Mac mini (Late 2005)

The original Mac mini was introduced in January 2005 at 1.25 GHz and 1.42 GHz. In July, Apple bumped base RAM from 256 MB to 512 MB. The Late 2005 model boosts CPU speeds to 1.33 GHz and 1.5 GHz. The SuperDrive is bumped from 4x to 8x, can now burn dual-layer discs, and also […]

ROKR iTunes Phone Definitely Not an Apple Product

In addition to Apple introducing the iPod nano last week, the first iTunes-compatible cell phone was also introduced to the market last week. No, this wasn’t the long-rumored Apple iPhone. Instead, it was a new model from Motorola, dubbed ROKR and only available in the US to Cingular Wireless customers.

Andy Hertzfeld: Mac Truly a Better Way

Andy Hertzfeld was a key member of the Macintosh development team. He was the Software Wizard behind much of the Mac’s built-in ROM code and the user interface. His goal is to make computers easier and more fun to use. After leaving Apple, Hertzfeld helped co-found three companies: Radius, General Magic, and Eazel. He is […]

Apple Sued for Providing Integrated Music Solution

2005 – In a legal system with more than enough stupid lawsuits, Thomas Slattery’s suit against Apple is one of the dumbest. For those who haven’t been paying attention or believed this had to be from of The Onion or Weekly World News, the truth is that Slattery has initiated a class action suit against Apple, […]

Original iPod nano

Apple replaced the small iPod mini with the even smaller iPod nano in September 2005, initially offered in 2 GB and 4 GB capacities in either a white or black plastic enclosure. a 1 GB version was added in February 2006.