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Apple Owns 29% of High-end Notebook Market, MacBook Revamp Near?, 250 GB WD Scorpio Drives, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2007.10.19

This Week's MacBook, PowerBook, and iBook News

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General Apple and Mac desktop news is covered in The Mac News Review. iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV news is covered in The iNews Review.

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Apple Owns 29% of High-end Notebook Market

Fortune reports:

"Drilling down into Apple's (AAPL) recent string of boffo quarterly reports, analyst Toni Sacconaghi Jr. of Bernstein Research finds both strength and vulnerability in Steve Jobs' relentless pursuit of high-margin computer sales.

"In his second report since Bernstein initiated coverage of Apple , Sacconaghi notes that:

  • Apple's global PC market share has increased in 10 of the last 11 quarters,
  • unit sales have grown 28% or better in each of the last four quarters
  • U.S. notebook sales have been particularly strong, accounting for 47% of Apple's Mac unit growth and 52% of its revenue in Apple's most recent quarterly report....

"...Apple already has a 29% share of the U.S. market for notebook computers in the highest quintile - up . . . from 8% three years ago...."

MacBook Revamp Near?

The Register's Tony Smith reports:

"Revamped Apple MacBook laptops appear to be nearing release, if online reports to be believed. The new models could be the first to sport revised power adaptors prompted by an apparent revision of the unit that ships with the MacBook Pro.

"The new MacBooks are likely to be speed-bumped versions of the machines available today...."

Editor's note: Apple appears likely to move to the Santa Rosa chipset with its 800 MHz system bus in the next revision of the MacBook. dk

Apple Patents Multi-touch MacBook

Macworld UK's Jonny Evans reports:

"Apple has filed for new patents which suggest the company plans to implement multi-touch technology in some form of future Mac - and takes a step toward portable 'Home' folders.

"The new patent ('Force and Location Sensitive Display') for multi-touch technology appears to describe the way the iPod touch and iPhone work. It describes a display that can act as an I/O unit capable of both location and force sensing. The company says this patent could be implemented in LCD, Plasma and CRT displays.

"The second patent - 'Method and apparatus for selectively switching IC ports to card slots, Method and Apparatus for Rendering User Accounts Portable' - describes a way of making user accounts portable across different systems. User accounts can be handed across to portable storage devices and them shifted over to a different computer. They would be automatically recognised and imported into the computer, and would allow for portable user accounts."

Apple Subnotebook in 4-6 Months?

MacNN says:

"Apple is once again set to beat Wall Street expectations when it reports its financial results on October 22nd, according to several research firms, and is closer than ever to unveiling an ultra portable subnotebook that could incorporate the multi-touch technology found in its iPhone and iPod touch. At least three industry analysts are predicting a better-than-expected quarter for Apple resulting from as many as 1.2 million iPhone sales, shares of cellular service revenue from AT&T, and climbing Mac shipments. Lehman Brothers today raised its price target on Apple shares to $190 from $160 based on expectations of strong fiscal fourth-quarter results, and late last week Morgan Stanley raised its price target on Apple's stock to $180 from $150 while noting a potential surge to as high as $225 from the company's operating leverage alongside the potential launch of an ultra portable subnotebook.

"Senior analyst Gene Munster of research firm Piper Jaffray also believes the company is preparing to introduce a new smaller laptop that uses the iPhone's multi-touch technology, a move he says would serve as a strategic extension for Apple's current technology base."

Apple Updates

How to Disconnect the MagSafe Power Adapter

A new Apple Knowledge Base article says:

"Properly disconnecting the MagSafe adapter from your Apple portable can increase the life of the adapter and reduce wear....

"While the MagSafe power adapter is designed to travel with your portable Apple computer, certain usage patterns can contribute to the fraying or breaking of cables. The MagSafe adapter, like any other metal wire or cable, is subject to becoming weak or brittle if repeatedly bent in the same spot. Follow the recommendations below to reduce the likelihood of damaging the adapter."

Tech Trends

Intel Readies CPU for Low Cost Laptops

IDG News Service's Dan Nystedt reports:

"Intel Corp. plans to unveil a new microprocessor for the One Laptop Per Child notebook and other ultra-low cost laptop PCs at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai next April, an executive said Monday.

"No current Intel microprocessors fit the requirements of the OLPC, which uses a processor from Advanced Micro Devices Inc., so Intel will design a new architecture specifically for the ultra-low cost laptop category, said Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of the mobile platforms group at Intel.

"The OLPC laptop has inspired copycats, including an initiative from Intel called the Classmate PC. Unveiled last year, the Classmate PC is a small laptop that runs on Intel's 900 MHz Celeron M microprocessor. Taiwan's Asustek Computer Inc. plans to officially launch its Eee PC on Tuesday, an ultra-low cost laptop built around an Intel microprocessor and chipset, with a 7-inch screen."


Inclinepro Laptop Support System Designed Exclusively for Mac 'Books

InclineproPR: Industrialized Nation introduces a next generation laptop support system, the Inclinepro, available exclusively for Macintosh laptop computers. Cleverly blended design, aerospace-grade materials, and ergonomic styling turn practical into sexy.

Mac aficionados now have a laptop support system that meets their needs for function and style. Laps and laptops stay cool resulting in comfort for the user and longer battery life. And, at 7 oz., you can take your office anywhere and reap the benefits of the Inclinepro's ergonomic design. Reduced neck and wrist strain, a cool lap and computer and minimalist look make the Inclinepro an essential accessory for every Mac owner.

Inclinepro"The Inclinepro, has evolved over the last year," said John O'Connor, head designer/owner of Industrialized Nation, "and what started out as a personal quest for comfort while using my 17" MacBook Pro, has turned into a low-profile, lightweight, contemporary laptop support system that can provide comfort and extra battery life anywhere."

Inclinepro"Our test markets tried the Inclinepro on desks, in beds, on sofas, on airplanes, and of course at coffee houses." O'Connor added, "Their input helped refine the design resulting in a support system that provides comfort anywhere."

InclineproKey Features:

  • The angle of the Inclinepro facilitates heat transfer away from the computer for longer battery life, and comfort of the user.
  • Components CNC machined from aerospace-grade aluminum for durability.
  • Inclinepro raises the laptop screen and angles the keyboard reducing neck and wrist strain.
  • At just 7 oz., the Inclinepro is virtually weightless and collapses to a thin profile that easily fits in standard laptop computer bags making it a very low impact travel companion.
  • Custom fits iBook, PowerBook, MacBook and MacBook Pro (15" and 17"). All ports and slots are accessible.
  • Available in anodized aluminum finish.

The Inclinepro is available immediately online and other boutique retail locations. (Price: $75)

Western Digital's Fast, Quiet, Cool 250 GB Notebook Drives

PR: The WD Scorpio 2.5" drives offer high-performance, low power consumption, and cool operation, making them ideal for notebooks and other portable devices. In addition, you'll get one of the quietest 2.5" drives on the market with real-time data protection technology to help keep your data safe

Western Digital Scorpio hard driveIf you do need more hard disk capacity on a notebook, Western Digital has the drives for you; in the form of both SATA and ATA-6/EIDE 2.5" Scorpio 250 GB hard drive upgrades.

The WD Scorpio 2.5" drives offer high-performance, low power consumption and cool operation, making them ideal for notebooks and other portable devices.

In addition, you'll get one of the quietest 2.5" drives on the market with real-time data protection technology to help keep your data safe.

Key Features:

  • Massive capacity - Whether they are in an external drive or a notebook computer, WD's 250 GB 2.5" drives offer the most available capacity for space-hungry operating systems like Windows Vista™, plus plenty of room left over for photos, music, and video.
  • Fast and efficient - With 5400 RPM spin speed and 12 ms access time, even the most demanding customer will appreciate the performance achieved by WD Scorpio drives.
  • Quiet - In a notebook drive, silence is golden. WD's WhisperDrive technology combines state-of-the-art seeking algorithms to yield one of the quietest 2.5" hard drives on the market. These algorithms also optimize the way a drive seeks for data, which significantly improves power consumption. So now silence (and longer battery life) is golden.
  • Western Digital Scorpio hard drive

    Reliable and Rugged - WD's ShockGuard technology protects the drive mechanics and platter surfaces from shocks. WD's SecurePark (on the SATA version) parks the recording heads off the disk surface during spin up, spin down and when the drive is off. This ensures the recording head never touches the disk surface resulting in improved long term reliability due to less head wear, and improved non- operational shock tolerance. ON the ATA-6/EIDE version, WD's DuraStep Ramp locks the heads in a secure position away from the disk to provide another layer of protection when the drive is not in use. Utilizing the most technologically advanced material available, the drive can perform a minimum of 600,000 load/unload cycles without contamination - up to twice the performance of its competitors. WD Scorpio's rigid stainless steel top cover withstands more than 5 pounds of pressure - nearly 1.5 times the industry average - without pinching vital internal components.
  • Tested for Compatibility - We perform tests on hundreds of systems and a multitude of platforms in our FIT Lab and Mobile Compatibility Lab to give our customers confidence that our drives will work in their systems.

A 250 GB hard drive has room for:

  • Up to 71,000 digital photos
  • Up to 62,000 songs (MP3)
  • Up to 6,200 songs (uncompressed CD quality)
  • Up to 19 hours of Digital Video (DV)
  • Up to 100 hours of DVD quality video
  • Up to 30 hours of HD video

Western Digital Scorpio hard drive

The bare drives retails for $189.99

Editor's note: I've still got about 30 GB free on the 80 GB drive in my 17" PowerBook, and about 50 GB open on the 100 GB drive in my Pismo, but then I'm not (yet) into video editing or watching movies and TV shows on my computer. cm

MCE OptiBay Second Internal Hard Drive For MacBook Pro or PowerBook G4

PR: The MCE OptiBay Hard Drive was created for users who want as much hard drive space as possible inside their MacBook Pro, MacBook, or PowerBook G4 . . . period. The MCE OptiBay Hard Drive replaces your machine's internal SuperDrive with a high performance hard drive. Now you can have unheard of capacities in laptop disk storage space for everything you need to store . . . digital video, music, photos, etc. Two bootable hard drives inside your system provide a freedom and flexibility never before experienced in a Mac laptop . . . have one disk a scratch disk and the other your system/applications disk, RAID configurations, one disk Mac and the other PC, extra music storage for digital DJ's, and more. Plus, you have the option of including an external SuperDrive or optical drive enclosure for your removed SuperDrive or Combo drive so you'll still have CD/DVD read/write functionality anytime you want for loading system software or applications, as well as burning, playing, or ripping CDs and DVDs.

OptiBayMCE Technologies is again breaking ground with the new MCE OptiBay Hard Drive. Since the mid-1990s, MCE has designed and engineered hard drive and SuperDrive upgrades exclusively for PowerBooks. Those PowerBooks used to have what was called an "Expansion Bay" slot giving users a tremendous amount of flexibility in how they use their machines. We created "Expansion Bay Hard Drives" for those machines, (still available today), that allow users to easily replace their expansion bay optical drives with a removable hard drive. Apple's introduction of the PowerBook G4 in 2001 and their quest for the thinnest notebook in the world eliminated the possibility for an expansion bay slot and users have been limited to a permanent, built-in optical drive ever since. Not any more!

While we have been busily shipping SuperDrive upgrades for the PowerBook G4 for many years we've continued to hear from customers yearning for the old days when the optical drive was removable so they can put a hard drive in its place. We've also found many users out there doing high end HD and DV editing with Final Cut Pro and for whom an abundance of hard drive space is an absolute necessity... more necessary than having a built-in optical drive. For those pro users and for users who simply want more hard drive space inside their MacBook Pro or PowerBook G4 for their music, video, and photo libraries we've invented the OptiBay Hard Drive. Take your SuperDrive out and put an OptiBay Hard Drive in and give yourself up to an extra 250 GB of high performance hard drive space to use however you'd like. Combine it with up to a 250 GB internal hard drive and find out what a dream it is to have up to 500 GB (a half-terabyte!) of hard drive space inside your laptop.

The MCE OptiBay Hard Drive is a high performance laptop hard drive inside a specially designed, lightweight case that's been engineered to the exact same dimensions as your laptop's SuperDrive or Combo drive. We made the case so lightweight, in fact, that replacing your optical drive with an MCE OptiBay Hard Drive will actually shave up to a quarter pound off the weight of your MacBook Pro, MacBook or PowerBook G4! Besides just appearing different, laptop optical drives and hard drives have very different data connectors as well, so an adapter was developed allowing the hard drive to communicate with your MacBook Pro, MacBook, or PowerBook G4 through the optical drive connector on the motherboard. Since they already speak the same language, ATA, not one bit of speed or performance is lost in adapting the drive's connector.

Communicate Natively

Speaking of communications, your Mac won't even mind that the OptiBay Hard Drive is now connected to its optical drive connector. It recognizes it as just another hard drive connected to its ATA bus and communicates with it just as it would any other hard drive. Remember, you have a Mac where stuff just works! You even use Apple's own Disk Utility program to easily setup and partition the OptiBay Hard Drive however you'd like: As a standard hard drive volume showing up as its own icon on your desktop, in conjunction with your internal hard drive as part of a RAID 0 (Striped) or RAID 1 (Mirrored) array, or concatenated (combined) with your internal hard drive so they appear as one large hard drive are just a few of the many possibilities.

Fail-Safe Drive Dedication

For full protection from hard drive failure everyone agrees that redundancy is the key. For those in situations where being as fail-safe as possible is more important than the extra capacity, you may opt to clone your entire internal hard drive to the MCE OptiBay Hard Drive and, with the included BounceBack Express backup software, schedule backups to the OptiBay Hard Drive at regular, perhaps even daily, intervals. That way if your PowerBook or MacBook Pro's internal hard drive ever goes down you won't miss a single beat since you can immediately switch over and work seamlessly from the OptiBay Drive. The MCE OptiBay Hard Drive can also be used as a scratch disk for your data, doing all the heavy work and not bogged down having to run system routines simultaneously. Since the MCE OptiBay Hard Drive is bootable and for extra security, you could setup one drive as a Mac OS drive and the other as a dedicated Windows XP drive on MacBook Pros.

Power S.M.A.R.T.

The MCE OptiBay Hard Drive responds to S.M.A.R.T. status commands from the Mac OS. S.M.A.R.T. status commands query a drive's internal reliability algorithms and can, therefore, warn of possible impending disk failure long before it happens giving you enough time to archive your data before it's lost. In addition, the MCE OptiBay Hard Drive falls within the heat and power dissipation specification for the optical drive it is replacing and also has built-in power management routines which allow it to use even less power. Depending on the spindle speed of the drive, battery life between charges with an OptiBay Hard Drive installed is affected by only 10 to 15%. The Mac OS will even spin the OptiBay Hard Drive down when not in use if instructed to do so in the Energy Saver preference panel within System Preferences.

SuperDrive - External

In order to maintain the CD/DVD read/write functionality of the original internal optical drive replaced by the OptiBay Hard Drive with the MacBook Pro 17-inch and PowerBook G4, you can choose to include a Portable FireWire/USB 2.0 Optical Drive Enclosure Kit into which you may install the SuperDrive or Combo drive removed from the MacBook Pro. This slim external FireWire/USB 2.0 enclosure transforms your optical drive into a bootable, bus-powered SuperDrive or Combo drive just as compatible with iTunes, iDVD and Finder Burning as before. Now just plug in your external SuperDrive or Combo drive to your FireWire or USB 2.0 port only when needed in order to play, burn, or rip CDs or DVDs or to load new system software or applications. You can also choose the MCE External 18x DVD-/+R/RW + Dual/Double Layer FireWire/USB 2.0 SuperDrive to instead have the functionality of a higher-speed CD/DVD reader/writer at your disposal in a more stationary desktop form factor. You can also choose not include any optical drive option in the event you already have an external optical drive of your own.

The MacBook and MacBook Pro 15-inch make use of a nonstandard 9.5mm internal SuperDrive. Since there are no external enclosures available for this type of SuperDrive, MCE gives you the option of a complete portable 8X DVD±R/RW + Dual/Double Layer bus-powered FireWire/USB 2.0 SuperDrive, or the desktop 18X DVD±R/RW + Dual/Double Layer FireWire/USB 2.0 SuperDrive.

MacBooks and PowerBooksYou may install the MCE OptiBay yourself, or, if you prefer, you may have it professionally installed into your MacBook Pro or PowerBook G4 by MCE Technologies or one of our worldwide Authorized Upgrade Centers.

NOTE for 12-inch PowerBook G4 Owners: MCE highly recommends that your drive be professionally installed. The installation of the MCE OptiBay Hard drive into the 12-inch PowerBook G4 involves the removal of some 40 plus screws and parts and is not for the faint of heart. Only an experienced technician should attempt this upgrade into the 12-inch PowerBook G4.


  • Capacities of 100 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB, and 250 GB
  • High Performance Spindle Speeds of 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM
  • Bootable
  • S.M.A.R.T. Status Compliant
  • Sets up easily using Apple's Disk Utility program
  • Can be set up as a single volume, partitioned, or made part of RAID array
  • External Enclosure for SuperDrive or Combo drive compatible with iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, iTunes, iPhoto, and Finder Burning


  • MCE OptiBay Hard Drive
  • External FireWire/USB 2.0 Optical Drive or Optical Drive Enclosure (optional)
  • Installation Instructions
  • Installation Toolkit
  • User's Guide

Compatible with All MacBook Pro, MacBook and PowerBook G4 Systems

The MCE OptiBay Hard Drive is compatible with the 17" and 15" MacBook Pro, the 13.3" MacBook and also the 17", 15", and 12" Apple PowerBook G4.

System Requirements: MacBook Pro (15" or 17") or MacBook (13.3") running Mac OS 10.4.x or later. PowerBook G4 (12" Aluminum, 15" Aluminum or Titanium, or 17" Aluminum) running Mac OS 9, Mac OS 10.2, Mac OS 10.3, Mac OS 10.4 (or later) Full Disc Burning compatibility with FireWire or USB 2.0 enclosure requires Mac OS 10.4 or later. PowerBook G4 15" Titanium DVD-ROM only drive not compatible with FireWire enclosure.

Bargain 'Books

Bargain 'Books are used unless otherwise indicated. New and refurbished units have a one-year Apple warranty and are eligible for AppleCare.

There are two different versions of WallStreet running at 233 MHz, the cacheless MainStreet version and the later Series II with a level 2 cache. It's not always possible to determine from the vendor's listing which is being offered, so we've included links within this paragraph to the two models. The same goes for the PowerBook G4/667 (VGA) and G4/667 (DVI), the titanium vs. aluminum 15" PowerBook G4 at 1 GHz, and 1.25 GHz to 1.5 GHz 15" PowerBooks.

PowerBook, iBook, and MacBook profiles linked in our Portable Mac Index.

Apple Store

Lots of choice in 17" MacBook Pros this week - but a relatively thin selection of MacBook Pro 15" and MacBooks. cm

  • refurb 2.0 GHz Core 2 MacBook, white, 1 GB/80/Combo, $949
  • refurb 2.16 GHz Core 2 MacBook, white, 1 GB/120/SD, $1,099
  • refurb 2.16 GHz Core 2 MacBook, lack, 1 GB/160/SD, $1,299
  • refurb 15" 2.2 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/120/SD, $1,699
  • refurb 15" 2.4 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/160/SD, $2,199
  • refurb 17" 2.16 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/120/SD, $1,999
  • refurb 17" 2.33 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/160/SD, $2,199
  • refurb 17" 2.4 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/160/SD, $2,399
  • refurb 17" hi-res 2.4 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/160/SD, $2,599


TechRestore is offering a $25 discount to 'Book Review readers off any PowerBook or iBook in stock. Just enter the code CWM during checkout when ordering online. The coupon code is valid from now through 2007.12.31.

  • 15" PowerBook G4/1.5 GHz, 512/80/SD, $979.99 less $25 = $954.99
  • 15" 1.83 GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro, 512/80/SD, $1,199.99 less $25 = $1,174.99
  • 15" 2.0 GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro, 1 GB/80/SD, $1,299.99 less $25 = $1,274.99
  • 15" 2.0 GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro, 1 GB/100/SD, $1,349.99 less $25 = $1,324.99
  • 15" 2.16 GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro, 2 GB/100/SD, $1,399.99 less $25 = $1,374.99
  • 17" PowerBook G4/1 GHz, 512/60/SD, $999.99 less $25 = $974.99
  • 17" PowerBook G4/1.67 GHz, 512/120/SD, High-Res, $1,249.99 less $25 = $1,224.99
  • 17" 2.16 GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro, 1 GB/120/SD, $1,599.99 less $25 = $1,574.99
  • new 17" 2.4 GHz MacBook Pro, 2/160/SD, $2,499.99 less $25 = $2,474.99

Wegener Media - 12" iBook G3 - 15" MacBook Pro - 17" MacBook Pro

  • 12" iBook G3/500, 128/10/CD, $169.99
  • 12" iBook G3/600, 128/15/CD, $249.99
  • 12" iBook G3/700, 128/20/Combo, $329.99
  • 15" 1.83 GHz MacBook Pro, 512/80/SD, $1,179.99
  • 15" 2.0 GHz MacBook Pro, 512/80/SD, $1,239.99
  • 15" 2.0 GHz MacBook Pro, 1 G/100/SD, $1,299.99
  • 17" 2.16 GHz MacBook Pro, 1/100/SD, $1,629.99
  • 17" 2.16 GHz MacBook Pro, 1/120/SD, $1,689.99
  • 17" 2.16 GHz MacBook Pro, 1/160/SD, $1,729.99
  • 17" 2.16 GHz MacBook Pro, 1/250/SD, $1,829.99

Small Dog

  • new 1.83 GHz Core 2 MacBook, free Leopard upgrade, free printer, $979.99

Power Max

$75 RAM rebate, free shipping, and free MP3 sunglasses.

  • open box 2.0 GHz Core 2 MacBook, white, 1 GB/80/Combo, $1,029
  • open box 2.16 GHz Core 2 MacBook, black, 1 GB/160/SD, $1,449
  • open box 15" 2.16 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 1 GB/120/SD, warranty started, $1,699
  • open box 2.2 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2/120/SD, $1,949
  • open box 15" 2.2 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/160/SD, $2,029
  • open box 15" 2.33 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/120/SD, $2,149
  • open box 17" 2.33 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/160/SD, $2,549 
  • open box 17" 2.33 GHz Core 2 MacBook Pro, 2 GB/160/SD, $2,688


  • 12" iBook G3/700, 128/20/CD, AP, small crack, $249
  • 12" iBook G3/900, 256/40/Combo, AP, $449
  • 14" iBook G4/933 MHz, 128/40/Combo, APX, $499
  • 14" iBook G4/1 GHz, 128/60/SD, $579
  • 15" PowerBook G4/500, 128/20/Combo, Scratch/Dent, $299
  • 15" PowerBook G4/667, 512/30/SD, AP, $549
  • 15" PowerBook G4/867, 1 GB/60/Combo, $499
  • 15" PowerBook G4/1 GHz, 256/60/SD, AP, $599
  • 17" PowerBook G4/1 GHz, 1 GB/60/SD, $799
  • 17" PowerBook G4/1.33 GHz, 512/80/SD, scratched, $849
  • 17" PowerBook G4/1.33 GHz, 512/80/SD, small dent, $899
  • 17" PowerBook G4/1.5 GHz, 512/80/SD, $1,049

Baucom Computers

  • 12" iBook G3/600, 256/15/CD, $219
  • 12" iBook G3/600, 384/15/CD, $229
  • 12" iBook G3/700, 256/20/Combo, $299
  • 12" iBook G3/700, 384/20/Combo, $309
  • Add AirPort for $69
  • 12" iBook G4/1.0 GHz, 512/30/Combo, $475
  • 12" iBook G4/1.0 GHz, 512/30/Combo, AirPort, $509
  • 15" PowerBook G4/867 MHz, 512/40/Combo, a few extra scratches, wear, $520
  • 15" PowerBook G4/867 MHz, 512/40/Combo, $555
  • Add AirPort for $69

PowerBook Guy

  • 12" iBook G3/500, 128/10/CD, $199.95
  • 12" iBook G3/500, 256/20/CD-RW, $239.95
  • 12" iBook G3/600, 128/20/CD, $219.95
  • 12" iBook G3/700, 256/20/Combo, $349.95
  • 12" iBook G3/800, 256/30/CD, $259.95
  • 12" iBook G4/1 GHz, 512/30/Combo Drive, $479.95
  • Pismo PowerBook G3/400, 192/6/Zip, $279.95
  • 14" iBook G4/1 GHz, 512/40/Combo, $529.95
  • 15" PowerBook G4/500, 256/20/DVD, $449.95
  • 15" PowerBook G4/800, 256/40/Combo, $599.95
  • 15" titanium PowerBook G4/1 GHz, 256/60/SD, $729.95
  • 15" PowerBook G4/1.5 GHz, 512/80/SD, APX, BT, $899.95

For more deals on current or recently discontinued models, see our MacBook deals, 15" MacBook Pro deals, 17" MacBook Pro deals, 12" PowerBook G4 deals, 15" and 17" PowerBook G4 deals, titanium PowerBook G4 deals, iBook G4 deals, PowerBook G3 deals, and iBook G3 deals.

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