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TypeIt4Me, SpellTools, Free POP3 Email, Refurbished iMacs, and Thank Yous

Charles Moore - 2001.10.29 - Tip Jar

TypeIt4Me 4.8.2

From: Neil Anderson

Hi Charles,

"The icon can be positioned anywhere along the menu bar by holding down the Control key and dragging."

Actually, I believe it's the Command key.

Cheers, Neil

You're right Neil.


Operating SpellTools with MS Outlook Express 5

From Al Schubert

MS Outlook Express 5 does not allow the SpellTools control panel to appear on the screen, therefore it can't be used. What is the fix?

Al Schubert

Hi Al,

For most applications, all you have to do is to drag the desired application icon to the SpellTools application icon to create an instant SpellTools plug-in for that app.

Once you do that , SpellTools should appear.

Let me know if this works for you.


From: Al Schubert


Thank you for instructions to make SpellTools work with MS Outlook Express. It worked fine, but only if you drag SpellTools to the application. Is version 1.5 available and how do I get it?



Hi again Al,

No word on any update to SpellTools yet that I know of. I keep hoping for an OS X version, but I'm not terribly optimistic.


Re: Free POP3 email?

From David L. Duff

Hello Charles Moore,

You haven't run across anything like Juno for a Mac have you - something that has its own dialup access?

I'm looking to get rid of Internet (and therefore my ISP), but want to keep email of some type. My Mac is of course rather low-end and not really capable of Mac OS 9+ resource-wise.

Looking into those sites you mentioned in your article, apparently one has to have an existing ISP account to access any of them (or did I miss something?). Any ideas?

Thanks and regards, David Duff

Hi David,

Nope. You're right. Juno does not support the Mac, and there are no equivalent Mac services. Are there any community ISPs in your area that would be adequate for email support?

I know my ISP offers a 10 hour per month option for $10.00.


Thank you!

From Jane Thompson

Dear Mr. Moore,

Thanks so much for all of your informative articles. I've just recently discovered Road Warrior, and I'm also a 6-week member of several LEM lists, although I've been a Mac user for 9 years. (I just never had a PowerBook before, nor thought of my machines as "Low End.") I bought a refurbed Pismo 400 from Apple. (I got it an hour after the Feb. 28th earthquake here in Seattle, a day I'll always remember!) I now have a hard time relating to any of my older Macs, I like this one so much. Did you ever get one? I've read much of your agonizing about it after the theft of the other (Lombard?). So much to read, so little time!

The real reason that prompted me to write, though, was your two columns on SpellTools and Utilities for 9. I publish a monthly newsletter with lots of cutting and pasting from email, and SpellTools looks like just the thing I've been wishing for. The others look good, too, but ST is a revelation to me. I'm a huge fan of shareware and utilities, but you've managed to introduce me to even more. Thanks so much for all your work for the community.

And, yes, the Pismo is worth it.


Jane Thompson

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the nice letter, and I'm delighted to hear that you enjoy The Road Warrior and my LEM contributions.

Re: the Pismo. I'm still using my old WallStreet, but I may have something new to say about Pismos and me soon. And yes, once you get used to a PowerBook, it's hard to go back to using anything else. I was gratified to note that Steve Wozniak said much the same thing in a recent interview.

The stolen 'Book was actually my son's WallStreet (nearly two years ago). He replaced It with a Lombard 333, which has been an excellent machine.

I'm addicted to SpellTools. If you haven't already, you might also try downloading Tex-Edit Plus, which is great for cleaning up text from emails, and works nicely with SpellTools.


From Jane Thompson redux

I've wanted a PowerBook ever since the very first one. I saw that ad of the guy with one on the top of the Grand Canyon, and it's been PB lust ever since. I've bought a Pismo, a 170 (for $20), and a 280c fully loaded for my mother in the last 7 months. I really don't know what took me so long.

I love Tex-Edit, and have been using it for years for translating odd files. Now, I'm finding it a good program for the 170, although I'm a huge fan of WriteNow 4.0.

Here's a copy of what I just sent to the iMac list in response to a newbie. I was hoping that another thread would ensue, but it didn't. I would imagine that you use or know about all or most of these.

Several years ago, when I discovered newsgroups, there was a lengthy thread that was titled something like "Shareware you can't live without." I learned about many of my favorites that way, and love to see this brought up every now and then.

Here are a few of my faves:

  1. Stuffit Expander/Dropstuff. Without this, you can't do anything with downloads.
  2. GraphicConverter. Simply the best for seeing, enhancing, and converting graphics.
  3. CopyPaste. Don't know how anyone lives and writes without this multiple clipboard
  4. TTConverter. Allows me to convert PC fonts for use on Macs. A whole new world!
  5. Tex-Edit. Really useful to read odd text files, including M$ schtuff that I won't allow on my machines.
  6. Print2PDF. Let's you do most of what the big boys do for about 1/5 of the cost.
  7. A-Dock. gives you a taste of what's coming in OS X dock. Very cool. I like it better than Apple's tear-off menu, and
  8. Wapp Pro. Made by the same guy, work well together. Puts dropdown menus in your menu bar, containing anything that you want.
  9. Kaleidoscope. Change the appearance of your desktop. So sad that it will no longer be around when OS X takes over.
  10. Tech Tool. Best way to rebuild your desktop and zap your PRAM. Gives nice system profile, too.
  11. iSearch. Better than Sherlock because you don't have to index. Very fast text string searches.
  12. Weather Grok. Customizable weather utility.
    and just for good luck
  13. Solitaire House. Tons of card games with really nice graphics and sound.

These are just a few. There are so many ways to dress up your Mac and customize it for just the way you use it.

Thank you again.


Refurb. iMacs

From: Josh Rosenkranz

Can you tell me where to get a refurbished iMac as you mentioned in your article: Cheap Power Macs: The $500 G3 and $750 G4, 22 May 2000.

I am buying a computer for my grandfather, and I know he would love an iMac.


Hi Josh,

Try <> or <>.

Many other resellers have refurb. iMacs from time to time.


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