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Tremendous Demand for Free iPhone 3GS, Apple Dominates Youth Market, iPad the Tablet to Beat, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2011.10.29

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'Tremendous Demand' for Free iPhone 3GS

MacRumors' Jordan Golson reports that in a conference call last week, AT&T Mobility President and CEO Ralph de la Vega discussed the impact of the recent price drop on older-generation iPhones, particularly the iPhone 3GS - the first iPhone be offered free with 2-year contract in the US.

Golson quotes de la Vega saying: "We have another device that I think is going to dramatically change those people that are on smartphones and quick messaging devices, the [iPhone] 3GS, which is free with a 2-year contract. We've seen a tremendous, tremendous demand for that device even though it's a generation old. And actually, we're getting more new subscribers coming on the 3GS on the average than other devices. So we also have an inventory sold out on that device."

Why the iPad Is the Tablet to Beat for Business

PCWorld's Angela West notes that while Android tablets' market share is increasing, Apple is still smoking Android on sheer numbers of tablets sold, and she contends that iPad is still the clear choice for business. Reasons?

The cool factor

If your business is in constant contact with the public, you can only raise your brands cachet by using iPads.

Young Android tablets and the marketplace

While the iPad has been around for a while, Android tablets with a comparative screen size just entered the market at the end of 2010, and most Android Marketplace apps weren't purpose-built for tablets, whereas the iPad commands a much higher range of tablet-ready apps from the App Store.

Android developer lag

Building an Android app isn't just a matter of translating one written for an Apple device to Android. Apps need to be recoded from the ground up.

Minor price difference

Android tablets that are comparable to the iPad in features tend to be about the same price.

Cleaner user interface

Nobody has managed yet to corner the clean user experience that Apple has offered with any of its devices.

Better productivity apps

Word processing and other office-oriented apps can make the iPad an acceptable replacement for a laptop. The only comparable application on Android is smartphone oriented Documents To Go

Why Apple Is Leading the Way in the Tablet World

PC Advisor's Rosemary Hattersley says that head and shoulders above most of the pack when it comes to looks, the Apple iPad 2 is the tablet to beat, with its battery life, slim profile, beautiful 132 pixel-per-inch (1024 x 768 pixel) screen, and accurate onscreen keyboard being second to none.

Harris Poll: Apple Brands Dominate Youth Market

PR: With young Americans expected to spend $211 billion in 2012, knowing which brands they favor will help corporate America prepare for the upcoming holiday season. A key strategic planning tool at their disposal is the 2012 Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend® study by Harris Interactive. This annual study benchmarks the brands that America's youth prefer and those that have the ability to dominate their industries' youth market share.

The 2012 Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend study measures brand equity as an outcome of familiarity, quality, and purchase consideration among Americans, ages eight to 24.

Harris Poll Youth Equitrends Brand of the Year

"Youth of today have spending power and they also have loyalty to brands. Some of this comes from their parents, but they also make their own decisions," says Regina A. Corso, Senior Vice President for Youth and Education Research at Harris Interactive. "Brands who tap into this loyalty when a consumer is a tween, and nurture it through the teen years, will have an extremely loyal customer by the time the customer is a young adult. Companies need to remember that consumers do not magically appear at age 18."

In this critical sales ramp-up for the holiday gift-giving season, when technology prevails and computers, tablets, and mobile phones are at the top of wish lists, Apple brands are ranked highest among Americans, ages 13-24, in their respective categories. Apple Computers, iPads, and iPhones are the highest ranked Computers, Tablets, and Mobile Phones brands, and are followed by Hewlett Packard, Motorola Xoom, and HTC, correspondingly.

Jeni Lee Chapman, Executive Vice President of Harris' Brand and Communication Consulting practice observes that: "This is very good news for Apple and indicates that their masterbrand is very strong. To have this kind of significant edge among 13-24 year olds signifies that Apple has built a powerful equity base among their customers of today and their customers of tomorrow." She continues, "Brands often struggle to maintain relevancy among different generations. This data shows that this is not going to be an issue for Apple."

And, while eight to 24 year olds have varied interests, certain comfort foods, like cookies and candy, are timeless. For example: Oreo Cookies and Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bars are each highest ranked in their respective categories, and sweet treat and cookie brands receive some of the highest equity scores among those surveyed.

Category Overview

Gaming, Technology, & Telecom

  • Computers: Apple Computers is the highest ranked brand, followed by Hewlett-Packard Computers and Sony Computers
  • Computer Tablets: iPad is the highest ranked brand, followed by Motorola Xoom and BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Mobile Phones: iPhone is the highest ranked brand, followed by HTC Phones and Samsung Phones
  • Gaming Platforms: Nintendo Wii is the highest ranked brand, followed by Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo DS.

Food & Beverage

  • Sweet Treats: Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bars is the highest ranked brand, followed by Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Kisses.
  • Cereals: Cheerios is the highest ranked brand, followed by Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • Cookies: Oreo Cookies is the highest ranked brand, followed by three Chips Ahoy cookies brands - Chips Ahoy, Chewy Chips Ahoy and Chunky Chips Ahoy.
  • Sodas: Sprite is the highest ranked brand, followed by Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.
  • Fruit Juices: Minute Maid is the highest ranked brand, followed by Tropicana and Florida's Natural Refrigerated Orange Juice.
  • Fruit Flavored Drinks: Capri Sun is the highest ranked brand, followed by Kool-Aid.


  • Broadcast TV Networks: ABC is the highest ranked brand, followed by Fox Television Network and CBS.
  • Kids TV Programming: Nickelodeon is the highest ranked brand, followed by Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.
  • Social Media: is the highest ranked brand, followed by

This year's Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend study was conducted online among 5,077 U.S. consumers ages 8-24 in August 2011. A total of 121 brands were rated among 8-12 year olds and 167 brands among 13-24 year olds. Each 8-12 year old respondent was asked to rate a total of 15 randomly selected brands and each 13-24 year old respondent was asked to rate a total of 22 randomly selected brands. Each brand received at least 130 ratings. Data were weighted to be representative of the entire U.S. population of consumers ages 8-24 on the basis of age sex, education, urbanicity (8-17 year olds), race/ethnicity, region, parental education (8-17 year olds), and income (18-24 year olds), and data from respondents ages 18 and over were also weighted for their propensity to be online.

Pew Survey: Most Tablet Users Won't Pay for News

Would you be willing to pay for your news?An extensive new survey by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism and The Economist Group, entitled "The Tablet Revolution: How People Use Tablets and What it Means for the Future of News" has some depressing news for interests hoping that the ascendency of media tablets will serve as a lever to monetize news dissemination on the Internet.

The researchers found that just 14% of tablet news consumers have paid directly for news content on their tablets, while another 23% had a subscription to a print newspaper or magazine that offered digital access, cumulatively amounting to a modest 37%. Not only that, a large majority of tablet users who have not paid directly for news remain resistant to doing so, even it was the only way to get news from their favorite sources.

Tablet users are heavy news consumers and particularly drawn to the written wordThe researchers conclude that revenue potential for news on tablets may be limited, with cost a factor even among the heavy news consuming population. Of those who haven't paid directly, only 21% say they would be willing to spend $5 per month if that were the only way to access their favorite source on the tablet. And of those who have news apps, fully 83% say that being free or low cost was a major factor in their decision about what to download.

Apple's Strategy Is Switching from Hardware to Software

Hardmac's Lionel says that with the launch of the iPhone, Apple was able to surprise the entire phone industry and get an incredible market share in just a few years, but that many consider that the iPhone 4S marks the end of hardware innovation on the iPhone (although he recalls that the same was said after the iPhone 3GS launch). True, Apple didn't try to revolutionize the device by changing its hardware radically, but there's the new A5 chip - a substantial upgrade from the A4 - the new camera, and the fixed antenna.

Lionel thinks the feature that most makes the iPhone 4S successful is Siri, the new personal assistant, which is not hardware-based but rather based in Apple's servers and the company's know-how, which he observes seems to be the core of Apple's new strategy, adding services to its hardware to add an extra value to the device. This is also true of iCloud, iTunes Match, and probably other services to be unveiled in the future.

How Does the iPhone 4S Camera Stack Up Against Other Cameras? has posted an illustrated report with photo comparisons from all iPhone version cameras (First generation iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, the new iPhone 4S), a point & shoot camera, the Canon S95 ($500), and a professional DSLR, the Canon 5DMKII ($4000+) in two situations

  1. A macro setting to test detail and quality of the cameras;
  2. A backlit skyline shot.

If you check it out, you'll notice that the iPhone 4S is dramatically clearer and sharper than previous iPhone versions, and while it's not nearing the same quality as a professional level DSLR, it is comparable to a top of the line compact camera and even outshines it in some ways.

Apps & Services

Encyclopædia Britannica App for iPad Now Available for $1.99 a Month

Encyclopaedia Britannica AppPR: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. has announced its encyclopedia is now available as an iPad App through the Apple App Store. The Encyclopædia Britannica App gives mobile users the ability to find information and explore subjects without compromise users can feel confident that what they are searching for is accurate and provided by professional editors and expert contributors.

Users have two choices to access the app. The first choice is available for free and gives users complimentary high-resolution images, maps, access to 100 free articles plus the first 100 words of every article, and the Britannica "link map."

Encyclopaedia Britannica AppThe second choice, for $1.99 a month, iPad users can upgrade their app to include full access to every article in the Encyclopædia, including more than 80,000 articles in a fully searchable database, the ability to download information to read offline, save and send articles, store favorites and search history and more. iPhone, Android and Microsoft versions of the app are expected to follow before early 2012.

Encyclopaedia Britannica App"Encyclopædia Britannica is putting more than 250 years worth of reliable information in the palm of your hand," says Greg Barlow, Encyclopædia Britannica's senior vice president and chief marketing officer. "For more than two centuries, Britannica has partnered with former US and international presidents, Nobel Laureates, scientists, and other historical figures to provide people with the information they seek. Now that world-class information is available on a fast, mobile platform."

Barlow adds, "Current subscribers can access the full iPad content free of charge by using their account credentials."

System requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Free Dragon Recorder App Allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to Capture and Transfer Speech for Transcription with Dragon Speech Recognition

PR: Nuance Communications, Inc. has announced the Dragon Recorder app, a free application on the Apple iOS app store that makes it possible for Dragon customers to use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as a voice recorder to capture their own voice and transcribe their recordings into any application on the Mac or PC with Dragon speech recognition. The new app gives Dragon users with an iOS device the freedom and flexibility to use their existing device as a voice recorder, and makes it easy to transcribe their recordings to quickly create notes, meeting minutes, emails, letters, papers, articles, blog.

Dragon RecorderMany Dragon customers already use digital voice recorders to capture their thoughts on the go and then transcribe these dictations using Dragon speech recognition. But more than half of Nuance's current Dragon customers have requested a way to use their smartphones to the same end. The new Dragon Recorder app addresses this need, allowing consumers to use their existing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to dictate high-quality recordings and then transfer these recordings - via iTunes or a wireless network - to their Mac or PC for a quick, easy, and accurate transcription with Dragon speech recognition.

"We've really focused on delivering more flexibility in Dragon, so that our customers can use Dragon the way that they work and live," says Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager, Dragon, Nuance. "Most recently with the introduction of our Dragon Remote Mic app, we added the ability to use the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a wireless mic with Dragon. Now, the Dragon Recorder app takes it a step further by allowing more of our customers to take advantage of remote on-the-go dictation with a device that they are already carrying so that they can capture their creative ideas and thoughts quickly and accurately, no matter where they are."

The free Dragon Recorder app allows Dragon customers to dictate text anytime, anywhere, capturing high-quality audio files using their existing iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (4th gen). Users can play back, fast forward, rewind, and append to their recordings as necessary and then use either iTunes or a WiFi network to transfer their audio files from the mobile device to their PC or Mac for an accurate transcription from Dragon NaturallySpeaking or MacSpeech Scribe. Those customers who require advanced recorder capabilities can continue to rely on Dragon's ability to transcribe audio files from the industry's leading digital voice recorders.

Benefits of Dragon Recorder

Boost Productivity by Recording Audio Files Anytime, Anywhere

The Dragon Recorder app delivers productivity benefits even when you're away from your desk. Capture thoughts and ideas or the content of complete documents by turning your iPhone, iPad or iPod (4th gen) into a digital recorder when you're on the go. Forget about the tedious and time-consuming task previously associated with transcribing your dictated text. Dragon NaturallySpeaking and MacSpeech Scribe can be used to deliver an accurate written transcript of your dictation.

Carry One Device

By installing on a mobile device that Dragon customers already have, Dragon Recorder eliminates the need to carry more than one device to capture notes, reports, and other documents when you're on the go. I don't always have a recorder, but I always have my iPhone with me, explains one Dragon customer.

Convenient Recording Features

Play back, rewind, fast forward and delete the audio recordings with ease.

Records in WAV Format

The Dragon Recorder app captures audio in .wav format, allowing it to deliver the same audio quality as most standard digital recorders. Record files as large as the available memory in your device. (The recording will stop automatically when the available memory fills up.)

Wirelessly Transfer Audio to PC or Mac With Ease

Many of the customers who use Dragon speech recognition to transcribe audio files can be frustrated and confused by the diverse practices used to transfer audio files to a PC or Mac. But with the Dragon Recorder app, its easy: as long as the computer and mobile device are on the same network, the audio files are transferred wirelessly for seamless convenience. Customers can also use iTunes to transfer their recordings to the PC or Mac.

System Requirements: The Dragon Recorder app installs and runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (4th gen). Files are transferred using WiFi or iTunes. To use the wireless feature, your computer and iPhone must be on the same WiFi network. Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Premium, Professional or Legal edition) required for PC use; MacSpeech Scribe required for Mac use.

The new Dragon Recorder app is available immediately as a free download in the Apple App Store worldwide with support for English, French and German languages. (US download here). Simply follow the instructions included with Dragon Recorder to get started.

VueScan Mobile Scanning from Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

PR: Hamrick Software's VueScan Mobile App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. VueScan Mobile allows you to seamlessly scan documents and photos straight to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from any HP, Canon or Epson WiFi printer/scanner.

VueScan Mobile for iPhone and iPadVueScan Mobile uses the WiFi connection on your iOS device to find scanners connected to the same WiFi network. If the scanner has a document feeder, VueScan first checks to see if there is a document in the feeder, otherwise it scans from the flatbed.

In addition to sending via e-mail and saving to the Photos App, VueScan Mobile allows you to save scanned images to your favorite iOS apps that can open PDF or JPEG files, such as iBooks, Dropbox, GoodReader, and Evernote.

VueScan Mobile"We are excited to bring VueScan Mobile to the App Store," says Ed Hamrick, President of Hamrick Software. "The VueScan Mobile App makes scanning extremely convenient. Simply press the green Scan button and, in a few seconds, the document will appear on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch."

In addition to sending via Email and saving to the Photos App, VueScan Mobile allows you to save scanned images to your favorite iOS apps that can open PDF or JPEG files such as iBooks, Dropbox, GoodReader, Evernote, etc.

VueScan MobileVueScan Mobile uses the WiFi interface of iOS devices to search for Epson, Canon, and HP on the same network. It sends an mDNS inquiry to port 5353 on address, which Epson and HP scanners will respond to. It also sends a Canon BJNP Discover command to port 8612 on address, which Canon printer/scanner/copiers will respond to.

VueScan Mobile then uses HP SCL (Scanner Control Language) commands, Canon BJNP (BubbleJet Network Protocol) commands, and Epson ESC/I commands to control the scanners.

VueScan MobileVueScan Mobile and the desktop version of VueScan use the same source code to control the scanners, so VueScan Mobile benefits from the many years of experience Hamrick Software has with Epson, Canon and HP scanners.

You can see if your scanner will work with VueScan Mobile by reviewing the supported scanner list.

You can also test your WiFi enabled scanner with the Mac OS X version of VueScan. Note that USB connected scanners are currently not supported.

VueScan includes support for 18 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish.

New in Version 1.0.3

  • Added compatibility with more Epson and Canon scanners. See for detailed list of scanners.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems with iTunes backups

System Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later

The VueScan Mobile App is available for $9.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Tiny Magazine K Composite Demonstrates iPad's Power for Small Publishers

K Composite on iPadPR: First launched as a fanzine in the 1990s, editor Scott Ritcher started K Composite Magazine by publishing interviews of his friends in Louisville, Kentucky. The new issue, however, is a technological world away from its photocopied roots.

Available as a free iPad app, the new edition features lush layouts and flexible layers. When readers rotate their iPad from portrait to landscape mode, layout elements magically glide into new positions optimized for that orientation.

The app's cool features are only a small part of what Ritcher says are the huge advantages that publishing to the iPad holds over distributing his niche magazine on paper.

"The iPad is an amazing opportunity for publishers, especially independents," Ritcher says. "Small publications like K Composite are always limited by how many pages we can print, how many can be in color, the costs of paper and shipping. Publishing to the iPad smashes these limitations."

K CompositeK Composite for iPad was built with software called Mag+ which has been employed by the likes of Popular Science, Transworld Snowboarding, Maxim and furniture maker IKEA, for their iPad editions. Mag+ became available to small publishers in April, and K Composite is one of the first to put it to use.

K Composite is now free in 124 countries via Apple's App Store alongside titles like Vogue and Vanity Fair.

"It's a whole new world for small publishers," Ritcher says. "If a magazine has quality photography, design and content, it can now reach a massive audience."

With about 40 million iPad tablets worldwide, this opens up an unprecedented potential audience for indie publishers.

iPad owners can download free in the App Store.


Apple Drops Orange iPad 2 Smart Cover, Adds Dark Gray

Concurrent with Monday's quiet MacBook Pro refresh (see The Late 2011 MacBook Pro Value Equation for details), Apple has also updated its iPad 2 Smart Covers, the most significant change being that the orange version has been replaced with a new dark gray cover. Other changes include matching interior and exterior color. Reports also indicate that the colors on the polyurethane models are more vibrant.

iPad 2 Smart CoversPolyurethane Smart Covers come in blue, green, pink, light gray, and dark gray.

Apple also offers five aniline-dyed Italian leather Smart Covers, but aside from the navy version reportedly being tweaked to make it "more navy" than the original version, the leather colors (tan, black, cream, and red) remain unchanged.

gray Smart Cover for iPad 2The Smart Cover was designed alongside iPad 2 to be a perfect match: a thin, durable cover that magnetically aligns for a perfect fit. It automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad. It's also a handy stand for reading, watching, and typing, and its microfiber lining keeps your iPad screen clean. The Smart Cover protects your iPad screen without covering up its durable aluminum back, so your iPad still looks and feels like an iPad - just with a little extra protection.

Open the Smart Cover, and iPad "magically" wakes up. Close it, and iPad automatically goes to sleep. The Smart Cover also does double duty as a keyboard stand. Fold it back to tilt iPad into a comfortable writing position. It also folds in just the right places to become the perfect FaceTime and movie-watching stand.

Pricing remains the same, with polyurethane covers selling for $39 and leather models $69.

iPad CF and SD Card Readers Let You Upload DSLR Photos Directly to Your iPad

iPad CF and SD Card ReadersPR: Designed to get images from a DSLR to an iPad quickly and with zero fuss, these tiny CF and SD iPad card readers can give you just that, neutralizing the complaint that the iPad doesn't come with a card reader. These adapters from PhotoJoJo more than make up for that.

iPad CF and SD Card ReadersSimply plug an adapter into the iPad, pop in a memory card and the Photos app will open - letting you upload files in one step. No nasty cables and the readers also feature USB input for flash drives and cameras with internal memory. Connect them through your iPad's dock port, and upload in one step. Reviewing photos on your iPad is much easier than on a tiny LCD screen, and whether you shoot CF or SD, you're covered.

iPad CF and SD Card ReadersYou can also upload photos directly from your camera via a USB port. Just slip the reader into your iPad's dock port, and you're ready to upload photos.

Great for organizing and editing on the go. It's small, so it'll fit in your bag and doesn't get in your way.

iPad CF and SD Card ReadersHighlights:

  • Compatible with iPad 1 or iPad 2
  • Review photos on the go
  • Smaller than a pack of gum
  • Easy to use, just connect & upload
  • No wires or cables necessary
  • Slot for memory card and USB


  • CF Card Reader: $30
  • SD Card Reader: $15
  • Both Readers: $40

Shipping to the USA starts at $2.50

Presentation & Protection

iProtection for iPhone 4S from OtterBox

PR: Packed between thin glass and stainless steel, the iPhone 4S integrates powerful hardware, an impressive mobile operating system as well as endless applications and services. For every square millimeter Apple engineers meticulously designed, OtterBox introduces iProtection: four series of custom cases for varying device devotees.

OtterBox iProtection"Steve Jobs was a true inspiration, a visionary, and brought so much to our daily lives," says OtterBox Founder and CEO Curt Richardson. "The new iPhone and so many other technologies are the legacy of this influential man. We are honored to work within this industry to continue to honor his innovations."

The OtterBox Defender Series is the ultimate bodyguard for the new Siri assistant and other advancements of the iPhone 4S. This is the original multilayered case: a built-in screen shield, sturdy polycarbonate shell and robust silicone outer layer keep the smartphone safe from scratches, dust and drops. A wide range of colors are offered including Realtree camo designs. For those interested in handsfree carrying, a holster-style swivel belt clip is also included.

Sleek, adaptive protection is provided by the Reflex Series. This case is a slim fit, single layer style easy to install or uninstall for quick docking. Reflex Zones!" in the corners absorb impact when dropped so the device does not. A self-adhering screen protector is included to prevent scratching.

The OtterBox Commuter Series is the pocket protector for the iPhone 4S users will want to use, its slick exterior slides in and out of a pocket, purse or bag easily. The silicone and polycarbonate combination offers strength and style in a variety of different colors. Also included for additional defense is a self-adhering screen protector.

Durable silicone and innovative inner coring comfort the iPhone 4S in a simple yet substantial form with the Impact Series. This is an ideal case for those wanting additional fortification against potential scuffs and scratches. Similar to other OtterBox lines, the Impact Series provides a self-adhering screen protector.

Sometimes what you want is exactly what you need. OtterBox bridges the gap between accessory and necessity with protective cases for what is known as the most amazing iPhone yet.


  • Defender Series and Reflex Series cases not protected against water. Will provide some added protection against bump, drop, and shock.
  • Commuter Series and Impact Series cases not protected against water. Will provide some added protection against bump and shock.

The Skinny: A Slim New iPad 2 Case with Built-in Keyboard

The Skinny iPas 2 casePR: Startup company Hatch & Co., is presenting their first product, the, Skinny: a stylish faux leather iPad 2 case that also integrates what is claimed to be the world's slimmest and lightest wireless keyboard.

Unlike other iPad keyboards that use thick chiclet keys, the Skinny wireless keyboard breaks the mold with its unique use of touch technology. This enables the Skinny keyboard to be ultra thin, measuring only 0.07 inches. Plus, this makes the Skinny keyboard spill-proof.

The Skinny iPas 2 caseAll these design features make this Apple accessory a great gift idea for the coming holiday season.

"Pushing the innovation envelope is what we're all about at Hatch & Co. and we are excited to see how others in the Apple and gadget communities will respond to what we have accomplished with the Skinny iPad 2 Keyboard Case," says Kenny Chen, General Manager of Hatch & Co.

Skinny Features:

  • The Skinny iPas 2 caseIncredibly Light & Thin: Only 0.6 inches thin and weighing only 10.4 ounces means this iPad 2 Keyboard Case is unparalleled among other Apple accessories.
  • Cutting Edge: Unlike other iPad keyboards that use chiclet keys, the Skinny's QWERTY keyboard uses ultrathin touch technology, developed originally for mobile phones, making it incredibly responsive. Furthermore, the keyboard keys have a special texture to enhance their feel and usability.
  • Tough: Unlike the competition, the Skinny's keyboard is spill-proof and dustproof, making it a fantastic choice for users who regularly find themselves at coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth capabilities allow the Skinny to pair with any iPad as well as iPhones.
  • Power Saving: Special sensor automatically wakes up the iPad when the case is opened and puts it to sleep when the case is closed.
  • Long Battery Life: The high-quality battery lasts for sixty-eight hours of continuous use. The included USB battery charger returns keyboard power to full in about two hours.
  • The Skinny iPas 2 caseConvenience: Multimedia hotkeys allow easy navigation home, as well as to control volume, music, and input language. Additionally, four small LED lights indicate low battery, currently charging, caps/symbol lock, and currently connected.
  • Sophisticated Casing: Side grips secure the iPad with protection for each corner while leaving space along the edges to expose the iPad's built-in speakers, ports, and power switch. Additionally, a small cut out in the backing exposes the iPad's camera for easy use.
  • Stylish Coloring: Black with gray accenting or white with brown accenting. In the black version, the keyboard's color goes from light gray to dark gray and in the white version from light brown to dark brown.

The Skinny is designed for entrepreneurs and professionals who are always on the go and require trendy aesthetic protection for their iPad 2, as well as the convenience of a responsive and accurate keyboard. Perfect for taking notes during meetings, recording ideas during creative coffee breaks, and efficient social messaging, the Skinny iPad 2 wireless keyboard case's super light design enables users to get all of the advantages of having protection for their iPad 2, plus a keyboard, with almost no additional weight or bulk.

"Cutting edge, functional, and sophisticated is what we were going for when we designed the Skinny and we are energized through our success," says Mao Wang, Creative Director of Hatch & Co.

The Skinny iPas 2 caseBenefits

  • Slim, light, and incredibly convenient.
  • Protection and productivity in one stunning design.
  • The perfect companion to iPad simplicity.
  • Type without losing half your screen to a virtual keyboard.
  • iPad automatically wakes up / sleeps when you open the case.
  • Speed keys for home, volume, music, and keypad sounds.
  • Battery lasts two weeks (six weeks on standby).
  • Special surface adds texture to keys, enhancing your typing experience.

Technical Information

  • 9.6 x 7.7 x 0.6 (245 mm x 195 mm x 15 mm) (iPad 2 + 0.24 (6 mm) in thickness)
  • Weight: 10.4 oz (323 g)
  • Wireless: Bluetooth V 2.0 standard
  • Battery capacity: 410 mAh
  • Battery working time: 68 hours
  • Battery standby time: 45 days
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 95 F (0 to 35 C)
  • Nonoperating temperature: -4 to 113 F (-20 to 45 C)
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Maximum non-pressurized operating altitude: 10,000 feet (3,000 m)

The new iPad case with keyboard from Hatch & Co. is now available at

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