Will Apple Enter the Smart TV Market?

There are lots of convenience and “smart” features these days when it comes to your TV viewing experience. One of the greatest features has traditionally been the ability to control a wide variety of devices with one. This began with the time tested universal remote control that still dominates many home theater set-ups today.

Best Apple TV Prices

Apple reinvented Apple TV in Late 2015, no longer hiding the fact that it has an operating system. The 4G Apple TV has a 64-bit A8 CPU and a full-fledge operating system, known as tvOS. It’s also designed to run games and includes Siri.

Apple TV (2nd Generation)

Four years after introducing the original Apple TV, Apple introduced the second generation, taking a new direction with its smaller, more affordable device – one-third the cost of the original!

Original Apple TV

In 2001, Apple expanded into music with the iPod. In 2007, into television with Apple TV. But the original Apple TV was a lot different than the compact models we’ve seen since.