Not only is the Mac OS quite customizable, especially with desktop images, appearance sets, and fonts, but Macintosh computers can be customized, both inside and out. I’ve heard of one user who put a CD-ROM drive inside a Mac II, another who painted his SE/30 bronze (linked below).

These are their stories. Just remember to be careful if you decide to customize your own Mac.

  • Stone Flecked Classic, 2000.06.08. This popular process covers the drab beige or platinum finish with a stone-lick appearance.
  • Ze PowerSuitcase, 2000.06.02. Inside a metal Smith-Corona typewriter case beats the heart of a Quadra 700.
  • CompuBrick 160, 2000.01.18. Would you believe a PowerBook 160 converted to desktop use with plastic blocks?
  • The Bronze SE/30, 2000.01.10. A look at a “bronzed” SE/30 customized by Gary Thornton.

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