The 'Book Review

The 'Book Review 2002.07.05

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight

Except as noted, prices are in US dollars.

TiCase, TiCase Plus, and an Upgrade, too

The ultimate in style, elegance, performance, and protection. The TiCase is ideal for the sophisticated traveler. These cases may look sleek and satin-smooth, but they're also tough and durable, with brushed aluminum shell, combination lock and an interior which combines elegance with ease.

The sumptuous TiCase has been updated for the latest revision of the PowerBook G4. The new interior design supports either the new square power adapter or the original round model and also includes space for Apple's iPod.

The good looks of the case got an appearance in the hands of James Bond jumping from a balcony in The World Is Not Enough.

TiCase includes 2 inches of closed cell Styrofoam provide the necessary protection.

Matching cutouts cover the power supply, power cable and accessories to protect the TiBook from accidental scratches. The total combined weight of TiCase, Titanium PowerBook, power supply, and power cable is less than 11.5 lbs.

Whether in a taxi, train or plane, your data is just a lid away.

Lift off the lid, press gently on the rear corners of the TiBook and your favorite laptop lifts into working position.

The "LiftoMatic" telescopic feet raise the rear of the TiBook so that the natural decline of your knees is properly balanced and the TiBook comes to a level rest in desk height.

As a side effect LiftoMatic makes room for ample air circulation under the TiBook.

You can easily flip down the lid covering the ports.

TiCase sells for $399.

TiCase Plus

If TiCase is not enough, there is also the TiCase Plus. The successful original TiCase model was used as the basis for the new design.

Developers faced the following requests from various fractions of the installed base:

  • Usable space was to be increased without compromising the sleek shape and the outstanding protectiveness.
  • A shoulder strap was requested for added carrying comfort, particularly when walking for longer distances.
  • The design needs to be variable enough to offer the original low-bulk solution, too.
  • Existing TiCases must be upgradeable.

TiCase Plus was extended by a removable black side bag. The sidebag offers three inside pockets, pen holders and an external zippered pocket.

The inside pockets offer enough space TiCase Plusto hold an external drive and several CDs. The VST ultraportable CD-RW FireWire drive fits very nicely into the largest of the inside pockets.

The side bag is fastened on the TiCase body with four buttons and is removed in a snap. This leaves you with light gear: the original TiCase and a shoulder strap.

The side bag is also a useful standalone - just Velcro the buttons to the sides and use it as a light briefcase whenever you leave your TiBook at home.

The new shoulder strap is ergonomically formed, very wide and soft and has a special anti-slip surface. As it is fastened to the lid you will find that weight is evenly distributed even when the side bag is loaded.

TiCase Plus sells for $ 539.

TiCase Plus Upgrade

Upgrading TiCase to TiCase Plus could not be easier - no tools required. The upgrade consists of a new lid, the side bag and the shoulder strap. A new separator for the inside of the TiCase is included. This new thin and hard separator replaces the original part which separates the TiBook from accessories inside the case.

Putting a TiCase and the Upgrade together offers you a choice of two cases: Use the more versatile TiCase Plus or revert to the sleek and elegant TiCase as the situation requires.

TiCase Plus Upgrade (TiCase to TiCase Plus) sells for $ 297.

FireWire Depot Introduces ZiPang 2.5" Enclosure

FireWire Depot introduces the newest in its line of stylish, functional, and super cool 2.5" enclosures: the ZiPang.

The ZiPang 2.5 external ZiPangIEEE 1394 (FireWire) and USB 2.0 combo case is one of the newest products on the market. Its body is chromium plated for a smooth finish and a slick look. It is fastened by two silicon rubber belts.

ZiPang utilizes a unique fastening system that allows you to clip a FireWire output cable around the body of the case to help eliminate unsightly tangle of cables.

ZiPang is designed for especially mobile computer users. The drives are able to transport large files, archive important data, back up files from your laptop's hard disk, and share files. Now you can carry your important data anytime and anywhere.

World's Smallest AC Adapter for PowerBook G4, iBook 2001

The world's smallest PowerBook AC Adapter redesigned Madson adapterfor the Titanium PowerBook G4 and iBook 2001 (white iBook). This model comes with MadsonLine's space-saving L-shape plug.

  • Credit card size: 1.75" x 3.5" x 0.92"
  • Weight: 5 oz (w/o AC cord)
  • Heavy Duty 20 wire gauge DC cord.
  • Input: 100-240V AC.
  • 30" (76 cm) AC cord included
  • Outputs: 24V at 45 Watts continuous.

Price: $86.95 at Dev Depot.

Willow iBook Whumph! Two Slipcase

The new iBook Whumph! Two Slipcase offers a lightweight, compact, yet flexible solution for carrying your iBook, power supply and cord and some accessories. The stylish design Wumph! slipcaseoffers excellent protection for your iBook whether you want to carry the slipcase on its own, in a pack or tucked into a briefcase.

"Whumph!" is the satisfying sound of being able to jam your slipcase into your pack with just millimeters to spare, knowing the iBook is still protected.

iBook Whumph! Two Features:

  • excellent protection for your iBook afforded by 1.2 cm (0.5") soft "gushy" foam reinforced by corrugated plastic on the top and bottom plus all sides.
  • a clean, very lightweight and compact size.
  • convenient end access for those who wanting to stuff the slipcase into and remove the iBook from top loading backpacks.
  • nylon web handle, quadruple reinforced with rivets, to insure the safety of your laptop.
  • great carrying comfort insured by a removable foam padded wrap handle.
  • contoured, padded shoulder strap with a special sticky bottom to keep it on your shoulder.
  • convenient rubber luggage feet riveted through a high density polyethylene bottom piece to keep the Whumph! off the ground.
  • outer front organizer panel with pockets for business cards, pens, elasticized pocket for the Apple power supply plus room for the power cord and an ethernet cable.
  • flat external rear pocket especially handy for maps, magazines or newspapers.
  • lifetime guarantee against defects in materials or craftsmanship.

Price: $98 Cdn/$66 U.S.

Actiontec Announces First Wireless-Ready Router Able to Upgrade USB Modems for Home Networking

Actiontec Electronics has announced the Actiontec Dual Mode Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router, the first networking solution for a home or small office that permits users to share Internet access through a USB modem. The product works with the Actiontec USB Home DSL Modem - which holds a 20% market share in the US - as well as with ethernet Cable and DSL modems from any manufacturer (hence the "Dual Mode" of the name).

The new router can be used to network two desktop or laptop computers over a wired connection and a third through the unit's USB LAN port. Up to 32 additional computers can be networked wirelessly with the addition of an 802.11b-compliant PC Card. Networked computers can share files, printers and other peripherals, and multiplayer games as well as a single Internet connection, with wired surfing speeds of up to 100 Mbps and wireless access of up to 11 Mbps.

The router's ability to upgrade a USB modem for networking is an industry first, achieved by special engineering that has conquered technical problems such as loading drivers on a USB device. Previously, networking with a USB modem was not possible, forcing users to purchase a non-USB device if they wished to connect computers for shared Internet access.

Also new with this router is a first-of-its-kind installation system that dramatically simplifies the networking process. Actiontec's breakthrough installation system includes an automated setup wizard, color-coded ports and cables, and onscreen pictorial guides that offer a goof-proof means of establishing shared DSL or Cable Internet access even for the least technical user.

The networking wizard, called Connection 1-2-3™, adds new computers to the network with virtually no user intervention, automatically verifying the network settings and TCP/IP readiness of each new computer and correcting problems if necessary.

Other features of the Actiontec Dual Mode Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router include:

  • Two WAN ports to permit Internet connection sharing
  • a USB WAN port for use with the Actiontec USB Home DSL Modem, and an Ethernet WAN port for use with an Ethernet Cable or DSL modem from any vendor.
  • Three LAN ports: a USB LAN port, an Ethernet LAN port, and wireless.
  • Actiontec's exclusive dual PC Card slot configuration, with one "wireless-ready" slot for an 802.11b-compliant card to activate wireless networking and a second slot for future cards permitting applications such as wireless printer sharing and Internet-based voice phone calls via VoIP.
  • A built-in firewall for network security.
  • Advanced 64- and 128-bit wireless security encryption.
  • Advanced Web site and Web service blocking to prevent access to undesirable content, plus power filters that can audit and report detailed log files of Web browsing activities.

The Actiontec Dual Mode Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router carries an MSRP of $99.99 and will be available in July from mass market retailers and from the Actiontec online store. Each package will include a router, an AC power adapter, an Ethernet cable, a USB cable, Quick Start Guides and the Actiontec Installation Buddy, and Connection 1-2-3. The product is compatible with Windows 98 or higher for a PC and System 7.1 or higher for a Macintosh.

Bargain 'Books

There are two different versions of WallStreet running at 233 MHz, the cacheless MainStreet version and the later Series II with a level 2 cache. It's not always possible to determine from the vendor's listing which is being offered, so we've included links within this paragraph to the two models.

Small Dog Electronics

  • iBook 500, 128 /15 GB/CD-ROM, factory refurb with one year warranty, includes Ogio Jack Pack Messenger Bag in graphite, $879
  • iBook 600, 128/15 GB/DVD, refurbished, $1,099

Baucom Computers


Note: Website is not iCab friendly.


  • iBook 600, 128/15 GB/DVD/12.1", Apple refurbished, $1,089
  • iBook 600, 128/20 GB/Combo/12.1", Apple refurbished, $1,199.99

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