providing a playground for challenge-seeking developers, it offers an avenue to make money for small scale projects.

This week's GG2 focuses on Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, a friendly and easy-to-follow guide to iPhone and iPod Touch programming, from the fundamentals of Objective-C to the UI spit and polish.

Like any guide, it starts from the basics and walks you through the process of downloading and installing the iPhone SDK. Once up and running, you follow the steps to creating your first simple application. Once you're done there, you can move on to utilising the interface elements that users have come to love, the buttons, switches, pickers, toolbars, sliders, etc....

Read the sample chapter and take advantage of the offer price of just £18.89 - a 40% discount and a saving of over £12.


'Fitted' Hard Shell Case for iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2G, and iPod nano 4G

Fitted for iPod nano 4G and iPod touchPR: Speck has announced it's bringing its fashionable "Fitted" hard shell cases, already popular on the iPhone 3G, to the iPod touch 2G and iPod nano 4G. Available in a stylish new assortment of female friendly materials, patterns and colors, the new Fitted case series brings an authentic and vibrant custom look to the newest members of the iPod family. The new case designs will roll-out this April.

Introducing the Fitted Totally Collection

The newly introduced playful and colorful patterns include BubbleSpotDot Aqua and CheeryPlum Purple for the iPod nano 4G and the Lovely Roger White/Pink, Lovely Roger Black/Grey and CheeryPlum Purple for the iPod touch 2G. The new styles are fashioned out of durable, textured vinyl artfully wrapped over a protective hard shell case. The new Fitted Totally collection will be available at Toys 'R' Us stores this April.

Fitted for iPod nano 4GFitted Haberdashery Collection

For a more dressed-up and refined look, Speck is also bringing the Black Pinstripe, Tan Houndstooth and Black and White Plaid fabric available in its Fitted for iPhone 3G case designs to both iPod devices. Authentic, genuine fabrics custom-tailored over a hard shell are used to create a stylish and personalized appearance. The new Fitted Haberdashery collection will be available at Target stores and via in April.

"For the first time with Fitted, we are designing with the young female iPod owner in mind. The colors are young at heart and the styles are youthful," said Irene Baran, CEO of Speck. "From the fun pattern of BubbleSpotDot Aqua to the evening wear-friendly Pinstripe, our Fitted cases will appeal to tweens and teens alike."

Fitted for iPod nano 4GThe Fitted for iPod nano 4G and iPod touch 2G both feature a protective hard shell design with an authentic fabric or durable vinyl-wrapped outer finish that's available in styles and colors that express your personality as you browse through your songs, videos and podcasts. The simple, custom-fit, snap-together case design allows you full access to your viewing screen, controls, ports and plugs. Fitted case designs for the iPod nano 4G also feature a clear hard shell front with clickwheel opening to further protects the face from scratches and scrapes. All Fitted cases are available for $29.95 MSRP.

USB Fever Hard Crystal Case for iPhone 3G

Hard Crystal Case for iPhone 3GPR: Features:

  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Printed with Theme
  • Fully Protected from bumps and scratches
  • Light weight
  • Perfectly fit
  • Anti-dust
  • Easy access to all ports, buttons and sockets

Note: This is not for iPhone 2G, it is for iPhone 3G only.


USB Fever Hard Crystal Case for iPhone 3G

Hard Crystal Case for iPhone 3GPR: Features:

  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Printed with Theme
  • Fully Protected from bumps and scratches
  • Light weight
  • Perfectly fit
  • Anti-dust
  • Easy access to all ports, buttons and sockets

Note: This is not for iPhone 2G, it is for iPhone 3G only.


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