Kihei Revisited

I’ve had some time to watch the Kihei iMac/Mac OS 9 announcement online and read the Kihei developer notes. I’m more impressed with the new iMacs than ever.

New iMacs Announced

1999.10: I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s article on the topless iMac. After all the stress with Apple legal, it was fun doing a parody piece. But now Apple has officially unveiled its new iMacs, which are apparently immediately available for purchase.

Topless iMac Revealed!

1999.10: Take that, AppleInsider, MacNews, and all the rest! At the suggestion of John Farr, I hereby take the lid of the “new iMac” controversy. As Amy Hoy noted on The Daily Mac, all those photos we saw last week were clever Photoshop creations designed to mislead the Mac faithful.

My Three iMacs

1999: Three iMacs? Well, Apple’s done it before. Despite the amazing success of the iMac, there always seem to be two previous versions available on the close-out and refurbished market. But three different iMac models in production at the same time? What is Apple thinking?

My Almost iMac

1999: I’ve been running The iMac Channel since May 1998. I still don’t own an iMac, but my home computer is getting closer to the iMac’s specs all the time. (For the record, we now have two iMacs at work. Our web server is a Rev. B iMac; the other is a 333 MHz iMac […]

Gilding the iMac Lily

1999: I’ll admit it: I read PC Magazine. No, I’m not planning on selling out to the dark side. I have DOS roots, but I don’t even want to know how to use Windows. I read PC Magazine to learn about the hot new technologies and get the perspective from the other side of the […]

The eMachines eOne

1999 – It doesn’t just look like an iMac from the front, although the blue-and-white coloring is certainly reminiscent of the iMac. So is the compact keyboard. At least the mouse has the more traditional hand-fitting shape.

Niches and Mac Cloning

1999: Last week, Evan Kleiman suggested that Apple produce a wider variety of models to meet the needs of more buyers (see More Macs). He even suggested that Apple open the door and allow cloning again. In Pseudo Clones on osOpinion, Jonathan Gelling made a similar suggestion.

Why Gaming Matters

1999: You won’t find a lot of game news on Low End Mac or the iMac channel. It’s not that I don’t enjoy games, although I don’t have a lot of time to play computer games. The simple fact is, enough people are doing a great job of following Mac gaming that I don’t see […]

Tomorrow’s iMac

1999.06: No, this article isn’t about C2, the second-generation iMac expected Real Soon Now. This is about where computers, including the iMac, are going over the next few years.

Is the iMac Passé?

1999: It’s been less than a year since the iMac first shipped, but already we’re seeing signs that the “Bondi Bombshell” may have peaked.

Is Apple Missing the Boat?

1999 – Did it strike you odd that Apple completely ignored the iMac at the World Wide Developers Conference? Sure, the latest PowerBook G3 is an incredible machine, but what about the Power Mac, the consumer portable, the iMac?

C2, the Next iMac

1999: I think Apple surprised most of us by releasing the iMac Revision D at 333 MHz instead of 300 MHz. A lot of us had expected the lower speed, possibly coupled with a boost to 64 MB of RAM or the addition of a DVD player, neither of which happened.

The Business iMac?

1999: Once upon a time there was a compact computer called the Macintosh. It used small disks, a small keyboard, and a small screen. Then a company called Radius invented a revolutionary device: a full page display for the Macintosh. Unlike conventional displays, this was a portrait monitor – taller than it was wide.

$299 WEBzter Jr. PC, Floppy Drive Optional

1999: A special thanks to Jeffrey Cho of The iMac NewsPage for bringing this one to my attention: Has the Age of Disposable Computers Arrived? The US$299 WEBzter Jr. from Microworkz is one of the first PCs to emulate the iMac by shipping without a floppy – but with a 56k modem, so it’s Internet […]

‘Still No Floppy’

1999: Some people still don’t get the iMac. The new InfoWorld (15 March 1999), in a sidebar on page 40, comments, “There is still no floppy drive on this computer….” Duh!

The Dispute

1999: Did you hear the one about the two 16-year-old boys in Canada who registered – and have now been threatened by Apple’s lawyers? If not, read Teen in Dispute with Apple Over Domain on Cnet.

Spend $4,320, Get Free iMac

1999 – A few days ago, started giving away free Windows PCs. Ho hum Compaq Presarios. The Mac community yawned – or snickered. But now One Stop Communications is offering a free iMac. In fact, they’re offering a total of 25,000 free iMac.

The iMac Ahead

1999: For over a dozen years, the personal computer industry has been producing incremental upgrades. The 4.77 MHz IBM clone gave way to 8 MHz “turbo” models, then 10 MHz, and sometimes more. With the 80286, speeds leapt from 6 MHz to 8, 10, 12, and 16 MHz.

Beyond Bondi

1999: Apple unleashed the iMac 266 in five fruity flavors last week. Besides yellow (lemon? banana?), the only significant color missing was Bondi Blue, the color of the original iMac.