Why the Mac Plus Is Best

Q: My Dual 450 MHz G4 keeps crashing when I try to load one of my daughter’s games. I recently upgraded to OS X, and I believe the problem is occurring when classic mode is booted. Can you help?

Connecting Your Mac to Your Stereo

How do I connect my Mac to my stereo? I want to record audio (like LPs and tapes) and also want my Mac’s sound to come through my stereo system’s speakers. Connecting your Mac to your stereo is a great way to improve sound quality tenfold. Most Macs have only one speaker, and it’s usually […]

Lost Desktop Pattern

Q: My favorite desktop pattern disappeared. How do I get it back? A: Buy a new computer. With a faster machine, you’ll save precious time…

Macs and Digital Video

2000 – I am interested in doing digital video (DV) editing – as shown in the new iMac commercials. Is there any way I can do it with my older Mac by buying a FireWire card? If not, what Mac do you suggest for digital video editing?

Should I Buy a SCSI or IDE Hard Drive?

1999 – I have a Performa 6400 and am looking to upgrade my hard drive. I do not want to buy an external drive. Should I upgrade the IDE hard drive or add a SCSI drive to the bay above the CD-ROM?