Best iMac G4 Prices

Your best bet G4 iMacs are the last generation models (1 GHz 15″, 1.25 GHz 17″ and 20″ models), which have better video, support 2 GB of memory, and are the only G4 iMacs to include USB 2.0 ports. (Whether you’re looking at flash drives, scanners, printers, iPods, iPhones, or almost anything but keyboards and mice, USB 2.0 makes a big difference.)

iMac G4 The iMac G4 is an unusual looking computer that comes in three sizes (with 15″ 1024 x 768, 17″ 1440 x 900, and 20″ 1680 x 1050 screens) and four clock speeds (700 MHz, 800 MHz, 1 GHz, and 1.25 GHz). 1 GHz and faster iMacs are fully supported under Leopard, and the slower iMacs are able to run it, although you’ll have to get around the installer to get OS X 10.5 on the slower models. We strongly recommend at least 1 GB of memory for Leopard.

Leopard is officially supported on all 867 MHz and faster G4 Macs with at least 512 MB of RAM and the ability to run the DVD-based installer, so you’ll need a Combo drive or SuperDrive. Leopard can be installed on sub-867 MHz G4 Macs using a variety of methods. See our article on Unsupported Leopard Installation for details and success stories.

For more on the place of G4 iMacs today, see The Future of G4 iMacs in the Age of Leopard.

Used Macs usually have a 90 day warranty, and we try to note where that is not the case. Prices may not include mouse & keyboard, and we try to mention that as well. For those on a tight budget, the 17″ CRT-based G4 eMac may be a good choice (see our Best eMac Deals for current prices, which range from $50 to $250). For those looking for more power, G5 iMacs start at $350.

Best iMac G4 Prices

  • 15″ 700 MHz Combo, $178, DV Warehouse
  • 17″ 1.25 GHz, $274, DV Warehouse

Recent Memory Prices

Note that all G4 iMacs have two different memory slots – one for SO-DIMM, which is easily installed by the user, and one for SDRAM, which is more challenging to install. For maximum capacity, you need one of each.

Mac OS Prices

Unless otherwise noted, there is no surcharge for credit card purchases, and shipping is often (but not always) included. Vendors are listed in alphabetical order.

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G4 iMac Profiles


DougDeals is located in Leander, TX.

  • none listed today

DV Warehouse

Ground shipping can add $40 or more.

  • 15″ 700 MHz Combo, 512/40, $178
  • 17″ 1.25 GHz SD, 512/80, $274

Wegener Media

Ground shipping can add $40 or more. Prices reflect 10% web discount. 60 day warranty.

  • none at present

The older CRT iMacs – new, used, and refurbished – are listed in our G3 iMac Deals. We also track eMac Deals, which provide the same G4 power as the G4 iMac but with a less costly CRT display, iMac G5 Deals, and Mac mini Deals for those who prefer a compact, modular Mac.

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