Overclocking Your Low End Mac

Many Mac models can be “chipped” to run at a higher speed. These pages provide information on the maximum reliable speed. This may vary from one machine to the next. Chipping is not authorized by Apple. Any modifications you perform on your Mac may damage it. Modifications are done at your own risk.

Overclocking the PowerPro PPC Upgrade

The DayStar PowerPro and Sonnet PrestoPPC upgrades made it possible to run a 68040-based Mac with a PowerPC 601 CPU, taking it to the next generation of CPU technology. The 80 MHz version can be overclocked to further improve performance, and it may be possible with the 100 MHz card as well.

Overclocking a PowerBook Duo

Apple’s PowerBook Duo notebooks were very lightweight and very portable, but they are very limited in connectivity unless you can acquire a Duo Dock. The Duo 201, 230, and 280c can all be overclocked. If other Duos can be overclocked, we have not found reports.

Overclocking the Quadra AV Models

The AV Quadras stand apart from the rest of the Quadra line with their AT&T Hobbit coprocessors and GeoPort serial ports. both the 660av and 840av can be overclocked.

Overclocking the Mac LC Series

Only two Mac LC models can be overclocked to improve performance. The LC II and LC III can be chipped; the original LC and LC III+ cannot be overclocked. You can also upgrade LC models using third-party accelerators the plug into the LC processor direct slot (PDS), which will bring more performance at a higher […]

Overclocking a Compact Mac

Many Mac models can be “chipped” to run at a higher speed, but none of the compact Macs can. That said, some can be upgraded with third-party accelerators, so you’re not necessarily stuck with the original CPU speed – although finding those upgrades nowadays may be difficult.

Overclocking the Blue and White G3

Last time we discussed overclocking your Macintosh, but we never really got into the nitty-gritty of actually changing the settings inside your computer, since this can be come a very complicated thing to do. This time we’re finally going to get into it and actually do some over clocking. Today we’ll be learning how to […]

Overclocking the Beige Power Mac G3

Apple has done some remarkable things with its third generation Power Mac, the Beige G3s. (The first generation Power Macs used NuBus, and the second switched to PCI.) The motherboard is smaller than in earlier Power Macs, leaving room for one more drive in the same type of desktop case used for the 7200-7600.