Macs wanted for schools

If your school needs some old Mac equipment, please let me know. I will email it to the MacInSchool email list and post it here. Thanks! Dan Knight , publisher, Low End Mac

Also be sure to check our page of old equipment available to schools.

McDill Elementary, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

I am desperately in need of a Mac. I am a teacher at McDill Elementary in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Our school is woefully lacking in equipment. We are full of 386's that don't do much except run old games and act as typewriters - when they work. I'm trying hard to implement technology projects in my classroom, such as those using web pages, Kid Pix and the like, but have no resources. Any Mac will do, but I've been told an '040 or above is really what I should be shooting for.

Thanks for your help.

TJ Pharo

Salem, Massachusetts

We in Salem, Massachusetts, would like to receive any Mac out there that is in working order that anyone would like to donate. We're accepting anything post-Apple IIGS. Thanks,

Alan Bernstein

Madison Heights, Michigan

I work in a program for students with emotional problems at Lamphere Schools, in Madison Heights, Michigan. This particular group are very bright, love computers, and they need an external CD for use with a IIsi and IIci to load programs. Any help would be appreciated by the students. Fred Olds

St. Helens, Oregon

I am the yearbook advisor at St. Helens Senior High in St. Helens, Oregon (near Portland). We complete a digitally published yearbook - all on Macs. We use a wide variety (Classic through iMac) and would gladly accept any donated machines, printers, or other peripherals (mice, keyboards, monitors, cables, etc.). Our school is given no yearbook budget, and I will happily provide any donor with a letter for your taxes. I would also like to point out that most schools that use computers for their yearbook, publish on Macs and could probably use the donation. I can be reached at my school (503) 397-1900, address Ron Barnett, SHHS, 2375 Gable Rd, St. Helens, OR 97051.

Central Wisconsin

I live in central Wisconsin and know of two Christian schools just starting
up (12 workstations needed for one, 15 for the other) in my neck of the woods.
All they currently have are 486 PCs with 2 MB RAM for some of the students,
nothing for others. If possible, I'd like to help these people "turn from
the dark side" and use the #1 education computer.

If anyone has, or knows of, Mac equipment and/or peripherals to donate, I'd
truly appreciate it. Many thanks.

Tom Raymond

Stockton, California

I am a 6-8 teacher in a small (170 students) rural school near Stockton, California. I have purchased and received donations of some old Macs which I have networked and online in my classroom. I would like to have more machines in the other two upper grade classrooms as well as the primary classrooms.


Prescott, Arizona

Our school in Prescott, Arizona, is in need of a computer lab. We are in a very small school, with extremely limited facilities, and we do not have a room available for a lab. So we have decided to use laptops to take the lab to the classes. We could sure use laptops! Lynne

Hayward, California

I work in an elementary school in Hayward, California. We've got a computer lab stocked with Macs, but almost no computers in classrooms. I'd be most interested to know about any possible donations so that we could put some in classrooms. For most of the things we do with the kids, old slow machines work just fine.

Mike Stroud

Halifax, Nova Scotia

I teach in Oxford School in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are supposed to be a progressive school but we have no useable Mac computers. I have managed to scrounge a couple of dozen PCs to set up a lab in my classroom. The Halifax Regional School Board is sending reconditioned PCs to the schools and setting them up on the Internet. These machines are all 486s and only have 4 megs memory which is not very useful for running any programmes. I am using them as word processors and very slow Internet access for my students in health issues and social studies. I hope there is some way you can help.

Yours truly
Stephen D. Stone

Sanger High School, Texas

I am the head of the Sanger High School Science Department. We are an active member in several Science clubs and the TMSCA (Texas Math Science Coaches Association). We are looking for PowerBooks (any model) to take with us on the Math/Science meets and other places to aid us in our study of Science. I'd be much appreciative for anything that you could do. Thanks. (P.S. Our Math/Science team is around 30 members . . . so as many PowerBooks as you could get would be great. Thanks!)

Christopher Hewlett, Sanger High School Biology Department

Howard City, Michigan

This is just an hour north of Low End Mac/MacInSchool headquarters. dk

I am searching for PowerBooks to set up a mobile computer lab for our school. I would like the lab to circulate throughout our K-3 school so that teachers can work with students on grade level software during class time.

Currently we have a computer lab in which each student receives 30 minutes of class time per week. If we create a mobile lab, students would be able to practice some of the skills introduced during the weekly 30 minute period of lab training.

Anyone interested in donating PowerBooks may contact me through my home email address or by calling MacNaughton Elementary after September 1st.

Dennis Nielsen
MacNaughton Elementary School
Tri-County Area Schools
Box 189 Walnut Street
Howard City, MI 49329
616 937-4380
616 937-4442 Fax

Kaukauna Area Schools, Wisconsin

The Kaukauna Area School District is seeking donations for Macintosh equipment, 68030 processor or newer (including SE/30). We'd like to put the older Macs to good use as word processors and increase student access to computers.

Jim Geoffrey, Technology Coordinator
Kaukauna Area School District

New Orleans, Louisiana

I teach computer literacy at Orleans Parish in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have 486 and Pentium systems, but no Macs! I actually brought my own G3 in for three days last year to show the kids a real computer, but I'm afraid too much travel may wear on my baby.

Any Power Mac would be greatly appreciated. If I got more than I could use, we have many teachers who prefer Mac -- but our system has gone totally IBM. Lets save them!

Michael Bartlett

Antioch, California

Old Mac equipment is needed for the Deer Valley High School science department in Antioch, California. We can use any Mac Plus up to a Beige G3 for our Vernier Software sensor equipment. Of course, we'd like to get Blue and White G3 computers with hard drives and ethernet cards, but we'll use what we can get!

Our goal is to put eight computers in every science classroom. We have the sensors, but we have no money to pay for shipping. We can use decapitated PowerBooks, too, as we have a number of homeless monitors we could rig up to them. All functional donations are welcome including keyboards, monitors, mice, ADB cables, external hard drives, external CD-ROMs, etc.

Also, if there are any old Universal Lab Interfaces or Serial Port Interfaces for Vernier science equipment, we'll happily take them off your hands.

Jeff Adkins
Co-Chair, Deer Valley HS Science Dept.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

I'm the tech training specialist for Stevens Point Schools. Mine is a unique situation in that until two years ago schools were barred from buying Macs. Thank goodness that has changed due to a change in administration. I have been working here a year and have been trying hard to get Macs in the schools. I'm trying to put together a mobile Mac lab to rotate through the various schools for teachers to have for a period of time. I'm looking for 5-10 '040 or higher Macs. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Feel free to call or email.

Tony Gordon
Tech Training Specialist
Stevens Point School District

Dade County, Florida

I am a Social Studies Teacher at Miami Springs Middle School, Miami Dade County Schools, Miami, Florida. We are in need of around 10-14 Mac systems (computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse) with ethernet (card or built-in). Prefer 040/Quadra or early Power Mac.

Douglas Dennis

Contact me by my e-mail or phone: (305)888-6457 and leave your message for Mr. Dennis or Dr. Cole. Thanks!

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