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iPhone 3G S, iPhone OS 3, DSLR Remote, ZoomSafer Takes on Distracted Driving, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2009.06.10

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iPhone 3G S and iPhone OS 3.0

Apple on Monday introduced the new iPhone 3G S, the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet, packed with incredible new features including improved speed and performance - up to twice as fast as iPhone 3G - with longer battery life, a high-quality 3 megapixel autofocus camera, easy to use video recording, and hands free voice control. iPhone 3G S includes the new iPhone OS 3.0, the world's most advanced mobile operating system with over 100 new features such as Cut, Copy and Paste, MMS*, Spotlight Search, landscape keyboard, and more. iPhone 3G S customers get access to more than 50,000 applications from Apple's revolutionary App Store, the largest application store in the world where customers have already downloaded over one billion apps. iPhone 3G S offers twice the capacity for the same price with a 16 GB model for just $199 and a new 32 GB model for just $299.** And beginning today, iPhone 3G is available at the breakthrough price of just $99 for the 8 GB model - a huge milestone for the high end smartphone market.

iPhone 3G S"iPhone 3G S is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet, and we think people will love the incredible new features including autofocus camera, video recording, and the freedom of voice control," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "And with a breakthrough price of $99, we are thrilled to get iPhone 3G into the hands of even more users who want them."

iPhone 3G S offers incredible speed and performance, on average up to twice as fast as iPhone 3G, so you can render web pages quicker and launch applications faster. iPhone 3G S takes advantage of the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard for stunning high-quality 3D graphics, making mobile gaming and other graphic intense applications better than ever. iPhone 3G S is not only faster, but with longer battery life you can watch more videos, listen to more music, browse the Internet or keep using your favorite apps even longer. The new iPhone 3G S also supports 7.2 Mbps HSDPA for faster networking speeds.***

iPhone 3G SiPhone 3G S features a new 3 megapixel autofocus camera that takes amazing pictures and video, making it easier than ever to capture, edit, and share those moments instantly with family and friends. The new autofocus camera adjusts focus, exposure, color, and contrast for the best possible image and includes automatic macro focus for extra close-up shots. With the new "tap to focus" feature, you simply touch the display to select an object or area of interest, and the camera automatically adjusts focus and exposure. You can record incredible high-quality video clips and edit them right on your iPhone 3G S by simply trimming the start and stop points. With iPhone 3G S you can send photos and video by email or MMS and post them to MobileMe or YouTube with just one tap.

The voice control feature in iPhone 3G S offers handsfree operation for both iPhone and iPod functions. Simply speak the appropriate commands into the built-in microphone or headset microphone to dial by name or number. With voice control you can play your favorite music by artist, album, or playlist and activate the Genius feature by saying "play more songs like this." You can also tell iPhone to pause the music, play the next track, turn on shuffle, or ask, "What's playing right now?"

iPhone 3G S features a new built-in digital compass for instant navigation.**** The Compass app shows you which way you are headed and rotates as you change direction. You can orient yourself to true north or magnetic north, and iPhone's built-in GPS automatically displays the coordinates of your current location. The new built-in digital compass is also integrated within Maps, so it automatically orients any map to the direction you are facing.

iPhone 3G S provides new accessibility features including VoiceOver, a screen reader that speaks what appears on the iPhone 3G S display, enabling visually impaired users to make calls, read email, browse web pages, play music, and run applications. The new universal Zoom function magnifies the entire screen, and the White on Black feature reverses the colors on screen to provide higher contrast for people with low vision. iPhone 3G S also supports Mono Audio, which combines left and right audio channels so that they can be heard in both earbuds for those with hearing loss in one ear.

iPhone 3G S includes the new iPhone OS 3.0 software with more than 100 new features including: Cut, Copy and Paste; MMS; Spotlight Search to search across iPhone or within Mail, Contacts, Calendar and iPod; landscape keyboard for Mail, Messages, Notes and Safari; expanded parental controls for TV shows, movies and apps from the App Store; and the ability to capture and send audio recordings on the go with the new Voice Memo app.

Find My iPhone

iPhone 3.0 software also includes a new Find My iPhone feature that works together with MobileMe so you can locate your lost iPhone on a map, send a message that will appear on the screen, or play a sound to help you find it even if your phone is set to silent. If you cannot find your iPhone, you can erase all data and content on your iPhone with the new Remote Wipe feature. New iTunes features available with iPhone 3.0 software include wirelessly downloading movies, TV and audio programs as well as iTunes U so students can download learning materials on the go.

iPhone 3G S gives users access to the revolutionary App Store, the largest application store in the world with more than 50,000 applications. The App Store allows developers to reach tens of millions of iPhone and iPod touch users around the world. To date, customers have downloaded more than one billion apps from the App Store. And with more than 1,000 new APIs available with the iPhone SDK, developers can create even more innovative applications using In-App Purchases, a new Maps API and Push Notifications.

iPhone 3G S also features built-in Nike + iPod support making it an incredible workout companion. Users simply place the optional Nike + iPod sensor ($19) in their Nike + shoe to seamlessly connect with iPhone 3G S to track miles run or sync with the latest generation gym equipment.

iPhone 3G S will be available in the US on June 19 for a suggested retail price of $199 for the 16 GB model and just $299 for the new 32 GB model in both Apple and AT&T's retail and online stores, Best Buy, and Walmart stores. iPhone 3G S requires a new two year contract with AT&T for qualifying customers (US only - other markets have other carriers).

iPhone OS 3.0 software will be available on June 17 as a free software update via iTunes 8.2 or later for all iPhone customers. iPod touch customers will be able to purchase a software update for $9.95. Beginning June 8, iPhone 3G will be available for $99 for the 8 GB model.

New MobileMe features for iPhone require iPhone OS 3.0. MobileMe is available for an annual subscription price of $99.

iPhone 3G S will also be available in more than 80 countries in the coming weeks. For further information about US and international pricing and availability visit

*MMS messaging is available only on iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S; fees may apply. MMS may not be available in all areas. MMS support from AT&T will be available in late summer.

**Qualified customers only. Requires a new two year AT&T rate plan, sold separately.

***Where available from AT&T later this year.

****Compass reliability may be affected by usage conditions such as nearby magnetic fields.

iPhone 3.0 to End Redownloading Apps?

The Register's Rik Myslewski reports:

"It appears as if Apple's iPhone 3.0 software may make it impossible for you to use your iPhone to redownload an app that you had previously purchased from the App Store."

How Much Work Can You Do on an iPhone?

InfoWorld's Galen Gruman says:

"It's hard not to look at an iPhone and wonder whether you could chuck your laptop and use it to do all your work instead. After all, it offers e-mail, always-on Web access, and an ever increasing roster of applications, many of which have business use in mind.

"Add in the fact that laptops are awkward to carry to meetings, and that their batteries never last as long as the work you need to do, and the appeal of replacing a laptop with an iPhone becomes readily apparent. So in the spirit of finding out how far you can you go relying exclusively on an iPhone for work, I decided to spend a month using an iPhone 3G in place of my laptop wherever possible...."

Using Your iPhone as Wireless Headphones

AppStorm's David Appleyard says:

"If you're anything like me, you commonly find that most earphones simply don't have a long enough cable. Being tethered to a short wire can be surprisingly frustrating. Fortunately there's a way to stay completely tangle-free, wirelessly streaming audio to your iPhone using an application called AirPhones.

"No matter whether you're three or thirty feet away from your Mac, providing both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network you're able to listen to any computer audio remotely. This walkthrough will explain how to get started along with a few tips and tricks to get the most from the system."

June 1, 2009 cover of The New YorkerNew Yorker Cover Boosts 'Brushes' Sales

Cult of Mac's Nicole Martinelli reports that after Jorge Colombo's iPhone art was featured recently on the cover of the New Yorker, it seems everyone wanted to get their fingers in the pie, and that the Brushes app Colombo used to finger paint a late-night scene in Manhattan sold 2,700 copies when the cover debuted Monday, earning developer Steve Sprang slightly over $13,000 - up from a typical 60-70 copies a day. In appreciation, Sprang is temporarily discounting the already modest Brushes registration fee by a buck to $3.99

New Yorker Cover Triggers Payday for Brushes App

iPhone Savior reports:

"When The New Yorker announced their plans to feature the epic work of iPhone impressionist artist Jorge Colombo, on the cover of their June issue, it instantly triggered an unexpected payday for Brushes app developer Steve Sprang. A $13,373 dollar payday to be exact, as the iPhone gold rush delivered another impressive pay out to an independent developer overnight."

iPod Poised for Multitouch Scroll Wheel

The Register's Rik Myslewski reports that Apple's scroll wheel-equipped iPods may soon come equipped with the multitouch swipe and pinch gestural controls currently available in the iPod touch, iPhone, and MacBooks.

Apple Working on Adding Multitouch to iPods

AppleInsider's Sam Oliver reports:

"Having pioneered multi-touch for its iPhone and iPod touch handhelds, Apple later extended the technology to trackpads on its Mac notebook line and now appears ripe to introduce the first iPod click-wheels with similar capabilities."

1.3 GHz Snapdragon CPU for Phones, Netbooks

Electronista reports that Qualcomm has upped its stake in the mobile space with an upgrade to its Snapdragon line of mobile processors, aimed at the smartphone and netbook markets, with the QSD8650A bumped from the previous 1 GHz to 1.3 GHz and 45 nanometer chip technology, being both about 30% faster and using 30% less average power than its predecessor while also enhancing video and 3D performance, according to the manufacturer.

Editor's note: Snapdragon is an ARM processor, the iPhone uses ARM CPUs, and the iPhone 3G S runs its CPU at 600 MHz. According to Wikipedia, Snapdragon will also be available with dual cores. dk

Definitive Palm Pre Review

Pre Central's Dieter Bohn has posted a magnum opus of a Palm Pre review, saying:

"The Palm Pre is an all-new smartphone designed from the ground-up to work with the web. It's currently a Sprint-exclusive priced at $199 after mail-in rebate. It runs an all-new operating system called "webOS" that is based on linux and sports innovative features like Synergy for syncing and multitasking "cards" to quickly switch between tasks. The Pre itself is incredibly small yet has a large touchscreen and a slide-down keyboard. Quite simply, it's incredible.

"We're covering the Palm Pre from all angles here at [a] full, unabridged review of the Palm Pre."


ZoomSafer Designed to Prevent Distracted Driving

PR: ZoomSafer broke out of stealth mode by launching the company website and announcing plans to deliver the world's first mobile mash-up to prevent distracted driving.

With more and more drivers texting, emailing, Twittering, and Facebooking, our highways - and even our public transportation systems - are becoming increasingly dangerous. The proliferation of mobile phones, all-you-can-eat text and data plans, and an insatiable appetite to always feel connected has resulted in a very costly epidemic.

Different from legislative and big-brother-like approaches, ZoomSafer contextually integrates with a person's social and communications networks, allowing them to drive safer but still be connected to friends, family, and coworkers.

"I found myself sending texts while driving and making bad decisions behind the wheel. I was looking for a mobile software application that would help me focus on the road but still keep me connected to my family, business contacts, and social networks," explained Matt Howard, CMO and Cofounder of ZoomSafer. "After months of research, I couldn't find a solution, so I got together with Mike and we decided to build ZoomSafer."

Founded in January 2009, ZoomSafer's management team, including recently hired chief operating officer Michael Costello, has more than 50 years of combined experience and a track record of success in new ventures as well as larger, more established enterprises including Nextel, USi, Groove Networks, and Accenture. In March, the company also raised an initial round of financing, gaining commitments up to $500,000.

"Not only does our software remind you to drive safe, it automatically notifies others when you're driving," said Michael Riemer, CEO and Cofounder of ZoomSafer. The result is that you're more focused when driving, and your friends are less likely to distract you with random texts or email messages.

The beta version of ZoomSafer will be free to download beginning in August. Premium versions of ZoomSafer will be available via paid subscriptions. Our patent-pending solution is a mash-up of location services, call management services, social media, and voice services. Please visit to register for the beta.

ZoomSafer is the only safe driving mash-up for mobile phones to prevent distracted driving. ZoomSafer minimizes unnecessary distractions but still enables drivers to stay connected with their friends, family, social networks and business contacts. The company offers solutions for young drivers, prosumers, families, enterprises and government organizations.

DSLR Camera Remote for Canon DSLRs/iPhone or iPod touch

PR: DSLR Camera Remote is the next-generation cable release for your Canon EOS DSLR camera. Just connect your camera to a WiFi enabled computer and the DSLR Camera Remote software enables you to use your Apple iPhone or iPod touch to wirelessly adjust cameras settings, fire the shutter, review images, even get a live viewfinder preview. DSLR Camera Remote is a must-have for remote shooting applications like high or low angles, self portraits and children. With its advanced timers it makes remote monitoring a snap. No internet connection required.

DSLR Camera RemoteYou get full control over common camera controls including white balance, image quality, shutter speed, aperture, intervalometer, and more.

Key Features

Remote Firing: DSLR Camera Remote's key feature is the ability to remotely trigger the shutter, or fire the camera. This seemingly basic feature is very powerful. You can now trigger a camera in a difficult position, such as in a church balcony or behind a basketball backboard. Or you can use it to give yourself another set of hands in the studio - to interact with your subject better or hold a reflector. There are all sorts of unique shooting situations where you would like to trigger your camera from a distance. With DSLR Camera Remote you can now do this with the equipment you already have, no need for expensive radio transmitters or open frequencies.

Remote Adjustments: DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition gives you full control over common camera controls including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, and more.

Image Review: Better than a simple release, the DSLR Camera Remote lets you see the image you just photographed to confirm you got the shot you wanted. With the Professional Edition you can even zoom to 1:1 to check focus and important details.

Live View: When you combine the DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition with a current generation Canon EOS DSLR you can access the LiveView mode, which allows you to see through the camera's viewfinder in near real-time. This allows you to see your composition before you trigger the shutter. This feature is great for self-portraits or when you can't see your subject from your position. See a list of Canon cameras that are known to be compatible with LiveView mode.

Intervalometer: The Professional Edition features an advanced intervalometer, or timer. The intervalometer can be used as a custom self-timer or can take a series of images at a given time interval. This is great for creating stop-action animation. You can take a picture anywhere from 1 second to 1 day apart and take up to 1,000 frames.

Zero Configuration: DSLR Camera Remote is a no-brainer to use with its zero-configuration Bonjour® networking. Just plug your camera into a network-capable host computer, launch the DSLR Camera Remote Server software, and bam! - your iPhone or iPod touch will discover your camera automatically. Your host computer can be attached to a wired or wireless network, or it can be the host in an ad-hoc, or device-to-device network. No active internet connection is required.

DSLR Camera RemoteReal-World Applications for DSLR Camera Remote

Self Portraits: If you've ever experimented with self portraits, you know how hard it can be using self-timers and running back and forth to the camera to see if you've got the shot. Now with DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition you can see yourself through the viewfinder of the camera to make sure you are positioned correctly, then take and review multiple shots at your own pace rather than racing against the timer.

Free to Move: Stop hiding behind the camera. If you photograph children or pets you know how valuable it can be to keep eye contact with your subject and to interact with them to get the right expression. Being stuck behind the camera is often the worst place to be. With DSLR Camera Remote you can move freely to interact with your subject, hold a reflector, you name it. You can fire the camera easily and even review the shot without having to return to the camera.

Event Remote Cameras: Sometimes you just can't be behind the camera. If you've placed a camera in a church balcony or behind a basketball backboard you need to be able to fire your camera remotely. Today you have to use expensive radio transmitters that can only fire the camera. With DSLR Camera Remote you can fire, control and review your shots with the iPhone or iPod touch and the laptop you already own.

DSLR Camera Remote Server: This software runs on a host computer (desktop, laptop or netbook) and controls the communication between the USB tethered Canon EOS DSLR and the iPhone/iPod touch client software. It is a free download.

DSLR Camera Remote Lite: This is the client software for the Apple iPhone & iPod touch. The Lite version supports the remote firing of a camera as well as the ability to review images after they are taken. Buy DSLR Camera Remote Lite from the Apple iTunes store for only $1.99.

DSLR Camera Remote Professional: This is the client software for the Apple iPhone & iPod touch. The Professional Edition supports the remote adjustment of camera controls, remote shutter release, LiveView preview through the camera viewfinder, intervalometer as well as the ability to review and zoom to 1:1 on images after they are taken. Buy DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition from the Apple iTunes store for only $9.99 introductory price for a limited time (reg. $19.99).

DSLR Professional & Lite Editions Compared

DSLR Camera Remote is available in two versions, Professional Edition and Lite. The Professional edition gives you full control over most camera settings while the Lite version gives you basic control only.

System Requirements

Mac OS X Current Version: 1.0

  • Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or higher
  • Processor: G4, G5, or Intel Core 1 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
  • Hard Drive space: 10 MB

Windows Current Version: 1.0

  • Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
  • 9 Hard Drive space: 10 MB

Other Requirements

  • Compatible Canon EOS digital camera (see list above), camera interface cable (USB or FireWire), WiFi network,
  • Apple iPhone or iPod touch, Apple iTunes 8.l, Internet connection to download application and view video tutorials.

Here's what you need:

  • Your Canon EOS DSLR camera
  • Your Apple iPhone or iPod touch
  • A WiFi enabled computer (no active internet connection required)
  • DSLR Camera Remote Server software (free download)

DSLR Camera Remote Professional OR DSLR Camera Remote Lite software for iPhone/iPod touch, available from the Apple iTunes Store.

  • DSLR Camera Remote Professional ($9.99 intro price)
  • DSLR Camera Remote Lite ($1.99)

iPhone Software Suite from Xilisoft

PR: Xilisoft Corporation has launched iPhone Software Suite to the market specially for iPhone fans. This may be the first iPhone apps pack on the market including 4 iPhone apps: DVD to iPhone Converter, iPhone Video Converter, iPhone Ringtone Maker and iPhone Transfer, which could cater almost all needs of the users. What's worth mentioning is that it provides support to iPhone 3G, which is good news for iPhone 3G users.

I love to watch movies very much but I spend much time on my business or journey, how do I transfer my DVD movies to my iPhone? How to put their collected music videos to iPhone? How to make some featured ringtone for their iPhone so that they can specify different ringtones to different acquaintances? How to backup iPhone videos and music to their PC? Now, with this exciting iPhone software suite, all these problems can be readily solved.

This iPhone software suite provides a one-stop solution for iPhone users to make iPhone a real mobile multimedia center in your palm. The following is a brief introduction of the 4 iPhone apps in this pack.

DVD to iPhone Converter

This DVD to iPhone converter deals with how to rip any DVD movie (of any region codes) to iPhone MP4 video and MP3/M4A/WAV music, and also provides lots of practical features: retrieve DVD information like cover, director, actors/actresses, studio and so on, trim/split video, customize output file size freely, set many parameters to individualize the output videos, convert many files in batches with multicore CPU, etc. With this DVD ripper for iPhone, you could totally enjoy DVD movies on the go, at anywhere, any time.

iPhone Video Converter

Xilisoft iPhone video converter supports decoding nearly all popular video/audio formats including AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV, H.264/MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, MOV, M4V, VOB, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, H.261, H.264, DV, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, CDA, OGG, FLAC, APE, AC3, etc. For iPhone owners who love music and movies, this app is a must-have tool. It supports multicore CPU processing, multithreaded and batch conversion, and allows you to make a video from photos and trim/split/compress video freely.

iPhone Ringtone Maker

Comparing with iTunes, this iPhone ringtone maker can make M4R ringtones from AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, MP3 and such media files, and then export the output ringtone to your iPhone directly. Additionally, you could delete the iPhone ringtones that has been transferred to iPhone directly in the program. You may also add fade-in effect and extract certain clip to make featured ringtone in your way. With different ringtones designated to different contacts, you'll know who's calling the second you hear the ringtone music!

iPhone Transfer

The most attractive function of this program is that it can backup iPhone files to PC and iTunes directly. Now iPhone users don't have to worry about losing iPhone files accidentally. As we all know, iPhone cannot be opened in Explore like iPod. This program turns it into reality thus you can manage your iPhone like a portable hard disk. And it also have the common function as iTunes but more user-friendly than iTunes, that is, copy files from PC to iPhone. Some common iPhone management functions are also provided, e.g. manage playlists, search for iPhone files, automatically recognize your iPhone and add thumbnails to iPhone videos/music, etc.

Postino iPhone Postcard App

PR: Okay, so this is the situation: you're on holiday, right in the middle of a beautiful landscape. You'd really love to share the great place you're enjoying with your friends and family (good guy). What? You might just buy one of those pre-made, already-seen, boring postcards? Please don't....

Take out your iPhone, launch Postino, create a postcard (maybe include yourself in the picture, so that your friends won't say you weren't really there) and send it!

We don't just mean "send an e-card" (although Posting can do that too). We mean "send a real, physical postcard". That's right, we print your cards on super high-quality paper, and send them worldwide. How cool is that?

Can you imagine the surprise of your friends and family when they receive your postcard in the mailbox, with yourself in the photo? Don't imagine, do it! It's even cheaper than most normal cards+stamps you buy in the local stores, without the hassle!

Postino's features:

  • Physical postcards are printed on super high-quality paper and delivered worldwide.
  • You can snap a new photo, or pick one from the library.
  • Photo can be zoomed and positioned accurately.
  • Optionally add one of the many built-in beautiful frames.
  • Optionally draw a signature, message or picture with your finger.
  • E-mail and physical addresses can be manually typed in or picked from the Contacts app.
  • Optionally include your GPS location in the postcard.
  • Optionally reuse the existing photo, message and hand-drawn signature for multiple postcards.
  • Easily check the delivery status of your postcards.
  • Purchase virtual stamps with PayPal, directly from the iPhone.

Why use Postino:

  • Send original, never-seen postcards with yourself in the photo.
  • Don't waste time looking for nice postcards in the shops, create your own.
  • Spend less than a traditional postcard+stamp, especially if you send the card abroad.
  • No need to find a post office, learn the local language to ask for stamps, how to send abroad etc.
  • Actually much more fun to use than sending and writing traditional cards.
  • We won't lie to you. We have competitors that do something similar to Postino. They send physical postcards. However, this is why you should definitely choose Postino:
  • Super high-quality paper and print quality. No one matches us on this.
  • No account/registration is required. You start immediately.
  • Send physical and electronic postcards from a single application.
  • Unique features such as hand-drawn signature, GPS data, frames and more
  • Not to reiterate, know...paper and print quality is pretty important for a postcard!

Apple approved Postino (of course) and it's now available on the App Store. Get a copy while it's free.

Archie Comics Available on iPhone and iPod touch

PR: For the past 65 years, you've only been able to read Archie Comics one way - on paper. Today that all changes. Archie Comics and iVerse Media announce that Archie has gone digital, and the first Archie Comics iPhone Apps are available for download now! Experience Archie Andrews' very first day of school at Riverdale High as he deals with bullies, best friends, and a love triangle that even tenth-grade geometry can't solve! Now you can download the first issue of Archie Freshman Year through the iTunes App Store - for free!

Archie comics on iPhone"Archie is one of the characters that define comics. When people think of comic books they typically think of superheroes and Archie. We're very excited to bring such a great, family friendly, line of comics to the iPhone." said iVerse Media CEO, Michael Murphey. "What has impressed us the most is how forward thinking the team at Archie Comics have been. The Digital Age of Comics is here, and Archie is leading the way."

Originally published in Archie #587, FRESHMAN YEAR #1 is just the first in a 5-issue story arc, and is a perfect starting point for new Archie fans, and existing readers. Also available is ARCHIE FRESHMAN YEAR #2 (Archie #588) for just 99-cents to download straight to your iPhone or iPod touch! And keep your eyes peeled for the next three issues of ARCHIE FRESHMAN YEAR coming soon!

With art by Bill Galvan and a dramatic storyline from writer Batton Lash, you've just got to see what their first days of high school were really like!

"This is a great opportunity for getting our comics out to the millions of Archie fans worldwide. Michael Murphey and his team at iVerse are doing a tremendous job. iVerse is the perfect partner to bring Archie into the digital age." Jon Goldwater, CEO of Archie Comics, went on to say, "We feel that with iVerse, Archie will attract new readers like never before, while offering a new and exciting way for our longtime fans to enjoy our comics. So whether you roll up your Archie comic in your back pocket or take it with you on your iPod, everything's Archie!"

System Requirements: iPhone and iPod touch 2.0 or later

Look for even more great downloads of your favorite Archie books like Little Archie, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Young Salem, and, Katy Keene along with some new surprises coming soon and only available from Archie Comics and iVerse Media!

Apps & Services

iPhone Repair Service from MyService

PR: MyService has announced 24 hour iPhone repairs. Drop your iPhone in the pool on Monday, and text about it on Wednesday. You can now get the same great customer service, quality repairs and superfast turnaround from MyService, for your iPhone. New overnight express shipping options make it fast and affordable to get your iPhone repaired and back in your hands. A free diagnostic, free roundtrip shipping, professional installation of any new parts, and a shipping container.

MyService has announced overnight iPhone repairs. Cracked screen? Liquid spill? No power? Bring your iPhone to life for the fraction of the cost of a new one. With an average 24 hour turnaround you'll be back on your phone in no time. All parts are brand new and services are performed by Apple certified technicians.

According to MyService president Justin Sanderson, "Ever since the original iPhone came out, our customers have been asking about where to go to get their iPhones repaired. We've received tons of quote requests and phone calls describing all manner of accidents (cracked screens, liquid spills, angry pets, etc.) We're excited to be offering our customers this new service."

What the service includes: A free diagnostic, free roundtrip shipping, professional installation of any new parts, and a shipping container.

How the service works: MyService instantly emails you an overnight UPS return label. Pack your iPhone in it's original (or similar) box and send it in to MyService. Once your iPhone arrives at MyService, an Apple certified technician performs a complete diagnostic on your iPhone. Your service advisor will keep you informed every step of the way. After the service is complete, your iPhone is cleaned, tested and sent back to you. All services are completed within 24 hours of arrival.

iPod touch Repairs from MyService

PR: MyService has announced 24 hour iPod touch repairs. Wash your iPod touch with the laundry on Monday, and sing along about it on Wednesday. You can now get the same great customer service, quality repairs and superfast turnaround from MyService, for your iPod touch. New overnight express shipping options make it fast and affordable to get your Touch repaired and back in your hands. A free diagnostic, free roundtrip shipping, professional installation of any new parts, and a shipping container.

MyService has announced overnight iPod touch repairs. Cracked screen? Liquid spill? No power? Bring your iPod touch back to life for the fraction of the cost of a new one. With an average 24 hour turnaround you'll be listening to your iPod in no time. All parts are brand new and services are performed by Apple certified technicians.

According to MyService president Justin Sanderson, "Since we started performing iPhone repairs, the number one request from our customers has been, "When will you be offering iPod touch repairs?" The iPod touch is an employee favorite so we're real excited to be offering our customers this new service."

The service includes: A free diagnostic, free roundtrip shipping, professional installation of any new parts, and a shipping container.

How the service works: MyService instantly emails you an overnight UPS return label. Pack your iPod touch in it's original (or similar) box and send it in to MyService. Once your iPod arrives at MyService, an Apple certified technician performs a complete diagnostic on your iPod. Your service advisor will keep you informed every step of the way. After the service is complete, your iPod is cleaned, tested and sent back to you. All services are completed within 24 hours of arrival.


Belkin TuneBase Lets You Answer Calls Handsfree on Your iPhone and Play Music in the Car

Belkin TuneBasePR: Belkin's new TuneBase FM and TuneBase Direct allow you to pick up a call on your iPhone while in the car, handsfree. The thoughtful design of these two products lets you use them without removing your iPhone or iPod from its case. The TuneBase cradle easily repositions your iPhone horizontally to view turn-by-turn directions and videos.

TuneBase in useNewer cars include an auxiliary input jack to connect different audio sources to the car's stereo. Using a 3.5mm cable, TuneBase Direct connects to your car stereo through the auxiliary input, so you can play the music from your iPhone or iPod while in the car. TuneBase Direct also charges your iPod so the battery doesn't run out while you're on the road.

TuneBase FM lets you listen to music from your iPhone or iPod in your car while simultaneously charging it. Its ClearScan feature automatically searches for the clearest FM frequency.

How to Answer Calls in the Car

  • Listen to music from iPhone in the car
  • When call comes in, TuneBase FM and TuneBase Direct fade out music
  • Answer the call by simply pressing a button on the TuneBase
  • The call's audio will come through the car stereo
  • Safely talk using speakerphone feature

TuneBase FM - Available in mid-July 2009 in the US

TuneBase Direct - Available in early June 2009 in the US

Both available in mid-May in the EU

TuneBase FM with Hands-Free - $89.99

  • Features push-button call pickup and speakerphone
  • Features ClearScan technology
  • Transmits audio wirelessly on multiple FM channels from 88.1 MHz - 107.9 MHz

TuneBase Direct with Hands-Free - $69.99

  • Features push-button call pickup and speakerphone
  • 3.5mm cable included
Link: TuneBase FM
Link: TuneBase Direct

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live, First GPS-Assisted FM Transmitter with iPhone App

Belkin TuneCast Auto LivePR: Belkin has introduced its new TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter and ClearScan Live software application, which lets iPhone and iPod touch owners easily operate their FM transmitter and locate the best radio frequency to play music in the car. ClearScan Live allows the iPhone to display the FM frequency and the controls on its screen. This hardware-software combination is the first to utilize an iPhone application to control FM transmission and utilize GPS coordinates to determine the clearest FM frequency at the user's location.

TuneCast Auto Live capitalizes on the ability of iPhone OS 3.0 to enable application control of hardware accessories, with ClearScan Live as the first application to interact with an iPhone FM transmitter accessory. Together, the Belkin hardware and software provide a powerful tool for people to easily control and listen to their music in their cars.

Belkin TuneCast Auto LiveWith the ClearScan Live application, you can control your TuneCast Auto Live from your iPhone or iPod touch to:

  • Activate ClearScan and utilize the GPS capabilities of the iPhone to identify the clearest FM frequencies, based on geographical data as well as results from other TuneCast Auto users in the same geographical area.
  • Contribute to the quality of ClearScan's recommendations by rating how well specific stations work at your current location
  • Manually change frequencies and set favorite channels as presets.
  • Minimize the number of devices you interact with in your car. Control FM transmission and music seamlessly all from the iPhone user interface.


Early fall in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia

  • TuneCast Auto Live (F8Z498) - $79.99
  • Specifically compatible with iPhone OS 3.0
  • Also compatible with the iPod classic and nano
  • ClearScan one-push station locator
  • PRO setting optimizes audio and boosts volume
  • Two programmable preset buttons
  • High-contrast backlit display
  • In-car charging
  • ClearScan Live application for iPhone and iPod touch
  • Available for free download via the iTunes store

USB Extension Cable for iPhone/iPod

PR: Want your USB Port at your fingertip?

Want to use a USB port with full functions (because a USB Port from a Hub may not perform full function)?

Want a USB cable to match with your iPhone/iPod?

Here this cable is a solution as it is a USB male to USB Female cable with 100cm (1meter or 39 inches) which allows you to bring your USB port to your fingertip especially if you are still having your USB Ports at the end of your desktop.

USB Extension Cable for iPhone/iPodFeatures:

  • Optimum length: 1meter (or 3 feet 3 inches)
  • USB 2.0, downward compatible with USB 1.1, USB 1.0
  • Capable of charging your iPhone/iPod and data HotSync
  • Sleek Surface
  • Good hand feel
  • You can still use it as any other USB Cables (e.g. for PDA, other USB Gadgets)

This accessory is compatible with:

  • iPhone 3G (or iPhone 2.0) (up to to firmware 2.2)
  • iPhone 2G (or iPhone 1.0) (up to to firmware 2.2)
  • iPod classic (6G)
  • iPod touch 2G
  • iPod touch 1G
  • iPod nano 3G
  • iPod nano 4G

Color: White


USB Fever Data Hotsync & Charging Adaptor for iPod shuffle 3G

PR: Functions: Sync and Charge your iPod shuffle 3rd

Option: Color

  • Black (Default color to be shipped)
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • White


Online Apple Store Offers Tekkeon iPhone Battery

PR: Tekkeon today announces that Apple has selected the company's new version of myPower! for iPhone, MP1250, to be sold in the Apple Online Store. myPower for iPhone is a sleek sleeve case with a built-in battery that doubles the iPhone battery life and protects the iPhone from everyday wear and tear.

Keenly hidden within myPower for iPhone, this reliable and safe lithium polymer iPhone battery bypasses iPhone's own battery to power the popular mobile phone. As the case battery is depleted first, this feature preserves the iPhone battery. In addition to powering and protecting iPhone, this innovative iPhone battery acts as a dock when connected to a computer, enabling users to automatically sync and charge iPhone.

To ensure iPhone users will never be without power, myPower for iPhone includes an easy-to-read capacity indicator that provides the power level in the battery. The battery can be charged via a computer or USB power adapter, and iPhone and myPower for iPhone can be charged simultaneously.

myPower for iPhone, which is a Works with iPhone certified product, includes a USB cable for connection to a computer or USB power adapter, and myGuard screen protector for iPhone 3G.

Tekkeon's new model, MP1250, is a premium leather sleeve while the original myPower for iPhone, MP1200, is a snappy two-tone synthetic leather sleeve. myPower for iPhone MP1250 will be offered exclusively at the Apple on-line store and MP1200 is available through the Tekkeon store at, and through retail and major on-line stores including Amazon, B&H Photo Video,, DataVision,, Newegg, and TigerDirect. The MSRP for each model, which comes with a one-year limited warranty, is $79.95.


Speck CandyShell Case for 2G iPod touch

Speck CandyShell CasePR: Speck's popular and award-winning case, the CandyShell, made its way to the 2nd generation iPod touch today. Available in two colors, Lemon Drop Liquorice (high-gloss black shell with bright yellow interior) and Cranberry White Truffle (high-gloss white shell with cranberry red interior), the case can be purchased at Apple stores, and .

"We introduced CandyShell for the iPhone 3G earlier this year and it quickly became one of our top selling cases," said Irene Baran, CEO of Speck. "We're proud to say Apple enthusiasts are loving the case's great looks, vivid colors and the seamless combination of a sleek outer hard shell with a shock-absorbing rubberized interior."

Never before has the flexibility and shock-absorption of a soft rubberized case been combined with the durability and scratch protection of a sleek outer hard shell in a seamless single-piece, easy-to-use design. CandyShell's soft, colorful rubberized interior helps keep the iPod touch (2nd Gen) insulated from life's bumps and drops, while the shiny and sleek outer hard shell protects it from scratches and lets you slip it in and out of pockets easily. CandyShell has generous openings and access to all ports, controls and sensors, including soft-touch rubberized touch-thru power and volume control covers. The CandyShell can be docked through the bottom opening. The case also includes a cleaning cloth and removable screen protector film for extra scratch protection.

Speck CandyShell CaseCandyShell is available now at Apple Stores and online at and for $34.95. For additional information about Speck's entire line of cases for iPod touch, please visit

Palo Alto-based Speck is a leading designer and maker of original, high quality cases, bags and packs for the latest popular portable electronic devices. The company is best-known for its focus on creating refreshing designs that offer quality, thoughtful features, and distinctive style.

Speck Out Your 3G Gen iPod shuffle with the TechStyle Protective Case

PR: It's small. Tiny. Easy to lose. And fragile. Without proper protection, it could easily be thrown in the washing machine or dropped on the train without notice, or lost in a purse, tangled and knotted. So what's a new iPod shuffle lover to do? Speck has the solution with the announcement today of the new durable and lightweight TechStyle Case built exclusively for the iPod shuffle (2nd and 3rd generation.)

TechStyle Protective CaseWith the hectic schedule of everyday life, it's easy to understand why people can feel extra frustrated when they reach for their iPod shuffle only to find their music player scratched up and their earbuds tangled up in a giant knot, said Bryan Hynecek, Lead Designer at Speck. That's where TechStyle comes to the rescue. Our compact and protective cases keep the iPod shuffle bruise and scratch-free and your earbud cords organized and ready for hassle-free listening.

TechStyle Protective CaseThe TechStyle case provides ultimate protection and organization for the everyday iPod shuffle user looking for a smart solution. When done listening to your tunes, simply place your iPod shuffle into the cradle, wind your earbud cords around the organizer, zip up the case and you re ready to go or attach it to a purse, briefcase or travel bag with the included metal carabineer clip. The TechStyle also allows you to enjoy your iPod shuffle while stored inside the case simply route the earbud cord outside and zip back up.

The TechStyle case includes a removable adapter that allows latest third-generation iPod shuffle owners to use the TechStyle with both 2nd and 3rd generation iPod shuffle models . The oversized zipper pull allows the case to be quickly and easily opened and closed for those frantic commuters, students, and travelers. The case also features a removable metal carabineer clip for extra flexibility to attach the case to a purse, backpack or other travel bag.

TechStyle cases for the 2nd and 3rd gen iPod shuffle is available in the vibrant colors of purple, pink and blue along with classic black, at an MSRP of $19.95.

Swarovski Decor Frames for iPhone 3G, 2G iPod touch, and 4G iPod nano from Audrey Charm

Audrey Charm Swarovski Decor FramesPR: Audrey Charm has introduced Swarovski decor frames for the iPhone 3G, iPod touch (2nd Generation), and iPod nano (4th Generation). All Swarovski is handmade with 100% genuine Swarovski crystals. Made from silver, gold, or chromium plated metal, each frame features protective neoprene inner lining, cutouts for access to all ports and controls, as well as holes for attaching a lanyard or decorative charm, and either pink, clear, or black Swarovski crystals on the front.

Audrey Charm Swarovski Decor FramesAudrey Charm's Swarovski decorative frames for the iPhone 3G, iPod touch (2nd Generation), and iPod nano (4th Generation) are available now and are priced at $66, $56, and $46, respectively.

Audrey Charm is named to remember Audrey Hephurn, a very beautiful women and one of Hollywood's greatest style icons of the late 20th Century. She was a talented performer who was known for her beauty, elegance and grace. Not only this, in her later years, she worked as an ambassador for UNICEF to raise awareness about children in need - not only beautiful in her face but also in her heart.

For every product sold, Audrey Charm will donate 10% of the income to the organization selected for children as respect and support to Audrey Hepburn's spirit.

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