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has been writing Apple Archive columns since May 2000. There are the most popular Apple Archive columns of the past 6 years:

  1. A $25 iMac! It's a steal, but what to do with it?, 2006.07.28. A $25 iMac (less mouse and keyboard) from the local thrift shop was a great find, but what would be the best way to put it to use?
  2. Which older Macs are good candidates for Tiger?, 2005.05.13. Should you even consider putting OS X 10.4 on a beige G3, tray-loading iMac, clamshell iBook, or PowerBook G3?
  3. Is the Mac mini as disposable as a low end PC?, 2005.05.20. Entry-level Windows PCs are essentially disposable commodities. Is the Mac mini any different?
  4. Why a low-end Mac may be all you really need, 2005.07.15. A 2.7 GHz dual processor Power Mac G5 isn't going to play your music any faster or let you write email more efficiently.
  5. No Virtual PC for the G5? Try WinTel, 2003.09.05. Just because Microsoft may not update Virtual PC for a year doesn't mean G5 owners have been left out in the cold.
  6. Four years later, Mac OS X is definitely superior to Windows XP, 2005.04.01. Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.0 were both released four years ago. Three major revisions later, OS X has it all over Windows XP, and the next version of Windows is still a year off.
  7. PowerBook history, 2000.05.12. A history of portable Macs from 1989 through 1996.
  8. OS X and the beige G3, 2001.12.21. OS X runs decently on a beige G3, but also cripples the floppy drive, printer port, graphics performance....
  9. Options For '040s, 2000.06.05. Advice about operating systems, upgrades, what Quadra to choose, and more.
  10. Is it worth putting a G3 in an older Mac?, 2000.11.03. As always, it depends, but sometimes a used Power Mac G3 is the better value.
  11. Put a PC monitor on your Mac, 2000.10.31. Almost every Mac can work with a PC monitor, although it may need a little help.
  12. Quadra AVs and some cool things you can do with them, 2001.08.10. Thanks to digital signal processors, the Quadra AVs remain useful video machines.
  13. PDS Power Macs: Road Apples?, 2000.09.29. These Macs aren't bad, just limited. Here's how to make the most of them.
  14. Mac vs. PC Platform Passion, Adam Robert Guha, Apple Archive, 2002.07.26. Both Mac and PC users run the range from passion for their computing platform to indifference.
  15. Laptop keyboards fragile, hard to clean, prone to fail, 2004.10.01. Laptop keyboard use smaller, more fragile parts than desktop keyboards. They can also be much harder to keep clean.
  16. Upgrading a Power Mac G3 from Mac OS 9 to Panther, 2004.12.04. Is this 1999 Power Mac really up to the task of running OS X or it it too slow to be useful?
  17. Picking an older Power Mac: Go G4, 2005.04.18. If you plan on running OS X, the G4 processor makes a big difference - and older Power Mac G4s are very affordable these days.

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