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iPad Fends Off Competitors, New Tablet User Demographics, Amazon Tablet to Ship This Year, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2011.09.02

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Why the iPad Can Fend Off Cut-Rate Competitors

Asymco's always-insightful Horace Dediu says that the question of low-end disruption should be a concern to any manager, being one of the most important sources of growth that has led to a vast amount of wealth creation. Disruption, he observes, grows the pie but also transfers a lot of value away from existing competitors.

Consequently it should not be surprising that new products like the iPad will be scrutinized for their vulnerability to low-end disruption, with one pertinent question being why not introduce an ultra-cheap tablet, for example from Amazon, which makes up for the low price with an innovative business model like selling content or user behavior data - the classic loss-leader razor/razor-blade business model.

However, Dediu says the answer to that is actually not simply that the economics don't work, but that that the iPad isn't good enough, and that for it to be vulnerable, it would have to be way better than mainstream users' needs. He notes that for book reading, the iPad probably is more than good enough, but for replacing a laptop computer, it is certainly not - the product is woefully inadequate for mainstream computing.

Why Business Executives Overlook the iPad's Advantages's bfrench says that someone in a recent group thread on Linked In observed that really smart executives just don't understand the value of the iPad in business, observing that "many capable professionals simply dismiss the idea."

So why do seemingly intelligent executives miss the boat repeatedly concerning new ideas such as iPad? The author suggests that those who miss the opportunities to be more competitive using less technology, generally assess the iPad from a position of limitations, looking at the part of the glass that is half empty - and in so doing miss the part that is half full. It's even more alarming that people who start from the perspective of iPad's limitations also miss the 20 shot glasses of liquid productivity lined up all the way down the bar, noting that the iPad is notorious for making large obscene problems go away with a $2.99 app and a little training, seeming unreasonably simple and likely to be too good to be true and thus dismissed out of hand.

Changing Demographics of Tablet and eReader Owners in the US

PR: A NielsenWire blog says that as recently as last Summer, US tablet and eReader owners tended to be male and on the younger side. However, according to Nielsen's latest quarterly survey of mobile connected device owners, that's no longer the case.

Demographics of Tablet and eReader Owners Are Changing

Nielsen's metrics show that in Q3 2010, for example, 62% of tablet owners were under the age of 34, and only 10% were over the age of 55. But by Q2 2011, only 46% of tablet owners were under the age of 34, and the percentage of those over 55 had increased to 19%.

Women Are Adopting Connected Devices, Especially eReaders

Looking at the data by gender also underlines key changes in the eReader category. 61% of all eReader owners are now female, compared to a mere 46% in Q3 2010. (Smartphone owners are now evenly split between male and female, and tablets remain primarily male.)

In-Stat: Half of Tablet Owners View Movies and TV Shows on Their Tablets

PR: Online digital video distribution now allows consumers to access more content on more devices and in more places than ever before. This increase in access has made content more ubiquitous than ever, but availability is only a part of the story. Equally important is how, and on what devices, consumers are accessing this content, and the increasing role of mobile devices for video consumption.

New In-Stat research reports that 50% of tablet owners are viewing not only feature-length movies on their devices, but TV shows as well; an important revelation to both content producers and providers alike. Tablet and smartphones are not only becoming vital new screens for video consumption, but are also functioning as personal interaction devices for video-centric social networking and applications.

"Tablets, in particular, have become a primary video device, both inside and outside the home," says In-Stat Research Director Keith Nissen. "By 2015, our research projects that 65% of the US population will own a smartphone and/or tablet. As these devices become a center-point for video engagement and consumption, content providers, device manufacturers, and operators need to support a multiscreen usage model that reflects social interaction, screen interaction, personalization, and mobility."

The average Apple household will have four Apple devices, while the average Google Android household will have at least two Android devices.

Additional research findings include:

  • Frequent mobile video users will more than triple over the next five years
  • Nearly 50% of 18 to 24 year old smartphone/tablet owners frequently social network about TV programs currently being viewed
  • 86% of smartphone/tablet users will view video on their mobile devices
  • Nearly 60% of smartphone/tablet owners will also be viewing OTT (over-the-top) video at home
  • The average Apple household will have four Apple devices, while the average Google Android household will have at least two Android devices

The research is drawn from In-Stat's new Q211 US Multiscreen Video Database, which examines the impact of mobile devices in the promotion, engagement, and distribution of premium video as an extension of the TV and PC video experience. The Q211 US Multi-Screen Video Database is updated quarterly in Excel format, including forecasts and quantification of:

  • Mobile device shipments
  • Mobile broadband subscriptions
  • Mobile video content and sources
  • Frequency of use
  • Primary devices being used
  • Location of use
  • Multiscreen forecasts including the adoption of social TV, device-to-device interworking, paid mobile video applications and services, and advanced multiscreen network features
  • Measurement and segmentation of demographics, psychographics, awareness, and intent

Acer Chairman: Tablet PC Fever Already Cooling Down

DigiTimes' Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report that Acer chairman JT Wang, commenting on Tablet PC's impact on the notebook industry, pointed out that Tablet PC fever is already starting to cool down, and consumers are also being attracted by notebooks again with Intel's Ultrabooks and Microsoft's Windows 8 the major attractions.

Not coincidentally, one presumes, Acer is set to launch an Ultrabook in September priced as low as $799, with Wang noting that Acer has performed surveys and discovered that consumers have a high interest in Ultrabooks.

Lee and Tsai also say that some players in the PC industry agree with Wang's prediction, observing that Tablet PCs are mainly marketed for entertainment purposes, different from notebooks, which are also tools for work and learning. Consequently, once the Tablet PC market reaches saturation, consumers' motivation to replace Tablet PCs will be a lot lower than for notebooks, which is predicted to result in Tablet PC sales stagnating once volumes reach a certain level.

7" Amazon Tablet to Ship This Year, 10" Model in 2012

DigiTimes' Yenting Chen and Joseph Tsai report that mass production of Amazon's 10.1" Tablet PC reportedly will be conducted in the first quarter of 2012 with Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry), also a major Apple iDevice subcontractor, to fill the orders, according to sources from upstream component suppliers.

The report also notes that Amazon's 7" Tablet PC, which is supplied by Apple's longtime laptop computer supplier Quanta Computer, is expected to start shipping in October.

Forrester: Amazon Will Be Apple's Top Competitor in Tablets

Market research firm Forrester's Sarah Rotman Epps says that with 28.7 million iPads sold worldwide to date, Apple's lead in the tablet market looks invincible. However, here comes, with a tablet that can compete on price, content, and commerce. "If it's launched at the right price with enough supply," says Ms. Rotman Epps, "we see Amazon's tablet easily selling 3 million to 5 million units in Q4 alone, disrupting not only Apple's product strategy but other tablet manufacturers' as well."

She affirms that Apple will maintain a strong lead in market share, but predicts that Amazon will gain ground quickly and give product strategists from media, software, retail, banking, and other firms a reason to kick app development for Android tablets into high gear.

Amazon's 7" Tablet Rumored to Cost $250

The LA Times reports:

"A writer for the tech blog TechCrunch claims to have taken the long-rumored Amazon tablet computer out for a test drive."

Reportedly called the Amazon Kindle, the 7" Android-based tablet will be backlit and cost $250, half the price of an entry-level iPad.

TechCrunch's MG Siegler reports that the tablet, which may be released at the end of November, will have a full-color touch screen, only 6 GB of flash memory, and run a customized version of Android.

"The main screen will feature a carousel-type interface that will display all the content available on the device - from apps to books to movies - and be deeply integrated with Amazon services, Siegler reports. The music player is Amazon's Cloud Player, the book reader is a Kindle app and the movie player is the company's Instant Video player."

Apps & Services

Free 7notes HD Note Taking App for iPad

7notes HD for iPadPR: This is how you should take notes on your iPad. Just start taking notes, then edit and format them later as you want.

7notes HD has flexible editing features including decoration, copy & paste, indent, auto word wrap etc. Formatting features include Fonts selection, weight of stroke, font size, line colors, Bold, Underline and delete line settings. 7notes HD can handle both handwriting and digital fonts in the same manner.

The 7notes HD Premium version converts your handwriting to digital fonts any time. You can convert word by word at input or handwritten long sentences later.

7notes' State-of-the-art Predictive Engine Decreases Note Taking Time

7notes HD for iPadYou don't have to write or type whole sentences. 7notes HD has a state-of-the-art predictive engine with natural language technology. The predictive engine generates an alternative display to suggest the correct word and all you have to do is tap the desired word on the alternative display. If there is more than one alternative, you can extend it to see more alternatives.

Fun to Write and Express Your Feelings with Various Input Support Features

You should have a big fun by writing with 7notes HD, which encourages you to express your feelings with handwriting in addition to digital fonts. 7notes HD has plenty of text input support features.

Post to Facebook, Twitter and store at Evernote, Dropbox and other services by handling text and image in a smart manner. 7notes HD has plenty of options to connect to other social services and storage services. You can post your note to Facebook, Twitter and store to Evernote , Dropbox and other storage services.

Social Writing with 'Edit It' Server

7notes HD for iPad7notes HD offers social writing experience by providing Edit It server functions. Post notes to Facebook or Twitter in 7document format. Viewers can start reediting the note by pressing the Edit It button.

Easy to Create a Curation Note with Image & Web Page

7notes HD has various modules such as Text Unit, Image Unit and Web Unit. Users can quickly develop a curation note from image pictures or web pages.

Mixing your handwriting and digital texts is easier than ever with 7notes. Now you can take notes in business meetings faster and easier. The premium version has a converter that allows you to convert your writing into digital any time you want.

Organize your ideas and save them as text, PDFs, images, store them on Dropbox or Evernote, email them or even share them with your coworkers, classmates or friends instantly through Facebook and Twitter.

The 7notes HD Premium version ($8.99) converts your handwriting to digital fonts anytime. You can convert word by word or long handwritten sentences at once. There are lots of occasions when you are taking notes, such as during a phone call, meeting with customers, commuting and so on, and 7notes HD will be able to provide stress-free notetaking. Also 7notes HD Premium makes it easy to post notes onto social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

System requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad
  • Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Elements Markdown and Dropbox Powered Text Editor

Elements Text Editor on iPadPR: Voted text editor of the year by Macworld and one of Gizmodo's best iPad apps of 2010, Elements is a dedicated Markdown and Dropbox powered text editor for iOS. Elements allows you to view, edit, and share plain text documents on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. All of your data is stored in a folder on your personal Dropbox account so that it's accessible from any device you have.

Whether you're a freelance writer wanting to write your next article, a student with a book report due, or professional on-the-go who needs access to your notes wherever they are, Elements can work for you.


  • Elements Text Editor on iPhoneCreate, view, and edit text files (.txt) on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Create, view, edit, and preview Markdown files on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Cloud based: Elements stores all its data in a /Elements subfolder on your personal Dropbox account so you can access it via your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC
  • Autosaving
  • Offline support: upload your changes to Dropbox next time you're connected
  • Publishing: Publish your finished works to Facebook or Tumblr (More services coming soon!)
  • Export: Export your files as HTML or PDF files to Dropbox, Evernote, iTunes, or Email
  • Full text search of your Elements files
  • Word counts, line counts, character count
  • A Scratchpad to flesh out ideas or store random bits of information
  • Email files as an attachments, inline, or as rendered HTML
  • Printing support
  • Sort file listings by name or modified date
  • TextExpander touch support
  • Free customer support via email

Elements Text Editor on iPadNew in Version 2.0.1:

  • [NEW] Added support for changing the linked Dropbox folder.
  • [NEW] Added setting for iPad users to adjust the margins of the editor. iPhone users have default margins because of the smaller phone size.
  • [NEW] Added bottom toolbar to the iPad editor.
  • [NEW] Added in-app documentation.
  • [NEW] Added a dark theme.
  • [CHANGE] Removed the text color setting.
  • [FIX] HTML Exporter now sets UTF-8 as its character set.
  • [FIX] Fixed Tumblr crash when users with private blogs tried to authenticate.
  • [FIX] Fixed another obscure crasher with Tumblr publishing.
  • [FIX] Fixed logging out to properly clear out cached versions of files.
  • [FIX] Fixed some button pressed states to not highlight in the file editor view.
  • [FIX] Fixed a variety of rotation issues with exporting and publishing.
  • [FIX] Fixed the background color of the appearance view controller.
  • [FIX] Fixed a rendering issue with the corners of grouped table views with custom background colors.
  • [FIX] Miscellaneous user interface improvements for certain users.
  • [FIX] Cleaned up the memory footprint of the app in various spots.

System requirements:

  • This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


Free Post-it PopNotes App for iPhone and iPad

Post-it PopNotesPR: The Post-it® Brand from 3M has announced the launch of Post-it PopNotes App, the brand's first ever mobile application that propels the iconic communication tool into the social networking space, providing friends, families, and app users everywhere with new ways to connect, communicate, share, organize, and remind.

Available within the US for free at the iTunes App Store, the Post-it PopNotes App features intuitive, geo-triggered technology that allows people to create and place digital Post-it Notes virtually anywhere.

Post-it PopNotesThe notes app lets you be expressive. Sketch, doodle, and type your messages on your choice of nine unique colors. They're your notes. Give them your personality. Post-it lets you create and place geo-triggered notes. Allowing you to send and receive notes where they were meant to be seen. Because every note has its place. You choose who gets to see your notes. They can be just for you, for your friends and family, or for anyone who has the app. Make life easier. Share your world.

Post-it PopNotesThe Post-it PopNotes App can remind. It can organize. It can share an experience or thought. Potential uses are endless. Designed to meet the needs of today's busy, on-the-go lifestyles, this new virtual communication tool allows you to draw, write or type on digital Post-it Notes, which can then be placed for you or others to view at a specific location or time.

"Whether you're placing a note for yourself, friends, family members, or everyone in the Post-it PopNotes social community, the new App will change the way you connect and communicate with others. The Post-it Brand is thrilled to debut the Post-it PopNotes App, and for the first time bring the powerful equity and universal function of this iconic brand into the social media space," says Jeff Hillins, director of marketing for Post-it Brand. "At 3M, we are continually inspired by the ways that people use the Post-it brand in their daily lives, and we are committed to developing new solutions that enable the brand to be wherever our consumers need us. We often refer to the Post-it Note as the original social networking tool, and we look forward to seeing how the Post-it PopNotes App will help app users and Post-it brand fans to further connect with others in new and exciting ways."

Post-it PopNotesKey Features

  • Create notes by typing and/or drawing.
  • Place notes at specific locations.
  • Control who gets to see the notes you post just yourself, your friends and family or anyone with the app.
  • Invite friends and family to connect through the app.
  • View notes posted by you and others within 500 yards of your current location via an interactive map.
  • Set location-based reminders anywhere in the U.S.
  • Simple and fun to use, encourages creativity and spontaneity.
  • Choose from nine different Post-it Note colors.

Potential Uses

  • Create notes and reminders for yourself.
  • Leave a note at the store that reminds you to pick up milk when you get there.
  • Share reviews at theaters, recommendations at restaurants or tips at fishing holes.
  • Leave a sweet note for that special someone at the airport when they land.
  • View notes at the local salon so you can make an appointment with the best hair stylist.
  • Explore new cities by finding notes with advice and recommendations left by others.
  • Whatever your creativity allows. Have fun!

Available in nine vibrant Post-it Note colors, the PopNotes App encourages creativity and spontaneity with its simple and useful features. Download the Post-it PopNotes App to:

  • Set location-based notes or reminders for yourself or others anywhere in the United States
  • Invite and connect with friends and family who are part of the PopNotes community, for example:
  • Greet a traveling family member with a Post-it PopNotes message when they arrive at a new city, and you are not there to greet them in person.
  • Wish a friend good luck at exactly the place and time she is about to begin a big interview
  • Add a personal touch to notes by typing and/or drawing
  • Control who gets to see the notes you place just yourself, your friends and family or anyone within the Post-it PopNotes App community
  • Track reviews and recommendations left by Post-it PopNotes App users within 500 yards of your location through an interactive map

Note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Edmund's InsideLine iPhone and iPad Automotive Enthusiast Apps Earn 5-Star Ratings

Edmunds InsideLinePR: Keeping up your favorite online car enthusiast magazine has just gotten a lot more convenient. Now you can read all of Inside Lines latest road tests, news, blog entries and features while you are on the go with the Inside Line app for iPhone or the iPad.

Just four months after its debut, Edmund's has earned a five-star user rating for its iPad and iPhone apps in the Apple iTunes store. The user feedback confirms InsideLine's reputation as the premier online source for automotive enthusiasts.

Edmunds InsideLine" strives to innovate not just in the automotive arena, but also in the tech and mobile communities," says Stephen Gandee, VP of mobile technology at "It's exciting that all of our hard work is recognized by so much positive feedback, and it encourages us to push ahead and develop more original online and mobile products for our audience of automotive fans."

Users are praising InsideLine's app for making the online sites unparalleled automotive content easily available through their mobile devices. Some of the app features include:

  • All of InsideLine.coms high-quality car photos fullscreen in landscape mode, with pinch-zoom capabilities offering an even closer look at automotive design features.
  • Full specifications and performance charts for all road tests and comparison tests, plus readers comments on all stories
  • Live updates from InsideLine.coms Long-Term Road Tests blog and Straightline news blog
  • Edmund's offers readers comprehensive insight into the culture of cars. Recent popular stories include the 100 greatest cars of all time, the debut of the 2013 Lexus GS350 and a comparison test between the 2012 Ford Focus and the 2011 Hyundai Elantra.


Edmunds InsideLineiPhone and iPad Users can:

  • Keyword search on all Inside Line content screens.
  • Read all the road tests, comparison tests, news stories, features and auto show content published daily on Inside Line.
  • Follow all the updates on the Long-Term Road Test blog and Straightline news blog.
  • Swipe through high-resolution fullscreen photography.
  • Quickly read the most recent articles in each category by Swiping between pages.
  • Read specifications and performance charts, including track-test commentary from our road test editors.
  • Save your favorite stories for convenient off-line reading.
  • Customize the order of article categories on the Home Page to match your preferences.
  • Share articles on Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail.

New in Version 1.3

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Camera PRO Real for iPad 2: Get SLR'ed with Your iPad 2

Camera PRO Real for iPad 2PR: Independent developer Dmitry Molokoedov has introduced Camera PRO Real for iPad 2 v1.0. Camera Real - get a real camera from your iPad 2. Do you like SLR cameras or your hobby is photography? But SLR cameras too expensive in cost? Molokoedov's real camera application for iPad 2 helps solve this problem.

Now you can convert your standard iPad 2 camera to a surrogate SLR Real camera. With Camera PRO Real can get better photos on your iPad 2, directly from the app as well as adding different digital effects to photos taken.

Camera Real Features:

  • 100% Real SLR camera design
  • Crisp iPad 2 graphics in app for HD resolution
  • Build in advanced powerful Camera to take photos directly from app!
  • 5 different effects for your photos
  • Camera PRO Real for iPad 2Take photos directly from app or load it from iPad 2
  • Save edited photo to your iPad 2
  • Mix and combine effects in your photos

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad and iPad 2
  • Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later
  • 2.8 MB

Camera PRO Real for iPad 2 v1.0 is $5.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photography category.

CNN Acquires Zite iPad News App

PR: CNN has acquired technology company Zite, a news app for the iPad that gives users a personalized magazine-like experience, it was announced Tuesday by Jim Walton, president of CNN Worldwide.

CNN has added Zite to its already robust portfolio of digital products as a separate, stand-alone business that will continue to innovate and provide users with the news and information they want.

Zite is an iPad app that leverages deeper technology to provide an individually personalized experience. Zite surfaces content to users that they will find most interesting from a variety of sources across the Web by learning users' preferences and getting smarter as its used.

CEO Mark Johnson will continue to run Zite's day-to-day operations out of headquarters in San Francisco and will report to Estenson. Founder Ali Davar will stay on board as Executive Director. Mike Klass will continue to lead Zite's technology R&D as CTO. Zite will be a wholly owned subsidiary of CNN.

Mark Johnson says: "Zite is thrilled about combining forces with CNN to create a world-class news discovery platform. In CNN, we have found a partner who shares our vision and passion. Being part of the CNN family gives us the capital to grow Zite's business and continue to innovate in the space."

Available for free on the iPad, users can download Zite from the App Store or iTunes.

Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Zite is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNN.


Movie Mount Turns iPad 2 into Video Camera

PR: Makayama has introduced the Movie Mount for iPad 2, a hardware innovation that can radically improves the quality of video capture with the iPad 2, allowing you to use telephoto and wide-angle lenses, attach microphones and lights, use a tripod for professional pan and tilt movements, and much more. The mount also comes with a free app.

Movie Mount for iPad 2With the Movie Mount, iPad 2 users get 10 new features for the device:

  • Attached a tripod for stable shots, pan & tilt camera movements. Standard screwfitting.
  • Use 37 mm conversion lenses, such as wide angle and zoom (Wide-angle conversion up to 0.5x and zoom-angle up to 2x. Stronger conversion lenses will cause vignetting)
  • Slide on-the-fly between the built-in lens and the conversion lens.
  • Use shotgun microphones for better sound (requires splitter cable). Such as: US / EU
  • Use an optical viewfinder to shoot in bright sunlight. Such as: US / EU
  • Use a video light for better performance in low light. Such as: US / EU
  • Easier iMovie editing, with a 9 degrees working angle.
  • The mount allows your iPad to stand upright and be used as monitor.
  • The free Movie Mount iPad app allows you to manually control video recording
  • Fully compatible with Smart Cover.

Movie Mount is exclusively produced by Makayama and sold directly through its website. Lenses, tripod, microphone, lights etc. are not included with the purchase. Complimentary iPad app is free.

Production has started and preorders are taken as of Wednesday. First deliveries will begin October 2011. Pricing: $69.95/€49.95, including taxes and shipping worldwide.

System requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad.
  • App requires iOS 4.3 or later

Waterfield Designs Offers Custom Ultimate SleeveCase for Any Tablet

WaterField Designs Ultimate SleeveCasePR: Waterfield Designs announces the Ultimate SleeveCase for most popular tablet models, including Lenovo ThinkPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nook Color, BlackBerry PlayBook, Asus Eee and others. Customers can send spec dimensions via email for a made-to-order case to within 1/4 inch fit for any other tablet. The Made in San Francisco Ultimate SleeveCase combines a ballistic nylon shell with a shock-absorbing, neoprene interior, lined with scratch-free Ultrasuede that helps to keep the screen clean.

WaterField Designs Ultimate SleeveCaseWith shipment of Lenovo's new ThinkPad Tablet imminent and tablet devices now mainstream, finding a snug case for a non-Apple device can be a challenge. Waterfield Designs announces the Ultimate SleeveCase for the most popular tablet models as well as custom cases for any other tablet device (to within one-quarter inch) via special order. Waterfield Designs - a San Francisco boutique designer of custom laptop sleeves and digital gear cases - believes cases should have a snug fit for optimal protection and wear.

"Today's tablets have so many useful apps that we want to take them everywhere we go, so adequate protection is critical," explained owner Gary Waterfield. "A snug fit prevents extraneous movement and doesn't detract from the silhouette of the tablet itself."

WaterField Designs Ultimate SleeveCaseIn addition to extending its Ultimate SleeveCase line to include tablet cases for popular models - including the new Lenovo ThinkPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nook Color, BlackBerry PlayBook, and others - Waterfield offers customers the option to send their tablet's spec dimensions for a made-to-order tablet case to within one-quarter inch for any model. And of course Ultimate SleeveCases tailor-made for Apple's iPad remain available.

Features of the Ultimate SleeveCase:

  • High-grade, shock-absorbing, neoprene padding
  • Domestically-produced, ballistic nylon shell
  • Ultrasuede®, scratch-free liner to help clean tablet screen upon insertion and removal
  • A high-impact, rigid insert for additional screen protection
  • Lightly padded flap with Velcro™ closure for extra protection
  • Choice of trim (Lead Checkered Indium, or Muzetto Brown Leather)
  • Optional D-rings and a strap to use case as a stand-alone bag
  • All metal hardware add-ons
  • In stock for most popular tablets and custom-made for others
  • TSA-friendly
  • Made entirely in the USA (San Francisco)

Ultimate SleeveCases sell for $49.00 to $55.

Color: Black with trim - either Lead checkered Indium or Muzetto Brown Leather (+$5).

Options: D-rings only: $5. Simple Strap: $12. Suspension Shoulder Strap: $22.

Shipping now from the Waterfield Designs online store.

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