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iPhone Update 1.1.1 Breaks Apps, Can Be Undone; Behind-the-Neck iPod Holder; Lobie Earbud Holder; and More

This Week's iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV News

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2007.10.04

This week's top story is problems caused by iPhone Firmware Upgrade 1.1.1, which not only locks up unlocked iPhones but even breaks authorized, third-party iPhone apps. Fortunately several sites have information on how to revert your iPhone to firmware version 1.0.2.

Interesting accessories this week include a headset with call and music controls for the iPhones, a behind-the-neck iPod carrier designed to eliminate dangling cables, and Lobie, a device that holds your iPod's earbuds and eliminates the need to stick the buds in your ear canal.

On the Apple TV front, the folks a QuickerTek, who seem to have a solution to every imaginable WiFi problem, have released a tri-band antenna that increases range and signal strength for Apple's not-quite-a-set-to-box.

Mac notebook and other portable computing is covered in The 'Book Review, and general Mac news is in Mac News Review.

All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

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iPhone News, Reviews, & Opinion

iPhone Update Breaks Third Party Apps

Apple 2.0's Philip Elmer-DeWitt says:

"It's been nearly a week since Apple issued its controversial iPhone 1.1.1 firmware update, but the full repercussions are only now being felt.

"At first, the loudest cries came from users who had unlocked their phones to work with other carriers and found that the devices had been rendered inoperable - a loud but relatively small minority.

"But Apple's deeper problem is that the update also disabled all native (i.e. unauthorized) third-party applications - a development that will ultimately affect every iPhone user....

"Little wonder that Nokia is going after Apple with its 'phones should be open to anything' advertising campaign, or that Gizmodo changed its iPhone recommendation from 'wait' to 'don't buy,' or that there is a movement afoot to punish Apple with a class-action lawsuit."

iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Breaks Everything

ZD Net's Jason D. O'Grady says:

"Today Apple released iPhone Firmware version 1.1.1 via iTunes and it appears to be pretty nasty toward unlocked and otherwise hacked iPhones. According to Gizmodo and Engadget the update re-locks unlocked phones and renders the brilliant AppTapp installer and other third-party applications useless....

"I'd rather have AppTapp installer over the iTunes WiFi Store any day. I'm going to stick with firmware v.1.0.2, thanks."

Say Good-bye to 3rd Party Applications

iPhonealley's Michael Johnston reports:

"This afternoon, Apple released iPhone update v1.1.1. The update carries with it an ominous warning. 'If you have modified your iPhone's Software, applying this software update may result in your iPhone becoming permanently inoperable.' As quite a few had feared, Apple has completely disabled the ability to install 3rd party applications. Among other things, new in this update is the iTunes WiFi Music Store which allows over-the-air downloads of tracks from the iTunes Store.

"iPhones which previously had 3rd party applications installed do not seem to be bricked. Using this update on unlocked iPhones will result in an 'Incorrect SIM' message....

"If you rely on 3rd party applications or a SIM unlock, do not update your iPhone until a workaround has been found."

Update Disables Unlocked iPhones

Macworld reports:

"Don't say you weren't warned. After cautioning customers earlier this week that unlocked iPhones may be disabled when installing future Apple software updates, the company on Thursday made good on its warning.

"Two iPhones in the Macworld offices that had the SIM hacks applied to them were disabled after installing iPhone Update 1.1.1. The update process went through without a hitch, however, when the phone restarted an activation message appeared that said, 'Insert an unlocked and valid SIM to activate iPhone.'"

How to Restore Your iPhone Without Using Firmware 1.1.1

iPhoneAtlas says:

"If you have unlocked - for use on a carrier other than AT&T - your iPhone and want to restore it (because of troubleshooting issues or other reasons) while avoiding firmware/software update 1.1.1, which may cause your iPhone to become nonfunctional, use this method to restore using iPhone firmware 1.0.2 instead...."

How to Downgrade Your iPhone from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2

The iPhone Dev Wiki says:


  1. Status Report
  2. To be done
  3. Method A (Instructions)
  4. Method B (Slightly Easier Instructions)
  5. Method C (Easiest Instructions)
  6. Baseband issues
  7. Downgrading the baseband
  8. Working functions
  9. NOR dump of 04.01.13_G
  10. 1.1.1 stock iPhone unlocking

"You can downgrade the iPhone firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 using any of the three methods below; however, there are no known methods for reflashing the baseband firmware back to 03.14.08_G like it should be for 1.0.2....

"These methods will not downgrade your baseband or reunlock your phone. A reunlock is in development and will be made available as soon we can, together with a method to reset your nck attempts, please stand by and watch the forums for further information. And again, DON'T upgrade to 1.1.1 if you are still on 1.0.2. Do all that on your own risk."

Looks Like the iPhone 1.1.1 Update Is Reversible's Nate True says:

"Alright! Congrats to Kmac1985 from the Hackint0sh forums who discovered this little doozy of a method. Make sure to read the issues below (it's not completely reversible). On a phone that has 1.1.1 installed...."

Downgrading iPhones from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2

iPhoneAtlas says:

"While the iPhone hacking community scrambles to find a method for jailbreaking iPhones that have been upgraded to 1.1.1, there is now a procedure for downgrading iPhones that have been updated to version 1.1.1 to version 1.0.2, where the devices can still be jailbroken and third-party native applications installed per our guide.

"The procedure, originally discovered by poster KMac at the Hackintosh forums, is very similar to our instructions for restoring the iPhone without using firmware 1.1.1 with one added step. It will allow phones that were never unlocked (still in the standard, AT&T operating mode) to regain their access to third-party applications via AppTapp/, but will do away with the enhancements brought about by iPhone software/firmware update 1.1.1.

"The steps are simple, but we found that the timing in the third step is a bit tricky. Here's an adapted, slightly more detailed set of instructions designed for iPhones that haven't been unlocked or unofficially activated...."

Users Talking Class Action Lawsuit over iPhone Locking

InformationWeek's Alexander Wolfe says:

"You bought the iPhone, you paid for it, but now Apple is telling you how you have to use it, and if you don't do things they way they say, they're going to lock it. Turn it into a useless 'brick.' Is this any way to treat a customer? Apparently, it's the Steve Jobs way. But some iPhone users are mad as heck, and they're not going to take it anymore.

"In a Saturday post on Apple's own iPhone discussion forums, a user who goes by the handled of 'myndex' has posted the provocatively entitled message 'iPhone Class Action Lawsuit.' Despite its title, it's not notice of an actual lawsuit. Rather, myndex is seeking comments from other forum users on what they think of suing Apple over its refusal to service users who've unlocked their iPhones or loaded them up with 'unauthorized' applications. [Update, Sun 1:40 pm. As commenter 'Poli,' below, notes, myndex's entry on Apple's forums appears to have been removed by Apple some three hours after this Wolfe's Den post appeared. For that reason, at the end of this entry I've added screen captures of mydex's mirror post from the macrumor board.]

"Here's a summary of the post...."

NY Woman Sues Apple, Jobs, AT&T for $1M over iPhone Price Cut

She wants $1M in compensatory damages and punitive damages on top of that

Computerworld's Gregg Keizer reports:

"A woman from Queens, NY, sued Apple Inc. last week over the iPhone, saying that the company broke several laws when it cut the price of the device last month by $200 and then issued a $100 credit to some owners....

"In a complaint filed Sept. 24 with a New York federal court, Dongmei Li accused Apple, Jobs and Apple's wireless partner, AT&T Inc., of price discrimination, discrimination in offering rebates versus credits, underselling, unfair and deceptive practices, and other violations of federal laws."

iPod News, Reviews, & Opinion

Understanding iPod/iPhone Battery Lifecycles

BigAppleiPods's Shane Jordan reports:

"Probably the most common type of iPod/iPhone repair involves the replacement of their batteries. While some batteries may fail with a year or less of use, more typically batteries last anywhere from one to three years. Customers often ask me,'What causes my iPods battery to die?'. And that's a fair question. iPods use a type of battery technology called Lithium ion. Lithium ion batteries have a limited lifespan of between 300 and 500 charge cycles. A complete cycle is using your iPod/iPhone from a full charge, all the way to when the iPod/iPhone shuts off when the battery is completely drained. Assuming you are someone who uses your iPod/iPhone everyday, or nearly everyday, 300-500 cycles will get you anywhere from one to three years of usage...."

iPod nano Manufacturing Problem

Hardmac's Eric reports:

"Last week, we were reporting about the obvious manufacturing problem of the new iPod nano identified by a LCD display not aligning with the black frame:

"Today, we received a new report from Thomas, one of our readers from UK:

"I saw your article about the iPod nano having a tilted or wonky screen recently, yesterday I went down to the London Regent Street - Apple Store to pre-order my iPod Touch (8 GB), and whilst I was there I had a look at the Nanos that they had on display - every last one had a wonky screen, without exception.

"Here's a fairly clear photo of just one of them that I managed to take before they asked me to put my camera away."

iPod touch 'in a Class by Itself'

Business Week Online's Stephen H. Wildstrom reports:

"The chief attraction of the touch is the Web browser which technology is shared with the iPhone and is by far the best on any handheld device. None of the others let you magnify or shrink the contents of a large Web page by spreading or pinching your thumb and index finger, or drag a page just by touching the screen. However, the touch shares a major defect with the iPhone: the inability to play Adobe Flash.

"The new iPod touch from Apple is in a class by itself. It's like an iPhone, only without the phone. It's a music player, though not your best choice if that's what you're looking for. It's a wonderful video player and Web browser, despite certain limitations. Most important, it's beautiful, and I bet it sells like crazy, even at US$299 for an 8-gigabyte version and $399 for 16 GB.

"The touch screams out for comparison to the iPhone, which costs the same as the 16 GB version but offers half the storage. The new iPod has the same general appearance, with a similar 3.5-in. display, but is shorter, noticeably thinner, and features the iPod's trademark polished metal back. Its basic software is the same as the iPhone's, though tweaked in some interesting ways. WiFi is the only wireless option...."

iPod nano Screen Sharp, but Too Small

The Register's Scott Snowden

"Earlier this month, Apple announced the newest embodiments of various iPod lines. The new iPod, the classic, doesn't look substantially different from its predecessor. The new nano, which supersedes the second generation product is - on the other hand - a complete revamp.

"What you'll notice straight away is its shape: it's a little shorter and much wider than its predecessor. Both the 4 GB and 8 GB configurations are identical in terms of dimensions - 6.9 x 5.2 x 0.7cm - so it is thinner than the older model, but at 49.2g, weighs a fraction more.

"The reason for this change in design is a LCD: now at 2in with a 320 x 240 resolution, a 204 pixels per inch density and with an effective blue-white LED backlight."

iPhone Accessories

VIBE Duo Headset with Call/Music Control Button for iPhone

PR: Music lifestyle brand V-MODA today announced the latest version of its VIBE Duo, a noise-isolating dual-use headphone/headset designed to accessorize the Apple iPhone. The new VIBE Duo with control-playback functionality features a discreet microphone with a call button, allowing users to take calls and control the music functions of the iPhone with handsfree convenience. Hi-definition sound and superior comfort round out the mix of premium features.

V-MODA worked with Apple to develop the VIBE Duo with control-playback functionality. With its durable black fabric cables and a minimalist all-metal design, the luxurious new VIBE Duo in-ear earphones with microphone and call button remain lightweight (13 grams), unobtrusive, comfortable and stylish.

"With the addition of the control button to the VIBE Duo, V-MODA has developed the ultimate accessory for the Apple iPhone," said Val Kolton, founder and CEO of V-MODA. "We understand the need for an earphone that will maximize all the best features of the iPhone, and we're excited to bring the new VIBE Duo to the table. It's what many Apple iPhone consumers have been asking us for."

For active, on-the-go consumers, VIBE Duo features three sizes of ultra-soft silicon fittings for a secure, comfortable fit. To further ensure the accessory doesn't jar loose during exercise or strenuous activities, a small clip adds extra security.

The iPhone combines three products - a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod® with touch controls and a breakthrough Internet communications device - into one small and lightweight handheld.

VIBE Duo joins the existing VIBE line of luxury, high-fashion modaphones from V-MODA, heralded upon introduction for offering state-of-the-art audio on the go. Much like VIBE, when it comes to enjoying tunes VIBE Duo offers superior technology that enables a sculpted response curve fashioned for the discerning audio enthusiast, providing a precise balance of rich bass, warm mids and unprecedented clarity.

Utilizing V-MASQUE dynamic driver technology, VIBE Duo achieves a precise yet natural soundstage in comparison to other high-end earphones. BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicon) technology further reduces outside noise for a precise and rich bass response (frequency 12 Hz to 22 Hz).

VIBE Duo is compatible with the iPod, an array of emerging smartphones such as the popular Blackberry Curve and the highly anticipated Sidekick 4, as well as all other portable music players. Available in Nero (black) and Chrome, it is packaged with an elegant leather pouch for safe travel and storage.

The VIBE Duo headphone/headset is available now for $99.99 and can be found at the Apple Store and online at, Apple , and Shop V-MODA. The product is backed by a 100 percent risk-free satisfaction guarantee, as well as free shipping in the US for a limited time only. Please visit for more information on pricing and retail availability.

Avvenu Allows iPhone Users to Remotely Access and Share Photos, Office Documents

PR: Avvenu, Inc., the company that provides consumers with remote access and sharing of their personal media, announced its "Access 'n Share" service is now available for the Apple iPhone. Access 'n Share is a secure, easy-to-use Internet service that allows anyone to remotely access and share content stored on their home or office computers from mobile phones and Internet-connected computers.

iPhone users can signup for a free Access 'n Share account on the website, install Avvenu software on their home or office computers, and then access these computers remotely using their iPhone. Users can remotely browse, search, view and share files with others. A wide range of files can be viewed on the iPhone, including pictures, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Adobe Acrobat files.

In addition to accessing files and folders, users can also view and share Adobe Photoshop Album and Photoshop Elements collections, tags and photos.

For remote access to personal content when users' office or home computers are turned off, Avvenu offers the Anytime Files premium service option. With a monthly fee starting at US$ 3.99, Access 'n Share users can have their computer's content automatically synchronized with a secure, personal, online digital locker available anytime.

"The iPhone is a perfect match for Access 'n Share," said Richard French, Avvenu CEO. "With the iPhone's high resolution touch screen, zoom, pan and dynamic orientation capabilities, using Access 'n Share to remotely browse, view and share files from a mobile phone has never been easier."

Access 'n Share works with a wide range of Internet-capable mobile phones, smartphones and personal computer web browsers. Mobile phone usage requires an Internet data plan from the mobile carrier.

iPod Accessories

NekFit Behind-the-Neck iPod Carrier Eliminates Dangling Wires

NekFitPR: Whether you are running, cycling or just hitting the gym, NekFit locates your iPod nano and Shuffle comfortably behind the neck eliminating tangled wires. Offering complete mobility, NekFit makes it simple to change music and volume with faster-feel tactile buttons on the click wheel. NekFit frees you to listen to your music anywhere doing anything.

NekFitThe perfect fit - loose & on the shoulders

NekFit was ergonomically designed to be loose and sit comfortably on your shoulders. The choice of three sized flexible iPod clips let you find the most comfortable feel and resting the iPod "down" on the shoulders creates the perfect fit.


NekFitProven body location for centuries - the shoulder muscle. For centuries, the shoulder muscle which covers the back of the neck down your spine has been the preferred carrying location on the body for everything from water buckets to student backpacks. Imagine how light a "1-1/2 ounce" iPod Nano feels sitting on one of the body's strongest muscles


Volume-Limiting Earbuds Protect Hearing of iPod Headbangers

New Hampshire Business Review's Cindy Kibbe reports:

"Founded in March 2006, Ingemi's iHearSafe earbuds look like any standard pair of earbuds with two small earphones that fit snuggly in the ears - but with one difference. A small volume-reducing circuit is placed in the length of the earbud wire that prevents sounds from exceeding 85 decibels - about the level of city traffic - but still allows ambient sounds through....

"Founded in March 2006, Ingemi's iHearSafe earbuds look like any standard pair of earbuds with two small earphones that fit snuggly in the ears - but with one difference. A small volume-reducing circuit is placed in the length of the earbud wire that prevents sounds from exceeding 85 decibels - about the level of city traffic - but still allows ambient sounds through."

Lobie Gives iPod Owners a New Place to Stick Their Earbuds

PR: Consumers unsatisfied with earbuds find comfort with Lobie. Lobies give you a supplemental way of wearing earbuds. You no longer need to insert earbuds into your ear. Instead, Lobies float your earbuds on an acoustic cushion of air

LobieAccording to Acousticlobe's President and CEO, Tom Dean, there exist an appreciable number of consumers who disfavor earbuds. Moreover, he believes that consumers will welcome a supplemental way to wear and enjoy earbuds. The genius of Apple's iPod in the invention of the earbud is that earbuds are extremely portable as compared with prior devices.

Mr. Dean has invented a portable earbud accessory trade named Lobie giving consumers a choice they've not had until now. Lobie places the earbud just along side the wearer's ear without the need to insert the earbud into the wearer's ear canal.

In Mr. Dean's words, Lobie "floats the earbud on an acoustic cushion of air."

Lobie provides a passive secure fit during casual and active uses such as jogging, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. and is also an option for safety conscious consumers not wanting to completely close off the ability to hear their surroundings.

The Lobie-Earbud combination results in an ultra comfortable unsurpassed listening experience. You'll enjoy your Lobies while listening to music/audio books, playing your favorite video games or watching movies.

For activities such jogging, skateboarding, etc. Lobies provide the support you need by gently resting behind the superior crux of your ear without the use of springs or mechanisms. Lobies feel so natural that you may forget you're wearing them.

Lobies are silky soft, pliable and size adaptable, so you can easily adjust the shape of your Lobie to suit your ear size.

Lobie colorsLobies are made entirely of a cushioning gel-like thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE. They come in a variety of colors and are made exclusively in the USA.


One customer is quoted as saying, "Love the Lobie, I thought I would never be able to use my earbuds, they wouldn't stay in my ears. The Lobie kept the earbuds perfectly secure in my ears, and they are so comfortable I fell asleep with them on. I have different earbuds for different devices; I wish I had a pair of Lobies for every device."

Another adds, "It is definitely a new experience. My ears are not throbbing after I use them."

A 12 year old boy says, "I like to wear them while playing video games. I also like to go sleep listening to music and Lobies feel good when I lay my head on my pillow."

Another says, "I think that Lobies are a clever solution to earbuds falling out. They'd be really great for jogging and exercise."

Acousticlobe Incorporated was founded in 2006 with the development of Lobie, "Earbud's New Accessory." Lobie is a patent pending American made product sold exclusively online. is accepting pre-orders now with an estimated ship date of November 1st, 2007.

Acousticlobe's CEO, Tom Dean is also President/CEO of InspiroMEDIA Corporation, a professional services firm providing patent and trademark illustration services to IP Law Firms and Corporations nationwide.

Brookstone Systems Spread the Joy of Sharing Music with iPod Owners

PR: Innovative product development company and specialty retailer Brookstone, Inc. this week unveiled its Christmas Holiday lineup of iPod speaker systems that allow iPod users to play and share their favorite music in rich, vibrant sound.

BoomBucketBoomBucket Portable Music System for iPod - $150

Brookstone's BoomBucket is an all-weather, indoor-outdoor speaker system and an ideal Christmas gift for iPod users. This iPod boom box features a waterproof casing that protects the iPod from the elements and side controls that allow users to control basic iPod functions while leaving the player undisturbed. Its water-resistant speaker shell and superior sound make BoomBucket a great portable beach speaker and accessory for entertaining in the backyard, living room or kitchen.

BoomBucket docks and charges iPod, iPod nano and iPod mini and plays most other MP3 players via a 3.5 mm input jack.

SongPlaySongPlay Music System for iPod - $100

Brookstone's SongPlay combines sharp, clean design with powerful sound to produce an iPod speaker system ideal for any room. SongPlay docks and charges iPod, iPod nano and iPod mini and produces rich, room-filling sound via two mini, full-range powered speakers housed in a compact enclosure. It also plays other MP3 players thanks to the included 3.5 mm input jack.

Doc Universal iPod Dock - $35

Brookstone's universal dock connects iPod to virtually any stereo, TV or speaker system. Users can listen to their favorite music and view digital photos and videos in full size on TV. Compact as it is versatile, Brookstone's iPod stereo and TV dock makes a great travel companion. Brookstone's Doc connects iPods to stereos or home theaters via an AUX out port and TV via an S-Video port, and is compatible with iPod and iPod nano.

All three sound systems for iPod are available exclusively at Brookstone stores and online.

Brookstone is a product development and specialty retail company that has offered unique Christmas and Holiday gifts for more than 42 years. The Company operates 310 stores in malls and airports around the country, as well as the Brookstone catalog and an ecommerce website.

iGadget X Multi-Featured iPod Enhancement Utility

PR: iGadget allows you to realize the full potential of your iPod. With iGadget, you'll be able to transform your iPod into much more than a simple music player.

Would you also like the ability to transfer videos from your favorite sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe? If so, check out our iGadget and Ivy Video Converter bundle.

Here are the features you'll get with the purchase of iGadget:

  • Songs and Playlists: Transfer songs and playlists from your iPod to your computer and/or into iTunes while preserving play counts, user ratings and last played dates
  • Driving Directions: Never get lost again! Put driving directions right onto your iPod
  • Outlook*: Get rid of your PDA and put all your Microsoft Outlook* data onto it including email, appointments, contacts, tasks and notes
  • Gas Prices: Always pay the lowest prices for gas by having a list of gas prices for your area right on your iPod
  • Movie Showtimes: Get the movie showtimes for your local theaters stored onto your iPod
  • Weather Forecasts: Never get caught without your raincoat by keeping your local weather forecasts on your iPod
  • Backup: Backup any set of files and/or folders from your computer onto your iPod for safe keeping
  • RSS News Feeds: Get the latest news headlines on your iPod for reading at your leisure
  • Music Listings**: Create listings of the music on your iPod in various formats (HTML, CSV, plain text). This could then be used to post on a website or to print out a listing of all your songs
  • Daily Horoscope: Get your daily horoscope readings on your iPod
  • Library: Keep a library of text files on your iPod for reading on-the-go - these could be e-books, recipes, bible verses, anything

* Outlook 2002/Office XP or later required for Outlook integration

**Available with Windows version only

New in version 1.3: Fixed bug that preventing the use of customer formatting for file and folder names when transferring music from an iPod.

Mac requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Intel or PowerPC Mac
  • 2.4 MB of available hard drive space

Windows Requirements

  • Windows 98, 2000, XP, or Vista
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


  • iTunes 4.7 or later
  • All Apple iPods (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G (video), classic, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle)
  • Not yet compatible with iPod touch or iPhone

$15 shareware

zCover iSA touch Cases for iPod touch

iSA touch CasesPR: zCover iSA touch cases for Apple iPod touch feature flip port cover, full protection, removable rotary universal belt clip with soft rubber pad and cleaning / polishing cloth compatible with lanyard, armband, window clips

Colors: Ice Clear, Blue, Grey, Pink, zcipt2.jpg


iSA touch Casesin the box:

  • One iSA touch Silicone Case
  • One Removable Universal Belt Clip with Soft Pad
  • One Cleaning / Polishing Cloth

One size fits the new iPod touch: 8 GB / 16 GB

Also available: zCover iSA touch Armband Set for Apple iPod Touch 8 GB / 16 GB

Flip Port Cover, full protection, removable rotary universal belt clip with soft rubber pad,cleaning / polishing cloth and universal armband

iSA touch CasesCompatible with lanyard, window clips

Colors: Ice Clear, Pink, Grey


in the box

  • One iSA touch Silicone Case
  • One Set of zCover Universal Armband Set
  • One Removable Universal Belt Clip with Soft Pad
  • One Cleaning / Polishing Cloth

One size fits the new iPod touch: 8 GB / 16 GB

Apple TV Accessories

QuickerTek Boosts Apple TV Range and Signal Strength

PR: Apple TV users can now boost their wireless video signals around their house - upstairs and downstairs and increase the range between Apple TV and wireless devices. For only $129.95 and a few minutes with a screwdriver, the Apple TV Antenna Upgrade can easily deliver improved performance.

triband antennaThe Apple TV Antenna Upgrade uses the proven tri-band external antenna technology QuickerTek uses to boost the wireless performance of the Mac Pro and Mac mini. The Apple TV Antenna Upgrade is a small trio of antennas that not only improves range and signal strength, but also cuts the wireless interference that plagues many Apple TV home users.

QuickerTek's Apple TV Antenna Upgrade comes with a 3-foot cable that allows the external tri-band antenna to be placed up higher - away from common wireless obstacles in the home or office (e.g. furniture, desks, etc.). It even allows antenna placement up and away from other electronics that can cause interference and degrade wireless range and speed.

There's no extra steps or other impediments when using this antenna, so that users can plug it in and enjoy improved performance immediately.

Apple TV Antenna Upgrades are made for complete compatibly with all Apple factory networking products. They work with all 802.11/b/g/n WiFi equipment including Apple AirPort, AirPort Extreme and the latest 802.11n version of AirPort Extreme, as well as wireless hardware from Linksys, Belkin and other popular brands found in wireless networks across the country.


Like most QuickerTek products, this Apple TV Antenna Upgrade is backed with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

QuickerTek has been a recognized leading innovator of antennas and RF products for Apple Power Macintosh, Mac Pro, iMac PPC and Intel, PowerBook, MacBook and MacBook Pro computers. QuickerTek products can be purchased online and from authorized dealers.

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