The 2010 iMac Value Equation

To quote the Beatles, “It’s getting better all the time.” While much of the focus will be on the new high-end 12-core Mac Pro, the iMac has seen its share of significant improvements as well. All iMacs now use Intel’s Core “i” technology and support HyperThreading, which means they can function as though they have […]

iMac vs. $999 Windows PCs

August 1998: I’ve been looking forward to the latest issue of PC Magazine, the one that looks at sub-$1,000 (sub-$1K) Windows systems. So many “experts” are chiding Apple for releasing a $1,300 computer when (they say) buyers really want sub-$1K PCs.

iMac vs. the ‘Top 10’ PCs

August 1998: Every month PC World lists the 20 best selling computer systems – and USA Today publishes the 10 best sellers. The USA Today list from 8 July 1998 includes: