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15 Free POP3 Email Services

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Charles Moore - 2005.08.01 - Tip Jar

There are dozens of free email services on the Internet - the vast majority of them Web-based, which means that you can only access your mail with a browser. Web-based email can be convenient if you travel a lot or need to access your mail from computers in different locations or on computers you don't own, because you can use any computer, anywhere in the world with Internet access to check your mail.

However, for regular home or office purposes, POP3 email is probably more convenient, especially if you are among the two-thirds or so of Internet users worldwide (albeit now a minority in the US) who don't have broadband service.

POP3 email is the type of email account you access with client software like Eudora, OS X Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, or another of a wide selection of email client programs.

Incoming messages are received by a remote server and stay there until you download them to your own computer. With POP3, you can do all your email work offline except for actually sending and downloading messages, which cuts down immensely on online time - important if you're a dialup user. And since both outgoing and incoming messages are stored on your hard drive, it's always easy and convenient to access your archives.

Anyway, there's been something of a renaissance in free POP3 email services, and despite a few more casualties since my last survey of the category (16 Free POP3 Email Services - Summer 2004), there are almost as many alternatives now as ever, and some major players are getting into the game - notably Google with its Gmail service that offers both Web and POP3 access and a gigabyte of free online storage space. The SpyMac online community offers similar features and space. But there are also a bunch of smaller free POP3 services as well, some with unique features that may appeal.

I don't claim that the listing below is exhaustive, but I think it covers most of the bases. Apologies in advance for any inadvertent omissions.

Free POP3 Email Services in alphabetical order

  1. Bluebottle Email
  2. Cashette
  3. Christian.net
  4. Cwazy Email
  5. Gawab.com
  6. Google Gmail
  7. HotPOP
  8. Inbox.lv
  9. LPeMail
  10. MailShack
  11. Postmark.net
  12. SAFe-mail.net
  13. SoftHome
  14. Spymac
  15. Virus Free Email

Bluebottle Email

Bluebottle's open-source technology claims to be 100% effective in blocking unwanted email and to effectively protect a user from spam while ensuring all legitimate email is received.

When Bluebottle receives an email from an address or domain not on your "allowed" list, a verification request is sent asking the sender to verify themselves in one of two ways. The required response to these verification requests automatically places the sender's address on your allowed list, and the email is delivered to you without delay.

Once the sender's address is on this list, they can email you as they would normally. The advantage is that you only receive email from allowed senders. To avoid identification, spammers commonly use forged or fake addresses. Consequently, the verification request is never seen or responded to, so spammers can't infiltrate your allowed list. That means you'll no longer receive annoying, unwanted email.

Simply add your known contacts to your allowed list so they can avoid verifying themselves. And even if legitimate senders do need to verify themselves, it's quick and easy to do so.

If you're sending an email, Bluebottle automatically adds the recipient's address to your allowed list to avoid a request being sent when they reply.


  • Free lifetime email address with 10 MB storage
  • Spam protection for 3 existing accounts
  • Webmail, POP, or IMAP access
  • SMTP for sending mail
  • 250 MB mail storage

Bluebottle can apply the verification process to your existing email, including Hotmail, by checking your accounts through its servers. Email from known senders is delivered to your account without delay. Unknown email is placed in the pending queue to await verification. You can access your spam-free email through Bluebottle's webmail interface or via POP3 using any email client.

Allowed Senders

This is your list of addresses and domains from which you will receive email. Addresses can be either added manually, by automatic addition when sending outgoing mail, or by the sender successfully responding to a verification request. Addresses can be easily removed from your allowed list.

Blocked Senders

This is your list of addresses and domains from which you will not receive email. Senders can only be added to this list manually. Emails received from addresses on this list are deleted instantly without a verification request being sent. Addresses can be easily removed from your blocked list.

Pending Verification

This is a list of email that has been sent to you from a sender not on your allowed list. It is currently being held awaiting successful verification by the original sender. You can also allow the email through manually, which adds the sender's address to your allowed list, and the email is delivered to your inbox. Pending email messages that aren't successfully verified or allowed through manually will be removed after seven days.

Verification Method

Bluebottle offers two methods by which senders can verify themselves. The first is "Reply Only", whereby all that a sender needs to do to successfully respond to a verification request is click on a link within the email. The second of these methods is "Full Name", which requires a sender to provide your full name to fulfill the requirements of the verification request successfully.

Protecting Existing Accounts

Bluebottle checks your external email accounts through its servers and then applies it to the email verification process. You are then able to access your spam free email through Bluebottle's site using any web browser, or you can use any POP/IMAP email client such as Outlook or Eudora by making a simple change to your email settings.

Bluebottle also provides access to your email via the web. Simply visit www.bluebottle.com and login with your full address (xxxxx@bluebottle.com) and your password.

Bluebottle's signup page was quick and efficient with instant activation. I can't give a long-term reliability report, but so far the service works well.


Too much spam? Cashette is a spam-control service. You can use Cashette to stop spam and to get paid if you receive advertising email.

How does it work?

You set a price for spam. You get paid for each "spam" you receive. If they don't pay, you won't receive spam.

You can use Cashette to:

  • Stop spam 100% for your email accounts.
  • Make money if you do receive ad mail.
  • Access multiple email accounts at one place.

Gone are the frustrations of spam. No more annoying spam in your Inbox. No need to be afraid to give out your email address.

If you receive 3 ad mails a day at 5¢ apiece, that will add up to $55 a year.

Cashette works with Yahoo, Hotmail, Cashette, and any POP3 email account.

  • Your Cashette account includes a full-featured email account.
  • 2500 MB of storage.
  • Consolidate your email accounts. You can access your multiple email accounts at one place.
  • Web-based. You can access your email anywhere you have access to the Internet.
  • Use POP3 mail software to access all of your consolidated email accounts including even Yahoo mail.
  • Importing your address book is as easy as sending an email using Cashette's Quick Import method.
  • No banner ads or popup ads.

Unlike other spam solutions, Cashette is attacking the root of the problem. The fundamental reason that spam is flooding the email system is that, unlike traditional advertising, it costs almost nothing to send spam. There is a strong economic incentive for spammers to abuse email. Cashette takes away that incentive by making the spammers pay.

Your Cashette account includes a full featured email account that is automatically spam controlled when you sign up. You can set up spam control for your other email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or other POP3 email.

Any price above zero will stop spam. Cashette recommends a price between 1¢ and 5¢. A price of 0¢ disables spam control. Your price for spam is preset to 5¢ when you sign up for an account. You can change your price at any time.

Spammers send spam and do not pay. An advertiser who sends paid ad mail must have a Cashette account. The money is transferred from the sender's account to your account at the time the email is sent. You can withdraw money from your account by requesting a check at any time.

Your Cashette account is free. When you receive paid ad mail, Cashette charges the advertiser a 20% commission with a minimum of one cent.


Christian.net is a free, nonprofit, and nondenominational online community for Christians based in Vancouver, Canada featuring email @christian.net (via POP3 and a custom webmail program), Web hosting (including PHP and MySQL), forums, chat rooms, online Bibles, and much more.

Some features are available to everyone, while others require membership. Membership is quick and free.

The Web server software is Apache, running on the FreeBSD operating system. The site itself is written in PHP and uses MySQL for the database backend.

Email features:

  • POP3
  • Webmail
  • Folders
  • Address book with import/export functions
  • Send/receive attachments
  • Optional inline image decoding
  • Optional viewing of HTML attachments
  • Spell Checker with 20+ language dictionaries
  • Virus scanning
  • Powerful, customizable spam filtering
  • Mail forwarding

Currently you are allowed to use 10 MB of disk space for files and email combined. This is a "soft" limit, though, meaning you can go over it temporarily if you need to.

Christian.net works well but offers no SMTP access for sending mail with your POP3 client.

Cwazy Email

Cwazy provides email, hosting, and consulting services to individual and corporate clients. Cwazy began by offering free email services to individuals and has expanded to offering business services as well.

Cwazy MailCwazy offers free email services to individual clients similar to Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. Cwazy's individual email service offers people a distinct advantage over traditional mail services: POP3 and IMAP support allows clients to access and manage their email through Outlook, Eudora, and Mulberry at no extra cost.

Cwazy is powered by world-class software and is hosted on cutting edge server technology employing multiple redundancies to ensure the reliability and stability clients need.

Cwazy is headquartered in the United Kingdom and currently provides email and hosting services to clients in over 25 countries. The Cwazy service currently serves over 300,000 web requests on a monthly base while utilizing only 3% of their overall capacity.

Cwazy was founded in September 2001 to provide free email services to frustrated friends and family. Many of Cwazy's initial clients echoed the same complaint of unreliable email that was frustratingly slow.

Around January 2002, after quite a number of "friends of friends" requested accounts, the founders of Cwazy decided to start a service for the public relying upon their combined years of technology experience. By March 2003, Cwazy had grown to over 1,000 individual users in over 20 countries. As of July 2003, Cwazy had over 4,000 individual clients and serves more than 300,000 Web requests per month.

In July 2003, the founders of Cwazy began offering a new suite of services to small and large businesses. These services complement the free individual email service currently offered. The new service package includes commercial email service and hosting, outsourced email servers, and strategic consulting focused on infrastructure and security.


  • 305 MB mailbox
  • Unlimited outgoing mail (Web only)
  • Advanced spam protection
  • Filtering/sorting capabilities
  • Message highlighting
  • POP3 support
  • Multilingual translation

Signup is very simple and quick. The account is created and access details sent to the contact email address you have provided.

This service seems to work well so far, but there is no SMTP support for sending mail for free accounts, so you have to use your ISP's SMTP server for sending (if they allow it for third party email accounts - mine doesn't).

Great cat mascot logo. ;-)


This email service based in Alexandria, Egypt, offers:

  • 2048 MB free account
  • POP/SMTP support
  • 50 MB attachments
  • Spam/virus protection
  • 15 interface themes
  • 14 different languages
  • Unlimited number of folders

Gawab.com also supports webmail, so you can check your inbox with a browser from any computer on the Internet

Signup is a bit time consuming and demands a lot of information, but once the signup process is complete, the new account is created instantly.

Gawab has been fast and slick, and it's reliable both for checking and sending mail. When I had a technical support question, the Gawab folks got back to me promptly with the information I needed. Impressive.

Google Gmail

Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service, still in beta, that includes 2,500 MB (2.5 GB) of storage. The backbone of Gmail is a powerful Google search engine that quickly finds any message an account owner has ever sent or received. That means there's no need to file messages in order to find them again.

When Gmail displays an email, it automatically shows all the replies to that email as well, so users can view a message in the context of a conversation. There are no popups or untargeted banner ads in Gmail, which places relevant text ads and links to related Web pages adjacent to email messages.

I've been using Gmail for about 14 months and have found it reliable and generally excellent, especially since POP3 access was added.

Gmail is still in beta, and signups are by invitation only, but if you know someone with a Gmail account, they can probably get you an invitation, as each account holder is permitted to sign up six more users.

Quick Facts

  • Cost: Free
  • Storage: 2,500+ MB (and counting)
  • Languages: Messages can be sent and read in most languages. The Gmail interface is available in many languages, including UK English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and simplified and traditional Chinese, and we are continuing to add more.
  • Access: Free automatic forwarding and POP3 access
  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled on all browsers
  • Fully supported browsers:
    • Microsoft IE 5.5+ ( Windows)
    • Netscape 7.1+ ( Windows Mac Linux)
    • Mozilla 1.4+ ( Windows Mac Linux)
    • Mozilla Firefox 0.8+ ( Windows Mac Linux)
    • Safari 1.2.1+ ( Mac)
  • Many other browsers work with Gmail's basic HTML view, including:
    • Microsoft IE 4.0+
    • Netscape 4.07+
    • Opera 6.03+

(Note that unsupported browsers may work, too.)

Gmail is an experiment in a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that you should never have to delete mail and you should always be able to find the message you want. The key features are:

  • Search, don't sort.
  • Use Google search to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received.
  • Don't throw anything away.
  • 2000 megabytes of free storage so you'll never need to delete another message.
  • Keep it all in context.
  • Each message is grouped with all its replies and displayed as a conversation.
  • No popup ads.
  • No untargeted banners.
  • You see only relevant text ads and links to related web pages of interest.

We're currently only offering Gmail as part of a preview release and limited test. We don't have details on when Gmail will be made more widely available, as that depends in part on the results of the test. If you're interested in receiving updates on Gmail, submit your email address using the form on Gmail's Web page.


HotPOP LLC is a privately held company based in Newton, Massachusetts. Founded in 1998, HotPOP offers email accounts from various domains with a combination of features not found with other providers.


  • Free POP Mail Access - Read your mail with your favorite program.
  • Large Mailboxes - Store thousands of messages with up to 100 MB of space.
  • Ad-Free Options - Opt-out subscriptions available for as low as $0.99/month.
  • Mail Filtering - User-defined filters can stop spam and other undesirable mail before it ever gets to your mailbox.
  • Instant Signup - You can be ready to go in a few minutes.

Free Support

  • Free Mail Forwarding - Have your mail forwarded to up to 15 addresses.
  • Free SMTP Access - Send mail directly from your favorite client.
  • Cool Domains - Fun, frisky and memorable.
  • No Popups - no popups, not even for free accounts.

New Features

  • Email Aliases: Protect your privacy and prevent spam with unlimited email aliases.
  • Major Anti-Spam Upgrade: Change message subjects or block spam based on your own settings.
  • New Support Center: Helping you better, faster, and easier.
  • Client Setup Guides: Step by step guide library launches.

There is also Web access to your HotPOP account. There is a limit of 500 KB per message, and a maximum of 1,000 incoming email messages per day.

Signup is easy. Just fill out the form and survey, and you're ready to go. An email will be sent to your old address with your password and some helpful information. If you are using a POP account, you can log in right after you configure your client.

HotPOP currently has seven domains to choose from and says they constantly searching for new ones. Memo: keep looking, guys - most of these are pretty lame.

  • HotPOP.com
  • ToughGuy.net
  • PunkAss.com
  • BonBon.net
  • Phreaker.net
  • SexMagnet.com
  • GameBox.net

I've had a HotPOP account for several years. Once in a while the server is a bit sluggish about answering, but it always comes up. There is SMTP support for outgoing mail, which requires checking your inbox before sending, and I've found that aspect to be a bit cranky at times, requiring two or three checks before the SMTP server will respond.

HotPOP offers a combined POP3/forwarding and webmail service. At the free level, HotPOP includes 10 MB of storage for email messages and the ability to specify up to 3 destination addresses to forward messages to.

Another one that has proved to have staying power, and it's been reliable.


Inbox.lv is the largest provider of free Web-based email in Latvia and also supports POP3 access with 100 MB of storage space. The service also includes Kapersky antivirus scanning, which scans all incoming and outgoing emails. There is a limit of 1 MB of attachments per message.

  • 100 MB mailbox
  • Antivirus and anti-spam
  • Free SMS notifications

If you do not sign in to your @inbox.lv account for 60 days, or if you do not sign-in within the first 10 days, your account will be marked "inactive". Stored email and addresses will be deleted, and inbound mail will be refused. If your account stays "inactive" for over 90 days, it may be permanently deleted.

Inbox.lv can be viewed in a variety of languages. You can make the language of a Inbox.lv session match the language of the Sign In page used to begin that session. You currently have your choice of: English, Latvian, and Russian.

I've been using Inbox.lv for about a year now, and while I've occasionally had trouble getting the server to answer (crowded lines between North America and Latvia?) I've found it generally good. No SMTP support, though. You have to send mail through your ISP's server.


Free POP3 and Web-based email service with 10 MB of storage

Fast, easy signup and immediate use access.

Spam Free Email

  • Free Email Account
  • A Spam Filter that works. An email manager that blocks SPAM from your Inbox stops 99.999% of spam and viruses at the server
  • Protect yourself from annoying SPAM
  • Protect your computer from viruses, Trojans, and more - and sophisticated anti-spam protection, including whitelist, blacklist, and keyphrase options.
  • Take back all that wasted time sifting through junk mail
  • Protect your family from being subjected to pornography
  • Reduce the spread of harmful viruses
  • Guard your friends from Re-Porter spam email
  • Use an email account that works to protect you
  • An email manager that blocks spam from your inbox - stops 99.999% of spam and viruses at the server

How can LPeMail's spam filter be free?

LPeMail is supported by voluntary donations from those in the community. If you would like to make a donation, go to: http://liveprayer.com/donations.htm

Note that you will receive a daily devotional email in your LPEmail account.


MailShack from Nerdshack offers free anonymous POP3 email accounts.

A nerdshack.com email account comes with a pledge to protect your privacy and respect your time. nerdshack.com will not surrender your email address to anyone and will actively attempt to keep spam out of your inbox. The Nerdshack promises never to scan your email or allow anyone to access it without a court order.

Currently, MailShack offers the general public free POP3 email accounts with a 100 MB quota, and the service supports both incoming and outgoing messages. Users are limited to only sending 100 messages per day. You may send and receive attachments up to 10 MB in size.

MailShack supports encrypted authentication using CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 for outgoing messages, and APOP authentication for downloading your incoming mail, and also supports encrypted sessions for outgoing mail over ports 25 and 3535, and encrypted sessions for incoming mail over port 110 using STLS, and over port 995 using an alternate port configuration.

You may also check your email using nerdshack.com's webmail beta.

MailShack pledges to always offer a free level of service that meets or exceeds what you get today. In the future they may choose to offer premium service levels above what the free service level provides.

They will never attach taglines or advertisements to your outgoing messages. Taglines are unprofessional and, more importantly, annoying. We use this service, too, and wouldn't subject our users to anything we couldn't tolerate ourselves.

I found MailShack's signup page quick and simple to complete, and the account activation was immediate. I've only had an account for a couple of days, but so far the service seems to work well.


  • Free lifetime email address with 10 MB storage
  • Access from any computer on the Internet
  • POP3 Access

You may store up to 10 MB of mail in your account. Each message (incoming and outgoing) may be up to 2 MB long.

You can log in from our home page, and you can download and read your mail using a POP3 email client.

There is currently no outgoing (SMTP) mail server available.


SAFe-mail is a secure, easy to use email system. It includes encrypted collaboration features and document storage functions.

3 MB space is free. More space and functionality is supplied under Premium Services. There are no advertisements, downloads, or cookies. SAFe-mail supports most hardware platforms and any operating system. It includes spam filters. Full compatibility with most browsers, email clients, and all relevant protocols including POP, SMTP, IMAP, S/MIME and PKI.

SAFe-mail is designed to provide maximum security and privacy without any complexity.

SAFE-MAIL has developed a comprehensive, feature rich communication system that provides a wide range of applications including messaging, collaborative document development, statement/invoice delivery, data distribution/access, data storage and on-line payment. Uniquely in the current market place, every application is robustly secured by state-of-the-art encryption ensuring the highest level protection and privacy to users. Within the overall system as with each application, security is not an add-on feature but has been designed in to the fundamental architecture of every function.

SAFe-mail provides the following functions, features, and benefits:

  • Feature-rich secure email system including security of attachments providing private end-to-end email communication among SAFe-mail users and between SAFe-mail users and non-SAFe-mail users.
  • All messages are registered and tracked with read receipt so that users know when their emails are delivered and opened by recipients.
  • Address Book with secure grouping and sharing facility so that users' private address books may be securely exported and imported between SAFe-mail users.
  • Folders and nesting of subfolders enabling users to organize archived data content.
  • User level Authentication facility enabling users to filter communication and data access to specific user groups.
  • Scheduler with secure sharing facility enabling users' schedulers to be securely exported and imported between SAFe-mail users

SAFe-mail provides a high level of protection against invasion of privacy. Using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a component of all current browsers, for all data transmissions and strong proprietary encryption for server security, it offers the highest possible protection for all email communications and file attachments.

The policy is to enable free service and if the resources available for free are enough for you, you may use the service as long as you wish.

Features and functions of premium accounts and free accounts are similar. The main difference is in the quantities i.e. less names in the address book, less folders, filters, mails per hour, disk space, frequency of backup etc.

Free service also enables corporate senders such as banks, lawyers, heath care firms etc., to tell their customers to open a free account at SAFe-mail so that they can correspond with their customers securely. We therefore believe that the benefit derived from providing free accounts (3 MB) outweighs any reason to change the current position.

The system is available at any time and from any location using any device or Operating System be it PC or Macintosh, Windows or Unix, Sun or i-mode enabled wireless device.


SoftHome is a dedicated email service. I've had an account with them for about five years. This one works well. There is also an upgraded for-fee professional service available.

SoftHome pledges:

"You'll get a free email address you can use for the rest of your life. It won't go away when you change jobs; it won't go away when you graduate; it won't go away when you change Internet Service Providers. No matter what happens in your life, your family and friends will always be able to reach you at your SoftHome address."

SoftHome free personal email accounts from 15 MB and 500 messages to 6 MB and 150 messages. The transfer limit is 10 MB/month. The SMTP server works well. Messages stored in the system for a period of time may also expire and be deleted. Messages can be sent via SoftHome's SMTP service to a maximum of 10 recipients per email. Web access is also available.

Spymac Mail

In response to the growing need for email storage space, Spymac Networks Inc. has announced a capacity increase for all of its free member email accounts. Spymac membership includes an email account that can be accessed externally via POP3 or with Spymac Mail's Web interface. Each account includes a generous 1000 MB (1 GB) of storage space. Spymac Mail sends and receives millions of email messages every year. free account is available to anyone over the age of 13.

Spymac Mail offers several advantages over other free Internet-based email. In addition to the 1 GB storage capacity, Spymac Mail also offers both POP3 and webmail access to email accounts. Web-based mail works in all browsers that support JavaScript and cookies. The web-based mail comes with banner advertising and 100 MB of website hosting space, but a mere $20 a year removes the advertising. Presently Spymac's rapidly expanding free mail service supports almost 50,000 distinct email accounts. For those wondering why on earth they would need 1 GB for POP3 mail, don't despair - IMAP mail capabilities are under development and will be available very soon.

Ilene Hoffman, Spymac Editor and PR contact, and a former AOL user, notes that it was a problem when her AOL mailbox was cleaned of old mail. "Due to unsolicited mail (spam), real mail disappeared daily, including some I'd never seen. It was frustrating," Ilene notes.

Barry Porter, Manager of Information Systems at Gerber Electronics, formerly in MA, says: "With the increased dependence people have on reliable email, having enough space on an email server is becoming a necessity, not just a convenience."

Spymac welcomes email accounts from users 13 years old and up on any operating system. The Spymac hosting servers are located in Düsseldorf, Germany, in a secure, Suntone Certified facility that utilizes biometrics, CCTV, keycards, mantraps, and 24x7 on-site-security guards. Redundancy is built into Spymac's server cluster, allowing for fast, reliable services with virtually no down time.

Spymac Network Inc. (Spymac), a New York City based corporation, established in February 2003, is an Internet-based international Macintosh community website. The site runs on Spymac 3, an internally developed software platform. The site includes message boards, email, web hosting, online auctions, a graphics gallery, a music gallery, and custom designed products, such as backpacks and briefcases. Users can also host their own blogs, iCals, and focused-message boards. Spymac is the largest online Macintosh user group and is developing under the belief that community is the Internet's most valuable resource.

Virus Free Email

Virus Free Email provides businesses and end users a quick and convenient way to ensure their own security when it comes to email.

VFEmail.net scans each complete email, including attachments, for viruses (and spam, too) before it gets to your inbox. If a virus is found, you, the originator, and our staff will be notified. We do not share these email addresses, but we collect infection data, so we can proactively stop those offenders who may be unknowingly spreading disaster.

VFEmail also provides a convenient webmail interface intended for corporate "Road Warriors". The flexibility of this interface includes HTML, MS Word, and MS Excel document viewers. We also support individual email forwarding, domain forwarding, vacation messages, and work with our clients to constantly increase the flexibility of our offerings.

If you are using mail.vfemail.net as your SMTP server, you have two options:

  1. Check your mailbox with POP before you send an email. Quite a few email clients support this setting. Note: Netscape 4.7x has a bug that will cause problems in this mode, and not allow you to send email. Upgrade to Netscape 6.1
  2. Use plain text to authenticate to SMTP. This is the most popular option, all modern email clients should support this. It is also a better choice if you are an IMAP user. VFEmail.net supports SMTP over SSL, so even though your password is "plain text", your whole connection has already been encrypted. Email the HelpDesk if you have any questions.

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Charles Moore has been a freelance journalist since 1987 and began writing for Mac websites in May 1998. His The Road Warrior column was a regular feature on MacOpinion, he is news editor at Applelinks.com and a columnist at MacPrices.net. If you find his articles helpful, please consider making a donation to his tip jar.

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