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Apple Struggles to Discredit Windows

- 2002.01.02

Coincidence? I think not! The email by "Brian Valentine" posted on The Register today brought back memories of an Apple confidential memo from 1993, the year Microsoft released Windows NT.

From: Bryan Heart
Sent: 8/30/1993 7:14 PM
To: Apple Sales, Marketing, and Services Group
Subject: Me again - Windows update

Apple Confidential - Do not print, copy or forward this email and do not share this email with anyone outside the company. For internal use only!

The whole world knows we are taking Windows seriously based on the leak of my last email.

Wait - stop there - since when did they think we weren't taking them seriously? Did they think we're not going to build the best products possible? Did they think we were going to just be fat, dumb, and happy, and not continue to win business? Did they think we were going to forget about taking care of our customers? No!

Who do they think we are? We have the best d*mn sales force in the world backed by the best engineers in the world - of course we will take any non-Apple OS serious. The thing about the leak that made me mad was not that we would "legitimize" Windows - they are a competitor, and we will compete. After all, DOS already controls the desktop; we cannot allow them to move into the server room as well.

What made me mad was that your names and email addresses where in that email and made available for all to see on the Web. That made me mad. I want you selling and supporting our products, not having to take calls and emails from the general public. I have no problem with any random Windows person sending me hate mail, junk mail, adding my email address to every list server out there, you name it - that comes with the job - but I don't want Apple employees to have to deal with the same junk.

Okay, okay, enough of that. On to some new things we are doing to help you fight Windows.

Windows is out there in some of your accounts, and you may not know it. The top down nature of how Windows is introduced means that we need to modify our traditional approaches of finding out about Windows in our customer base. We have to be more hands on and dig deeper in your accounts!

Many Windows projects happen between the user level and the executive level. It's crucial that you get out there with your tech folks and do actual walkthroughs in your accounts. Ask open ended questions; find out what they're evaluating for both key projects as well as smaller, more tactical projects. Ask about the "connector" pieces - you'll potentially find Windows in these areas. This is a great way to not only find out about Windows, but also other IT projects that may include Linux, Unix, Novell, Sun, Oracle, and other competitors!

Also watch out for rogue PC users bringing old 386 systems from home. We've got to keep existing Mac installations 100% Apple. These users will team up with tech types, hook them on all the geeky options inside of Windows and the need for a growing support staff, and make them allies. After all, Windows is job security for computer support folk.

If you are struggling with how to do detect Windows machines, then do the simple exercise of walking through your account's data centers. When you see a Dell, Compaq, Gateway, or HP machine, ask what it's used for. If you see some strange servers you didn't see last time, ask what they are doing - ask what is running on them and take notes. I would like to challenge each of you to have these conversations with your customers as soon as you can. Oh, and you can bet anyplace Microsoft is talking to your accounts, they are saying Windows and switching to higher end PC systems.

Just about every customer is looking into how they can get rid of those overpriced, legacy IBM, Unix, and other prioprietary systems and ride the PC economics wave. We need to be there when they are making these decisions and prove to them that the Macintosh platform is the best platform for them across the board.

I want you to know just how seriously we're taking Windows here in Cupertino. We're investing major efforts in creating easier processes and resources for you.

I. To start, we have expanded the in-field Windows Competitive Champ program and renamed it "Windows Insiders." Like the other TSP Champs programs, it has been changed to use the new TSP role-based database and will be ready to roll out in January. It is up to each regional TSP manager to select or assign each member; therefore, anyone wishing to become an Insider should see their manager to be signed up. Much like the support "communities" that define the Windows experience, the FCS team will strive to build a community to cooperate in winning business against Windows. By building a virtual team of field staff and corporate resources, we will enable the field to have one place to go for communication and competitive information. The Windows Insiders will have access to a centralized website where personnel can request help, route issues, and share best practices that the entire field can leverage. This site, a restricted subset of the http://infoweb/windows site, will be accessible by all "Insiders," for items such as SLT reviews, web-casts, notes from conference calls and other sensitive information.

II. Second, I'd like to announce the new Windows escalation process. Here's how it works:

a. First, make sure you check out the latest additions to the Web sites: http://infoweb/windows and http://infoweb/pcdown.

b. If you can't find what you need there, involve your local expert: The district Windows Insider (TSPs with Windows competitive responsibilities). These Insiders have the expertise and the resources to help you win. You can find your local Insider on the Web sites.

c. If you still need help for Global, Strategic and Major accounts, the Windows Insiders (or your GM) can escalate the issue to the new corporate Windows Escalation Team. Let me emphasize that you need to work with your local Insider or your GM because they have direct access to this escalation team. The team is committed to provide an initial response within one working day. These guys have in-depth Windows industry backgrounds and have been winning against Windows. The product development organization will be working closely with this team to make sure you have all the resources you need.

III. Finally, we're working hard to debunk the myths surrounding Windows. We're approaching this in waves.

a. The first wave will attack the perception that Windows is inexpensive. To that end, we've commissioned an "independent analysis" by DH Tan looking at a very popular topic these days - the cost of setup, troubleshooting, and other support. If you're not seeing this yet, you probably will. Dell is proposing to use Pentium systems running Windows NT as a low cost server consolidation scenario for file and print, messaging, and database activities. The DH Tan report will be customer ready and will help your customer understand just how competitive Microsoft is in this arena.

b. The second wave will be a full blown cost analysis comparison case study between the Mac OS and Windows in a variety of usage scenarios (Web, file and print, etc.) done "independently" by the analysts for us. ETA for this tool is October, and it will be a great tool to help you sell the value of Macintosh solutions over Windows.

You can expect us to turn up the volume on winning against Windows, as well as Dell. We're addressing your needs and believe me, that feedback goes directly to me and the senior leadership team so we can build better products to help you win against Windows!


Apple Confidential - Do not print, copy or forward this email and do not share this email with anyone out side the company. For internal use only!

PS: If you think I am not tracking this message, think again. Big Brother is watching you! Don't forward it! I want to give you folks all the information I can in a very open way. If we continue to have bad apples (sorry, couldn't resist) or careless people out there, I will not be able to help you by sending this kind of information!

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