Blast From the Past

Blast From the Past takes a look at the history of personal computing through the magazines that covered it.

  • We've come a long way since 1984: Looking back at Macworld's premier issue, Kev Kitchens, Kitchens Sync, 2008.08.22. In 1984, Apple introduced the first Macintosh computer, and Macworld magazine was soon there to help Mac users explore the new world of computing.
  • Byte, February 1984. The first Macintosh, the second Lisa, Intel's new 80186 CPU, ProDOS for the Apple II, IBM's CD-9000 lab computer, and more.
  • Macworld, January 1986, 04.10. Apple's first Mac hard drive, the ImageWriter II, the Personal Modem, memory upgrades, Lotus Jazz, and more.
  • MacUser, December 1993, 2001.03.28. Centris and Performa, ethernet, AWS 95 and AppleShare Pro, the first color PowerBook, new Duos, new OS technologies, and Dvorak on Macs vs. PCs.
  • MacUser, April 1993, 2001.03.21. Six new Macs, 100 accelerators, breaking bottlenecks, and much more.
  • Byte, September 1990, 2001.03.14. When Byte magazine celebrated its 15th anniversary, it went all out. Plenty of fascinating reading.
  • Byte, April 1995, 2001.02.14. Pentium Pro, PowerPC 603e, Macintosh clones, best laptops (including a PowerBook), and a DOS compatible.

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