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iPad Tops in Satisfaction, iPad Design Advantages, Unified Mac OS X/iOS Rumored, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2011.08.08

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iPad Leads in Brand Satisfaction

PR: IHS iSuppli's director of monitor and tablet research Rhoda Alexander reports that Apple Inc. commands the highest satisfaction rating of all tablet sellers among US consumers - along with the vast majority of sales and a high degree of loyalty among owners, according to the new IHS iSuppli US Tablet Consumer Preference study from the information and analysis firm.

Likelihoond to recommend their tablet brandTo measure consumer satisfaction, US tablet owners surveyed were asked how likely they would be to recommend their tablet to friends or family members. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 0 indicating the owner would not recommend it, 10 indicating the owner is very likely to recommend it, and 5 being neutral, iPad owners gave an average rating of 8.8 to their iPads, the highest rating of all the 11 top-ranked brands mentioned by consumers surveyed. More than 80% of Apple owners rated their tablet at 8 or higher on the recommendation scale. Fewer than 1% gave a rating of less than 5.

In a surprise, China's Shenzhen Zenithink Technologies Co. Ltd. came in a close second at 8.75, although the overall sample for that model was comparatively small, while Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., with a much larger respondent sample, was third, scoring an average of 8.5.

"Apple's competitors in the tablet market already are facing major challenges in offering products that can match the iPad's combination of optimized hardware, software, operating system, applications, content, and app store," says Alexander. "Now they are facing the reality that consumers in the key US market really love their iPads, with owners expressing satisfaction with Apple's products in a variety of key measures. Owners not only said they would be more likely to recommend the iPad than a competing product, they also indicated that they will look to Apple for future tablet purchases. With the iPad dominating tablet sales in the United States and worldwide, this high level of consumer satisfaction commanded by Apple represents a major barrier to entry for new competitors."

Apple's Advantage

Among US tablet owners surveyed, 79.2% indicated they possessed an Apple-branded product that was either an iPad or iPad 2. A full 61% of the US owners surveyed said they would stick to the same brand for their next tablet purchase. More than half of owners indicated that they were considering a purchase, planning a purchase or would definitely purchase another tablet during the next 12 months.

These findings indicate that current owners are likely to continue buying iPad and iPad 2 devices in the future, helping Apple to maintain its market share advantage.

Among likely purchasers of tablets, more than 50% said they probably would buy an Apple-branded product. In this regard, Apple massively outperformed all the competition, with Dell Inc. coming in a distant second at just 11%.

This validates the IHS forecast that Apple will account for the majority of tablet sales through the year 2012, and that it will remain the top-ranked seller of such devices at least through the year 2015.

IHS iSuppli Consumer Preference Survey Methodology

The IHS iSuppli US Tablet Consumer Preference Study presents data on 1,404 enduser surveys conducted during the spring of 2011. Respondents were all participants in a pre-qualified, consumer, web-based survey panel.

Tablet Teardowns Reveal iPad Design Advantages

PR: Information and analysis provider IHS iSuppli's Wayne Lam reports that even though 15 months have elapsed since the introduction of the iPad, competitive tablet manufacturers still can't match the design efficiency of Apple's groundbreaking product, according to IHS iSuppli's Teardown Analysis of eight tablet models.

"Since Apple controls both the operating system and hardware design of the iPad, it is able to attain design efficiencies that other tablet manufacturers cannot," says Lam, a senior analyst of competitive analysis at IHS. "These efficiencies become obvious in areas like the memory and the battery, where Apple maintains advantages in cost, space savings, and performance compared with every competitor in the business."

The report notes that other tablet makers employ operating systems from third-party firms such as Google, which provides the Android operating system used in most competitive products on the market today. Many of these tablet makers also outsource the blueprints of their products to third parties, employing reference designs and design services from contract manufacturers.

This contrasts with the model Apple employs, which uses its own operating system and maintains tight control of its design, components, and contract manufacturers.

"Apple takes a vertically integrated approach to its products, from the operating system to the user interface, to the hardware design, down to the selection of individual parts used in the device," Lam notes. "For example, Apple even uses its own applications processor design in both the iPad and iPad 2. In contrast, Android tablet makers buy those capabilities from the likes of Nvidia, Texas Instruments, and Qualcomm. This gives Apple greater control in multiple areas of product development."

iSuppli Teardown Comparison of 8 Tablets

A table presents an overview of the results of the dissection of eight tablet models. Note that the BOM figures accounts only for hardware and manufacturing costs and do not take into consideration other expenses such as software, licensing, royalties, or other costs.

iPad's Memory and Battery Stay Slim

Apple's control over the operating system allows it to reduce costs by limiting the quantity of memory in the iPad. In the iPad 2, the amount of system memory (SDRAM) is 512 MB - half that of the 1 GB used in competitive designs. This memory reduction results in a nearly $14 reduction in the BOM of the iPad 2 compared to other tablets. Likewise, the original iPad contained half as much SDRAM as comparable competitive devices with single-core applications processors.

The iPad's efficient memory usage stems from the fundamental difference in the architecture of the operating system, Lam says. Apple's iOS handles multitasking differently than other tablet operating systems, allowing it to reduce the amount of memory required to support the microprocessor.

Also, Apple's tight management of its product design, software integration, and component selection allow the iPad's battery to be the thinnest of all competing tablet designs while still having the largest capacity.

Tablet Trends

Extensive teardown research also reveals how Apple is setting the pace in the tablet market in the areas of pricing and screen size.

Lam notes that Apple established the sweet spot for tablet pricing, pegged at $500 for the WiFi version of the iPad that included 16 GB of flash memory. Samsung reinforced this pricing standard with the 16 GB version of the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 model.

Other tablets, such as the BlackBerry PlayBook from Research in Motion Ltd. and the TouchPad from Hewlett-Packard Co., have gravitated toward that price point as well.

Apple also is setting the standard for display sizes, with the iPad's 9.7" screen becoming the default standard in the market. Although some tablets have been introduced with screens in the 7" range - notably RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook and the upcoming HTC Flyer - the number of designs in the market with 10.1" and 9.7" displays have been more plentiful.

Dueling Tablets

The IHS iSuppli Teardown Analysis Service also illustrates the trend toward multicore processors in tablet designs. Following the introduction of the Motorola Xoom in February and the iPad 2 in March, all new tablet designs in 2011 have included dual-core processors that deliver higher computing and graphical performance.

In 2012 IHS expects to see this trend to continue with the introduction of tablets featuring quad-core processors for even more enhanced performance.

With Accessories, iPad Can Replace Laptop

Writing for Scripps Howard News Service, Nerds on Call CEO Andrea Eldridge says that as the new school year approaches, the question she gets asked most often is, "Should I buy a laptop or a tablet?" Apple's Steve Jobs has asserted that we are living in a "post-PC world," but is it really possible to replace a laptop with the smaller and, many would say, cooler iPad?

To test the theory, Eldridge traveled to Florida with her 2-year-old, taking along her iPad 2 but no laptop. She says that when an article needed editing, she realized that while it would be possible for the iPad to do everything she needed, it wasn't going to work for her straight out of the box and would require some modification.

Based on what she learned, Eldridge offers to those considering ditching their laptop in favor of an iPad, whether just for a trip or for good, her guide to making it possible.

Nerds on Call is a multistate company based in Redding, Calif., that offers on-site computer and home theater setup and repair.

Latitude and MTV Networks Examine Our Addiction to Apps

PR: MTV Networks (MTVN) recently revealed the results from "Love 'Em or Leave 'Em: Adoption, Abandonment and the App-Addled Consumer," a thought leadership study conducted in partnership with research consultancy Latitude. The study investigated the underlying psychology and current behaviors surrounding app adoption, use, and abandonment for heavy app users, and ultimately uncovered top characteristics and features of a successful app.

The study included a round of initial qualitative interviews, a deprivation phase (normal app users were asked to go app-free for three days), and a quantitative survey of more than 1,300 app-engaged smartphone owners between the ages of 13 and 64.

Our use of creative qualitative and quantitative techniques, including deprivation, ultimately helped us uncover a simple shorthand for how apps are addressing and extending user needs and desires; essentially, apps can improve me, my life, and my world, explains Neela Sakaria, Senior Vice President at Latitude.

More specifically, MTVN and Latitude found that apps are changing us in these three fundamental ways by creating personal moments, improving everyday routines, and allowing users to discover new skills and experiences.

1. Apps Create Me Moments: Apps allow intense personalization and hyper-focus, filling our idle moments with on-demand me time. This growing expectation for offerings with a powerful, instantaneous me focus is making its way into desired in-app entertainment and ad experiences.

87% of participants said: Apps let me have fun no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

2. Apps Make Everyday Life Better: Apps are enhancing our day-to-day experiences directly by enabling productivity and achievement of our personal goals and, indirectly, through the resulting creation of free time, improved mental well-being, opportunities for positive discovery, and more.

77% of participants said: Apps are my personal assistant.

Apps don't have to relieve stress because its not even there to begin with; the problem is already solved, explained Joe, a 23 year-old study participant.

3. Apps Open Us to New Worlds: Whether its learning new languages or overlaying a map of the sky onto some old-fashioned stargazing, the possibilities seem endless as apps open peoples imaginations to the new and magical.

91% of participants said: Apps expose me to new things.

We learned that apps not only provide small doses of fun, but also offer real emotional and functional value to people's everyday lives, says Sakaria. People welcome the opportunity for apps to open their eyes to new experiences, skills, relationships, and even a greater sense of well-being. This presents a unique opportunity for content providers like MTV Networks and their advertising partners to extend the entertainment experience into deeper realms of relevance and engagement.

As one young participant put it, "I probably wouldn't be able to function if I didn't have the apps that are available to me now."

The study also uncovered the life-cycle that app adoption tends to progress through, helping to offer direction to mobile developers, content creators, and advertisers depending on their various goals:

  1. Discovery: Word-of-mouth rules when it comes to the discovery and adoption of mobile apps; 53% of participants said that personal recommendations are most important in deciding which apps to download.
  2. Adoption: For paid apps, price is the top factor. However, offering a free or lite version of the app for previewing can go a long way, with 49% of participants saying this was the most important thing to them.
  3. Trial: While 38% of TV and movie apps are deleted within the first three weeks after download, 44% of participants said they check them several times a day.
  4. Abandonment or Long-term Usage: For TV and movie apps, users will hang onto apps that are easy to use (79%) and have frequently updated content (55%). The presence of better alternatives (55%) and lack of new content (42%) will drive a consumer to delete an app.

In a remarkably brief period of time, mobile apps have come to occupy a vital space in consumers' lives, meeting a variety of needs from entertainment to information, says Stuart Schneiderman, Senior Director of Digital Research at MTV Networks. Through this study, we revealed how and why consumers forge connections with apps, and what factors ultimately cause those connections to fade or endure.

For more information about the study, see MTVNs EVP/CRO Colleen Fahey Rush's presentation from MediaPosts OMMA Mobile Conference:

Why Turn on the Widescreen TV When You Have an iPhone to Squint At?

AllThingsD reveals yet more evidence that mobile is relative when it comes to smartphones, iPads, and online video, reporting on a Nielsen study that finds lots of people watching stuff on their digital gadgets even when they're sitting just a few feet from their television sets, using their iPhones, Android handsets, and iPads, etc. as auxiliary TV sets at home.

Go figure. GUI Revealed to Developers

iCloud9 to 5 Mac's Mark Gurman reports that Apple has opened up a beta of its Web interface for developers, featuring all new web apps for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and more, a portal for users to view their iWork documents are in the cloud via iCloud, Find my iPhone as an integrated web application, and an interface own is inspiration largely by the iPad GUI.

Rumor Roundup

Publisher's note: All of the following articles are based on speculation by Peter Misek of Jefferies & Co. that Apple will move Macs to ARM CPUs (currently 32-bit processors, but expected to become 64-bit by 2016, and the A6 is rumored to be a quad-core design) and merge iOS and Mac OS X into a unified operating system at the same time. This seems to completely ignore the vast differences between handheld, touch-based, portable devices and desktop and notebook computers designed around a keyboard and pixel-precise pointing device (mouse, trackball, trackpad, etc.), not to mention going backwards from 64-bit-only OS X Lion to a CPU architecture that seemingly will be 32-bit-only for the next several years and reverting to CPU speeds in the 1 GHz range, down from the 2-3 GHz typical of recent Macs.

Also, as long as Macs stay based on x86, they can virtualize Windows, which many are convinced is one of the biggest factors in Mac sales growth since 2006.

I'm not saying that Apple can't or won't go down the unified processor and OS path, only that it doesn't seem plausible in the short term. Then again, Apple is full of surprises. dk

Apple to Merge iOS and OS X in 2012 Concurrent with A6 ARM Chip Release

Barron's Tech Trader Daily reports that Peter Misek, a market analyst and tech-sector watcher at Jefferies & Co. writes in a note to clients that merging Apple's two operating systems - the iOS (iPhones/iPads) and OS X (Macs) - into a single platform for apps and cloud services will start in 2012-13, with the MacBook Air switching to Apple's next generation in-house designed ARM processor, the A6, in the second half of 2012 or early 2013, after debuting in the iPad 3 during Q1 2012, and the iPhone 5 next summer.

The End of Separate Desktop and Mobile Operating Systems Is Coming

InfoWorld's Galen Gruman comments that Apple is slowly merging Mac OS X and iOS, while Microsoft is developing Windows 8 for both desktop and mobile computing, citing a report from Investment banking firm Jefferies predicting that iOS and Mac OS X will be one operating system by 2016.

Gruman notes that the iOS is based on a subset of Mac OS X, so in a very real sense, they always have been the same operating system anyway, and that going forward we can expect iOS and Mac OS X to borrow more and more from each other, with Microsoft following Apple's strategic lead and making exactly the same bet with Windows 8 which will adopt the Windows Phone 7 UI, called Metro, and reportedly will run on both PCs and tablets. However, he says Apple will get there first.

Apple to Have One OS for Macs and iPads by 2016 Catalyzed by 64-bit ARM Chips

Network World's Jon Brodkin queries that with Microsoft trumpeting the idea that PCs and tablets should run the same operating system and have all the same capabilities, will Apple go down the same road?

Brodkin suggests that a merger of Mac OS X and iOS could begin next year and be complete by 2016, according to a report issued this week by securities and investment banking group Jefferies, whose analysts believes 64-bit ARM architecture will be key for Apple to complete an operating system merger. Currently iPads and Apple's other iDevices run on 32-bit ARM chips while its Mac PCs run on Intel x86 processors, but when 64-bit ARM silicon becomes available in 2016, Apple will move to single OS and hardware architecture.

Future Unified Mac/iPhone Platform

Cnet's Brooke Crothers cites an analyst at Jefferies & Company predicting that Apple will merge its two operating environments as it taps into its in-house chip technology.

"We believe Apple is looking to merge iOS (iPhones/iPads) with OS X (Macs) into a single platform for apps and cloud services starting in 2012-13," Jefferies & Company analyst Peter Misek is quoted writing in an August 2 research note entitled "One to Rule Them All: iOS and OS X Roadmaps to Merge."

Crothers says Misek's research note also predicts that Apple can use a 32-bit ARM chip design "to address the vast majority of the OS X ecosystem's needs in 2012-13 except for high-end professional devices," and when 64-bit ARM chips become available in 2016, Apple will move to a single OS and hardware architecture. The article notes that 64-bit is only a substantial advantage with computationally-intensive programs like Adobe's Creative Suite, that are used mainly by professionals and prosumers on MacBook Pro notebooks and Mac Pro desktops.

In the meantime, the report says Apple is ready to start sampling its A6 quad-core processor chip which Misek says will be capable of "PC-like strength" and cross-platform - able to run both OS X and iOS, with the iPad 3 getting the A6 in the first quarter of 2012 and the iPhone 5 to launch next summer with the A6. The iPhone 4S will launch this September with the A5 processor that currently powers the iPad 2.

Meanwhile, Misek anticipates an A6 powered MacBook Air to launch in the second half of 2012 or early 2013, with the MacBook Pro line and Mac desktops lines retaining Intel 64-bit chips until 2016.

Apps & Services

Chrome-Like Diigo Browser for iPad Includes Annotation and Offline Reading

Diigo Browser for iPadPR: Diigo browser (formerly iChromy) brings the best of Chrome's interface,speed and Diigo's web annotation service to the iPad.

Feature highlights:

  • Tabs on Top - Its very easy to open, switch and close tabs.
  • Ominibox - Type search keywords or URL in one box.
  • Extra space for the web content - The address bar will be hidden automatically when you scroll down the page, so you get the the extra space for web content. To show the address bar, just tap the tab again.
  • Read later and Reading list (Offline reading) - One click to save a page to reading list, so you can view them offline. One click to remove a page from the reading list. Its fast to get pages in and out.
  • Share to different places - Share the page to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Diigo, Instapaper etc.
  • Context search - Search from context menu directly.
  • Open link in new tab - Long press a link and choose different open options.

Diigo Browser for iPad bookmarksOther features:

More privacy

  • Incognito Mode
  • Clear password
  • Clear history
  • Clear Cookie


  • Find in page
  • Remember password
  • Quick Dial in new tap to help you access most visited sites quickly.
  • Add .com, .edu, .gov, .net in the Omnibox
  • Save pictures to Photo App
  • More accurate URL suggestion in address bar
  • Tap status bar to scroll pages to top
  • Print

Diigo Browser for iPad includes annotationStability

  • More stable
  • Recover tabs after the browser crashes

More options

  • Change default search Engine
  • Identify iChromy as desktop browsers to access certain pages
  • Keep the address bar when you scroll the page
  • Always open link in background tab

New In Version 2.0

  • iChromy is renamed as Diigo Browser
  • Annotation feature is added to this version.
  • Here is the video introduction:



Super High Power Dual USB Car Charger Supports iPad

Super High Power Dual USB Car ChargerPR: This is claimed to probably be the smallest dual USB Car charger for high power devices in the world, measuring 60 x 26.8mm.

It provides a 2 high power USB sockets, and has two 2.1A specially designed for iPad (Samsung Galaxy Tab...). It means you can charge your 2 iPad (or one iPad one Samsung Galaxy tab) while on the road at the same time.


  • Dual high power USB Charging Sockets
  • Charging 2 high powered USB Devices simultaneously.
  • High Power: 2.1A x 2
  • with a LED power indicator
  • Bright Housing Surface

This accessory is compatible with:

  • Apple iPad, iPad 2
  • Cell/Mobile phone
  • Portable Game Device
  • PDAs (e.g. Palm, Blackberry, Dopod, HTC, HP, ASUS, Dell, Leo, O2, Orange, BenQ, Cingular, PSP, NDS...)
  • Pocket PC
  • Digital Cameras
  • MP3
  • GPS (e.g. TomTom)
  • all iPhones
  • all iPods that support USB charging
  • Samsung P1010 Galaxy Tab WiFi
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • etc.


  • Input: 12VDC
  • Output: 5V/4200mA
  • Size : 60(*)26.8mm
  • Shipping Weight: 25 Grams
  • Safety Approval: CE, RoHs


8" 30-pin Dock Extender Cable

PR: If your iPhone/iPad is wearing a case, how can you adapt other accessories, e.g. remote control, cradle, car windshield mount or even external charger?

It is a hassle if you need to take off your case to connect other accessories.

USB Fever have an innovative product for you, just connect this cable and you will have all the flexibility to attach your iPhone/iPod with any other accessories.

Super Short OEM Apple 30-pin Dock Extender CableFeatures:

  • Super Short: only 21cm (or 8 inches)
  • For Charging
  • For Audio and Video Transfer
  • To eliminate the troubles sometimes caused by the need to take off your case for iPhone/iPod/iPad before connecting your iPhone/iPod/iPad to an accessories (e.g. FM Transmitter in a car).

Scenarios that this cable may apply:

  • For testing, if you are developing a product for iPhone/iPod iPad, you may need to test your product with iPhone/iPod for thousand times, then this cable may help because it eliminates direct damage to your iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Connect your iPhone/iPod with other accessories even it is wearing a case.
  • If you have some devices that are compatible with of your new iPhone/iPod, just that the physical space is too small for your new iPhone/iPod/iPad

This accessory is suitable for: (see note below)

  • Apple iPad, iPad 2
  • all iPhones
  • all iPods with Dock connector


  • Length: 21cm or 8 inches
  • Not intended for Data hotsync with a PC.


Back to School Ideas for Your iPad from NewerTech

NuGuard Bundle: iPad 2 Stand/Base/Strap for Portable, Desktop, or Car Use

PR: NuGuard GripStand 2NewerTech's NuGuard GripStand 2/GripBase Bundle lets you comfortably use your iPad 2 while standing/walking, during lectures, in the library, on your desk, or in your dorm. The bundle includes the GripStand for portable use, GripBase for your desktop, and Nylon Strap for car:

  • Portable: GripStands hard plastic protective shell grips the iPad 2 snugly with a 360 view that positions the iPad away from sun or glare. It also doubles as a one hand grip, so you can use your iPad 2 while standing or walking.
  • Desktop: GripBase lets you turn your iPad 2 into a desktop workstation that is virtually impossible to knock over.
  • Car: The Nylon Strap securely mounts your iPad 2 to a car headrest for easy viewing.

Pricing: $39.99

Available at Other World Computing.

For Commuting to School or Traveling: iFolio Leather Case Lets You Protect Your iPad or iPad 2 in Style

NewerTech iFolioThe NewerTech iFolio leather case lets you commute to school or travel with your iPad or iPad 2 in the ultimate of luxury and style. Handcrafted in the USA from premium imported Brazilian leather, iFolio is available in 11 fashionable colors (from cognac, black, yellow, red and more) and can be used with or without the included shoulder strap. It provides padded protection that hides your iPad/iPad 2 for security and includes a slot for document storage as well as an ID/business card holder.

Pricing: starting at $87.99 (available immediately)

Available at Other World Computing.

NuVue Anti-Glare Screen Protector For Reading Your iPad Outdoors: NuVue Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPad Protects with No Rainbow Effect

The NewerTech NuVue Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPad reduces eyestrain in the sun for easier studying or reading outdoors or in sunny rooms. Its Anti-Glare static cling film provides clearer iPad viewing by reducing both glare and smudges with no rainbow effect, like other conventional antiglare shields. It is custom-designed to fit the iPad perfectly with a peel-and-stick easy install that wont create air bubbles like adhesive-based screen protectors.

Compatible with iPad (not iPad 2).

Pricing: $12.17 (available immediately)

Available at Other World Computing.

Presentation & Protection

iPad Butler Carbon Deluxe Stand: The All-rounder for Wall, Table, Cars, and More

Butler Carbon Deluxe StandPR: Dedicated to putting your iPad in the right position is the iPad Butler Carbon Deluxe Stand from Germany. This versatile and stylish carbon-look multi-post system converts in a few steps into a table stand, a wall, table, booth, and office adapter or a car holder. With its swan neck suction cup and golf ball-joint, it's conveniently versatile, so why buy multiple iPad stands and holders when this a 4-in-1 system can cover all the bases?

Table Stand

A bracket, a bottom plate and a gooseneck connection turn the iPad Butler Carbon Deluxe Stand into a table stand. The clamped iPad can be swiveled in any desired direction making it possible to play movies or use both hands on the iPad in an office table environment.


The suction cup can "glue" the iPad directly on a tile wall - for example in the kitchen. In this way, the iPad can display a recipe for "free hand" cooking. The Wall Mount mode allows the iPad Butler Carbon Deluxe stand to position cooking instructions at exactly the right height clear of dripping and splashing but keeping the instructions clearly accessible.

Screw-desk and wall adapter

Wherever there is no smooth wall surface for the suction cup to engage, the screw-in desk or wall adapter is used, providing the necessary support and guaranteeing that the iPad is perfectly clamped.

Car Suction Cup

Butler Carbon Deluxe StandThe iPad Butler's swan neck and golf ball-joint help secure the iPad in its optimum position in the car, to use as a navigation device, and in the rear to keep the kids occupied and entertained.

In the box:

  • 2 Carbon-Holders
  • Suction Cup
  • Flexmount
  • Wall - Table/Mountadapter - including screws and dowels
  • Golfball Stand

Optionally available:

  • Cigarette lighter adapter
  • Headrest Adapter
  • Floor Stand (Oval Profile & Foot)

From 69 EUR (19% VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )

Aluminum Floor Stand - iPad-Butler

iPad Butler Floor StandsThe high quality iPad aluminum stand version can be used for business presentations as an information terminal and for your living room - with a flexible goose neck allowing rotating angle adjustment in all directions for optimal operation and display, for example convenient viewing of videos at an optimal television sets height.


  • Height: 110 cm
  • Diameter base: 40 cm (brushed aluminum look)
  • Fixing iPad: (anodized aluminum) to iPad Alu grave
  • curved anodized aluminum oval profile: Column material
  • Mount: fixed, adjustable

From 199 EUR (19% VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )

Plastic Floor stand - iPad-Butler

From 139 EUR (19% VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )

Screw-Free Aerospace Aluminum iPhone 4 Bumper

Contour Case for iPhone 4PR: Nex Design has announced the launch of it's "Contour" case for iPhone 4. The Contour, CNC machined from high quality aerospace aluminum, suspends the iPhone 4 with precision moulded urethane inserts providing ultimate impact protection. Completely doing away with tiny screws, the case assembles securely with its self-locking design, which can just as easily be removed.

Contour Case for iPhone 4The Contour is available is a wide variety of anodised colors and provides large easy access to docking connectors etc. The urethane inserts while suspending the phone also insulate the case from the phone's antenna.

Contour Case for iPhone 4"With our engineering background we were able to optimize the case design through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) creating an extremely strong lightweight design that completely does away with screws." says MD Nex Design's Jason Cox.

The Contour is available for order now for $49.99, which includes free shipping to the USA and Australia.

Nex Design, engineering the ultimate CNC machined cases for Apple and Android products.

Hard on Your iPhone? New Speck ToughShell Has You Covered

Speck ToughShell for iPhone 4PR: Taking your iPhone to the construction site, up the side of a rock face, or just have a bad case of the dropsies? Speck Products has you covered with their new ToughShell iPhone case for iPhone 4.

ToughShell wraps the iPhone with maximum protection, so in even the most extreme conditions its glass won't crack, buttons wont break, and all four corners are always safe.

Here are some of ToughShell's safety and convenience features.

  • Triple-layer co-molded construction combines a hard plastic exterior with a soft rubber interior and silicone band to protect from extreme use
  • A grooved silicone band is easy to grip and wont slip out of your hand
  • The screen protector adds 360 degrees of protection, and provides full frontal protection when the iPhone is face-in in its holster
  • Every iPhone port and button is easy to access but completely covered to protect from dust and spills
  • A holster adds a fourth layer of protection and is made of polycarbonate, the same material used to make bulletproof glass. It rotates 360 degrees to act as a belt clip or as a kick stand for watching videos or using FaceTime.

Speck products are available at Apple stores, Best Buy, Target, AT&T, and Verizon stores and many more, plus of course at

TuneFolio Case for iPad 2 with Wake/Sleep Cover

TuneFolio Case for iPad 2PR: TuneFolio for iPad 2 with Wake/Sleep Cover is a synthetic leather case that folds closed like a notebook or opens to be positioned as a stand at any viewing angle. Open the cover and the iPad 2 wakes up. Close the cover and the iPad 2 goes to sleep. TuneFolio is slim and solid protection for iPad 2.

When in the closed position, TuneFolio can be carried like a notebook with iPad held securely inside. The iPad screen is fully protected and the durable elastic band keeps the case tightly shut and prevents iPad from slipping out. This is a great feature to have when sliding iPad into your bag or backpack. The detachable hand strap matches the color of the case and adds style and practicality to the design. The hand strap keeps iPad on a tight leash and prevents accidental drops.

TuneFolio Case for iPad 2When unfolded to the open position, TuneFolio can be used as a stand and adjusted to your favorite angle. TuneFolio has a Velcro™ adhesive mechanism which allows setting the iPad angle at any position. To adjust the position, simply lift iPad up and then place it back down down to the preferred angle. Adjust it to a steeper angle for watching a movie or viewing photos together with friends. Take iPad into the kitchen to comfortably read cookbook recipes while preparing a meal. Bring it to a meeting and give a slideshow presentation. Adjust it to a lower angle for typing or completely flip the cover around for typing at an even lower angle.

With iPad 2 inside, the Dock connector, camera, buttons and switches are all fully accessible for charging and controlling iPad 2. TuneFilm protective film covers the iPad 2 screen. A cleaning cloth will help wipe away dust and finger prints. A dock connector cover will keep out dirt and dust and a home button cover is made from a soft, raised material for easy operation.

TuneFolio for iPad 2 with Wake/Sleep Cover is available in White, Black and Camel colors.

This accessory is compatible with Apple iPad 2

TuneFolio Case for iPad 2Colors Available:

  • White (White)
  • Black (Black)
  • Camel (Camel)


  • Size: 195(W) x 248(H) x 22(D)mm
  • Weight: approximately 290g

Package content:

  • TuneFolio for iPad 2 with Wake/Sleep Cover case
  • TuneFilm protective film
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Squeegee
  • Dock connector cover
  • Home button cover


Pelican 1075 HardBack Case Provides Reasonably Priced, Rugged Protection for iPads and Netbooks

Pelican 1075 HardBack CasePR: Protect your iPad or netbook from those heartbeat-skipping mishaps with Pelican's 1075 HardBack Case. Constructed of high strength ABS, the 1075 is dustproof, watertight, and crushproof. The easy open latch remains shut under pressure or after impact. A built-in automatic purge valve keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure.

Choose the i1075 model for the iPad or iPad 2. Equipped with a molded liner that adds impact shock protection and will not scratch your tablet. Also included is an integrated easel for handsfree viewing in horizontal or vertical position. Storage is also provided underneath the keyboard for an adapter, cables,and earbuds your office on the go.

For netbook (and probably 11" MacBook Air? - Ed.) protection, choose the 1075CC with a shock absorbing liner or the 1075 that comes with the customizable Pick N Pluck foam.

Pelican 1075 HardBack CaseThe Pelican 1075 is built in the USA and backed by Pelican's lifetime guarantee.

  • Interior Dimensions (LxWxD): 11.38" x 8.19" x 1.63" (28.9 x 24.8 x 4.1 cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions (LxWxD): 12.38" x 9.75" x 2.13" (31.4 x 24.8 x 5.4 cm)

Product Features

  • 1075 HardBack Case can be used as a portable office
  • Cushion Insert
  • Unique molded liner protects from impact shock yet wont scratch iPad.
  • Integrated Easel
  • Optimizes hands free viewing angles in horizontal or vertical positions.
  • Accessory Storage
  • Power cords and earbuds stow below keyboard.
  • Removable Shoulder Strap
  • Included on all 1075 HardBack Case configurations.
  • Automatic Purge Valve
  • Keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure.
  • Watertight Gasket
  • Tight seal created when case is shut.

Pelican 1075 HardBack Case Interior Options

  • iPad or iPad 2, CAT. NO. i1075
  • Netbook, CAT. NO. 1075CC
  • Standard Interior, CAT. NO. 1075
  • iPad or iPad 2, CAT. NO. i1075

The Pelican 1075 HardBack Case is modestly priced at $70.

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