The iMac and Hot-Swappable Expansion Bay Modules

2000: While the iMac is the hottest product Apple has ever built, there is always room for improvement. Beyond the faster, bigger, and cheaper ideas, Apple should seriously consider rectifying the iMac’s shortfall in the expansion department.

Netscape 6 and Other Betas

2000: It’s always good to have the latest released version of programs. What’s even better is getting the latest pre-release version of programs. Pre-released versions of programs are called beta or alpha software. I am testing out three pre-release programs at present.

The Mac Library

2000: One of my other duties at Low End Mac, besides writing the articles you love to read every week, is helping out at the LEM Help Desk. Here, people email me (and a few others) with Mac questions. Most of the time, these questions are simple “how do I . . .” questions. Whenever […]

Second Processor for SuperMac S900 and S910

A unique feature of the SuperMac S900 and S910 is their second processor slot. This slot accepts a proprietary CPU card and allows these machines to function as dual-processor computers without the need to remove the primary CPU and the expense of a dual-processor card.

A Road Not Taken (by Apple)

I was just starting out as a reporter back in 1976 and had to have a 35mm camera. The problem was, the Nikons at the little camera store in my town were way too much money – so I bought a clone.

Preview: AOL@school

2000: There is only one internet consumer that AOL doesn’t have a monopoly on – America’s schools. Well, not anymore. AOL will be soon releasing a new version of their software specifically for schools called AOL@school. As one of AOL’s “valued” beta testers, I was able to get ahold of a pre-release version of this […]

Web Design, Part 4: Site Graphics

2000 – Unless you know your visitors have browsers that support Flash, PNG, QuickTime, and other recent innovations, stick to JPEG and GIF images on your website. Knowing the audience of Low End Mac includes a lot of people surfing on version 3.0 and earlier browsers, you won’t find any other graphic formats here.*

AppleShare IP Woes

2000: The name of this article was supposed to be “AppleShare IP vs. Windows NT”. However, in the last few weeks, I have had many problems with just getting AppleShare IP (ASIP) running.

Low End Win

Welcome to Low End Win, our April Fools 2000 idea of what a low-end Windows website might be. Several other Mac sites joined us in the fun of defecting from Apple for the day!

‘286 Gaming Prowess

So you’ve got an old 286 sitting around, and you want to have some fun with it. Most people believe that computers from this era are entirely obsolete. Not true!

Some Thoughts on Going PC

It is with mixed emotions that I join Low End Mac’s transition to Low End Win. After all, I’ve spent so much time and effort over the past eight years evangelizing the Mac and doing my best to convince anyone who would listen that Windows is an inferior alternative to the Mac experience.

The iPaq: What Is Compaq Thinking?

What is Compaq thinking these days? The world’s biggest computer company, world renowned for its cheaply built computers sometimes lacking a plastic case, which we all know is the best way to make them, has suddenly turned to a bizarre concept…