Komando’s Bias Skews iMac Evaluation

2002: The Komando has landed with both feet planted squarely on the iMac. Now, don’t get me wrong: Criticism of the Mac is perfectly acceptable and, in fact, necessary to keep Apple on its toes. And, of course, an opinion is just that: an opinion.

I Want to Switch But…

2002 – For years the Mac faithful heard promises about Apple’s next generation operating system. Copland or Rhapsody (or whatever it was being called at the time) would be fully buzzword compliant, would run on any Power Mac ever made, and have us chomping at the bit to upgrade.

Building Up Buttercup: Building a Not-So-Bitty Box

While researching this series of articles on small form-factor PCs, I was not entirely altruistic in my motives. I was also looking at a way of putting together a small form-factor computer of my own. My goal was a computer that I could take places without breaking my back or my wallet.

United We Stand

As commentator Paul Harvey is fond of saying, “It’s not one world.” The events of September 11, 2001 brought that home to Americans, who usually felt safe and secure at home. And now we worry about terrorism.