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Charles Moore - 2003.02.03 - Tip Jar

RE: PhotoWorks

From Patrick Pietrasz

Thanks! You're recent article on PhotoWorks for 35mm prints, etc. was very helpful - I've been trying to to find a good replacement since the last prints by mail place I used folded. Don't have the money to go digital, nor would I want to (photography's just a hobby for me) but also because of the shots I can get from my Minolta XG-1 (and then with a Canon 42-bit scanner, it's easy to get digital prints).

Thanks again,
Patrick Pietrasz

Hi Patrick,

Delighted to hear that the article was helpful.


Mac OS X Bible software??

From Tim Clarke

I was wondering if you could help me? Is there any good Mac OS X Bible software out there, especially with the NLT version?

Thanks for any help?

Tim Clarke


Hi Tim,

Try iBible


• Quick jump to Bible verses
• History keeps track of where you're reading
• Bookmarks let you remember important passages
• Strong's Lexicon support lets you see what Bible words' original definitions are
• Powerful search lets you look for words or phrases in as much - or as little - of the Bible as you want
• Powerful "Copy Formatted" feature lets you copy and paste Bible passages as you read them - without carriage returns and verse numbers, and with the passage location automatically inserted at the end of the quotation (see below for details)
• Free 30-day feature-unlimited trial lets you kick the tires and see if you want to keep iBible

Accordance Bible Software is also available for OS X.


TextEdit and Web Pages

From Peter Gøthgen

Hi Charles,

This TextEdit trick requires using services. Services are only available to Cocoa apps, not to Carbon ones. Safari and OmniWeb are Cocoa, IE is a carbon app. Apparently Netscape is one, too, so I can only assume that Mozilla is as well. Services are available in any Cocoa app, but only in Cocoa ones.

Hope this clears up the confusion.

Peter Andreas Gøthgen

Thanks Peter. Something I must ask Tom Bender someday is how he got the OS X spellchecker to work with Tex Edit Plus, which is a Carbon app. It doesn't access the spelling through services though.


Using AppleWorks Word format for resumes

From Erwin van Bussel

Hi Charles,

I've just read the question from Alvin in [the Jan. 20] Misc. Ramblings about saving a document in AppleWorks 6.2 in Word format. While saving a document in Word format might work very well, it is probably easier and better to save it as a PDF. That way you can be certain it will open on any computer with exactly the same layout.

In Mac OS X this can be done by clicking on File => Print => Print Preview button in AppleWorks. The document will open in Preview and you can then save it as a PDF. I'm not sure if you can do this in the Classic OS, but since Alvin is using AppleWorks 6.2 he is probably on OS X (if I remember correctly AppleWorks 6.1 is the OS 9 version).

Hope this helps!

Kind regards
Erwin van Bussel

AppleWorks & Word

From Peter Gøthgen

Hi again,

I was reading the question about saving as a Word document through AppleWorks. If he's using OS X, his absolute best bet is to save as a pdf (which he can do through the print dialog box) and email it that way. If it doesn't have to be editable, that's the best solution.

Peter Andreas Gøthgen

Hi Erwin and Peter,

Good, sensible tip. That's what PDF was for originally. Thanks.


USB Modem Woes

From Luis E. Boada


I read your article on USB FireWire PCI card.

I have a Performa 6400 fitted with a Macally PCI card.

My mouse and cameras work fine with this card, but my Elsa Microlink 56k Fun USB modem is not recognized in my System Profiler.

I have the right drivers.

What can I do?

Thank you,
Luis E. Boada
Barcelona, Spain

Hi Luis,

I can only guess. The modem may have compatibility issues with the PCI upgrade card.

If you are not running OS 9.1 or 9.2, you could try upgrading to one of these System versions, but I'm only speculating that doing so might would solve the problem.

You might also try another brand of PCI card. A friend of mine with a Power Mac 6500 had terrible compatibility and system stability issues with a Sonnet USB PCI card he had installed. He switched to a Belkin USB PCI Card, and all the problems disappeared.

Sorry I can't be more help.


Excel in Classic

From Christian Schlier

Hello Charles,

Do you know which version of Excel is the oldest that can run in the Classic environment of OS X (or in Mac OS 9)?

Version 4 won't do the job.


Hi Christian,

Version 4 is pretty old. I don't know for sure, since I don't use Excel, but my guess would be that it's probably the version that shipped with Office 98.

Perhaps someone can confirm whether this is indeed the case or not.


OS 6 on a G3?

From John Cate

It's impossible. OS 6 is written entirely in 680x0 assembly code and wouldn't even recognize a G3 processor if you somehow got it on a drive and tried to boot it. You'd need a 680x0 emulator like vMac to get System 6 to run on any PowerPC processor.

System 6 can run on an 040-upgraded Mac if the machine supported 6 with its original CPU (and it flies in this configuration, as you might suspect), but 6 on any PPC is a no-go.

System 6 on a G3?

From Ed Hurtley

It is safe to categorically say [System 6] cannot [run on a G3]. How do I know this?

Simple, System 7.1.2 was the first System to have PowerPC code. Unlike either AMD's "Hammer" 64-bit chip or IBM's new PowerPC 970, which can natively support both the older 32-bit instructions and newer 64-bit modes, the transition from 680x0 to PowerPC was a complete change. The low-level kernel of Mac OS 7.1.2 did all the translation from 68k code to PPC code.

Before 7.1.2, there was no PPC code in the OS, so there is no way to make an older system run on any PowerPC based machine, from the 6100 up to the latest G4. Just as Mac OS 8.1 was the last OS to support the 680x0 series of processors, nothing higher than 8.1 will run on any 68k Mac (unless it's been upgraded with a PowerPC chip, but even then, most PowerPC upgrades say that they only work up to OS 8.1.) There is no core 68k code in 8.5 and above, and there is no core PPC code below 7.1.2.

In fact, you can't even run System 6 on a Quadra. (It may be possible, but I have yet to see anyone claim that they have done it. The fastest system that I know of that can run System 6 is the Macintosh IIfx. And it is most certainly "wicked fast" on a IIfx.)

While you can run various emulator programs to emulate a Macintosh Plus (or even a Quadra) on a G3 system, I don't know why he would be interested in using DSL on the emulator.

Assuming for a moment that he doesn't actually have a G3, but has a 68030 (both have a "3," you see) and can run System 6, there are a couple options for DSL:

MacTCP runs just fine on System 6, and it supports network cards. MacWeb and MacWWW are very very basic web browsers that will run on System 6, but they have extremely limited feature sets. The vast majority of websites will not display properly (some at all) on these Web browsers. MacWWW is the only graphical web browser that will run on a 68000 machine like a Plus or SE. (But, it is painfully, pitifully, slow.)

Re: OS 6 on a G3

From Luca Rescigno

I am kind of interested in things like running a really early system on newer hardware - not emulation, but actually running it.

I think the best you can do is to run system 7.1.2 on a G4/433. You'd need a first-run 6100, 7100 or 8100 (one that shipped with 7.1.2), then you'd need to upgrade it. I'm actually interested in that myself.

Thanks for clearing that issue up guys.


CoolMac keyboard

From John Oswald

Major shortcoming. No USB port for a mouse. Checked [the CoolMac keyboard] at Macworld.

John Oswald

Hi John,

What you need is a USB mini hub.


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