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iPhone Can't Win Smartphone War, Apple to Dump ATT for Verizon?, VW Launches Car with App, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2009.10.30

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iPhone Can't Win the Smartphone Wars

BetaNews' Joe Wilcox says:

"I'm going to make a bold prediction: Apple's iPhone will lose the mobile device wars. Such statement will send some iPhone fans howling - perhaps appropriately so with the full moon days passed and Halloween days away. :)

"Put another way: iPhone is to Android - and somewhat Symbian OS - handsets as Macintosh was to the DOS/Windows PC in the 1980s and 1990s...."

Apple to Sacrifice 'Sweetheart' AT&T Deal for Verizon?

AppleInsider's Sam Oliver reports:

"If Apple ends its exclusive carrier agreement with AT&T next year, it will likely mark the end of its estimated $450 carrier subsidy for the iPhone, a new analysis has forecast.

"In a new note to investors, analyst Brian Marshall with Broadpoint.AmTech said that the 'sweetheart' carrier subsidy provided by AT&T for the iPhone would not be attainable with Verizon. He believes that the iPhone will be added to the Verizon network in the second half of 2010, but not without consequences."

Editor's note: For a different opinion on Verizon and the iPhone, see No Verizon iPhone Any Time Soon, but Verizon May Have Another Apple Opportunity. dk

Apps & Services

VW Launches Car with iPhone App

ABC News' Ki Mae Heussner, Ned Potter and Liam Berkowitz report that as a publicity device to help launch its new 2010 GTI hatchback, Volkswagen is offering on a free iPhone game, Real Racing GTI, which if you play you could win one of six limited-edition GTI models.

Volkswagen Picks iPhone over TV

Bnet's Michael Hickins reports:

"In a banner moment for mobile application vendors, Volkswagen has decided to pitch its new GTI is through an iPhone app rather than TV. Why? Are German car makers gaga for the iPhone? Not really. Tim Ellis, Volkswagen's vice president of marketing, explained....

"Volkswagen's decision reflects not only the emergence of mobility as the world's most ubiquitous computing platform (not news in the developing world but hot news in North America), but the huge advantage that Apple enjoys thanks to its iTunes-based app store. Google's Android currently boasts of all the things it does that iPhone doesn't, but that doesn't matter to mainstream users who are already comfortable with iTunes - nor to the advertisers who want to market to those consumers."

Swine Flu? There's An App for That!

The Register's Rik Myslewski reports:

"The medical heavyweights at the Harvard Medical Center have jumped on the swine flu-info bandwagon with the release of an iPhone app to educate individuals and businesses about the ongoing pig plague pandemic.

"The new $1.99 app, HMSMobile Swine Flu Center (all App Store links), includes instructional videos, animations, and text info about the H1N1 virus and interfaces with Health Map's Swine Flu + Outbreaks Near Me to show where cases of the bug have cropped up worldwide."

Gmail for iPhone Gets 'Never-ending' Compose Box

Cnet's Jessica Dolcourt reports:

"Even with the most practiced digits, composing long e-mail on the iPhone's virtual keyboard is the slow, awkward pits compared with typing on a desktop keyboard. However, Google released a small new feature on Monday just for long-winded iPhone e-mail authors that makes typing lengthy Gmail messages easier on the iPhone and iPod touch."

The Wolfram|Alpha App Is 'What's Hot' on the App Store

PR: The Wolfram|Alpha App for the iPhone and iPod touch popped up on the App Store's "What's Hot" list today, and appeared on the store's "Top Grossing" list on the second day it was available and remain there through the week.

Wolfram|Alpha App for iPhoneDrawing on 20+ years of development, 50,000+ built-in algorithms, and 10+ trillion pieces of continually updated and curated data, the Wolfram|Alpha app is the ultimate replacement for almost any kind of calculator or reference book - and much more.

The breakthrough technology of Wolfram|Alpha for the first time lets you get expert-level answers to your specific freeform questions - complete with stunning, dynamically generated visualizations and tables, and richer and deeper information than you imagined possible.

Your palm-sized supercomputer

The Wolfram|Alpha app plugs directly into Wolfram|Alpha's supercomputing cloud to deliver the unrivaled power of the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine to the mobile environment.

A tool for everyone

The Wolfram|Alpha app is an indispensable tool for almost any iPhone user, including: financial analysts physicians scientists engineers students teachers journalists parents economists nutritionists systems analysts marketing managers pilots sportsmen and many, many more...

Optimized for iPhone

The Wolfram|Alpha app brings Wolfram|Alpha power to the iPhone, with an elegant native iPhone interface that includes a special notation keyboard, customized iPhone output, editable history, and integration with maps and other iPhone services.

One-stop knowledge

With its simple interface the Wolfram|Alpha app lets you instantly compute answers to questions across thousands of domains - from finance and food, to math and medicine, to stocks and spacecraft, to wordplay and weather.

My Christmas Gift List for iPhone and iPod touch

PR: PRG Consulting announces the first version of My Christmas Gift List, the latest ultimate application specially designed to help you organize your Christmas shopping for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices. This shopping list manager is the perfect tool to take care of all your shopping for the Holiday season: starting from contacts, budget to ideas and gifts, organize your Christmas shopping in the most efficient and enjoyable way.

Christmas is coming and the gifts too. You want to make sure everyone will have a present under the Christmas tree? Just get yourself My Christmas Gift List, get all your gifts on time with no stress and enjoy the Holiday season! Black Friday is coming, so get all your Christmas gifts on time!

The application features:

  • Create a fully editable list of contacts with an efficient management thanks to several categories: family, friends, colleagues, other/none.
  • Import contacts from your Apple AddressBook or add a person from an empty contact. Modify all your contacts and change their characteristics as often as necessary (name, category, allocated budget). Use of the Photo Library for each contact.
  • Change and reorganize the the order of each contact in your list. For each contact, reminder of the status of the gifts, total budget set and a check mark to notify when all gifts are bought.
  • Christmas countdown and a general reminder of shopping information: number of contacts in the list, budget spent, gift already bought.
  • Instant Shopping List: accessible shopping list always updated will your latest changes. Check mark in front of each item of the list, synchronization with the budget and the countdown of gifts already bought.
  • Fully editable list of gifts: status, budget. Synchronization with the shopping list and the general reminder of the shopping information. Use of the Photo Library for each gift's description.

Supported Languages: U.S. English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Czech, and Polish

Device Requirements: Runs on all Apple iPhone, 3G, 3GS and all Apple iPod touch devices running iPhone OS 3.0 or newer

My Christmas Gift List 1.0 is only $0.99 (or the equivalent in local price) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. For additional information on My Christmas Gift List application, please contact PRG Consulting.

BreakThru Radio Introduces Fashion to iPhone and iTouch

PR: BreakThru Radio has announced the premier episode of Sew and Tell. DJ Audrey II up-and-coming fashion designers share their backgrounds, inspirations, struggles, and future plans. Sew and Tell is Breakthru Radio's first fashion focused show. Listeners get a look at the fashion industry from the inside out, and are the first to hear about new trends, collections, and looks from the people who know.

The first episode of Sew and Tell interviews one of the most innovative designers in the industry today, John Patrick, owner of Organic by John Patrick. Radio has never looked better. BreakThru Radio brings this new show to the iPhone and iTouch on-demand. Join DJ Audrey II every Friday for a new edition of Sew and Tell.

BreakThru Radio is "Radio Rediscovered" in a world where FM is out of frequency. In today's overly saturated music market, it is often difficult for listeners to find what they are looking for. BreakThru Radio has the solution. Listeners are given access to independent music from an expansive and diverse pool of genres, in addition to an innovative comedy platform. Offering the best in music from around the world, BreakThru Radio brings its listeners tracks recorded exclusively for the BTR audience from our live studio. BTR offers on-demand access to its shows and on-the-go iPod capability.

BreakThru Radio is "Radio Rediscovered" in a world where FM is out of frequency. In today's overly saturated music market, it is often difficult for listeners to find what they are looking for. BreakThru Radio has the solution. Listeners are given access to independent music from an expansive and diverse pool of genres, in addition to an innovative comedy platform. Offering the best in music from around the world, BreakThru Radio brings its listeners tracks recorded exclusively for the BTR audience from our live studio. BTR offers on-demand access to its shows and on-the-go iPod capability. 954 Lexington Ave., Suite 199, New York, NY 10021 Copyright 2008 BreakThru Radio. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

iPhone App Allows Expecting Parents to Keep track of Their Babies' Development

PR:, the exclusive home of Heidi Murkoff's What To Expect When You're Expecting, has announced the official launch of the What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker mobile app for the iPhone. The free app gives expectant moms (and dads) round-the-clock, at-their-fingertips access to America's best-loved and best-selling pregnancy brand, What to Expect, so that they can track their baby's amazing development - and their own fast changing and growing bodies - every day, no matter where they are.

In its beta release, the Pregnancy Tracker became an instant hit and is already the most popular pregnancy app available for the iPhone. The app has also become an attractive new marketing channel to reach prospective new parents.

What to Expect's Pregnancy Tracker iPhone app is loaded with invaluable (and fun) interactive features that let parents-to-be follow their pregnancies week by incredible week. Moms (and dads) can calculate and count down to that momentous due date, and keep up with their baby's astonishing rate of growth (as it works its way through the produce aisle - from raspberry-size at week eight, to plum-size at week 12, to watermelon at term). They also get Heidi's weekly updates on what baby's up to development wise (week 18, twisting and rolling, week 26, opening his eyes), weekly illustrations of their growing fetus, and the opportunity to upload photos of their burgeoning bellies and turn the photos into slide shows to share with their families and friends. For additional information visit

"If you're expecting these days, you're probably busier than ever - between work, those doctor's appointments, that layette shopping, and more. Yet you still want to keep every possible pregnancy resource at your fingertips - and keep track of and share every moment of life's most incredible experience. Now you can!" explains Heidi Murkoff.

"Heidi's What to Expect brand, which includes the best-selling series of pregnancy and parenting books and a phenomenally successful Web site, is the best-loved and most trusted resource for parents-to-be worldwide - providing the reassuring, empathetic, and accurate information that they crave," says Ben Wolin, CEO, cofounder of Waterfront Media, and new dad. "The What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker iPhone app gives expecting moms and dads the ability to access that invaluable information - along with a variety of innovative, interactive, and personalized tools - wherever they are. has also launched the Baby Name Finder app for the iPhone. The application includes over 15,000 baby names which can be searched by gender, alphabetically and by origin. It also contains the top baby names for each year from 1950 - 2008 and the origin and meaning of the names included. What to Expect's Baby Name Finder application can be found along with the Pregnancy Tracker application at

Graphiclife Releases Tweetspotting - Spot Tweets, News, and People

PR: Swedish software company Graphiclife today announces Tweetspotting 1.0.1, a powerful Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod touch. Tweetspotting allows you to browse tweets from all over the globe. Explore any location and find out what people are thinking, doing and saying. Tweetspotting also includes a real-time friend tracker that will help you find and follow your friends. Tweetspotting will automatically post your current location to the Twitter servers while you're on the move.

Combining Twitter and Google Maps, Tweetspotting is a powerful Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to browse tweets from all over the globe. Explore any location and find out what people are thinking, doing and saying (i.e. tweeting). Tweetspotting also includes a real-time friend tracker that will help you find and follow your friends.

Tweetspotting displays Twitter activity in four different modes: World, Timeline, Mentions and Track. Each mode sports a map-view and a list-view for convenient browsing.

The World mode is useful for watching news and events happening nearby or in a city far, far away. It is possible to filter tweets by specific content, such as keywords, hashtags (a method for linking tweets to a specific topic) and user mentions.

The Timeline mode is for displaying your home timeline, which contains tweets from the people you are following. Find out where your friends are and what they are doing.

The Mentions mode allows you to see what people all over the world are saying about you.

Tweetspotting will, if granted access, automatically post your current location to the Twitter servers while you're on the move. In Track mode, Tweetspotting will download this information from the your friends and plot their movement on the map. Following friends has never been easier. Naturally, Tweetspotting contains standard Twitter features such as posting tweets, geocoding them accordingly, replying and retweeting, image uploading through yFrog and url shortening through

The application is prepared with the draft specification of Twitter's geocoding API which, according to Twitter, will be available in the near future. When released, the geocoding API will provide Tweetspotting with additional geographical data making it even more powerful and exciting.

Device Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later

Tweetspotting 1.0.1 is $1.99 and available exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

Connect with Malibu Boats on Your iPhone

Malibu Boats appPR: Malibu Boats is providing up-to-the-minute water sports boating videos, photos, and news on the water or off with the new Malibu iPhone app. This free mobile application gives users direct access to the Malibu Boats factories as well as the nearest Malibu dealer with one-click contact links and Google maps. Users can also learn about local water sports boating news and events and share photos that could be featured on Malibu's family of web sites. You can even connect an iPhone or iPod touch to the MaliView 6.5'' color LCD Dash System and watch Malibu Boats videos on the boat with a bigger screen view.

The Malibu Boats iPhone app "Home" screen is automatically populated with up-to-the-minute Malibu Boats news so you can stay in the know even when you're on the go. The "Home" screen displays a list of Malibu Boats' latest micro-news updates with links to additional information like images, videos and web sites. Links to the Malibu Boats Twitter feed can also be found on this screen. Scroll through updates on Team Malibu athletes, Malibu Boats events, blog post alerts, new video alerts and links to new photos uploaded to the Malibu Boats Flickr channel.

Malibu Boats appSend Malibu Boats your photos from any screen in this iPhone app. Touch the camera icon on the top right corner of any screen and share your boating photos with Malibu Boats. These submission may find their way on the Malibu Boats Blog, into a Malibu gallery, on the Malibu Boats Web Site or maybe even into the monthly Malibu Boats E-newsletter.

The "Media" screen offers searchable Malibu Boats multimedia content. Whether you're looking for a specific Malibu Boats video, a particular gallery image or a detailed blog post, you'll find it here. Let's say you're at the lake and need a quick refresher for loading your Malibu boat on the trailer. Que up the Malibu iPhone app, touch the "Media" button, choose the "tips" category, scroll to the Trailering video and bone-up on this skill. You'll look like a pro at the launch ramp even if you just learned trailering on your iPhone. You can even connect your iPhone or iPod touch to the MaliView 6.5" Color LCD Dash System in your Malibu boat and learn boat tips, a new wakeboard move or just watch for fun on a bigger screen with a sound system.

The "Dealer" screen gives you the unique ability to call, email, web surf or get GPS directions to your nearest Malibu Boats dealer in one touch. In addition to these quick options for contact, your local dealer's micro-news updates are available on this screen. Learn about dealership promotions, pro shop specials, local events, new digital content alerts and more. Touch the "Pricing" button in this section of the app and request a pricing quote on your Malibu boat of choice as well as request a value on your trade-in. The Malibu Boats iPhone puts your nearest dealership even when you can't be there.

Do you want this same kind of unprecedented access to the Malibu Boats factory? Here you go. The " ContactUs" screen gives you the ability to call or email the factory with one touch. Choose to visit or plan a trip to one of Malibu's two manufacturing plants for a VIP tour. Touch the address for the Malibu Boats Tennessee or California factory and get instant Google directions to either destination. Touch the "Tour Request" button and do just that, make an appointment to take a tour at Malibu Boats. You can also request an e-brochure and sign-up for the Malibu Boats E-news form this screen.

Whether you're looking to keep tabs on your favorite Team Malibu Pro Rider, plan for the next Malibu Boats event, visit your local dealer, experience the 2010 boat models or learn to use the latest Malibu innovation, this app is worth the install.

About Malibu Boats: Build the best boat possible, give boat owners the best value and enjoy the workplace. Since Malibu Boats' inception in 1982 the mission has been this simple. On the journey from building 100 custom ski boats a year in a small shop, to their standing as the world's number one selling wakeboard and water ski boats, Malibu has become an exemplary American boat company.

You can visit the Malibu Boats blog and can keep in touch with Malibu Boats on Twitter.


New Solar-Powered, Portable Charger from i.Tech Charges Most Mobile Devices, Day or Night

PR: i.Tech Dynamic has introduced SolarCharger 906, a portable unit that lets on-the-go consumers charge their cell phones, PDAs and other handheld mobile devices with solar energy wherever they are - day or night.

SolarCharger 906The company also introduced the SolarSet 905, which combines SolarCharger 906 and i.Tech's portable in-car speakerphone in one package. When used together, the products provide more than 30 hours of in-car talk time, longer than any other product currently on the market.

SolarCharger 906 Charges Most Mobile Devices Anywhere, Anytime

Roughly the size of a deck of cards, SolarCharger is small and light enough to fit comfortably in a purse, tote, briefcase or glove compartment, and it is compatible with most mobile devices.

"It happens to everyone: You need to use your cell phone, but it's out of power and there's nowhere to charge it. That's when SolarCharger can be a real lifesaver," said Christopher Parsons, vice president, sales and marketing for Sino Regent Services, i.Tech's exclusive distributor in the Americas. "SolarCharger is ideal for taking anywhere you go as a backup charger, and it's perfect for emergency use. When your iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry or other power-hungry portable device runs out of juice and you're away from an electrical outlet, SolarCharger can get it up and running again quickly."

Superb Performance

SolarCharger features highly efficient solar conversion due to a high-performance monocrystalline solar panel and special solar chipset. The panel-and-chipset combination enables the unit to quickly respond to solar energy and generate more power from the solar panel's surface area than other solar charging devices.

When fully charged, the eco-friendly unit will completely charge one or more USB devices, depending on the target device's charge capacity and current charge level, and it can store a charge for up to a year. What's more, SolarCharger only needs to be 40 percent charged to provide a cell phone with enough power for an emergency call.

In addition, unlike other mobile chargers, SolarCharger is designed to perform even in hot conditions: It charges at temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, and it charges mobile devices at temperatures up to 127 degrees Fahrenheit - higher than any other portable charger on the market today.

The elegantly designed unit also includes an internal, high-density lithium-ion battery, so it can be charged through a computer USB port (cable included). It fully charges within 22 hours in optimal sunlight and within three hours with USB connection. (USB connection should be used when SolarCharger is being charged for the first time, when the device is totally drained or when it has been idle for three months or more.)

Many User-Friendly Features

SolarCharger comes with 10 adapter tips for use with a variety of mobile phones and entertainment devices, including iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and other name-brand products.

"Other solar chargers only include a few adapter tips," Parsons said. "By including a large assortment of adapters standard, i.Tech minimizes the chance that customers will need to order additional ones for charging all of their portable devices."

Perfect for in-car use, SolarCharger comes with a cradle, suction cups and plastic tips for attaching to a windshield.

A red light indicates when the unit is charging: The light flashes when the unit is solar charging and is solid red when charging via USB. A separate row of four battery status indicator lights specifies the device's charge level.

Other specifications include:

  • Battery capacity: 1260 milliamp-hours
  • Dimensions: 4.13 (L) x 2.52 (W) x 0.59 (T) inches
  • Weight: 3.53 ounces

SolarSet 905 Provides the Longest In-Car Talk Time

SolarCharger is ideal for use with i.Tech's Bluetooth i.Carkit 305, a compact, in-car speakerphone. The two products are packaged together in i.Tech's SolarSet 905, the first solar charger and car speakerphone set.

Easy to use and easy to install, i.Carkit boasts features and controls perfect for use on the road. Digital signal processing, echo cancellation and a high-quality speaker provide clear phone calls, and Multipoint technology lets the speakerphone simultaneously connect to two cell phones.

The small, lightweight unit's talk time is eight hours when used on its own, but talk time increases to 32 hours with SolarCharger. Standby time is 800 hours, or 1,800 hours when connected to SolarCharger.

Other i.Carkit specifications include:

  • Bluetooth Version 2.0 + EDR Class 2
  • Headset and handsfree Bluetooth profiles
  • Dimensions: 4.33 (L) x 2.19 (W) x 0.64 (T) inches
  • Weight: 3.17 ounces

Pricing and Availability

SolarCharger 906 has a suggested retail price of $59.99. It is available now at, at, by calling SkyMall at 800-759-6255, and by calling Sino Regent Services at 877-274-9367.

SolarSet 905 has a suggested retail price of $99.99. It is available now at, by calling SkyMall at 800-759-6255, and by calling Sino Regent Services at 877-274-9367.

Both products will be shipping soon to retail stores and additional Internet retailers.

TuneWear Releases VisualDock AV Docking Station with Remote Control for iPhone and iPod

PR: TuneWear has announced that it is now shipping VisualDock, an AV docking station with remote control for iPhone and iPod. Complete with S-video and line outputs, easily set up and enjoy movies, photos and music stored in your iPhone or iPod by simply connecting VisualDock to a television or stereo.

TuneWear VisualDockEnjoy watching movies, listening to music or viewing photos from your iPhone or iPod by simply connecting VisualDock to your TV or stereo and then navigating with the VisualDock remote control. S-video and AV cables are included for easy setup.

The high quality S-video output gives you high-quality video images to enjoy on your TV. A special 3D like sound effect button adds a new dimension to the stereo sound.

The surfaces of both VisualDock and the remote control are rubber coated giving them a smooth and unique texture. The benefit of the remote control is that it allows navigation of the iPhone and iPod menu from a distance so you can sit back and enjoy video and music from anywhere in the room.

When VisualDock is connected to a computer via a dock cable, a simple switch on the back of VisualDock allows you to choose between sync and charge, or charge only modes so you can control when you want to sync your iPhone or iPod with iTunes.

Seven sizes of dock adapters ranging from old to new models of iPhone and iPod are included. A USB power adapter is also included which can be used not only to power VisualDock, but could also be used to charge USB devices.

VisualDock is an Apple approved accessory having both Works with iPhone and Made for iPod certification.

What's included

  • S-video Cable
  • AV Cable
  • Remote control
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Dock Adapters (7 sizes)


  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPod nano 5th generation
  • iPod nano 4th generation
  • iPod nano 3rd generation
  • iPod nano 2nd generation
  • iPod nano 1st generation
  • iPod touch 2nd generation
  • iPod touch 1st generation
  • iPod classic
  • iPod 5th generation


  • Size: 80(W) x 31(H) x 80(D)mm
  • Weight: approximately 90g (not including cables)

VisualDock ($79.95) is now shipping and is available for purchase at the TuneWear online store.


All-New iSkin nano Duo and iSkin Vibes Powerfully Protect and Fashionably Enhance 5G iPod nano

iSkin nano Duo for iPod nanoPR: iSkin Inc. has launched two new great ways to protect and compliment the recently released iPod nano 5G: the sleek and sophisticated iSkin Duo and the elegantly fashionable iSkin Vibes.

iSkin nano Duo for iPod nano (5G):

The iSkin nano Duo for iPod nano brings together the perfect combination of impressive protection, cool style and sophisticated good looks. Providing all-around coverage with a shock absorbing silicone body guard and an ultra-clear ViSOR face shield, the iSkin Duo also delivers an impressive list of functional features including: a removable rotary belt clip, and a compact charging port cover.

iSkin nano Duo for iPod nanoGet ready to experience awesome protection, cool style and sophisticated good looks with the all-new iSkin nano Duo for iPod nano 5G. The iSkin nano Duo delivers all-around protection thanks to its shock absorbing silicone BodyGuard and durable, ultra-clear face shield. It also comes with a removable rotary belt clip to keep you safely+stylishly connected.

The iSkin nano Duo includes the removable revoClip, which keeps you connected to your iPod nano whenever you desire. And for your optimal viewing pleasure, the compact revoClip!" rotates 90 degrees in either direction.

While virtually unnoticeable due to its ultra clear properties, the iSkin Duo nano's ViSOR is one tough customer! When installed on top of your screen, the ViSOR works nonstop to guard against impact, scratches, and other damaging hazards.

The iSkin nano Duo comes with a little port plug that's small on size but big on protection. It's designed to help protect your iPod nano's charging port from moisture, dust and other impurities.

Available in two color options: Frost (clear) and Ninja (black), each is designed to create a distinct look and enhance your personal style.

iSkin Vibes for iPod nano (5G):

iSkin Vibes for iPod nanoThe iSkin Vibes for iPod nano is a soft and flexible crystal-clear protector etched in one of four designer patterns. This allows for the iPod nano's natural color to shine through, while creating an elegant, chic and fashionable makeover. Lightweight and slim-fitting, the iSkin Vibes arrives with an array of rich features including: a safety wrist-strap that keeps owners and their beloved iPod nano stylishly connected, an integrated hard screen protector that helps shield the glass screen from cracks and scratches, and compatibility with the lightweight iSkin DuoBand for iPod nano (5G) armband accessory, which is also released today and sold separately.

The iSkin Vibes comes in four pattern options designed to give the iPod nano a noticeably elegant touch of class: Croc, Enchanted, Ivy and Orbitz. It is available at, Apple retail stores and other participating Authorized iSkin retailers worldwide for an MSRP of $24.99.

iSkin, Inc. designs and delivers an line of accessories, enhancements and solutions for the thriving Digital Lifestyle marketplace. Setting the standard for sexy, cool and sophisticated since 2002, iSkin gives its customers around the world an unmatched blend of design, technology, quality, fashion, selection and service.

nanoPocket Keychain Case for 4G and 5G iPod nano

PR: Extended Access, Inc. today introduced nanoPocket, a smartly designed keychain case for the 4th and 5th generation Apple iPod nano. nanoPocket provides maximum protection and portability for iPod nano music lovers worldwide, giving them the ability to take their music just about anywhere.

nanoPocket Keychain CaseConstructed from a durable neoprene material, nanoPocket features a heavy duty carabiner type key ring. The quick release key ring enables nanoPocket to be clipped on a keychain, belt loop, or purse. A Velcro fastener provides for quick access to the storage pocket. nanoPocket is available in four colors, orange, black, pink, and blue.

In an age of social media and ultra portable devices, protection and access are paramount to iPod nano owners.

nanoPocket's innovative design features solves both of these issues in an attractive and effective manner.

With the addition of a revolutionary video camera built into the 5th generation iPod nano, nanoPocket provides for quick access to a new range of capabilities. Owners simply slip their iPod nano inside a nanoPocket and clip on their keychain. Whether the need to shoot video, or listen to music, the convenience of a nanoPocket will be apparent.

"In an age of social media and ultra portable devices, protection and access are paramount to iPod nano owners," said Chris Dawson, CEO of Extended Access, Inc. "nanoPocket's innovative design features solves both of these issues in an attractive and effective manner."

nanoPocket is compatible with the 4th and 5th generation iPod nano, but can also house other MP3 players in the market. nanoPocket retails for $9.99 and is available for order now on the More details about nanoPocket can be found on the website.

All of the company's products can be purchased online.

iSkin DuoBand iPod nano Armband

PR: The iSkin DuoBand combines premium protection for iPod nano with a comfortable armband for the ultimate active lifestyle solution

iSkin DuoBand iPod nano ArmbandiSkin has released the iSkin DuoBand: the ideal solution for people with active lifestyles who want to protect and enjoy their iPod nano while on-the-go or during exercise. Unlike other armband solutions, the iSkin DuoBand allows users to conveniently slip their iSkin-protected iPod nano into the armband accessory - and back out again - without the hassle of having to remove its silicone protector.

The iSkin DuoBand features a premium silicone iPod nano protector that guards against scratches, moisture and bumps. Its adjustable armband strap sports a breathable soft-silicone ComfortZone!" inner layer that provides user comfort and anti-slip support for a snug and comfortable fit - regardless of how active things get. And to keep the iPod nano's vulnerable Click Wheel safe and dry, the iSkin DuoBand comes with an integrated Click Wheel protector.

Additionally, both the DuoBand's silicone protector for iPod nano and its inner silicone ComfortZone!" are made with Microban* antimicrobial product protection, which helps inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria on the product. This is the first product of its kind to feature this level of protection.

The iSkin DuoBand is compatible with the iSkin Vibes protector - owners simply slip it into the DuoBand's armband bracket, and they're ready for a day at the gym, on the trails, or wherever their active lifestyles take them. Designed for the iPod nano (3G/4G/5G), the iSkin DuoBand retails for $39.99 and is available at, Apple retail stores and other participating Authorized iSkin retailers worldwide.

For additional iSkin DuoBand information, contact Kristian Ward, Marketing Manager at, or visit

WaterWear Water Resistant Holder with Earphones for iPods

PR: WaterWear is a water resistant case that comes with specially made water resistant earphones. Enjoy using various gadgets near and around water.

Connect the earphone cable located inside the case to your audio device such as iPod and listen to music in a bath or by the poolside.

In order to prevent water and dust from entering the case, WaterWear has adopted a durable transparent material and has a double zipper design to lock your audio devices inside and keep away any water.


device through the case, such as the touch controls of your iPhone and iPod touch. Operate your audio devices without removing it from WaterWear.

  • The front face is outlined with a light reflective material which acts as a safety measure allowing others to see you in low light conditions.
  • A set of waterproof earphones is included along with a neck strap (with rotatable clip). Use the neck strap to carry WaterWear by hanging it from your neck.
  • Use the donut-shaped cable winder to manage your earphones in a pretty and convenient way.

This accessory is suitable for:

  • - iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS (see note below)
  • iPhone 2G (see note below)
  • iPod touch 1G / 2G / 3G (see note below)
  • iPod Classic 1G / iPod 2G
  • iPod nano 5th / 4th
  • iPod Video
  • Smartphone (e.g. HTC, Blackberry, Nokia phones)


  • Size Approximately 100(W) 175(H) 28(D) mm
  • WeightApproximately 30g
  • Earphone lengthApprox 105cm
  • Neck strap lengthApprox 48cm
  • Holds gadgets of approximate maximum size 70(W) x 120(H) x 12(D) mm


  • This product is NOT waterproof. NOT suitable for use immersed in water. Do not use while swimming or diving.
  • The included earphone is JUST an ordinary 3-ring phone, without a MICROPHONE and RECEIVE/REJECT button for Phones' function.


Marware Sport Grip for iPod nano 5G

PR: Marware Inc., designer and manufacturer of innovative products for the Apple market, today announces the Sport Grip for the iPod nano 5G. The Sport Grip is the ideal soft complement for the nano. Slip-free, high-grade silicone protects the sides, top, back and bottom while providing access to the ports.

The docking port is safely covered by an easy access silicone slot. The subtle curvature allows for a secure grip, and the result is an ergonomic, comfortable, sporty way to get a firm grip on your nano. The Sport Grip allows for easy access to all iPod nano buttons and ports. The Sport Grip for iPod nano 5G also comes with Marware's Lifetime Warranty.


  • Rugged, soft silicone protection
  • Contains antimicrobial additive
  • Docking port is safely covered until you need it
  • Access to all buttons and ports
  • Includes: silicone skin, clear film protector, and microfiber cleaning cloth and Marware's Lifetime Warranty

The Sport Grip for the Apple iPod nano 5G is available in black and clear. It retails for $19.99 and is shipping now. Visit for more information. Marware is a leading provider of software and eco-conscious accessory solutions for Apple iPhones, iPods, and Notebooks.

Grantwood Technology tuneband for 5G Pod nano

PR: Grantwood Technology, LLC has announced the release of the tuneband for the 5th generation iPod nano, an armband product designed to comfortably secure the iPod nano 5th generation in place during exercise, including Nike iPod compatibility.

tuneband for 5G Pod nanoEach tuneband consists of a comfortable and flexible armband strap that can accommodate both large and small arms, a durable silicone skin that allows access to all ports on the iPod nano, and a low-tack, cut-and-peel screen protector that helps guard against smudges, moisture, and daily wear-and-tear. The silicone skin of the tuneband was specifically designed for runners and walkers fully covering the bottom corners of the iPod, securely holding it in place, yet allowing access to the USB port and headphone jack. The silicone skin also does not cover the click wheel or video camera to allow it to be used without interference. Extra large or extra small armbands are available upon request.

"We based the design the latest tuneband for iPod nano 5G on our best-selling previous tuneband products," states Michael Banks, cofounder and CEO of Grantwood Technology, LLC, "we made this the best iPod armband for the 5th generation iPod available at a very competitive price," states Michael Banks, CEO of Grantwood Technology.

The tuneband is fully compatible with the Nike iPod Sport Kit, allowing runners and walkers to enjoy this workout companion. The tuneband is available in six colors: black, clear, navy blue, pink, purple, and red. The tuneband can also be used with the Shoe Pouch, another product from Grantwood Technology that allows runners and walkers to attach the sensor from the Nike iPod Sport Kit to the outside of their favorite shoe.

The tuneband retails for $16.99 is available at Grantwood Technology online.

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