My Turn

Setting Up a Server

- Sept. 6, 2000

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This article has a story to go with it. At school we were looking at a Power Mac 6100/66 with 8 MB of memory and a 350 MB hard drive. It was sitting lonely and forgoten, covered in snow (just kidding about the snow, but it had been sitting there for about a year and a half). We booted it up. It needed a clock battery, more memory, and a bigger hard drive. An iMac was being used as our file server in place of a 350 MHz B&W G3, but it should have been available for students and teachers. So we decided to set up the 6100 as the network nerver.

First, we opened the case to take out the battery (the 6100 case is the easiest case to open, next to the B&W G3 and others using that design). While one person bought the battery, we took two 8 MB SIMMs from a Quadra 650 and placed them in the 6100's RAM slots. Once the battery was replaced, we closed the case. Since this was a school, upgrading the hard drive was not an option. With the upgrades we put in, the 6100 now has 24 MB of memory, Mac OS 7.6.1, and a 350 MB hard drive.

The next thing to do was set up the IP adress or network identity (IPs are only needed if the network is connected to the Web) and put it on our ethernet network. When that's done, you just need to turn on File Sharing and set up Users and Groups.

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