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'Adult' Podcast Problems, iPod History, iPod Alarm Clock, Musical Hallucinations, and More

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2005.07.28

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PowerBook, iBook, iPod, and other portable computing is covered in The 'Book Review. General Apple and Mac desktop news is covered in The Mac News Review. News about Apple's transition to Intel CPUs and other Intel developments is covered in The Macintel Report.

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News and Comment

'Adult Oriented' Podcasts on iTunes Could Pose Problems for Apple

iPodNN says:

"Apple's emergence as a leader in podcasting may bring it more public scrutiny, as one report notes the availability of several 'adult-oriented' podcasts on iTunes. Analysts say that the acceptance of amateur podcasts has inherent risks, and while users can let the company know if they object to certain content (as the company provides no specific guidelines), Apple says it tries to review as many submissions as it can for 'really obvious' adult content...."

History of the iPod

Braeburn's Tom Hormby has posted a history of the iPod.

"The iPod, more than any other single product from Apple, has changed the company and the world. Before its introduction MP3 players were the realm of small companies with limited budgets and no content. After the iPod the entire industry has evolved and grown to the point where the largest computer companies in the world have major interests in the digital music industry."

Death Knell for Albums in the Age of the iPod?

The Guardian's Natalie Hanman says:

"British music's biggest hit these days is also its biggest threat. For while recording industry bosses were heaving a sigh of relief last week after music downloads began to turn into a nice little earner, they also faced the demise of their biggest money-spinner: the album. The reason is that digital music players, such as the iPod, do not respect the album format - that 40-minute-plus journey into the mind of your favourite band.

"When you visit Apple's iTunes Music Store, you can buy individual songs for 79p in minutes. Online stores such as this have sold 10m tracks so far this year, while sales of CD singles have fallen by 23%, selling 4.4m between April and June. Digital downloads may be saving the single, but what can this one-track world do for the long-play album?"

iPod in a WalkmaniPod Case Crafted from Portable Cassette Player

iPod Hacks reports:

"Not all hacks have to be about good looks, really. Such is the case with the hack that Dave Derwin recently undertook in gutting an old Walkman-style portable AM/FM radio/cassette player and turning it into a hardshell carrying case for his 4G iPod. Seeing the two units merged is almost an artistic expression of aesthetic opposites, really. (The Walkman is pretty ugly.)"

Get an iPod Adapter and Help Fight Hunger in Niger

PR: SendStation Systems, creators of the PocketDock line of iPod adapters, have announced that it will donate US$5 for every PocketDock FireWire, Combo, Line Out FW or USB sold through the SendStation online store before August 21, 2005 to fight hunger in Niger. The west African nation of Niger is suffering an acute humanitarian crisis: according to the United Nations 3.3 million people are in desperate need of food, including 800,000 malnourished children.

SendStation will also be offering free worldwide shipping on all orders throughout the fundraising campaign to support iPod users who may be eager to help contribute to the relief efforts. At the end of the fundraising effort, funds will be donated to the United Nations Children's Fund ( This is SendStation's second global fundraising activity. In January of this year, the iPod accessory maker donated US$3,250 to support Tsunami victims in South Asia.

iPod Owner Demographics

Macworld UK reports:

"Most - but by no means all - US iPod owners are males aged between 18 and 28, new research shows.

"The Pew Internet and American Life Project has issued new demographic data to describe iPod owners, reports ZD Net."

iPods May Cause 'Musical Hallucinations'

Spymac's Kristie Masuda says:

"As the popularity of the iPod increases, so do studies on how Apple's digital music devices are affecting our health.

"The latest of the studies to appear is from a psychiatrist at Whitchurch hospital in Cardiff. According to Dr. Victor Aziz, listening to an iPod could leave you with psychological problems. Aziz is warning those who listen to a lot of music that a continual exposure to music can cause cases of musical hallucination. The brain can begin listening to phantom music and a song can 'play' over and over again in one's head."

Army and Air Force Exchange System Selling iPods

ifo Apple Store reports:

"During Wednesday's conference call with financial analysts, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer mentioned that the number of iPod resellers went from 21,000 to 25,000 during the quarter. Among those, a tipster points out, is the Army and Air Force Exchange System (PX, BX), which operates stores on military bases and a Web store. PX merchandise is typically discounted (avg. 22%) for active military, and overseas Department of State and embassy employees."

Apple to Integrate iPod with Japanese Cars?

iPodNN reports:

"Apple is working to integrate its iPod with Japanese cars, following successful iPod-ready stereo system upgrades from other car manufacturers. The company intends to begin working with Japanese automakers later this year to develop car audio systems that use iPod digital music players, according to a report by Nikkei. "

Nissan Debuts iPod-ready Car Navigation System

iPodNN reports:

"Nissan Motor Company has started marketing a car navigation system that allows users to connect their iPod to the system when driving in Nissan vehicles, according to Kyodo News. The new navigation system features a specific iPod connector that delivers in-car control of iPods through its 7-inch touch screen display...."


Which iPod Is Right for You?

Playlist's Christopher Breen says:

"In the beginning (OK, in 2001), there was the original 5 GB iPod - and we were lucky to have it. But in the past four years, Apple has made things a bit more complicated, adding several new members to the iPod family. Not too long ago, making an iPod-buying decision boiled down to exactly one factor: whether you had the money to pay for it.

"Now that Apple offers three versions of its diminutive music player - the iPod shuffle, the iPod mini, and the color iPod (including the iPod U2 Special Edition and most HP-branded models) - at prices ranging from $99 to $400, there's far more to consider. Will a small iPod or a large iPod serve you better? And is there any advantage to owning Apple's iPod instead of one branded with the HP logo? I've had my hands on every iPod model Apple has released, so I'm in a unique position to give advice on finding the iPod that'll be the best fit for you."

Using Your iPod as a Hard Drive

iLounge's Kirk McElhearn says:

"iPods are made for music, right? Well, yes, but your iPod can do a lot more than that: you can also use your iPod as a hard disk to store files, back up your work, or transfer files from one computer to another. After all, an iPod is simply a tiny storage device with a screen, audio hardware, and a special case. Standard iPods use miniature hard drives, while iPod shuffles use memory chips. Both are as good at storing data as they are at storing music.

"Many people - 44% of readers responding to an iLounge survey, in fact - use the iPod as a music and data device, and the reasons are obvious: it's easy to carry between home and office; you can use it to back up work-related files during the day, just in case you lose your work; and you can use it for storing personal files as well, if you have enough room after you've filled your iPod with tunes (and possibly pictures).

"Using the iPod as a hard disk begins with one step: change some settings in iTunes' iPod preferences. After that, it's as simple as dragging files to and from the iPod."

Troubleshooting Any iPod

MacFixIt has completely revamped its iPod, iPod mini, and iPod shuffle Special Report, revising each original section and adding several new topics of coverage.

Now covering the following issues:

  • When songs won't play
  • Warning about Windows DRM and the iPod
  • Using Apple's Disk Utility, other disk tools to solve iPod directory/permissions problems
  • USB 2.0 synchronization/data transfer problems
  • Audio dropouts, pauses
  • Revitalizing a frozen/unresponsive iPod
  • Sudden, Unexpected Resets
  • Repair difficult, replacement often cheaper: Cracked LCD screens and more
  • Quirkiness when synchronizing with high-power USB 1.1 ports
  • Mac freezes when going to sleep with iPod connected
  • iTunes-purchased tracks won't transfer to iPod
  • iTunes crash on iPod connection; solutions
  • iSight interference
  • Falling Asleep (appearing off) suddenly
  • iPod-stored tracks cannot use some iTunes features
  • Updater software issues
  • Shuffle USB connectivity issues
  • Remote Control problems
  • iPod not showing up in iTunes
  • Batteries: Charging, maintaining capacity, maximizing life; more
  • Preferences not sticking
  • Extracting files from an iPod to a Mac
  • Distorted/static sound
  • Dealing with Smart Playlists
  • AppleCare for iPods
  • Complaints about Apple earbud quality; alternatives
  • Data loss - Music disappears from iPod

iPod Stops Responding or Will Not Wake from Sleep

An updated Apple Knowledge Base article says:

Reset iPod if it stops responding or will not wake from sleep.

If either of the following occur, reset your iPod

  • iPod has stopped responding and seems to have "frozen". None of the buttons work, but the display is on.
  • Even though it is charged and the Hold switch is not on, iPod will not wake from sleep no matter which button you press.

Products and Services

iPod Alarm Clock Radio

iPod Alarm ClockCNET's Michelle Meyers reports:

"First, the iPod was something we took with us as we walked out the door. Then it crept its way into the home with the help of related docking stations and speaker systems. Now, with the arrival of the iPod Alarm Clock Radio, the music player has found its way into the bedroom, too.

"Hammacher Schlemmer just started selling the long-anticipated bedside alarm clock with no mention of its manufacturer. However the clock looks a lot like one previously announced (somewhat cryptically) by iHome, a division of SDI technologies."

mini iGuy 'Fully Functional Case and Toy' for iPod mini

iGuy miniPR: Meet iGuy - the first bendable, posable friend for you and your iPod mini! Not only is iGuy fun, he's fully functional - offering great rubberized protection, docking capability, and screen protection for your iPod or iPod photo.


  • Cool toy and protective case in one
  • Bendable, posable arms
  • Dockable - "sits" and hangs out while your iPod mini charges and synchs up!
  • Removable screen protector
  • Full access to controls, headphone plug and hold switch
  • Fits all mini iPods (4 & 6 GB)

Insert iPod thru iGuy's "docking flap". Pull bottom part around your iPod- bend arms into desired position. Insert screen protector and have fun with your iGuy!

Price: $34.95

Griffin SiliSkins Silicone Skins for iPod Shuffle

Griffin SiliSkinsPR: Shelter your iPod shuffle from scratches, drops, and bumps. Pick a color to fit your mood or activity. Mix & match cap colors for a look all your own. SiliSkins are form-fitted and their see-through design allow for easy operation of the iPod shuffle.

  • Protects iPod shuffle
  • Available in 3 fun colors
  • See-through case allows for easy iPod shuffle operation

Slip your iPod shuffle inside a SiliSkin and slide on the cap. Your shuffle is ready to rumble.

Griffin SiliSkins come in tripaks of "frosted" colors including clear, pink, and blue.

Price: $19.99

iMojo shuffle Sweats Announced

iMojo shuffle SweatsPR: iMojo announces the availability of shuffle Sweats, the only armband for the iPod shuffle made from absorbent, machine washable cotton and the only armband designed to be worn on the forearm, offering high performance and comfort in one simple design. It comes with a cable wrap made from high-tensile strength silicon to keep extra headphone cord out of the way.

Unlike other armbands worn above the elbow, the iMojo shuffle Sweats herald an end to bicep rash and are fully compatibility with all T-shirts. Available in black or white in 2-packs for $18.95 directly from iMojo.

ididdyiDiddy iPod Lanyard/Earbud Manager Shipping

PR: Pacific Rim Marketing has announced that the iDiddy, a wearable leather case and integrated earbud combination that eliminates tangled wires has begun shipping. The first in a family of products, the iDiddy provides the user with enhanced quality earbuds and a hand sewn, designer styled leather case brought together in a single unit. No more loose wires, no more wishing for a third hand. iDiddy gives you freedom to walk, run, or lounge. Because it's wearable, you can keep it conveniently under a shirt, jacket, or sweater if you don't want prying eyes to see it. iDiddy let's you enjoy your iPod more.

These new and unique products are the first of their kind to be offered for Apple's complete iPod product line, including the shuffle, iPod mini, and new combined 4-G/iPod photo product lines. iDiddy merges fashion and technology, completely integrating the earbuds into a synthetic leather iLanyard attached to a leather case. When not in use, each individual earbud slides into a clip on the iLanyard to prevent tangles. The iLanyard is adjustable to accommodate the differences in height of each individual wearer. Available and in stock now for immediate shipment, iDiddys for all of Apple's currently shipping product line, including the recently consolidate iPod photo products, are shipping in three colors; Onyx, Mocha, and Snow.

Griffin ChameleonChameleon: iPod Case Provides Good Looks and Protection

PR: Griffin Chameleon cases for iPod are unlike anything that has been seen before for iPod. Through a new breakthrough process, full color artwork is integrated into the polyvinyl Chameleon case, with stunning results. There is no comparison between Chameleon Cases and the thin sticker products currently available.

With Chameleon Cases, there is no need to compromise between great looks or protection, the Griffin Chameleon case offers both.

Griffin Chameleon cases are made of a sturdy dense polyvinyl material, much tougher than regular silicone cases. Inside a Chameleon Case, your iPod is shielded from the rigamarole and derring-do of your typical day. The front control wheel is completely protected and fully functional.


  • Tough rubber form fitting case provides ultimate protection
  • Easily removable
  • Includes belt clip dock for easy on/off access
  • Included 21" lanyard
  • 16 Exceptional designs like you've never seen before

Nyko's iPod Accessories

PR: Looking for iPod accessories that are hip, unique, and functional? Nyko Technologies, manufacturer of products for digital lifestyles, has launched several fun, convenient iPod peripherals over the past few months including:

iPod accessories:

  • iTop Button Relocator - a sleek adaptor that relocates all basic iPod control functions from the face of the player to the top of the iPod - perfect for listening on-the-go, whether running, biking, or just toting in a bag or pocket
  • iBoost/iBoost mini - a slim and compact rechargeable battery pack for iPods with dock connectors and iPod minis that adds up to 16/10 hours of extra playtime.
  • Universal Car Mount - an attractive, easy-to use, and durable holder for mounting the iPod/iPod mini in the car, featuring a quick release for easy installation. Compatible with car chargers, FM transmitters, and other accessories
  • Stereo Link - an ideal dock connector to RCA plug cable that allows the iPod to connect to any device such as a home stereo, pro-audio workstation/mixer, television, DVD player, VCR, car stereo and HDTV
  • FireWire Adaptor - a high performance adaptor that allows the iPod to connect to a FireWire port for transfer speeds of 400 Mbps

iPod photo Replacement Battery from Newer Tech

PR: Newer Technology, Inc. (NewerTech) has introduced a high-capacity 900mAh replacement battery for all iPod photo models and fourth-generation 40 GB iPod models from Apple Computer.

The battery is immediately available for $29.99 and ships with instructions and installation tools, though professional installation is highly recommended. It provides 28 percent more run-time capacity for iPod photo models and 50 percent more run-time capacity for the fourth-generation 40 GB iPod.

"You can't help but love your iPod," said Larry O'Connor, president of NewerTech. "And we make sure there's plenty of time for that love to grow. If you buy only one enhancement for your iPod, make it one of our batteries. Others are moot if your iPod runs out of juice."

With a replacement iPod battery kit from NewerTech, you keep your iPod with your tunes, personality and customizations instead of receiving a new, blank unit that needs to be reloaded from scratch.

NewerTech offers a full line of iPod replacement batteries:

  • 1800mAh first- and second-generation replacement battery for $29.95
  • 2100mAh first- and second-generation replacement battery for $39.95
  • 850mAh third-generation replacement battery for $25.99
  • 750mAh fourth-generation replacement battery for $25.99
  • 600mAh iPod mini replacement battery for $24.95
  • 900mAh iPod photo replacement battery for $29.99

NewerTech products are available from fine retailers.

OWC Launches iPod Battery Replacement Program

PR: Other World Computing (OWC) has announced it is offering an iPod battery replacement program for the not-so-do-it-yourselfer.

OWC customers within the continental US purchasing any NewerTech NuPower iPod battery replacement for their Apple first-, second-, third-, or fourth-generation iPod, iPod mini, or iPod photo model can elect to have OWC install that battery for an additional $39. The batteries are available for $24.95 to $39.95.

Customers will receive a packing box for shipping their iPod to OWC, complete with a return overnight shipping label and protective cushion. Once OWC receives the iPod, trained service technicians will perform the battery replacement as well as clean and test the iPod prior to repackaging and returning the iPod &endash; all within 24 business hours. OWC properly disposes of the old batteries.

"Even if you combine the price of one of our batteries and our installation program, this is an affordable alternative to replacing your iPod," said Larry O'Connor, president of OWC. "In contrast to others, we return your same iPod ready to jam with all your data intact and just like you left it.

"NewerTech NuPower iPod batteries are the highest capacity and longest running replacement batteries you can buy. These batteries are fully user-installable with the tools, instruction manual and installation videos we provide. Even so, we recognize not everyone is comfortable with the steps required to perform this installation. That's why we offer this service."

OWC offers a full line of NewerTech iPod batteries that range in price from $24.95 to $39.95 and offer up to 70 percent more capacity than standard iPod batteries. More information on the OWC iPod installation program utilizing NewerTech NuPower batteries is available online, by calling 1-800-275-4576, or by email at

Installation services are also available to OWC customers living outside the 48 contiguous states for additional shipping costs. Please contact a sales representative by calling 1-800-275-4576 ext. 2 for more detailed information

FastMac Introduces Longest Lasting Battery for G4 iPods

PR: FastMac has announce the addition of Generation 4 iPods to its TruePower line of iPod battery upgrades. All TruePower batteries utilize patented nanoparticle technology to dramatically extend battery life and feature the industry's only 2-year warranty. FastMac is now accepting preorders for the Gen 4 battery upgrade on its website and will be shipping the second week of August. All preorders will receive a free iPod travel charger or a free iPod car charger, at the customer's preference. Upgrades for Gen 1, 2, and 3 iPods are available now.

FastMac's TruePower upgrades replace the iPod's original internal Lithium-Ion battery with a larger capacity and longer lasting advanced power cell. The upgrade offers 20%-70% more capacity than the original (depending on iPod model) and up to 7.5 times as many charge cycles. This is accomplished through the use of TruePower's patented nanoparticle technology, which significantly slows the degradation of the battery.

"Response to our Gen 1, 2, and 3 battery upgrades has been great, but we were really surprised by how many Gen 4 owners were asking, 'When can I get one?'" said Michael Lowdermilk, Business Development Manager for FastMac Performance Upgrades. "We're working to expand our product line and we'll be announcing upgrades for more models soon."

FastMac's TruePower Technology protects and prevents damage to the battery's internal lithium crystal matrix caused by power spikes. These spikes occur when an iPod demands a sudden high current peak, for example to turn on the backlight or load the next few songs. Over time they decrease capacity, runtime, and battery life, eventually rendering the power cell unusable.

Through the use of TruePower Technology, the upgrade is able to smooth out these power spikes. This protects the battery and leads to a longer life cycle. Without the TruePower Technology the power cells are left unprotected and would steadily decrease in capacity after each charge cycle.

By extending the battery's life the FastMac upgrade also helps the environment by curbing the depletion of materials used in battery products and reducing the number of waste batteries in landfills.

FastMac's TruePower iPod battery upgrades are available for the following models:

  • Generation 1 & 2 for $39.95
  • Generation 3 for $29.95
  • Generation 4 Click Wheel for $29.95.
  • Generation 4 U2 Special Edition for $29.95.

All iPod battery upgrades are covered by the industry's only 2-year warranty and include a 30 day money back guaranty. Necessary tools and installation instructions are also included.

FastMac also offers an iPod upgrade program for an additional $49.95. Price includes prepaid 3-way shipping, professional installation, and 48-hour turnaround.

iPodResQ iPod Repair Service to APO, FPO, and PO Box Addresses

PR: MacResQ has announced an expanded set of iPod Repair Services from their iPodResQ division that allows customers with APO, FPO, and PO Box addresses to utilize their premier worldwide service at a discounted rate. This is especially relevant to anyone in the US Armed Forces living abroad with US APO addresses.

The price for the service will be discounted from $29 to $24. This service includes a custom iBox sent to the customer's APO, FPO, or PO box to pickup the iPod for delivery back to the iPodResQ service center. iPodResQ will receive the unit, contact the customer with a repair quote within 24 hours, perform the repair upon approval, and return the unit to the customer's APO, FPO, or PO Box. This is all done fully insured.

To get started, customers simply call 1-877-Pod-Repair or visit

"This new service was specifically designed to accommodate our service men and women stationed overseas that experience iPod troubles while abroad. We have received such an overwhelming request from all branches of the US Military and it was our pleasure to develop the same unprecedented service for those serving our country. We are providing them with our full-line of iPod repairs and high-capacity battery replacements by partnering with the United States Post Office to ensure the customer's iPods are transported safely and quickly." said Ryan Arter, President of MacResQ. "We will be happy to be the preferred iPod service center for our troops based overseas as well as anyone else in the U.S. with an APO, FPO, or PO Box address."

For computer resellers and repair centers, iPodResQ offers discounted rates on products and services. Computer dealers can send overflow service work or seamlessly outsource their entire iPod repair operation. Volume discounts are available for schools, corporations and government agencies.


Radio Days Announces iTunes Song Titles, Even on iPod shuffle

PR: Have you ever been in the kitchen preparing your favorite guacamole, squeezing a handful of avocados, when your iTunes player gets this song you can't remember the author? Now Radio Days is there to announce the last song played thanks to OS X voice synthesis capacities.

Would you like to know what song is playing on your iPod shuffle although it doesn't have any screen? Radio Days can export the name of songs to your favorite player, allowing you to browse and get song titles without needing any display.


  • Announcing artist/album/title at the end of the song
  • Supports radio streaming titles
  • Export the sayings to an iTunes playlist
  • Voice settings

New in this version:

  • Fixed the bug from the previous bug fix ... ("stopped" variable doesn't exist).
  • Fixed a bug that announced "Please select a song from iTunes"

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  • iTunes 2.0.3 or higher

Radio Days is freeware.

idtunes Adds Song Name, Artist, Album, Length, and Genre to MP3 Tracks

PR: "So, you are playing music in iTunes... and you want to play that song by Bob Dylan, but your forget what its called. You click on the "artist" column to sort by artist. You scroll down to the B's and you see the songs that you have by Bob Dylan . . . but not the song your looking for! What's up with that? You know you have the song, but why is it not there? After 10 minutes of sorting through all your songs you find it somewhere near the bottom with an "unknown" in the artist column. How many times have you looked at your iPod and thought about spending time typing in all the correct info for each song just so you could find it easily?How many years have you put up with that missing info? How many years in the future? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a utility that would just go in and correct all those fields of information automatically.

Now there is! idtunes fixes those missing or wrong ID3 tags automatically, once and for all. Systematize, organize, remove duplicates and correct irregularities in your music collection, even add lyrics. Once and for all clean up your MP3 song collection without having to spend weeks typing and checking the info.

Here's how songs are organized on your computer: embedded in every MP3 there are ID3 tags. These ID3 tags identify the Song Name, Artist, Album, Length, and Genre. When you rip songs from a CD and you are not connected to the net or you get an MP3 from another source often these songs are missing all or some of the ID3 tags, or have spelling mistakes, or use different forms of syntax.

idtunes goes thru your entire collection of MP3s using song fingerprint matching and enters all the correct tags (ID3 tags are the fields that list the artist, title, track, genre, etc.). Now instead of "Unknown" or "Track 7" idtunes uses a variety of techniques to make sure that the correct Title is there, the correct Artist is there, etc. idtunes also cleans up your music collection by helping you find duplicate files and also by renaming files the way you want. idtunes works to organize and clean up your song collection so that you can find music when you want to. idtunes performs its music recognition on songs by sampling and checking the sample against our web database of 3.5 million songs. Using advanced frequency matching and song fingerprinting technology, idtunes matches your song and corrects any irregularities in the tag information.

idtunes can also search for lyrics and add them to a song.

Here's how idtunes makes songs easier to find:

  • Fills in "unknown" or "unnamed" file names
  • Corrects Syntax
  • Corrects Spelling
  • Removes Duplicates
  • Fills in Artist information
  • Fills in Album information
  • Fills in Genre information
  • Fills in Year information

System requirements: Any Mac running OS X 10.2 or higher

periodicPodperiodicPod, an iPod-based Chemistry Reference

PR: Sure, you've got our periodic table software installed on your computer. But what about on your iPod? Is that even possible?

periodicPod is the premier chemistry reference tool for your iPod. periodicPod gives you quick access to atomic properties, wherever you go with your iPod. The included data is based on Synergy Creations' award-winning Periodic Table software, which is available for Macintosh and Windows XP computers.

Salient Features:

  • Quick access to a wide variety of atomic properties - wherever you go!
  • Easily adjust units of properties stored on iPod.
  • Easy to use iPod-style interface.
  • User configurable - choose what data you want to load onto your iPod.
  • iPod installers available for Mac OS X and Windows XP!

System requirements:

  • an iPod with Notes capability and a screen: e.g. 3rd or 4th generation iPod, iPod mini, iPod photo, or iPod U2
  • a Mac OS X or Windows XP computer that works with the iPod
  • doesn't work with iPod shuffle... there's no screen!

periodicPod is $9 shareware.

PodQuest Stores Driving Directions on Your iPod

PR: PodQuest is an application for Mac OS X that allows you to download driving directions to your iPod.

Once you have downloaded your driving directions to your iPod, you can conveniently access the driving direction any time of the day, thanks to the backlighted display on your iPod.

The current version of PodQuest supports the following map sites:

  • Google Maps (North America/UK)
  • Yahoo Maps (North America)
  • MapQuest (North America/Europe)
  • MapBlast (North America)
  • Mappy (Europe)
  • RandMcNally (USA)
  • ViaMichelin
  • WhereiS (Australia)
  • Krak (Denmark)

New in this version:

  • Added support for Maporama.
  • Added support for Multimap.
  • Fixed bug that prevented scroll bar from being shown in preferences window.

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later
  • Safari 1.0.3 or later
  • iPod setup for "Disk usage".

PodQuest supports all model of iPods, except, for obvious reasons, the iPod shuffle.

PodQuest is $9.95 shareware.

iPod Track & Playlist Sync/Transfer with iPod.iTunes

PR: Unlike other iPod copy tools, iPod.iTunes checks which tracks and playlists on the iPod are not in the iTunes music library and only adds those seamlessly to the iTunes library, avoiding duplicates, saving your time. iPod.iTunes can also transfer data like "My Rating", "Last Played", "Play Count", etc.

  • Simple one click synchronization or...
  • Option to choose tracks manually if you don't want to synchronize them all. You can listen to tracks before you choose to transfer them.
  • Tracks and playlist entries can be synchronized together or separately. If the tracks on the iPod are already in the iTunes library and you only want the iPod playlists, you can use the playlist synchronization alone.
  • With every track synchronization iPod.iTunes creates a date&time stamped playlist in iTunes containing the tracks which were transferred. This gives the option to easily add those tracks to existing playlists or to create new playlists from the transferred tracks.
  • Support for the iPod's "On The Go" playlist.
  • Copies by default seamlessly to the iTunes music folder and creates a folder structure based on artist/album, as in iTunes (with options).
  • File naming based on track number and track name, as in iTunes.
  • File formats: MP3, AAC/MP4, Protected AAC (iTunes Music Store), Audible audio books, Podcasts, Apple Lossless.
  • Support for Windows-formatted iPods.
  • iPod.iTunes can run directly from the iPod, so it's always there when you need it.
  • Registration is independent of the computer. You can just connect your iPod to any Mac without registering every machine.

iPod.iTunes can be used to

  • Keep music and playlists on different Macs up to date
  • Do a full restore of tracks and playlists - i.e., after a hard disk failure or if you buy a new Mac
  • Revert accident deletion of tracks and/or playlists in iTunes, if these are still on your iPod
  • Clone an iPod
  • Transfer an entire music library from one Mac to another via the iPod

System requirements:

iPod.iTunes 2.8.8 supports:

  • Mac OS X 10.2 up to 10.4.2
  • iTunes 3.0.1 up to 4.9
  • Mac/PC-formatted iPod with firmware 1.0 up to 4.2. Does currently not work with the iPod shuffle.

New in Version 2.8.8

  • Version 2.8.7 introduced two bugs which could lead to the wrong message "No tracks on iPod" or copying tracks from the iPod already in the iTunes library. If this happened to you the copied tracks can be removed by sorting the iTunes library by "Date Added", then remove the tracks that where added during the last synchronization.
  • PC-formatted iPods: since the iPod name must not exceed 11 characters, iPod.iTunes renames the iPod to match the iPod's disk volume name automatically now.
  • Tools: The function to fix ID3 tags on the iPod could fail with "Parameter error -50". Fixed.
  • Improvements in the user interface.

iPodderX Podcast and RSS Receiver Client

PR: iPodderX is the world's very first Media Aggregator and makes it easy to get your news, podcasts, video logs, or anything else in a news feed.

iPodderX uses the power of RSS and Atom news feeds to bring fresh content to your desktop automatically. Just like a newspaper or a cable TV subscription, these feeds can contain different types of content. Depending on which feeds you subscribe to, iPodderX will deliver Audio, Movies, Images, Documents, and any other kind of file right to your computer. With iPodderX, you'll always have fresh content!

New in Version 3


Playlist Builder


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System requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.5 or higher

iPodderX is $19.95 shareware.

MaxPod Podcast for News & Weather on Your iPod

PR: MaxPod is cross-platform application that helps you to maximize what your iPod can do.

"The iPod gives a great platform for music listening, but it can do so many other functions. With MaxPod, we are trying to automate as much of that functionality as possible. Right now it can sync files between your hard drive and iPod. It can download the news and weather into audio files that you can listen to on your iPod. It can organize your notes, your music, and get directions. I use it every day. I just set the auto mode to 5:50 AM and by the time I am ready to go, it has backed up and synced my files, downloaded the news and weather, which I listen to on the way to work," says Luke Jackson, head programmer at LAJ Design

Create your own unique podcast every day. Sync your files automatically everyday to a great backup device. Listen to the weather and news that you want every day.

Auto mode can automate file syncing between iPod and local drives Music mode lets you backup your music and can rename music Add/modify/backup notes, maps, and lyrics on your iPod

The Registered version gives the following

  • Save multiple watermark setups
  • No Nag window
  • Excellent Support

Available for Windows and Macintosh.

New in this version:

  • Redesigned the program for a new look
  • Added myPodcast which creates the CSS to let you make your own podcasts (the program can also make the audio files for you)
  • Added podcast support
  • Removed the volume option because not really needed

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

MaxPod is $16.50 shareware.

Pod2Go: News, Weather, Movies, Lyrics & More on Your iPod

PR: With Pod2Go, you can read the news from thousands of web sites, get the forecast for cities around the world, view movie show times for your local theaters, find your way around town with driving directions, or even sing along to the lyrics of your favorite song, all from your iPod!

Pod2Go turns your iPod into a PDA. Calendars, contacts, to-do's, notes, and much more can be quickly accessed. If you need a PDA but only need to view your data, Pod2Go and your iPod are a perfect match. You can also read your unread messages from Apple's Mail, or even your Stickies.

Every time your sync your iPod, Pod2Go simply formats text downloaded from the Internet into an iPod-friendly format, and then writes it to your iPod. Pod2Go works with all existing iPods, including the iPod photo! Older iPods with the mechanical scroll wheel will have their data stored as contact files, and newer iPods (touch sensitive) will use the notes feature.

Pod2Go is very customizable to suit your needs. Pod2Go can automatically sync at certain times of the day, and when your iPod is connected to your computer. It can also eject your iPod when its finished syncing, so you don't even have to touch your mouse.

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.2.7 or higher
  • iPod Software 1.3

Pod2Go is $12 shareware.

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