14″ 1.42 GHz iBook G4 (Mid 2005)

In July 2005, the 14″ iBook got a small speed boost (7% – from 1.33 GHz to 1.42 GHz), twice as much stock memory (512 MB vs. 256 MB), added Bluetooth 2.0 as a standard feature, and received improved video with ATI Radeon 9550 graphics with the same 32 MB of video RAM as the […]

14″ 1.33 GHz iBook G4 (Late 2004)

Apple simplified the iBook line in October 2004 with two basic models, a slower 12″ and a faster 14″. Replacing a 1.0 GHz Combo drive model and a 1.2 GHz SuperDrive model introduced just six months earlier, the 14″ 1.33 GHz iBook G4 offers 24% more power than the 1.07 GHz (nominally 1.0 GHz) model at […]

14″ iBook G4 (Early 2004)

For the first time, Apple offered a SuperDrive as an option on the iBook, making the 14″ 1.0 GHz model (actually 1.07 GHz) a very affordable, very portable way to burn DVDs.

First Impressions of the 14″ iBook G4

Dearest readers out there in the digital void! I am sure you actually don’t have the time to read this, as you are probably already hasting through toy stores, lingerie boutiques, and Martha Stewart shops to get your Christmas shopping done (what? on Stansted Airport the Christmas decoration has been up since late September), because […]