PowerBook 1400 G3 Upgrade Deal, Full Size PDA Alternative, Wireless Router Deal, High Capacity Batteries, and More

Except as noted, prices are in US dollars. PowerBook 1400 G3 Upgrade Deal RadTech: New Online Supplier of ‘Book Accessories Dana PDA-based Alternative to a Laptop Computer Netgear MR314 Wireless Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch for $79.88 PowerPad High Capacity Laptop Accessory Batteries PC Card Modem/Ethernet Cards Bargain ‘Books PowerBook 1400 G3 Upgrade Deal Megamacs […]

G4/500 WallStreet and Lombard Upgrades, iCurve Notebook Stand, TiBook RAM Install, and More

The biggest news of Macworld week for Apple portable fans didn’t come from the keynote, in which there were no laptop hardware announcements at all, but rather from Sonnet and Newer Technology, both of which released 500 MHz G4 processor upgrades for WallStreet G3 Series PowerBooks from the former and a WallStreet/Lombard G4 upgrade from the latter, joining […]

LapBottom ‘Book Cooler, CMS PC Card Hard Drive, PowerBook Hoods, and More

2001-07-27: LapBottom keeps ‘Books cooler. PC Card drive from CMS. PowerBook hoods. More ‘Book news. Willow i/Ti Slipcases Ease Slip-Sliding Away The LapBottom CMS Launches Mac Support with Pocket and PC-Card Hard Drives New PowerBook G4 Sleeve from J.R. Hill and Company Hoodman PowerBook Hoods Reconditioned PowerBooks Apple Is Honoring Both PowerBook Sales Promotions Bargain […]

MacWorld Expo, New iBook and TiBook Bags, PowerBook Upgrade Center, and More

2001-07-20: Macworld Expo report. New iBook and TiBook bags. PowerBook upgrade center. More ‘Book news. Macworld Expo Spire Introduces the Icon Backpack for TiBook and iBook Dr. Bott LLC Has iceBook Bags for iBook Tom Bihn BrainBag MadsonLine G4 Saver SmartDisk Introduces 8x FireWire Portable CD-R/W and FireWire Portable Thin Drive Designed to Match PowerBook […]

Brenthaven Cases at Apple Store, Micro USB Flash Drive, OS 8 for $22, and More.

2001-07-13: Apple Store selling Brenthaven cases. Tiny KangururMicro USB flash drive. Get OS 8 for $22. More ‘Book news. Brenthaven ‘Book Cases at Apple Store MacCase and MacPacks on Special at Jam Online Store Interactive Media Corporation USB Flash KanguruMicro Drive My Replacement WallStreet Power Adapter Is on Its Way A Really Expensive PowerBook Hinge […]

Apple Okays Field Repair of TiBook and iBook, WallStreet Hinge Repair Page, and More

2001-07-06: Newest ‘Books now okay for non-Apple warranty repair. WallStreet hinge repair page. $100 FireWire/USB enclosure. More ‘Book news. Apple Reauthorizes Apple Specialist Servicing of PowerBooks WallStreet Hinge Repair Page Posted Kensington TripleTreks FlapOver PowerBook Case at Small Dog SK 2.5 FireWire/USB Combo Enclosure for $99.99 VST 3 GB FireWire Drive for $100 Cool, Homemade TiCase […]

BookEndz for PowerBook G4 Shipping, Mini power adapter. SmartDisk Battery Charger for TiBook. Bargain ‘Books, and More

2001-06-29: BookEndz for PowerBook G4 shipping. Mini power adapter. SmartDisk battery charger for TiBook. Bargain ‘Books. More ‘Book news. BookEndz G4 Docks in Stock and Shipping MadsonLine Mini Power Adapter SmartDisk Offers VST G4 Battery Charger for PowerBook G4 VST Power Adapters for PowerBook G4 Apple Instructions: How to Clean an LCD Panel Apple Software […]