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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2011.06.27

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Create and Organize iOS Folders

Macworld's Lex Friedman has posted a handy tutorial on creating iOS folders, recalling that the very first incarnation of the Mac OS offered folders for organizing files and observing that it wasn't likewise so for the first iteration of the iPhone OS, taking until June 2010 and the release of iOS 4 for folders to arrive.

Friedman describes two methods for creating iOS folders - one that you can use directly on your iOS device and the other that is managed through iTunes, and follows up with a few additional folder tips and tricks. Among the latter he cautions that, unlike folders on your Mac, iOS folders can only hold a certain number of icons, with iPhone folders limited to 12 apps and iPad folders getting a more generous 20.

Why use folders? "For starters, you might choose to group together similarly-themed apps, like a folder of games or of text editors, freeing up screen space and ensuring that related apps are all in one easy-to-find place. You can also create folders to hide those apps you use less frequently - especially Apple's bundled apps (like Stocks and Weather) that you can't otherwise delete."

How to Print From Your iPad or iPhone

Cult of Mac's Adam Rosen has posted a tutorial article on options for printing from your iPad or iPhone, all of them kinda kludgy - but they are all the platform supports at this time. And if all else fails, there's always the photocopier option.

iPad 2 Review: Atrocious Cameras, Poor Multitasking, and Lost Productivity

Tom's Hardware's Andrew Ku has posted a comprehensive and detailed review and critique of the iPad 2, noting that he bought a 16 GB WiFi-equipped iPad when they first came out, but like many others, he returned it a month later.

Whatever I gained in portability, I lost in productivity.

"As much as I liked Apple's latest gizmo," Ku relates, "I just couldn't find a way to consistently use it. Sure, the iPad was more portable than a notebook, but it doesn't run OS X. Instead, Apple decided that the iPad should run on iOS, the mobile version of its desktop operating system . . . Whatever I gained in portability, I lost in productivity. The iPad is a solid content consumption device; it's not nearly as suited to creation. If you want to be productive, you still need a computer.

Has that dynamic been altered by the iPad 2? Well, yes and no. The second iteration of Apple's tablet has a faster, dual-core A5 processor, more memory, and more powerful graphics support, but multitasking (or mostly the lack thereof) is the same on the iPad 2 - it hasn't changed. You have to double-tap on the home button to pull up the tabbing menu, and you still can't multitask as smoothly as you can on a desktop. All applications run full-screen, so there's no way to simultaneously manage multiple windows. Ku concludes that the multitasking experience on the iPad needs particular address, because multitasking is a big part of what makes us so productive on desktop and laptop PCs, so until Apple addresses this interface issue, any other improvements wind up "fairly iterative."

The iPad 2 has more memory, for instance, and you do see the benefit of that upgrade when you switch between multiple programs.

The iPad 2 also has front-facing and rear-facing cameras, but Ku says they are simply atrocious, with quality good enough for Skype, but coming up short even in comparison with older smartphones that have 3+ megapixel sensors. The back camera is only 0.7 MP at 960 x 720, and the front one 0.3 MP at 640 x 480, something Apple is only getting away with because it has relatively mature software and the previous generation had no camera at all).

They don't really replace anything, and until we get to that point, tablets users are faced with "needing" a device that they can live without.

Ku also criticizes the body English required in interfacing with a tablet, noting that sitting down with one in your lap feels awkward and demonstrates that tablets aren't that easy to use in transit, but says his biggest gripe is synergy - the challenge of keeping his files synchronized on his desktop, iPad, and cellphone; ergo, when he finishes working on his desktop, he wants to be able walk over to the iPad and have all his applications and data come with him without the hassle of docking and syncing every time he changes a document or adds audio tracks. He concludes that tablets have the potential to be amazing but thinks it'll take another generation or two before we're actually there.

Apple Nervous as Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Arrives in US

International Business Times' Carl Bagh reports that iPad 2 challenger - Samsung's "thinner and lighter" Galaxy Tab 10.1 - is now available at retailers in the US, bringing the goodness of Google's tablet-specific OS Android 3.0 or Honeycomb on a 10.1" display, compared with iPad 2's 9.7" display, and better screen resolution at 1280 x 800 compared to iPad 2's 1024 x 768. Samsung has also bettered iPad 2 in terms of thinness and weight - albeit only by the smallest of margins, and has 3 MP rear and 2 MP front facing cameras compared to iPad 2's 2 MP rear and VGA front-facing camera. It matches Apple's iPad 2 memory and pricing as well.

Bagh maintains, "Apple's nervousness regarding Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is evident by the lawsuit filed it has filed against its key supplier Samsung."

Is Research In Motion an Attractive Takeover Target for Apple?

Seeking Alpha's Jonathan Liggett notes that Apple has earned billions with the iPhone and the iPad, and he suggests that with a dauntingly large market cap of $291 billion, the stock needs a major catalyst to move higher - and that since Research in Motion's market cap is $14 billion with $2.4 billion in cash and no debt, the Canadian BlackBerry developer would be an attractive takeover target for Apple, offering little risk and much reward. With such a small price relative to its market cap, Apple would gain access to secure corporate email, developing markets, and a huge portfolio of potentially valuable patents.

Publisher's note: One has to wonder how much credibility Apple would lose by supporting two competing and incompatible smartphone systems. I can't see a RIM acquisition making any sense for Apple. dk

Apps & Services

Wacom Releases Free Bamboo Paper Note Taking App, but There's a Catch

Bamboo PaperPR: Wacom's new Bamboo Paper Notes App lets you use your own natural handwriting to scribble, sketch, and doodle your thoughts in a digital paper notebook, and it's offered for free initially.

Bamboo Paper turns your iPad into the ultimate paperless communications tool for use at:

  • School - you can map out math and science equations, compose music, create arts and crafts projects, learn proper penmanship, write non-Western language characters (e.g.: Chinese, Japanese and Arabic)
  • Work - Bamboo Paper lets you communicate with charts and graphs, share notes or drawings with colleagues or clients via e-mail or during a collaborative brainstorming session, and sketch designs while on the go. Connect an iPad to a projector and use Bamboo Paper as a visual presentation tool.
  • Home - users can use Bamboo Paper to jot down grocery lists, rough-out landscaping and home improvement designs, or entertain kids with coloring and drawing activities at home or in the car

Bamboo PaperBamboo Paper features:

  • Quickly scan your book by browsing through thumbnail images of your pages
  • Share your ideas send an individual page or an entire book by email
  • Present your thoughts to a group - connect your iPad to a projector to show off your sketches and ideas to others at meetings and brainstorm sessions
  • Print an individual page or entire book
  • Mark important notes by bookmarking individual pages

Bamboo PaperBamboo Paper is designed for everyone and especially for creative people, and to be environmentally friendly to help minimize paper waste. The customizable Bamboo Paper app allows users to create notes and sketches that can be shared visually, easily stored and archived for use at a later date. It features different paper types (blank, lined or graph) and several pen thickness selections. Bamboo Paper takes advantage of Wacom's experience and expertise in pen-based input by offering a natural and realistic writing and sketching application tool.

To find your notes, quickly scan your notebook by browsing through thumbnail images of your pages. You can even bookmark important pages and send an individual page or an entire book by e-mail.

Bamboo Paper will be available for free at the App Store until June 30th, 2011, which is cool, but the catch is that while it isn't absolutely required, the Bamboo Paper app is intended to be used in conjunction with Wacom's $29.95 Stylus to get the most out of it.

Bamboo PaperBamboo StylusWith Wacom's first app for the iPad. Take notes, sketch ideas, or doodle. Perfect companion for the Bamboo Stylus, a premium digital pen for the iPad. Bamboo Stylus delivers a high-end look and natural weighted feel of a real pen, to give you capabilities for drawing, sketching and note taking on an iPad.

Bamboo StylusSimple but elegant, the Bamboo Stylus offers users a premium experience for note taking, sketching, drawing, and other forms of creative expression. Backed by Wacom's 25-plus years as a leading manufacturer of digital pen tablets and interactive pen displays, Bamboo Stylus is highlighted by its subtle design elements, a black and silver design with satin-textured metal body and balanced weighting.

The tip of the stylus is 25 percent narrower (6mm vs. 8mm) in diameter than some other popular solutions on the market. Combining ergonomic comfort and a firmer feel, the Bamboo Stylus offers a premium digital inking experience for handwriting notes, highlighting text, editing documents, drawing, sketching and much more.

Bamboo StylusBamboo Stylus brings an accurate and precise way to take notes in meetings and classroom settings, or to sketch out rough ideas while on the go. For example, users can improve their input experience with numerous applications developed for iPad, such as Penultimate for note taking and Autodesk SketchBook Mobile for sketching needs.

System requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad.
  • Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Bible Audio Pronunciations Helps Modern Readers with Ancient Text

Bible Audio PronunciationsPR: Bible Audio Pronunciations for iOS offers readers an innovative new way to experience a sacred text, the Bible Audio Pronunciations iPhone application announces its launch today, featuring audio recordings of over 1,000 challenging words. To provide people with a new way to experience the Bible, the app will play recordings of terms, names, and places that many people find difficult to pronounce. The app can be especially helpful with unfamiliar Biblical names such as Shealtiel and Epaenetus.

"We wanted to give people an easy tool to raise their level of understanding and enjoyment from reading the Bible," says Michael Vance, creator of Bible Audio Pronunciations. "This app will speak out loud some of its most difficult words."

The over 1,000 audio clips were carefully researched and recorded to give listeners a clear answer to their pronunciation questions. Thanks to the portability of the iPhone and iPad devices, the Bible Audio Pronunciations app is designed to be used at home, church, or with others.

"The Bible is meant to shared with others, and this app helps people do that with confidence," Vance observes. "It is perfect for reading to your children, speaking at church, or reciting at a Bible study group."

Features of the Bible Audio Pronunciations app include:

  • Over 1,000 audio recordings - Users can hear spoken pronunciations for a wide range of Bible words and names, including important church and historical leaders
  • Search or browse for words - After locating the term, users can tap it to hear a recording read aloud
  • Carefully researched and recorded - Clear audio recordings allow users to quickly find answers to their pronunciation questions
  • Continually updated - New words and pronunciations will be added on a regular basis
  • Share with others - The app is designed to use while reading the Bible alone or with a group
  • Additional research tools - Links to Google and Wikipedia within the app direct readers to more information about the Bible words

Device requirements:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 3.2 or later
  • 8.9 MB

The Bible Audio Pronunciations app is available in the iTunes App Store in both lite and full versions. Bible Audio Pronunciations is currently available for sale worldwide through the App Store in the Reference category for 99¢ (or equivalent amount in other currencies). The lite version allows the user to try the app for free and access 100 of the most common audio pronunciations, while the full app features recordings of over 1,000 Bible words. Review copies are available upon request.


Electricity-free Bamboo Speaker for iPhone 4

iBamboo SpeakerPR: iBamboo Speaker is a design project by Brooklyn, NY based Anatoliy Omelchenko - a natural speaker made from a single natural material, bamboo. The natural resonance of the bamboo amplifies the sound produced by the built-in speaker in the iPhone 4. The sound moves in two directions and creates a stereo effect.

iBamboo is 100% eco-friendly, efficient to manufacture, and produces little waste. These speakers combine the high-tech of the modern day with the simplicity and aesthetics of nature. Since bamboo is a natural material, no two iBamboos are alike. Every piece has the same functional parameters, but each one is unique in its appearance and beauty. As an added benefit, iBamboo improves the feng-shui of your desk or whatever other place you put it. Provisional Patent # 61/462,374

iBamboo SpeakerBamboo is stronger, more flexible and forgiving than plastic or some metals. A foot-long, whole link of bamboo requires only a few modifications to make it an iPhone-compatible speaker. The top of the bamboo is precision-cut to create an opening that, in concert with the natural construction of bamboo, serves as a fitted dock that fixes the iPhone in place.

iBamboo is a practical and aesthetically pleasing device, with a simple design. It is machined, laser-cut, and then finished by hand, which allows for fast, efficient, eco-friendly production.

It is practically impossible to listen to Classical, Instrumental and Jazz music on the iPhone speaker. The quality is very poor and flat. iBamboo provides the perfect acoustics for this music, emphasizing the full spectrum of the music, and improves the quality of the sound.

Since bamboo is a natural material, no two iBamboos are alike. Every piece has the same functional parameters, but each one is unique in its appearance and beauty. As an added benefit, iBamboo improves the feng-shui of your desk or whatever other place you put it.

System requirements: iBamboo is compatible with the iPhone 4 only at present

Currently the projected price of an iBamboo unit is between $25 and $30.

G-Connect Wireless Storage/WiFi Access Point for iOS Devices

PR: Known for its premium external storage solutions engineered to meet the needs of the Mac community (I use a couple of their hard drives - cm), G-Technology by Hitachi has introduced its G-Connect wireless storage solution, the first in a family of products providing instant, wireless storage and 802.11n WiFi Internet access for your Apple iPad, iPhone, and many other mobile devices. The G-Connect solution provides on-the-go wireless access to content that's not already loaded on your iOS devices, including your favorite movies, music, books, photos, and documents. No Internet connection is required. G-Connect provides access to five+ simultaneous devices, depending on the workload, and supports up to five SD or three HD video streams at once.

With the unprecedented growth in tablets and smartphones, our goal is to deliver solutions that better fit the increasing mobile lifestyle of consumers

When connected via Ethernet to a network, the G-Connect drive becomes your own personal cloud or WiFi Internet access point, allowing you to surf and stream content, wirelessly, at the same time. Access and view content on the G-Connect solution with a mobile iOS app, which will be available in the App Store, or through your browser. Android devices are also supported with access through a web browser, with native apps available this fall.

Fitting easily in a laptop bag, backpack, or purse, G-Connect is an ideal iPad and iPhone storage companion. Power it up in a dorm room, conference room, or hotel room via its AC power adapter or take it on the road using iPad-compatible USB power cables, car power adapters, or external batteries3 for hours of entertainment wherever you go.

G-Connect Highlights

  • Simple wireless storage for your iPad/iPhone so you can take more with you everywhere
  • Easily access and stream content to your iPad and iPhone
  • WiFi Internet access for multiple devices when connected via Ethernet
  • Supports five devices or more, depending on the workload
  • Wirelessly streams up to five SD or three HD movies simultaneously
  • Surf and stream at the same time, i.e. listen to music, while surfing the Internet
  • All content is automatically discovered and organized into Photos, Videos, Music, and Documents categories
  • Flexible access via iPad/iPhone mobile apps, multiple browsers, PC, Mac, DLNA-certified connected TVs and Apple TV with AirPlay
  • iPad/iPhone apps make G-Connect simple and easy to use; Android apps coming this Fall
  • Password protection to keep your content safe
  • A personal private folder allows you to share only what you want to

"With the unprecedented growth in tablets and smartphones, our goal is to deliver solutions that better fit the increasing mobile lifestyle of consumers," says Mike Williams, vice president and general manager, Hitachi GST Branded Business. "The mobile devices on which we listen to, work on and view our digital content on are proliferating, giving us new freedoms while at the same time creating practical realities you just cant take all of your content with you, and you're left with constantly reorganizing your stuff to make more room. With G-Connect, now you truly can take it all with you! Providing more wireless storage for your iPad or iPhone, with WiFi Internet access, G-Connect users can easily access all of their content across multiple devices and from the cloud with the simplicity of a light switch."

Celebrating the launch of the G-Connect wireless storage solution, G-Technology and Fool's Gold Records is bringing you "Tight Space" - a brand new streaming web series featuring exclusive DJ performances by Fool's Gold artists, broadcast live from their store in Brooklyn. 'Like' the G-Technology Facebook page to get front row access.


  1. G-Connect must be AC or DC (i.e., not bus) powered.
  2. The streaming performance of the G-Connect is based upon expected available network bandwidth in real world conditions. Traffic on the local network or the presence of other wireless interference may result in less than perfect playback of content. While no explicit limits are placed on the number of devices, limiting the number of devices simultaneously using the G-Connect is suggested so that the user experience remains positive.
  3. Apple iPad-compatible USB power cables, car power adapters, and external batteries are sold separately.

The G-Technology G-Connect wireless storage solution for iPads comes in a sleek white design for $199.99 MSRP (500 GB). It will be available in the US in July through Hitachi's authorized retail and distribution channels, or you can preorder now.

Uniea Gets into the Electronics Game

Uniea ElectronicsPR: Uniea has recently developed a complete line of affordable, functional mobile electronics accessories, unveiled at the Global Sources trade show in Hong Kong this year. The new line marks the first time that Uniea has developed consumer electronics, spanning a wide range of different electronics that are geared toward the young, active professional who travels, works, and plays on the go.

theBrick Memory Card Reader

Many mobile gadgets and home electronics feature memory cards these days. That's why Uniea's innovative Brick card reader is the perfect addition to your arsenal of digital cameras, smart phones, and more. The Brick features a modern, playful look and feel that is extremely easy to carry. Plug and play technology makes it a snap to interface with your laptop, while multiple card slots support virtually every common memory card design on the market today. And because of the Brick Card Reader's unique brick design, you can stack the Card Reader on top of other Uniea Brick devices as well.

theBrick USB Hub

theBrickMore and more electronics these days feature a USB connection for sharing data and recharging. But many times, the average laptop or home computer may not have enough USB slots to accommodate all of your devices. Uniea's Brick USB Hub lets you multiply your USB connections quickly and easily. The Brick USB Hub features four extra USB slots that connect by way of a small yet durable USB 2.0 cable. The Brick also runs on and provides USB bus power, so other devices can be powered off the Brick while connected. And because the Brick features a unique stackable design, it can be easily stacked with other Uniea Brick devices.

theBrick Combo

Two of the most popular features in mobile computing memory cards and USB connectivity are often lacking in today's laptop designs. What better way to expand the capabilities of your computer than to add the Brick combo to your system? This compact and powerful device expands your computer's ability to plug in more USB devices and memory cards by using just one USB interface. The Brick features a unique, stackable design that lets you stack it atop other Brick devices, thus consolidating your computers capabilities for the ultimate in mobile computing.

Micro Boost

It seems that mobile phones and MP3 players often lose their charge at the most convenient times. But what if you were to lose your charge in an emergency situation? The Swift Emergency Mobile Charger by Uniea offers mobile device users a quick and powerful battery boost for their mobile phones and MP3 players in an emergency. The Swift charges a mobile device's battery by way of a convenient USB port and easy to read indicator light, and also

The Couch Mobile Charging Station

Back when people only used one mobile device, such as a mobile phone, it was easy to keep it charged all the time. But now with all of the mobile devices on the market today, keeping them all charged each day can be complicated! The Couch Mobile Charging Station from Uniea allows you to charge up to four mobile devices at one time. Because the Couch is designed to work with any USB-capable device, you can easily set up and customize your charge station for all of your charging needs. Plus, the Couch features ample room for your wallet and keys as well, keeping all of your personal belongings together in one place.

Jewel Juice Portable External Battery

Your favorite mobile gadget is only as good as its battery. And the sad reality is that, as mobile devices get older, their batteries become less and less effective at holding a charge. Uniea's Jewel Juice portable external battery is a perfect accessory for giving your iPhone, iPod, or other gadget a power boost when you cannot plug it into the wall. Jewel Juice features an ultra-powerful 500 mAh NiMH rechargeable battery cell, which can fully recharge an iPhone or iPod in mere minutes. And its portable size, stylish looks, and USB connectivity makes it easy to bring with you anywhere.


Because your iPhone or iPod has to keep up with your busy lifestyle, its easy to drop or lose it in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life. Stick it in your pocket or handbag, and it can easily pop out without you even knowing it, losing all of your valuable music, photos, information, and contacts not to mention your beloved iGadget. The safest place for your iPhone or iPod is around your neck, which is why Uniea has created the SafeLine. The SafeLine is a unique neck lanyard that securely attaches to the dock of your iPhone or iPod so that it can hang safely around your neck while working, playing, or traveling. The SafeLine features a high-quality, stylish leather strap that is comfortable to wear and will hold up under strenuous use. The SafeLine's base features a tight-fitting design with stylish leather appointments and anodized buttons that are guaranteed to stay fastened to your device, even when being jostled around. And because the dock is covered while using the SafeLine, it offers an added level of protection for your iPhone or iPod.

Kensington Announces KeyFolio Pro Keyboard Case and a Variety of Other iPad 2 Essential Accessories

PR: Kensington Computer Products Group introduced KeyFolio Pro Performance Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 2, as well as a colorful new collection of utility cases and touch screen styluses. The new designs are constructed to help tablet users to enhance productivity when working with their iPads.

BlackBelt Band for iPad 2 in NavyEngineered with the Road Warriors in mind, the new KeyFolio Pro brings together a touch-typist performance keyboard, a protective folio case and flexible stand for multiple iPad viewing angles, within a compact and lightweight package. A new feature addition of a rotatable frame provides horizontal and vertical viewing, allowing users greater iPad flexibility across different applications. New Polyurethane reinforced fabric is included in the design to provide highly protective casing that keeps your iPad safe from wear and scratches.

The new BlackBelt Band for iPad 2 and Virtuoso Stylus are offered in an expanded color selection of White, Pink, Red, Navy Blue, and other shades. BlackBelt Band acts as a core first layer of protection and handling for iPad 2, cushioning tablet edges with rubberized armor for simple safety on the go.

The Virtuoso Stylus features a full pen-length, slim design that is easy to carry. The Stylus opens new opportunities for content creation and makes a perfect complement to apps such as iAnnotate, Penultimate, or Sketchbook Pro.

Three additional core essentials for protecting your iPad 2 while adding a level of productivity include the Kensington Protective Back Cover, Protective Cover and Stand, and Protective Folio and Stand.

"We want to keep our customers productive and add an element of personal touch to their tablet computing," says Kensington Senior Global Product Manager Juan Rodriguez. "Our research shows that the future of computing is still shifting - the lines that separate personal and professional technology usage continue to blur and media tablets like the iPad matter more and more to businesses. We know professionals are bringing their own devices to work, so we've given them a new range of essentials to extend their performance even further."

Kensington KeyFolio Pro Performance Keyboard CaseKensington KeyFolio Pro Performance Keyboard Case for iPad 2 (K39357US; SRP $99.99)

The Kensington KeyFolio Pro brings together in a compact and lightweight package a touch-typist performance keyboard, a highly protective folio case and flexible stand for multiple iPad viewing angles. An adjustable stand offers multiple positions for viewing in landscape mode and a new Polyurethane reinforced fabric provide a protective case.

Kensington Virtuoso StylusKensington Virtuoso™ Stylus (SRP $14.99)

Bring the creativity and accuracy of freehand to your iPad with the Virtuoso Stylus. When combined with apps such as SketchBook, iAnnotate and Penultimate, Virtuoso allows you to create, annotate and capture your ideas with a smooth touch tip. Available in a selection of colors. Visit to see all available colors.

Kensington BlackBelt Protection Band for iPadKensington BlackBelt™ Protection Band for iPad 2 (SRP $29.99)

The Kensington BlackBelt protects the edges and cushions your iPad 2 while offering a secure grip for handling in any iPad orientation. A camera opening allows for FaceTime use. The rubber edge provides all around protection for shocks and scratches. And BlackBelt's unique shape and material create a virtual stand to lean your iPad 2 against any vertical surface, like your cubicle wall or airplane seat. Available in a range of colors. Visit to see all available colors.

Kensington Protective Back Cover for iPad 2Kensington Protective Back Cover for iPad 2 (K39352US Black, K39353US White, K39354US Translucent; SRP $19.99)

The Kensington Protective Back Cover protects your iPad 2 from scratches without losing Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover functionality. This combination of design and functionality wraps the back of your iPad 2 in ultra thin rubber to prevent scratches, provide secure grip and gives you more contact with a flat surface. Engineered to work seamlessly with the Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover.

Kensington Protective Cover and Stand for iPad 2Kensington Protective Cover and Stand for iPad 2 (K39355US; SRP $39.99)

This slim case is big on protection and functionality. The Kensington Protective Cover & Stand will save your iPad 2 from scrapes and scratches yet won't interfere with either camera. What's more, the 2-position stand adds comfort whether you're typing or browsing. Thin case is shaped to protect all edges of your iPad 2.

Kensington Protective Folio and Stand for iPad 2Kensington Protective Folio and Stand for iPad 2 (K39356US; SRP $49.99)

Take your iPad 2 on the road with confidence with the Kensington Protective Folio & Stand. The Folio hard case envelops your iPad 2 to cushion it from bumps and bruises. When you reach your destination, the folio props up in 4 secured positions to optimize browsing, viewing and reading.

  • Thin, hard case is shaped to protect and cushions all sides and corners of your iPad 2
  • Maintains full access to both front and back cameras
  • Folds to protect all sides of your iPad 2 when on the go

These Kensington accessories are currently available for sale and preorder at, and other major retailers

USB Fever USB to Micro USB + 30-pin Dock Connector Cable

PR: Micro USB is so far the most-accepted next generation connector for charging your GPS, cell phones, handheld video players.

While at the same time, iPhone/iPod/iPad are the most-loved electronics gadgets in the world, using Apple's proprietary connector - 30-pin Dock connector.

This cable terminated with both Micro USB and 30-pin dock connectors for your iDevices and other electronics using Micro USB to charge and hot sync, so next time when you need to fly, you just need to have one cable for all your electronics.

USB to Micro USB + Apple 30-pin Dock Connector CableFeatures:

  • A simple solutions for charging 2 device
  • A simple solutions for Data Sync your your device
  • Compact and lightweight

This accessory is compatible with the following devices:

  • all iPods with dock connector
  • all iPads
  • all iPhones


USB Fever Retractable USB to Micro USB + 30-pin Dock Connector Cable At home or on the road, don't be bothered by a clutter of cables. Our retractable cable eliminates the mess of cables that can accumulate on your desk or in your notebook bag.

A ratcheting system adjusts the amount of visible cable at any given time. Whether you need a little or a lot, just pull the cable from both sides of the housing, and adjust it to fit your application. When you are finished, pull the cable again, and it retracts back into the housing, out of your way.

This cable terminated with a Micro USB and a 30-pin dock connectors both for your iDevices and other electronics using Micro USB to charge and hot Sync so next time when you need to fly, you just need to have one cable for all your electronics.


  • A simple solution for charging 2 device
  • A simple solution for Data Syncing your device
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Supports USB 2.0 data transfers
  • Ratcheting system adjusts the amount of cable to fit your application
  • Eliminate clutter on your desk and in your notebook bag
  • Length (app.): 0.75m (30 inches) max., 0.1m (4 inches)Introductions:

This accessory is compatible with the following devices:

  • all iPods with dock connector
  • all iPads
  • all iPhones


Presentation & Protection

iPad 2 Display Dock: Apple Store Display Redesigned for Home Use

PR: newPCgadgets announces the availability of the new iPad 2 Display Dock.

iPad 2 Display DockHave you ever wanted to display your iPad 2 and iPhone just like they do at the Apple Store? Well, now you can with the new iPad 2 Display Dock from newPCgadgets.

The new iPad 2 Display Dock is designed from high-quality clear acrylic and matches the look and feel of the Apple iPad 2 store display. This elegant base provides the optimum viewing angle for your iPad 2 while also docking your iPhone (or iPod).

According to founder Michael Schriner, "We surveyed dozens of Southern California Apple Stores and discovered that customers were repeatedly asking to purchase the Apple iPad 2 display because they loved the look. It just made sense to produce them for resale."

Just like the Apple Store display, the iPad 2 Display Dock is constructed of high quality hand polished clear acrylic. The base is recessed to hold the iPad 2 in the landscape position. You can also dock your iPhone or iPod at the top of the base.

The iPad 2 Display Dock is the perfect solution for combining your favorite Apple devices into one charging base. The elegant look of the Dock will compliment any office environment and make you the envy of all your friends.

The iPad 2 Display Dock is available from the newPCgadgets website and retails for $74.95.

ClamCase Keyboard Case for iPad 2

ClamCase Keyboard Case for iPad 2PR: ClamCase announces the ClamCase for iPad 2, the second-generation of its breakthrough all-in-one keyboard, case, and stand for Apple iPad is available now.

The ClamCase for iPad 2 builds off of the features that made the original ClamCase an instant global success with consumers, professionals and educational institutes alike. ClamCase for iPad 2 is a lighter, sleeker model, and includes additional features for productivity and entertainment.

ClamCase Keyboard Case for iPad 2ClamCase products offer an incredibly practical solution for those who have experienced the magic of the Apple iPad, and are looking to take their device to the next level. ClamCase is the only tablet case on the market today that not only enhances the mobility of the iPad with a highly functional keyboard and durable hardcover case, but also maintains the freedom of the tablet design with its patent-pending 360 hinge.

ClamCase for iPad 2 will continue to include the Bluetooth Easy Sync system, and a long battery life (with over 100 days of standby). The new hard shell case now includes cutouts, which expose the back camera and built-in iPad speakers, and is available in both black and white models.

ClamCase, a consumer electronics design company based in Hollywood, California, manufacturers and distributes the worlds most popular tablet keyboard cases and peripheral devices. ClamCase products are in high demand worldwide for their desirable features and ability to enhance FaceTime, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, online gaming, endless apps, and web surfing. ClamCase products protect the iPad investment, while greatly increasing mobility and productivity.

The ClamCase for iPad 2 is now available for order through the ClamCase online store. For more information, please visit or call 800-939-0335 to speak with a customer service representative.

Two New Uniea iPad 2 Cases

PR: The first iPad was a breakthrough mobile computing device, but the iPad 2 brought with it a new level of style and design that surpassed even the first model. With its thinner, sleeker profile, front- and rear-facing cameras, and stylish Smart Cover, there's no doubt that Apple had aesthetics in mind when they designed the iPad 2.

Caj PadUniea was immediately inspired by the iPad 2, and while other case designers simply modified their original iPad cases, they went back to the designing table and created a new series of iPad 2 cases that truly capture the look and style of the iPad 2, while still offering maximum protection and versatility.

Caj Pad: Leather and Denim

The Caj Pad iPad 2 case brings the familiar look and feel of leather and denim to your iPad 2. It features a high-quality denim construction and premium design materials for a look and feel that goes with a wide range of styles and looks.

The Caj Pad's folio cover also offers versatility - it folds up to become a convenient two-way stand for the iPad 2, making it a breeze to type or watch videos in any setting.

It also features precision cutouts for access to all of the critical functions of the iPad 2, including the camera.

Available in denim, and Uniea has just launched a beautiful leather version of the Caj Pad as well.

Price: $49.95

U-Suit Folio Premium U-Suit Folio Premium

U-Suit Folio PremiumFor a long while now, the U-Suit Folio Premium has been a product mainstay for Uniea. With its rich leather appointments and protective folio cover, the U-Suit Folio Premium was offering a "Smart Cover"-like design for iPhones and iPods long before the iPad ever came along.

Uniea is now offering a new U-Suit Folio Premium model for the iPad 2. This model features a folio cover that folds up to double as a convenient stand for your iPad 2, giving you an optimal angle for typing and watching videos. It is constructed of rich PU leather and features precision cutouts for all of the critical features of the iPad 2, including the camera sensors.

You can buy the U-Suit Folio Premium for the iPad 2 in white, grey, and brown.

Price: $44.95

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