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Résumé Spam Hall of Shame

I can barely afford to pay myself most months - and now I'm getting spam from people who want to work for Low End Mac (let alone make a heck of a lot more than I do).

Two résumé's received from Gregory J. Masley on Wed, 23 Jan 2002. According to his résumé, he's a major PC geek with absolutely no Mac qualifications. If you'd like to hire him, his snail mail, phone, pager, and email address follow.

GREGORY J. MASLEY, Network Engineer - CNA, CNE, MCSE
2433 West Roberta Avenue #38
Fullerton, CA 92833-4318
(949)882-3569 pager
(714)446-8771 home
e-mail: RoxyMuzick@aol.com
Desired geographic location: Orange County, California

Maybe this will help Gregory find a real job - like dealing with spam for a living.

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