OS X Tip: Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder

My wife clued me in to this nice little feature introduced in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. She does a lot of online shopping, and when you buy something online, you usually get a screen that says something like, “Print this right now if you want a receipt.” You can’t usually save these screens effectively, […]

Need Macs for Your Classroom? Write a Grant

Not everyone can afford the latest computer and all the new software that accompanies it. Some teachers have older machines; others have only one or two machines available. Here at Low End Mac we often take the position of recommending refurbishing older machines to get something in the classroom.

Writing Your Grant Application

Last time we discussed deciding what to ask for with grants in Need Macs for Your Classroom? Write a Grant. today we talk about writing the application. Next time we’ll look at finding support from stakeholders and making your application stand out.

Getting Stakeholders Onboard

In our previous articles on grantwriting, we addressed establishing a purpose and identifying expenses to write into your grant. This article addresses the concept of getting others interested in your project – and why you should try.

Word 2004 vs. Pages 05 for Writing a Book

I recently (nearly) completed a novel that I started over the summer. If you check my publication history, you can see that the rate at which I have published columns on Low End Mac has dwindled to nearly zero. That’s because nearly all my free time for writing has been dedicated to writing a novel.

Roadmap to Intel’s Past, Present, and Future Icons

My wife seldom pays attention to the latest trends in technology unless it directly affects her business (photography). I will occasionally tell her about major events, such as the switch of Apple products from PowerPC to Intel CPUs, or whether or not Bono has decided to use his left or right hand while signing his […]

Embed a Blogger Feed in Your Web Page

I have a small collection of web pages for my various projects. Some of them have an associated blog. Try as I might, I cannot get my students to click on a link on my class web page to take them to the blog. “I can’t find it,” or “There’s too much stuff on your […]

Apple Product Development and Sales Cycle

As a long time Apple news junkie, I keep up with the trends. Over time, I began to notice a disturbing, often repeated, pattern in the development of new products at Apple. That’s when I sat down and created this easy to follow flowchart explaining Apple’s product development and sales cycle, that I like to call the […]

Capture Stills from OS X DVD Player with a Simple Hack

My seven-year-old son enjoys taking screen shots of scenes in movie previews so he can print them out and hang them on the wall of his room. He recently decided he wanted a screen grab from a DVD he was watching, but – as many of you know – that function isn’t available when using Apple’s […]

Build Your Own Planetarium

As part of our ongoing efforts to build a small classroom planetarium at our school, we have opted not to go with a package deal from a single vendor and instead assemble components from different vendors.

Digitize Your Albums and Cassettes with Your Mac

I got a number of responses to How to Digitize Your Old Tapes, LPs, and 45s with Your Mac, my article about converting cassettes and LPs to digital format. Several readers wrote to recommend software and/or hardware if you have more music to convert than I do and don’t want to go through the complex rigmarole […]

Simulating Space Flight on a Mac

Last year I began fiddling around with a program called A-OK! The Wings of Mercury, a computer program written by Joe Nastasi that completely simulates a Mercury space mission from the 1960s. Nastasi realized that today’s computers are sufficiently advanced that they can replicate not only the interior of a Mercury capsule and simulate its […]

Still Yet Even More Bumper Snickers

These new Bumper Snickers are sure to tickle your fancy! If you want to let the world know what you’re about, print ’em out and hot-glue ’em to your car. If anyone gets irritated with your new sticker, just tell ’em you found it “somewhere on the Internet”.

More on the History of Apple’s Command Key

A short while back, I wrote an article about the history of the Apple Command key and why it looks the way it does. One of the many benefits of writing for Low End Mac is all the interesting people you get to correspond with – and I got mail from all sorts of folks […]

Command Key Truth and Fiction

During one of those endless Web searches the other day, I ran across one of Those Little Things I Never Knew – the origin of the “splat” symbol on the Mac keyboard, officially known as the Command (cmd) key.

This Old Mac

We’re here at the workspace of John Quimble, a Mac SE/30 owner who is seeking to upgrade. The crew of This Old Mac is filming John’s renovation of his old computer into a new machine.

Using an iBook Cart in the Classroom: Training

2002 – This week’s Mac Lab Report is an annotated outline based on the presentation I did two weeks ago for our school. We have purchased several iBook laptop carts, and my job is to configure the carts for classroom use and train teachers on how to use them. Only teachers who have received the […]