PowerBook 5300: The Real PowerBook

The concept of Luddite Mac appeals to me at the gut level, because I am temperamentally resistant to change. When I have found something that works well for me, I’m happy to stick with it and reluctant to move along to the next big thing.

Peak Performa

It’s not often I get to write anything but groundless rumors for Luddite Mac, but the opportunity to look back at one of Apple’s finest computers ever got my interest.

I’m Not Moving to GS/OS!

Everyone is talking about how great the GS/OS is for the Apple IIGS. Sure, it looks good, and it’s rock solid, but I think I’m going to stick with ProDOS for a few reasons.

The SE/30 Is the Perfect Mac

The first Mac didn’t quite cut it. With 128 KB of RAM, a single-sided 400K floppy, and no native support for a hard drive, it was a proof of concept machine…

Why the Mac Plus Is Best

Q: My Dual 450 MHz G4 keeps crashing when I try to load one of my daughter’s games. I recently upgraded to OS X, and I believe the problem is occurring when classic mode is booted. Can you help?

The $299 2 GHz iMac ‘040

2002 – The G4 has finally reached the 1 GHz mark. This comes even as chips from Intel and AMD surpass the 2 GHz level. Will Apple ever catch up, let alone surpass its PC counterparts in MHz? The answer may lie in revisiting a decision made over eight years ago.

The March on Redmond

It all started with the keynote. The lucky few who were there, the invitees in the stores and the streaming video downloaders all knew…

Getting the Most from Your Older Mac

Luddite Mac is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek celebration of vintage Macs — and even Apple IIs. The point we always try to make at Low End Mac is that until it dies no computer is ever less capable than it was when you bought it, so try to make the most of it. Our other focus […]