The Rodney O. Lain Archive

These articles penned by the late Rodney O. Lain are from websites that no longer exist. We’ve fixed a few typos but essentially left these articles as they were originally published.

Rodney O. Lain, teacher, speaker, writer, iconoclast, Mac advocate

Rodney’s content remains online here at Low End Mac (Things Macintosh), on Applelinks (Macintosh Spirit), The Mac Observer (Rodney’s Soapbox and iBrotha), and AppleLust (Amen Corner). [In cases where websites such as Applelinks and AppleLust no longer exist, links are to the Internet Archive.]


The following articles are no longer available at their original locations:

Articles First Published on The

Articles First Published on MacSimple

The iBrotha Archive

These articles were posted on Rodney’s own website,

Mac Addict


Articles First Published on Opinion and The Painful Truth

These articles predate Rodney’s involvement with the Mac Web and were written while he was involved with the Macon, GA, Worldwide Church of God congregation and continue through his disfellowshipping and include comments from friends after his suicide. They show Rodney’s great passion for racial reconciliation and the dangers of spiritual abuse.

Academic Works

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