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Charles Moore - 2002.02.20 - Tip Jar

Thanks for being a great writer

From Yarone Levy

Hi Charles,

Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that I like your work and have been a long time reader of yours. Thanks for that Mozilla 0.9.8 article. It's been my main browser since just about the day it came out, after A/B'ing it with iCab myself. Your writing keeps me reading - looking forward to more of your articles.

Yarone Levy

Hi Yarone,

What can I say but a big thanks! Getting letters like yours makes it all worthwhile.

Kindest regards,

Mozilla 0.9.8 reaction

From Bob Friede


I agree, it's the best build yet. The only problem with it I've had so far is when it locks up the whole computer (9.1, Wallstreet), forcing a restart every time I try to access my substantial bookmark list from the Mac menubar. So I don't try that anymore.

I'm delighted to get a step closer to saying so long to iCab. I mean, iCab works really well, mostly - but it looks/acts too much like IE for me to feel entirely copmfortable with it. That old M$ phobia, y'know...

Hi Bob,

I still like iCab a lot, too, and OmniWeb in OS X.

I must be lucky. I've been using Mozilla every day since ) 0.9.2 came out last May, and I just don't get crashes. I may have had two or three unexpected quits in that time. I'm also using a WallStreet and OS 9.1.


Mozilla 0.9.8 and SpellChecking

From Roger

You're right; Mozilla 0.9.8 rules!

I have been using Mozilla 0.9.7 and Nescape 6.2 for awhile. I only use Netscape because I can't spell, and it has a built-in spell checker. Can, or how can, Excalibur and or Spell Tools work within Mozilla?

Roger Harris

Hi Roger,

I tried creating a Mozilla plugin for SpellTools, which seemed to work (just drag the Mozilla application icon to the SpellTools application icon). The SpellTools floater now appears when Mozilla is active, but I can't get it to address the composition pane in Messenger.

I think Excalibur would open Mozilla mailbox files (I'm not certain), but this would be extremely cumbersome.




From: Joe Gutierrez

Hi Charles,

Enjoyed your article on Mozilla. I also downloaded it a couple of days ago, and I too like it alot. I just wish there was a way to send links to Outlook Express (sorry) instead of Mozilla's mail. Is there a way? Also why does one Realplayer plugin work on some sites but won't come up on others? (Dave Letterman's) If these would work I would leave IE behind.

Joe Gutierrez

Hi Joe,

Re: the links - not that I know of.

Can't help with the plugin issue either. Is there a later version of the plugin that you could download and try?


Comments on your "Mozilla 0.9.8" review

From Aaron Zelcer

Dear Charles,

As always, I enjoyed reading your "down-to-earth" informative piece on Mozilla.

I would like to offer 2 short comments:

  1. Indeed, Hebrew support in Mozilla 0.9.8 is superb, far better than in any other Mac browser. This is the general consensus here in Israel. At some stage, the iCab team commited some work to provide better Hebrew support in their wonderfull browser, but further progress seems to have stopped in recent versions.
  2. iCab is still my choice browser for the many reasons that you mentioned in some of your previous articles, and for one more reason that is often underestimated: saving an entire page in iCab results in ONE SINGLE compressed file. IMHO, no other browser adopted this elegant approach. This situation is particularly important for me, since my wife has developed a strong addiction to save every web page she finds interesting.

Keep up the good writing!
Aaron Zelcer

Thanks Aaron,

I love iCab's Web archive saving feature. One bone I have to pick with Mozilla is that it can't save in any format but html.


Mozilla Installer Crashing

From: Ken Watanabe


I enjoy your articles on LEM. Thanks.

FYI, regarding Mozilla 0.9.8 installer crashing (as you reported from a user with a G3-accelerated 7100), it's not an isolated problem. I have an 8100 with a NewerTech G3 card and get the same error. I looked on the "Bug Reporting" section of the web site and found this problem already reported; in that case, it was from a user with a non-accelerated 6100. I added my incident details as a follow-on comment to that bug report.

The pattern seems to be with NuBus Power Macs, based on the three examples I know about. I like Mozilla, so I hope the next release has this problem fixed.

- Ken

Thanks for the report, Ken.


Mozilla 0.9.8 speed

From Maurice Schumann

Hello Charles,

Your response answered a lot of questions! And I thought I lived out in the boonies and had a slow connection. It is nice being "out in the country," but it does impose a sacrifice or two. One is speed: and that's what a lot of people go out to the country for - to slow down the pace of life. It slows down the Internet too.

Maurice Schumann

Sure does!


Mozilla - Can't Paste, etc.

From George Mogiljansky

Hello CWMoore,

You only have a 26,400 connection, pity. I find paste doesn't work if going from OS X's built-in Explorer to Netscape 4.7 in Classic mode. The latter is by far the fastest ever combo I've used - Classic OS on an HDD separate from OS X, Beige desktop @ 333 MHz, 768 MB Ram and a 56k external USR using Sympatico and Nav. 4.7.

I've used cable at work for Internet, but reading Yahoo mail is awesomely fast from home and seems just as fast.


/'\ ASCII Ribbon Campaign
\ / No HTML/RTF in email
X No Word docs in email
/ \ Respect for open standards
Hi George,

And that's on a good day.


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Charles Moore has been a freelance journalist since 1987 and began writing for Mac websites in May 1998. His The Road Warrior column was a regular feature on MacOpinion, he is news editor at and a columnist at If you find his articles helpful, please consider making a donation to his tip jar.

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