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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2011.02.14

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iFixit Verizon iPhone 4 Teardown

Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 antennas
Verizon (top) and AT&T iPhone 4 antennas.

Inside the Verizon (left) and AT&T iPhone 4
Inside the Verizon (left) and AT&T iPhone 4.

MacFixIt's Kyle Wiens says:

"We all knew that the external appearance of the CDMA iPhone 4 was changed slightly, but we had no idea how many differences were to be uncovered inside - until now, and we're amazed that Apple made all these revisions to a phone that's already set to be antiquated by the iPhone 5. We'll let you know this summer how many changes made it to the updated device.

"The Verizon iPhone 4 earned a Repairability Score of 6 out of 10. You can remove the battery fairly easily once you circumvent Apple's pesky Pentalobe screws - no soldering required. Other components are connected mostly with regular screws, with limited use of tabs and adhesives. However, the LCD is still fused to the front glass, and we recommend you wear gloves while performing repairs, unless you want your finger oils to interfere with the phone's RF grounding points (something we found through personal experience)."

iFixit's Verizon iPhone 4 Teardown Rattles the Chip Market

Forbes' Agustino Fontevecchia reports that iFixit's teardown of the new Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 (above) rattled the chip world. With the internal components revealed, markets are picking winners and losers in the chip industry.

Verizon Wireless Has Record Sales on First Day of iPhone 4

PR: Verizon Wireless has ceased online orders of iPhone 4 to existing customers and ended the most successful first day sales in the history of the company.

"This was an exciting day," said Dan Mead, president and chief executive officer for Verizon Wireless. "In just our first two hours, we had already sold more phones than any first day launch in our history. And, when you consider these initial orders were placed between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., it is an incredible success story. It is gratifying to know that our customers responded so enthusiastically to this exclusive offer - designed to reward them for their loyalty.

"I am proud of our employees who worked tirelessly to strengthen and scale our systems, enabling unprecedented customer orders through our website. Overall, it was a very good day"

Mead also noted that customers will have another opportunity at being among the nation's first to own an iPhone 4 on the Verizon Wireless network.

The general market launch of the iPhone 4 on the Verizon Wireless network took place on Feb. 10. The company opened its more than 2,000 Verizon Wireless Communications Stores at 7 a.m. The Verizon iPhone 4 is also available at all Apple store locations, Best Buy, select Walmart stores, and online at and

Walmart Offers iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless

PR: Walmart announces that iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless will be available in select Walmart stores starting today, Feb. 10, 2011.

"We're excited to bring iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless, one the most anticipated mobile phone launches in recent history, to Walmart customers," says Gary Severson, senior vice president, Home Entertainment, Walmart US. "As customers continue to embrace smart phone technology, we've added nearly 20 smart phone models to our assortment, including the new iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless."

iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless joins Walmart's assortment of nearly 20 smartphones, and will be available at nearly 600 of the retailer's in-store wireless areas starting at $199 for the 16 GB model. Walmart will offer a variety of iPhone 4 accessories including cases, car chargers, wraps, and hands free accessories from variety of accessory manufacturers. Walmart currently carries the iPhone 4 on AT&T in select stores nationwide.

uSamp Verizon iPhone Survey

PR: Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of 3G-only networks will deter iPhone fans.

As the end drew near for AT&T's exclusive hold on the coveted iPhone from Apple, uSamp, one of the world's fastest growing technology and online sample companies, released a nationwide survey of AT&T and Verizon customers to gauge their plans for the February 10 launch of Verizon's iPhone. The ringing conclusion: a stalwart group of iPhone enthusiasts intends to line up on day one, regardless of severe weather, product quirks, and service uncertainties.

Drawing from its highly profiled online panel from Jan. 28 to Jan. 31 to query AT&T customers - as well as current Verizon users of Android and BlackBerry phones - uSamp surveyed more than 700 smartphone users, finding that 29% of AT&T customers who intend to switch to Verizon for the iPhone are willing to wait in line on Feb. 10 to get it. Among existing Verizon customers who plan to get the iPhone, 24% report a willingness to stand in line, too.

For young consumers, devotion to the iPhone is even more intense: among AT&T customers intending to switch, 35% of those ages 18-24 and 50% of those ages 25-34 are willing to wait in line on the Feb. 10 launch day. For Verizon's current BlackBerry and Android users who report plans to switch to the iPhone, 46% of those ages 18-24 and 34% of those ages 25-34 agree to wait in line on day one.

To Switch or Not to Switch (and Why)

The uSamp survey affirms initial reports of widespread defections from AT&T. According to the survey, more than a quarter of current AT&T customers (26%) intend to switch to Verizon's iPhone on the day it becomes available. For now, however, the remaining 74% would rather wait than switch.

According to the uSamp survey, 47% say it is very unlikely that they'll jump ship, 12% say it is somewhat unlikely, and another 15% report it is neither likely nor unlikely. 26% of AT&T customers say they are very likely (8%) or somewhat likely (18%) to switch to Verizon's iPhone on February 10.

By contrast, a majority of Verizon's current Android and BlackBerry users already have iPhone fever, reporting that they intend to head to Apple as soon as the iPhone hits the shelves: 54% are very likely (25%) or somewhat likely (29%) to go iPhone on February 10. Research in Motion, take note: fully two-thirds of Verizon's BlackBerry users (66%) report they are very or somewhat likely to switch to the iPhone that day, as are nearly half of its Android users (44%).

As AT&T loses its monopoly on the iPhone, its customers who plan to switch to Verizon have one clear-cut reason: dropped calls (48%). Other factors cited: carrier coverage (25%), product features (22%) and other reasons (30%).

For switchers among Verizon's current Android and BlackBerry users, it's all about the cool features: the interface (60%), web browser (58%), media (51%), memory (43%), and camera (41%).

Still, brand loyalty isn't dead by any stretch. The top two reasons Verizon's current smartphone users do not plan to give up their Androids or BlackBerrys in favor of the iPhone: conversion costs (46%) and the keyboard (34%). Other reasons not to switch included functions such as e-mail and messaging (23%), maps and GPS (23%), customization and widgets (20%), web browser (19%) and, for BlackBerry users, BlackBerry messenger (28%).

When asked if learning details about Verizon's actual iPhone offering had led to second thoughts about switching, respondents cited the cost of conversion as the biggest concern (45% for AT&T customers, 41% for Verizon). AT&T customers had bigger fears than Verizon's about a potential decline in Verizon's service (25% for AT&T customers, 15% for Verizon). Both groups showed relatively equal concern about network speed (22% for AT&T customers, 26% for Verizon) as well as the risk of being first (19% for AT&T customers, 18% for Verizon). Despite these and other unknowns, 15% of AT&T customers reported having no second thoughts about switching, along with 25% of Verizon's current BlackBerry and Android users.

Dissecting the Data: Demographic Data Points

In addition to top-line results, the data reveals some intriguing differences among AT&T customers and Verizon's current BlackBerry and Android users, including along demographic lines such as age, gender and region. The findings include:

Men are more likely than women to switch to Verizon's iPhone (32% of males at AT&T are somewhat or very likely, vs. 20% of females; 58% of males at Verizon, vs. 51% of females).

Younger customers are not only more willing to wait in line for Verizon's iPhone on Feb. 10 but, in general, they are more likely to make the switch: 36% of AT&T customers ages 18-24 and 41% ages 25-34 are very or somewhat likely to switch (vs. 26% for all AT&T customers); for Verizon's current BlackBerry and Android users, 71% of those ages 18-24 are somewhat or very likely to switch on Feb. 10, as are 60% of those ages 25-34 (vs. 54% of all Verizon BlackBerry and Android users).

Midwestern Verizon users of BlackBerry and Android are least willing to wait in line for the iPhone on Feb. 10 (13%, vs. 31% in the South, 26% in the Northeast, and 22% in the West). Regional differences among current AT&T users are minor (31% for both the Northeast and the South, 29% for the Midwest, and 25% for the West).

uSamp's iPhone survey was conducted online among 727 US residents between Jan. 28 and Jan. 31, 2011 using the uSamp/DMS River Sample methodology and resulting in a 3.6% margin of error. For a full copy of the report, which includes data by gender, age and region, email

Intel Sandy Bridge Flaw Is Good News for Tablets

PCWorld's Tony Bradley thinks the flaw Intel has discovered in its "Cougar Point" chipset, which will now interrupt and delaying the launch of its new "Sandy Bridge" line of second-generation Core "i" processors, will have a ripple effect that will impact the entire industry and create a unique window of opportunity for tablet PCs.

Braley notes that while PC makers such as HP, Dell, Samsung, and Lenovo are busy offering to customers refunds for faulty Intel systems that have already been sold and have been obliged to put entire product lines on indefinite hold while Intel addresses the issue, Apple continues to sell iPads, which use non-Intel silicon, almost as fast as it can make them, and the iPad 2 is rumored to be coming very soon, with the result being that the Intel glitch could mean an even better year for tablets than had been anticipated.

iPad Run Over by PT Cruiser, Still Works

TUAW's Steven Sande reports that reader Aaron sent a link to a YouTube video showing an iPad belonging to a fellow employee being run over by the front and rear wheels of a Chrysler PT Cruiser and still functioning, despite being heavily damaged.

How the iPad Time Shifts Online Reading

TechCrunch's Erick Schonfeld says:

"One of the reasons bookmarking apps like Read It Later and Instapaper are becoming so popular is because we are inundated with news and interesting links all day long, but have no time to read them. But just as DVRs help us shift our TV viewing to better fit our own schedules, these apps helps us time shift our online reading. And according to some data put out earlier this month by Read It Later, it looks like the iPad is becoming the time-shifting reading device of choice."

DisplaySearch Forecasts 200% Growth for Tablet Computers in 2011

PR: Momentum behind tablet (slate) PC shipments is growing, with a year-over-year increase of nearly 200% to 55.7 million units expected in 2011, according to the DisplaySearch Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report. Though growth rates will slow over the forecast period, the tablet's share of the overall mobile PC market, which also includes notebooks and mini-notes (netbooks), will rise to nearly 35%, or 172.4 million units, by 2014. Total shipments of the mobile PC market are expected to reach 503.8 million units by 2014.

Tablet Shipment Forecast"The upcoming product announcements, introductions and demonstrations in the coming weeks will build on the tremendous momentum that the market has already seen and will lead to segmentation in the tablet (slate) PC market," says Richard Shim, mobile computing analyst for DisplaySearch. "This segmentation translates to significant shipment growth and proliferation in the short and long term."

Segmentation is also demonstrated by the numerous screen sizes expected to be supported by the many devices that will become available in 2011. DisplaySearch expects the categories of 7" wide, 10" standard, and 10" wide to be the dominant screen sizes used by new products in the coming years.

When Apple introduced its iPad in 2010, it once again shocked many industry observers by providing a traditional standard (4:3) aspect ratio display, even as notebooks (including Apple's own), monitors, and TVs were moving to wide (16:9 or 16:10) formats. The success of the iPad has sparked debates about the best display format for slates; combined with screen size, the outcome of this debate will help to define the category. A plethora of new devices purporting to be more user-friendly by the nature of their "wide" footprint (or "long" when used in the palm of one's hand) continue to flood the supply chain.

The significant growth of tablet computers is expected to cannibalize the mini-note and notebook mobile PC categories, but this will vary by region. Cannibalization of mini-notes and notebooks by slates is expected to be most noticeable in mature markets where PC penetration rates, meaning percentage of households that already own PCs, are highest. In emerging markets, cannibalization is expected to be negligible because PC penetration rates are relatively low as compared to mature markets. Plus, individuals tend to desire more highly configured and more capable first computing devices.

The overall result will be an increase in the mobile PC category. Mobile PC shipment growth is expected to be in the double digit range throughout the forecast period, peaking in 2011, at 30.4% year-over-year, and gradually declining to 17.7% growth in 2014.

The DisplaySearch Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report covers the entire range of mobile PC products shipped worldwide and regionally. With analysis of global and regional brands, the Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report provides an objective, expert view of the market with insight into historical shipments, revenues, forecasts and more. For more information about the report, please contact Charles Camaroto at 1.888.436.7673 or 1.516.625.2452, email contact(at)displaysearch(dot)com or contact your regional DisplaySearch office in China, Japan, Korea or Taiwan or more information.

Range Rover Unveils World's First iPad-Equipped Car

iPads are to be a standard equipment in the latest luxury limited edition version of the Range Rover SUV according to's Matt Campbell, who observes that Range Rover maker Land Rover has taken the auto industry's association with Apple products to the next level, becoming the first brand to equip a vehicle with iPads as standard, with two of the removable portable tablet computers built into the front seatbacks of the new Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition - the company's most exclusive Range Rover model ever, thereby replacing the generic DVD screens typically found in high-end luxury vehicles.

Range Rover equipped with iPadsCampbell notes that the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition's office-style back seat also adds new console extensions with Apple keyboards, an aluminum laptop table and a drinks chiller.

UK based Land Rover was acquired from Ford by India's Tata automaking conglomerate in 2008.

Debuting at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, according to, the the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition features hand-crafted soft feel Oxford leathers and machined aluminum detailing as well as a luxury yacht inspired teak loadspace deck with metal and leather detailing, plus Kalahari wood veneers are used on the dashboard and door tops with interior colorways of either dark cherry or Arabica available. Along with the iPads, two stand-alone electric rear seats enhance rear passenger space and comfort, making the Ultimate Edition the definitive chauffeur vehicle.

Range Rover Ultimate EditionThe Ultimate Edition will be powered by choice of either naturally-aspirated or supercharged V-8 powerplants, including new 4.4 litre LR-TDV8 Diesel engine with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission that delivers zero-to-60 acceleration in 7.5 seconds along with lower fuel consumption and 14% lower CO2 emissions than its predecessor, providing combined cycle fuel consumption of 30.1 imperial miles per gallon - the first Range Rover ever to achieve greater than 30 mpg. In North America the Ultimate Edition will have a 5.0-litre, supercharged gasoline V8 delivering 510 hp and 461 ft-lb of torque and zero-to-60 acceleration of an even quicker 5.9 seconds, but alas not the same fuel economy as the diesel.

Range RoverAnd of course the Ultimate Edition comes with Land Rover's marquee Terrain Response system with five different settings to suit all terrains plus new Hill Start Assist and Gradient Acceleration Control.

EuropeanMotorNews says just 500 examples of the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition will be produced and sold in over 20 markets globally, which should ensure exclusivity. Pricing is yet to be announced, but a safe deduction is that if you have to ask, you probably can't afford one.

Murdoch Hopes Apple Will Take Smaller Share of The Daily Revenues

PaidContent reports that News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch hopes Apple might lower its 30% share of The Daily sales proceeds after a year, noting that News Corp is getting just 70¢ of each 99¢ weekly subscription fee.

Murdoch also observed in an interview with Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto that he will need a circulation of about half a million for The Daily to break even, but said he's hoping that the digital newspaper will hit American Idol numbers - expressing optimism that everyone in America who can afford one will buy a tablet, also venturing his opinion that "this is the end of the laptop," musing about the irony of the man who invented the personal computer, then the laptop (Steve Jobs) now being the agent of "destroying them."

Apps & Services

Google Translate for iPhone Google Translate App for iPhone

PR: Back in August 2008, we launched a Google Translate HTML5 web app for iPhone users. Today, the official Google Translate for iPhone app is available for download from the App Store. The new app has all of the features of the web app, plus some significant new additions designed to improve your overall translation experience.

Google Translate for iPhoneSpeak to translate

The new app accepts voice input for 15 languages, and just like the web app you can translate a word or phrase into one of more than 50 languages. For voice input, just press the microphone icon next to the text box and say what you want to translate.

Google Translate for iPhoneListen to your translations

You can also listen to your translations spoken out loud in one of 23 different languages. This feature uses the same new speech synthesizer voices as the desktop version of Google Translate we introduced last month.

Fullscreen mode

Google Translate for iPhoneAnother feature that might come in handy is the ability to easily enlarge the translated text to fullscreen size. This way, it's much easier to read the text on the screen, or show the translation to the person you are communicating with. Just tap on the zoom icon to quickly zoom in.

And the app also includes all of the major features of the web app, including the ability to view dictionary results for single words, access your starred translations and translation history even when offline, and support romanized text like Pinyin and Romaji.

You can download Google Translate now from the App Store globally. The app is available in all iOS supported languages, but you'll need an iPhone or iPod touch iOS version 3 or later.

Cars.tomizer Pro 2.0 Goes Too Fast, Too Furious

PR: Independent app developer emirBytes announces Cars.tomizer Pro 2.0 for iOS devices. Created specifically for petrol heads who love modified vehicles, Cars.tomizer Pro features tons of customizing features. Just load up a vehicle, and start customizing by painting and add all sorts of parts to it. Version 2.0 is a major release with remake of the user interface, more parts and new features, and support of the iPhone 4 retina display, and is available to download in the Apple's App Store. The app is created specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch platform, utilizing the touch interface.

Cars.tomizer Pro is a simple app created for motorheads who love modified vehicles. To use the app is easy - just load up a vehicle (either form the built-in In-App Vehicles library, or load up a photo of your own vehicles), and start customizing by painting the vehicle and add all sorts of parts to it.

Cars.tomizer Pro 2.0The latest update introduces 3 new types of parts - wheels and undercarriage neon lights and muffler. The new features of the app include the ability to load your own backdrop, listen to a random song from your iPod song list while customizing, and add fully customized glow banner. The unique feature of Cars.tomizer Pro is the ability for the user to paint the vehicle (applies only for the In-App Vehicles) from a wide range of color spectrum. Some parts you will be able to change their colors as well such as the side skirtings, rear wing, brake caliper, decals and neon lights.

Cars.tomizer Pro Features:

  • Awesome graphics with Retina Display support
  • Many In-App Vehicles to choose from
  • Fully customizable parts - move, resize, rotate and mirror them
  • Vast amount of parts in the Parts Library - wheels, brake caliper, side skirtings, rear spoiler, decals and stripes, muffler and neon lights
  • Fully customizable glow banner
  • Save to your device or upload to your Facebook account
  • Easy to use interface

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 3.2 or later
  • 14.7 MB

Cars.tomizer Pro 2.0 is $1.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. There is also a "Lite" version of Cars.tomizer which is totally free, but short of some types of parts and vehicles, the variety of parts are limited, and some features are not available. Head over to our Flickr page to see the capability of the app.

Louis Vuitton Launches Amble iOS App

PR: The Amble application by Louis Vuitton offers new ways of capturing your travel memories and sharing them with your friends.

Create your own unique tours: the Ambles. Take personal pictures, notes, videos, and sounds along your way. And save the spots you like most, anywhere in the world.

You can also find inspiration from other Amblers or Friends of the House, perfect to inject more uniqueness into your walks. And if you are more of an urban explorer, the Louis Vuitton City Guides - available in both English and French languages - will lead you through their selection of exceptional and new cities.

Available in English only and allowing you to save your personal information directly from or from your iPhone, Amble is the perfect companion for an everyday walk or exploratory trip.

Let augmented reality lead you, record your travel experiences, visit your favorite celebrity's spots - it's everything you need to create unforgettable journeys. Whether you want to remember a walk you particularly enjoyed or need to prepare a visit to a new destination, with Amble you will always be ready to explore the world.


System Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

The Almighty Bible to Release the Gospel of Mark Graphic Novel for Easter

PR: The New Media publishers of The Almighty Bible series are releasing their first New Testament Graphic Novel - The Gospel of Mark - on March 1. The iPad/iPhone/DROID versions will be released in April. With the unprecedented success of their first two releases - Genesis and Exodus - The Almighty Bible is the fastest growing brand in Christian Publishing.

The Almighty Bible: NoahIt's David vs. Goliath as The Almighty Bible sets out to compete with huge secular brands in a way that is equally entertaining yet shares a faith-based message.

The Almighty Bible ( is here to make the Bible exciting for a new generation of kids and young teens. Young people today are brought up in a visual world where video games, iPhones and graphic novels are the preferred means of entertainment. The team behind the Almighty Bible has decided to use these natural tendencies rather than fight them.

The first two graphic novels, Genesis and Exodus, are already out and are being carried by virtually every Christian bookstore. They are also doing well on Amazon and are now being picked up by secular stores. These books, going by the same name, are also available as iPad apps that add narration, maps, glossary, Bible study, animations, and full-text options to the books. The first iPad app soared to # 43 on the charts in just two days after the release and the first iPhone app comes out later this month. In February, an online virtual world will open for kids of all ages.

The Almighty Bible: Map of Palestine"For years, content based on the Bible has been the domain of ministries and faith based groups that in general have not delivered the best content for the kids." - says Kevin O'Donnell, project producer and creator of the multiple Emmy nominated series Liberty's Kids (PBS). "There have been exceptions however, such as 'The Prince of Egypt' that have shown that when the content is exciting and well done, kids will flock to it." The coproducer of the project, Dong Chung shares the same sentiments. "I was involved with Focus on the Family, producing a special episode of 'Adventures in Odyssey' that made it clear to me that faith based quality programming could be creatively and commercially successful."

The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark will bring the life of Jesus alive with incredible illustrations and concisely edited text that is focused on biblical accuracy. Starting with John the Baptist, the book will take the readers all the way to the Ascension of Jesus. "The Almighty Bible books are amazing. Kids and teens love them. Partly because they are much easier to read and party because the images help make the stories much clearer," says Reverend Charles Kim from Youth Field Services, the largest support organization in the world for youth ministers.

The Almighty Bible believes that it is important that the word of God is packaged in a way that makes it competitive with the other content that is competing for our kid's attention. Studies show that kids spend a cumulative 10.5 Hours each day multitasking with various forms of media. Project Cocreator Dong Chung believes that it is incredibly important to adapt to how young people are now receiving information. This has lead us to present the stories of the Bible in the formats and media where kids, tweens and teens are already spending the majority of their time.

The Almighty Bible: glossaryTo ensure the quality and accuracy of the books and mobile apps, The Almighty Bible has set up a blue ribbon advisory board. Chap Clark - Vice Provost at Fuller Seminary and founder of ParenTeen and a member of the advisory board says "The Almighty Bible is a wonderful and natural step forward in the way we communicate the bible to kids. The message remains the same but the medium just got clear, interactive and visually exciting for today's youth."

Two new TV networks are currently trying to demonstrate that Christian programming does not have to be relegated to donation-based networks. The benefit of course is that with commercial success comes ongoing funding that will create bigger and better budgets for bigger and better blocks of Christian programming. The Almighty Bible is quickly growing into a national brand, attracting attention from top Youth Ministers, Bloggers and Media Personalities throughout the Christian world. Jim Burns, host of the popular HomeWord radio show (, recently spent two days focusing on The Almighty Bible series. Pastor Charles Kim, who was a guest on the program and who heads the Advisory Board for the Almighty Bible has made a point of bringing top youth ministers from across the country into the project. "The Almighty Bible is not coming from a major studio, but the team behind it is working around the clock to try and make a difference. Luckily, people have been supporting them and spreading the word. That's what we need, good people everywhere to spread the word."

The Almighty Bible has already released Genesis and Exodus in print and The Gospel of Mark will be released on March 1. The books can be ordered today at The Almighty Bible Store or at

The Genesis App is available now on the iPad and will soon be available for the iPhone/iTouch. The App can be downloaded for free and includes the story of Creation and Adam and Eve. There are an additional three sections to Genesis each available for 99¢. The books will soon be available for the DROID, Kindle, and Nook.

Confession: A Roman Catholic iPhone/iPad App

Confession appPR: Designed to be used in the confessional, this app is the perfect aid for every penitent. With a personalized examination of conscience for each user, password protected profiles, and a step-by-step guide to the sacrament, this app invites Catholics to prayerfully prepare for and participate in the Rite of Penance. Individuals who have been away from the sacrament for some time will find Confession: A Roman Catholic App to be a useful and inviting tool.

The text of this app was developed in collaboration with Rev. Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Executive Director of the Secretariat for Doctrine and Pastoral Practices of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Rev. Dan Scheidt, pastor of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Mishawaka, IN. The app received an imprimatur from Bishop Kevin C. Rhodes of the Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend. It is the first known imprimatur to be given for an iPhone/iPad app.

Confession appFeatures:

  • Custom examination of Conscience based upon age, sex, and vocation (single, married, priest, or religious)
  • Multiple user support with password protected accounts
  • Ability to add sins not listed in standard examination of conscience
  • Confession walkthrough including time of last confession in days, weeks, months, and years
  • Choose from 7 different acts of contrition
  • Custom interface for iPad
  • Full retina display support

New in Version 1.0.1:

  • fixed prayers not displaying on iPad prayer tab
  • fixed hidden login buttons when logging in on iPhone or iPod Touch
  • fixed missing splash image on iPhone & iPod Touch
  • fixed incorrect colors on step 2 in Confession tab
  • fixed occasional app crash when deleting users
  • added category highlighting to iPad Examination of Conscience

System requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later


The developer requests that users submit bug reports so they can work on fixing the issues.


PADACS PowerCases Double iPhone 4 Battery Life

PR: iPhone accessories maker PADACS launches two iPhone 4 cases that double the battery life of the power-hungry devices.

The PADACS PowerCase PD-126-16 ($49.95) and PowerCase PD-126-22 ($59.95) weigh just 0.15 lb. and 0.19 lb. d respectively, fitting snugly to boost the iPhone 4 handset's battery life without making it bulky.

As well as providing up to seven hours talk time on a 3G mobile network, the PADACS PowerCases greatly extend the time available for Internet access or playing video and audio content on the iPhone 4.

In addition to boosting the battery life, the PADACS PowerCases also provide a protective casing for the handset's back and sides. As a bonus, PADACS is including a free iPhone 4 screen protector with each PowerCase purchased.

The PADACS PowerCase PD-126-16 (1600 mAh) and PowerCase PD-126-22 (2200 mAh) are available immediately.

TuneWear CarbonLook for iPhone 4, Universal Case for Verizon and AT&T

CarbonLook for iPhone 4PR: TuneWear announces its Carbon Look case for iPhone 4, available in two color varieties.

Carbon look for iPhone 4 is an ultra thin case with a beautiful carbon pattern. It is light and thin and adds a layer of protection to iPhone without adding additional weight or bulk. Made from tough polycarbonate with a carbon pattern

synthetic leather exterior and a rubber coated interior, Carbon look protects iPhone from light bumps and scratches.

CarbonLook for iPhone 4With the case on, all iPhone ports, buttons and camera remain open and accessible so there is no need to remove Carbon look once it has been attached. Carbon look gives a good secure feeling when gripped in your hand.

Compatibility: iPhone 4, all models

Colors: Black and White

Carbon Look Case for iPhone 4 sells for$29.95

CarbonLook for Verizon iPhone 4 now available on in Black or White or the TuneWear Online Store.

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