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iPad Rules While Kindle Fire Fizzles, Apple on iOS Security, Flexible Corning Willow Glass, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2012.06.08

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iPad Dominates While Kindle Fire Fizzles

The media tablet market shipped 18.2 million devices in 1Q/2012, which represents a 185% year-over-year (YoY) gain and a -33% sequential loss in shipments. According to Allied Business Intelligence, Inc. ABI Research's Media Tablet Market Share Tracker, Apple's 11.8 million iPad shipments were spurred by the launch of a third-generation lineup and price reduction on iPad 2 models, while Samsung's 1.1 million shipments returned the vendor to the number two spot after Amazon's Kindle Fire shipments fizzled entering 2012.

"A pattern similar to smartphones is also occurring in tablets," says Jeff Orr, ABI group director, consumer research. "Apple and Samsung have demonstrated staying power while other tablet vendors ebb and flow like the tide. Only two leading branded tablet OEMs RIM (233%) and Lenovo (107%) bucked the downward first quarter shipment trends, while Taiwan's ASUS remained flat sequentially from 4Q2011. Several vendors, including Dell, HP, and LG are currently retooling tablet portfolios for midyear launches of Android 4.0 along with the much anticipated Windows 8 slates debuting later in 2012."

"Apple continued to lead the market with nearly 65% of worldwide units and surpassed 67 million cumulative shipments in its first eight quarters of availability. iPad can't claim the highest mobile broadband (3G/4G) attach rate for media tablets, though Apple retains its title of shipping the most 3G-enabled tablets by outpacing the number two competitor by a factor of eight. The majority of iPad buyers continue to be satisfied with WiFi wireless coverage," adds Orr. "The leading model shipments and the ongoing challenges mobile operators face in convincing iPad owners to even try the mobile broadband connectivity once are expected to continue for the foreseeable future."

ABI Research's Media Tablet Market Share Tracker provides quarterly and annual historical vendor market share, mobile broadband embedded modem module attach rate by vendor, and Apple iPad model configuration trends and is part of ABI Research's Tablets, Netbooks & Mobile CE Research Service.

How to Replace Your Laptop with an iPad

Laptop mag Staff Writer Davey Alba asks:

"Have you ever wanted to jet off on a business trip or head home for the weekend with just your iPad? Now you can. When it first emerged, Apple's tablet wasn't meant to be a PC replacement. But a slew of new apps and accessories for the device make it possible to accomplish everything from editing documents and tweaking photos to blogging and creating movies. Here's what you need in your arsenal to leave that notebook behind."

iPad Worshipers Shouldn't Write the Laptop's Epitaph Just Yet

Mike Feibus, principal analyst at market research firm TechKnowledge Strategies, writes on BetaNews that it's hard to believe its only been two years since Apple sold the first iPad, and that while many have been busy chiseling the epitaph onto the face of the laptop's tombstone, they want to put the funeral plans on hold, because the PC is about to get interesting again. (Editor's note: For some of us it hadn't become uninteresting. cm)

In its favor, Feibus concedes that tablets address the laptop deficiency of relatively short battery life, which in his estimation is that main reason the tablet elbowed its way in alongside the laptop in our briefcases, as well as being a more recline-friendly form factor, and functionally easier and quicker to engage and access.

However, most serious productivity computer users still opt for a laptop for our more creation-centric tasks although the tablet tends to get the nod for anything that can be done equally well on either device.

Feibus notes that the Computex trade show in Taiwan is shaping up to be a coming-out party of sorts for dozens of new laptop models; sleeker, sexier, more responsive, and boasting better battery life - some of them convertible clamshells that double as touchscreen tablets for reading, gaming, and watching video.

He suggests that if you already have a tablet and a laptop, these new hybrids probably won't convince you to go back to one device, but for those on the fence as to whether to buy a first tablet or replace their current laptop system, he thinks that these new laptops will have strong appeal.

iOS security chart

Apple Posts Paper on iOS Security

An iOS Security paper posted by Apple that can be downloaded in PDF format says:

"AppleDesigned the iOS platform with security at its core. Keeping information secure on mobile devices is critical for any user, whether they're accessing corporate and customer information or storing personal photos, banking information, and addresses. Because every users information is important, iOS devices are built to maintain a high level of security without compromising the user experience.

"iOS devices provide stringent security technology and features, and yet also are easy to use. The devices are designed to make security as transparent as possible. Many security features are enabled by default, so IT departments don't need to perform extensive configurations. And some key features, like device encryption, are not configurable, so users cannot disable them by mistake.

"For organizations considering the security of iOS devices, it is helpful to understand how the built-in security features work together to provide a secure mobile computing platform."

Corning Willow Glass Will Help Enable New, Thinner Devices and Could Revolutionize Display Manufacturing

PR: Corning Incorporated has announced the launch of Corning Willow Glass, an ultra-slim flexible glass that could revolutionize the shape and form of next-generation consumer electronic technologies. The company made the announcement Monday at the Society for Information Display's Display Week, an industry trade show in Boston.

Corning Willow GlassCorning says its Willow Glass will help enable thin, light, and cost-efficient applications including today's slim displays and the smart surfaces of the future. The thinness, strength, and flexibility of the glass has the potential to enable displays to be wrapped around a device or structure. As well, Corning Willow Glass can be processed at temperatures up to 500° C. High temperature processing capability is essential for today's high-end displays and is a processing condition that cannot be supported with polymer films. Corning claims Willow Glass will enable the industry to pursue high-temperature, continuous roll-to-roll processes similar to how newsprint is produced that have been impossible until now.

The technology will support thinner backplanes and color filters for both organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and liquid crystal displays (LCD) in high-performance, portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers. This new, ultra-slim flexible glass will also help develop conformable (curved) displays for immersive viewing or mounting on non-flat surfaces.

Corning says Willow Glass is formulated to perform exceptionally well for electronic components such as touch sensors, as well as leveraging glass' natural hermetic properties as a seal for OLED displays and other moisture and oxygen-sensitive technologies.

Corning Willow Glass"Displays become more pervasive each day and manufacturers strive to make both portable devices and larger displays thinner. Corning Willow Glass provides the substrate performance to maintain device quality in a thin and light form factor," says Dr. Dipak Chowdhury, division vice president and Willow Glass program director. "Currently manufacturing in a sheet-to-sheet process, we expect Corning Willow Glass to eventually allow customers to switch to high-throughput, efficient roll-to-roll processing, a long-awaited industry milestone."

Like Corning's other leading-edge glass substrates, including EAGLE XG Slim and Corning Lotus Glass, Corning Willow Glass is produced using the company's proprietary fusion process. The company says advances in fusion forming have made it possible to produce glass that is 100 microns thick about the thickness of a sheet of copy paper. Even at that thickness, it provides hermetic sealing to sensitive components, while also providing excellent optical, thermal, and surface properties.

Corning is currently shipping samples of its Willow Glass to customers developing new display and touch applications. The company is also collaborating with research institutions, customers, and equipment makers to develop an ecosystem of compatible process equipment, including optimized process design.

Although initially being launched as an advanced display substrate, Corning is actively working on other potential applications for its Willow Glass, including use in lighting and flexible solar cells.

Corning will continue to develop and improve innovative glass products to enable the high-performance, game-changing displays that will drive tomorrow's increasingly diverse electronics markets, Chowdhury said.


My New iPad, 3rd Edition

My New iPad, 3rd EditionPR: It can be tricky to learn the ins and outs of any new piece of technology, especially from dry manuals or tedious lessons. No Starch Press has announced a new edition of Wallace Wang's best-selling, task-based, My New iPad, 3rd Edition, a book that promises to demystify Apple's iconic tablet computer.

Most people don't buy an iPad because they want to use it to do work. They want to play and they don't want a lot of fuss. In My New iPad (No Starch Press, June 2012, 312 pp., $24.95, ISBN 9781593274290), author Wallace Wang offers new iPad owners hands-on, straightforward instructions for getting organized with the Notes, Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts apps; set up email; browse the web; set parental controls (there's a lot of bad stuff out there); use a secret passcode; and encrypt backups.

"This is a get things done and don't feel dumb with your iPad book," says No Starch Press founder Bill Pollock. "For everyone struggling with their first tablet, this book promises to make things a lot easier."

In My New iPad, readers will learn how to:

  • Find their way using the Maps app and the iPad's compass
  • Use dictation and keyboard shortcuts to save time typing
  • Listen to music, read ebooks and magazines, and take photos and videos
  • Use FaceTime to talk face-to-face with distant friends and relatives
  • Shop iTunes and the App Store for the best new music, apps, movies, games, magazines, and books
  • Each chapter presents a new project, making it easy to pick and choose the most interesting ones. New iPad owners will find that help is close at hand with My New iPad.

Wallace Wang is author of several best-selling computer books, including My New Mac, My New iPhone, and Steal This Computer Book (all No Starch Press). A successful standup comic who has appeared on A&E's "Evening at the Improv," Wang appears regularly at the Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My New iPad, 3rd Edition
Publisher: No Starch Press
By Wallace Wang
ISBN: 9781593274290,
June 2012, 312 pp.

See Charles W. Moore's review of the previous edition, My New iPad 2: A User's Guide.

DODOcase and Charity: Water Launch Special-Edition for Clean, Safe Water

PR: DODOcase, makers of the original bookbound iPad case, have announced that they've teamed up with Charity: Water to create a special-edition iPad case design available now. $40 from each Charity: Water DODOcase will go to support the leading non-profit's staff and operations, helping ensure that Charity: Water can continue to use 100% of public donations to directly fund water projects.

Charity: Water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Right now 800 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation, which contributes to more deaths every year than all forms of violence combined. Charity: Water aims to change this, and DODOcase supports these efforts with this collaborative case.

"Great design is imperative to our work," says Viktoria Harrison, Creative Director of Charity: Water. "We've admired the DODOcase brand for a while, so we're really excited to work with them to bring awareness to the water issue."

The Charity: Water DODOcase offers the original award-winning design in the classic DODOcase style, with special customizations made to highlight the organization's cause. The exterior combines a black cloth body with Charity: Waters signature yellow on the spine and a foil stamped logo featuring the iconic Jerry can. The interior, made of the same yellow cloth found on the spine, includes the phrase water changes everything foil stamped within the bamboo tray and beneath where the iPad sits, serving as a hidden but poignant reminder.

"Working with Charity: Water to create this special-edition DODOcase not only gave us another opportunity to continue our preservation of bookbinding, but it allows us to help support a great cause," says Craig Dalton, cofounder and President of DODOcase. "In our day to day operations we actively support building local, and with collaborations such as this, we can also have an impact on larger global issues that are sometimes easy to take for granted, such as access to clean water."

Made from bookbinding cloth and constructed using traditional bookbinding techniques, the cover of the Charity: Water DODOcase for the iPad 3/iPad 2 is designed to fold back to be used as a stand for typing or watching videos. Offering a core bamboo four-piece tray design, the DODOcase perfectly matches the curvature of your iPad while providing access to all buttons and ports. The Charity: Water DODOcase is available for $94.95 and can be purchased now.

The DODOcase philosophy is simple, manufacture things locally and help keep the art of bookbinding alive, and off the extinction list where the namesake Dodo bird resides, by adapting it to a world of e-readers and tablets. DODOcase quickly rose to popularity following their launch alongside the iPad in April 2010. Overwhelming consumer response led to notable critical acclaim and the eventual expansion of their San Francisco operation to include an in house Bookbindery and woodshop. Hand crafted in San Francisco using traditional bookbinding techniques, DODOcase have steadily expanded their product portfolio to include a case for the Kindle 3, Kindle Fire, a collaboration with local San Francisco artist Rex Ray, as well as Jenny Beorkrem of Ork Posters notoriety, and Curtis Kulig, noted NY artist. DODOcase also has an ongoing collaboration in partnership with J.Crew.

Most recently DODOcase announced their original, award-winning design is now available for Apple's newest iPad and available in the classic DODOcase style, with a choice of four color-linings, as well as two entirely new collections both inspired by the California landscape that DODOcase calls home. DODOcase also makes the BOOKback which offers a familiar, book-like skin for the iPhone 4 or iPad 2 and 3, the latter of which is compatible with the Apple SmartCase.

Charity: Water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. We use 100% of public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need. Right now, 800 million people on the planet don't have access clean and safe drinking water. That's one in nine of us. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of diseases and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Children are especially vulnerable, as their bodies aren't strong enough to fight diarrhea, dysentery and other illnesses. Just $20 can give one person access to clean water.

Luvvitt Introduces New Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad

PR: Luvvitt has introduced a new aluminum Bluetooth wireless keyboard case for iPad, joining Luvvitt's line of durable and sophisticated iPad cases and covers.

Luvvitt Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPadFounder Eli Altaras says the Luvvitt keyboard case for iPad is a stylish accessory to add to any iPad that makes typing more comfortable and convenient, adding that the Luvvitt wireless keyboard case for iPad really is remarkable because it fuses iPad protection and a sense of flair with its ultrathin, precision-cut silhouette that offers protection and style.

The wireless keyboard comes in black or white and supports the new iPad 3. At 11 mm thickness the Luvvitt aluminum Bluetooth keyboard case is also claimed to be the world's thinnest wireless keyboard case for iPad. Made of aircraft grade, Japanese aluminum alloy, the keyboard case is super light, weighing just 9.5 ounces. It features a type-and-go connection with convenient USB charging with no battery hassles and a 60 day standby time. It's lined with a high-density padding to help cushion and protect the tablet. The Luvvitt Bluetooth wireless keyboard case for iPad also allows for viewing in both portrait and landscape modes while offering full screen protection.

IPEVO PV-01 Rotating Folio Case for New iPad and iPad 2 Features Unique 360° Rotating Pivot

PR: IPEVO has released its newest product, the PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case. Designed for the new iPad (also known as iPad 3) as well as iPad 2, PV-01 is now available through IPEVO's online store and at a price of $45.

IPEVO PV-01 Rotating Folio Case for iPadPV-01 is a high-end folio case crafted from a combination of genuine leather and premium felt. It is composed of two sections: an outside folio and an interior case. These sections are connected with a circular pivot which allows full rotation of the case relative to the folio. As a result, the user can easily rotate the case 360° for both landscape and portrait orientations. In either orientation, the case can rest inside one of three grooves on the folio's inside cover, providing three viewing angles when used as a built-in stand.

The PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case accommodates both the new iPad and iPad 2. The device is slid inside the case and secured with a Velcro™ tab. All ports and controls, including the front and rear camera lenses, are accessible while the device is equipped in the case.

For users desiring additional portability and a sleeker profile, the case can be separated from the folio at the pivot point with a gentle tug, and the case can be used and carried separately from the folio section. The folio includes sleep/wake magnets so that the iPad goes into sleep mode when the folio is closed for smarter power management. And a nylon strap on the inside spine of the folio provides convenient storage for a stylus.

IPEVO PV-01 Rotating Folio Case for iPad"The PV-01 Folio Case is a continuation of IPEVO's commitment to help iPad users do more with their devices," says Royce Hong, CEO and Big Head of Design of IPEVO. "PV-01's circular pivot makes orienting your iPad extremely easy and straightforward, and the pull-apart design gives users a sleeker option when PV-01 is not being used as a stand. Smart features, coupled with IPEVO's signature craftsmanship, make PV-01 a compelling choice for owners of the new iPad and iPad 2."

IPEVO's PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case is available in four colors: Red, Black, Gray Canvas and Charcoal Denim. It is available now through IPEVO's online store and

ZAGG Awarded Patent for ZAGGmate Keyboard Case

PR: ZAGG Inc. has announced that ZAGG Intellectual Property Holding Co., Inc. has been awarded patent number D659,139 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, issued on May 8, 2012. The patent covers design elements of ZAGG's ZAGGmate case and keyboard accessory for tablets.

ZAGGmate Keyboard CaseThe ZAGGmate is a protective and functional accessory for tablets that accentuates the utility and convenience of handheld devices with a very thin and sleek design. The ZAGGmate features a simple and innovative stand system for use in both portrait and landscape mode. In addition, a built-in wireless Bluetooth keyboard allows for more comfortable, responsive typing and interaction with the tablet's features. The ZAGGmate is available for all versions of Apple's iPad, including the iPad 2 and third generation iPad, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

"As a leader in bringing creative product solutions to this very competitive market, ZAGG understands how critical it is to provide IP brand protection for our customers and shareholders," says Robert G. Pedersen II, CEO and chairman of ZAGG. "This increasing extension of ZAGG's intellectual property protection adds value as we continue to establish ZAGG as the preferred brand in mobile device accessories and technology."

All versions of the ZAGGmate are available online at and through select retailers. For more information about other ZAGG product offerings, visit

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