The 2010 MacBook Air Value Equation

It’s been a week since Apple announced its best fiscal quarter ever – $20 billion income (up 66% over last year); $4.3 billion profit (up 70%); sales of 3.89 million Macs (up 27%), 14.1 million iPhones (up a whopping 91%), 9 million iPods (down 11%), and 4.2 million iPads – previewed OS X 10.7 Lion, and […]

MacBook Air (Late 2010)

Apple made some significant changes to the MacBook Air in October 2010, introducing a new 11.6″ model and moving the line from tiny hard drives to solid state drives (SSDs) exclusively. Apple claims its SSDs are up to twice as fast as conventional ones.

11″ MacBook Air (Late 2010)

With the new 11.6″ form factor and the lowest speed CPU ever used in an Intel-based Mac, the smaller version of the 2010 MacBook Air enters netbook territory – but with a dual-core processor, a real graphics processor, better screen resolution, a full-size keyboard, and support for up to 4 GB of memory.

13″ MacBook Air (Late 2010)

Say good-bye to hard drives with the 2010 models of the MacBook Air (MBA). Solid-state drives (SSD) are standard across the board – and they’re built onto the motherboard. Apple claims this makes its SSDs twice as fast as conventional ones. Battery life is rated at “up to” 7 hours.

Better Audio Output from Macs without Digital Audio

As a follow up to my previous article, Digital Audio Output: Apple’s DVD Player vs. VLC Player, I am taking things a step further. I thought about all the other PowerPC Macs out there, including various PowerBooks, iBooks, iMacs, eMacs, and earlier (New World ROM) Power Macs that lacked onboard digital audio (or, in the […]

A Macintosh Undelete Odyssey

It happens to us all – accidentally deleting a file. Or a folder full of files. Or worse! This time it was at the end of a Friday afternoon with a new client, transferring data from his old computer to a new one. The process took many hours, the client left for a while, and […]