iBook: The Price Is Right

1999: I’ll admit it right up front: I was expecting the iBook to come in at about $1,400, not $1,600. But then, I was expecting a different computer. A lot of us were expecting something smaller and lighter than the Lombard PowerBook G3.

Original iBook

Apple’s first consumer portable since the PowerBook 150 was discontinued at under US$1,000 in late 1995, the $1,599 iBook was available in blueberry and tangerine. Apple billed it as the world’s second fastest portable computer – only the Lombard PowerBook G3 outperforms it.

WebMate, Apple’s Consumer Portable

1999: Whether you call it the P1, Consumer Portable, iBook, or WebMate, Apple’s newest portable Macintosh is shaping up to be a real winner. For consistency, we’ll call it the WebMate in this article.

Review: The CPort List

1999: I have never seen a review of an email list before, but I thought it would be helpful to have someone check one out to see what is on the list, and whether or not joining the list would be worth the effort and the crowded email box. I have done such on “The […]