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iPhone Features Missing in iPod touch, $100 iPhone Credit, DVR Would Benefit Apple TV, and Much More

This Week's iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV News

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2007.09.20

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iPhone News, Reviews, & Opinion

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iPod Accessories

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iPod News, Reviews, & Opinion

iPhone Features You'll Miss Out on by Buying an iPod touch

iProng's Bill Palmer says:

"I'm smack in the middle of my hands-on testing of the new iPod touch and the full review will be posted by Monday, but in the meantime I know there are some of you who are seeing a handful of iPod touch models come and go in your local Apple Store and trying to decide right now whether to try to get your hands on one or just pony up for the iPhone and the contract that comes with it. So in that light, here is a (preliminary) list of things you'll lose out on by buying an iPod touch instead of an iPhone, and a bit of explanation as to whether each of them might or might not matter to you..."

Editor's note: The list is surprisingly long - cm

Latest iPods Hacked to Work with Linux

PCPro's Simon Aughton reports:

"Apple's efforts to thwart iPod owners from using open-source software instead of iTunes appears to have been defeated.

"The ipodminusitunes blog reports that thanks to 'inspired work by a couple of heroes' iPods can once again be used with Linux music apps such as gtkpod and Rhythmbox, as well as Windows alternatives such as Winamp."

J. River Fires iArrow at Apple with iPod Linux Unlock

PR: Thanks to Linux developers, Apple's latest iPods are no longer locked to iTunes, and US software developer, J. River, has released a beta version of J. River Media Center which can once again sync audio, video, and images to Apple's devices.

At 5:00 PM CDT this afternoon, J. River released a beta version of J. River Media Center that supports the new iPod classic as effectively as previous versions have supported fifth generation iPods and earlier. If the beta holds up overnight, J. River will release a version to the public in the morning, solving a problem that Apple recently created for millions of users.

J. River hopes that Apple may have learned that its many mutual users will not accept a closed system. If, in the future, Apple chooses methods such as encrypting the iPod database, closer government scrutiny could result in Apple joining Microsoft as an industry leading monopoly.

Copies of the Windows beta are available to the press on request. New iPod owners can help by posting a description of their device and its serial number on J. River's forum.

iFixit Disassembles the New iPod touch

PR: iFixit has disassembled Apple's new iPod touch and posted internal photos online. While the iPod touch looks a lot like the iPhone, it has a surprising number of internal differences.

iPod touch disassemblyiFixit has disassembled Apple's new iPod touch and posted internal photos online. While the iPod touch looks a lot like the iPhone, it has a surprising number of internal differences. The online disassembly is available immediately.

The disassembly examines Apple's hardware design in detail, reveals their choice in component manufacturers, and clearly shows their elegant industrial design. Some information our disassembly revealed:

  • iPod touch disassemblyApple made the display more easily removable than the iPhone, and attached it with Phillips screws instead of strong adhesive. This will significantly enhance the maintainability of the iPod touch by reducing the cost of LCD repairs.
  • The new iPod's battery is 81% of the volume of the iPhone.
  • The iPod touch has a Wolfson audio chip.
  • The multi-touch display uses glass, just like the iPhone.

iFixit plans to sell parts for the iPod touch, just as we sell parts for iPods, iPhones, and Apple portables. This first look at Apple's new iPod continues our commitment to enable anyone to disassemble and repair their mobile devices.

iPod touch disassemblyiFixit is the Mac+iPod do-it-yourself company. iFixit launched in 2003 and instantly became the leader in the Mac laptop part industry. iFixit introduced iPod parts in 2006, and added iPhone parts in 2007. iFixit is dedicated to helping people everywhere keep their Macs, iPods, and iPhones running longer. For more information, visit the company website or call 1-866-61-FIXIT.

Photos courtesy iFixit.

The Age of Flash Memory Is Upon Us

Extreme Tech's Jason Cross reports:

"When the iPod was first released, it came in two flavors: 5 GB for $399, and 10 GB for $499. Six years later, you can get an iPod touch with a fancy touch screen, lots of nifty apps, way better video and audio capabilities, and 16 GB of flash RAM for $399. Why did Apple forgo the hard drive in their premium iPod model in favor of flash? Well, it probably has more to do with battery life than to make the product a couple millimeters slimmer-that screen processor suck up more juice than you'll find in other iPods, so flash's energy efficiency was probably necessary to deliver the promised 22 hours of audio playback. At least, without going to a much bulkier battery.

"There are other reasons, though-economic reasons that are a sign of things to come. We're rapidly entering a time when the hard drive will disappear from many of the devices we currently find today. The Age of Flash is upon us, brothers!"

MacService Announces iPod Giveaway

PR: MacService has announced their fall iPod nano giveaway. One lucky customer will get the chance to win a new Apple iPod nano. Registration is quick and easy, and it's free. To sign up for a chance to win simply join the MacService monthly email newsletter between now and October 15th. The newsletter is filled with special deals for laptop repair and upgrade services. No purchase necessary

MacService has announced their fall iPod nano giveaway. One lucky customer will get the chance to win a new Apple iPod nano. Registration is quick and easy, and it's free. To signup for a chance to win simply join the MacService monthly email newsletter between now and October 15th.

The newsletter is filled with special deals for laptop repair and upgrade services. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. The final drawing for the winner will be conducted on October 16th. Visit to enter.

With the goal of making the process fast and easy for their customers, since 2001 MacService delivers complete repair and upgrade services for laptop computers.

iPod touch Keyboard Trounces iPhone's

iPhone Atlas reports:

"The iPod touch will sport keyboard functionality that is far more robust than the iPhone's (in its current form) according to an 85-page features guide recently published by Apple."

New iPod 'Touches Greatness''s John O'Brien says:

"When Apple unveiled its revolutionary iPhone at the start of the year, CEO Steve Jobs touted it as the best iPod the company had ever made....

iPod touch"Indeed, many consumers who didn't much care for the phone features (or associated lock-in contract) still lusted after the iPhone's next-generation iPod capabilities.

"In the ensuing months numerous hacks arose to let people use the iPod features without needing to activate the phone. Well, as of last week, the iPhone isn't the only 'best' iPod available.

"Apple announced the iPod touch - essentially an iPhone minus the phone, in a slightly smaller, thinner enclosure.

"It boasts all of the iPhone's iPod functions, and a few of its other features as well."

iPod touch 'Probably the Best Portable Media Player Ever Made'

PC Magazine's Tim Gideon reports:

"When the iPhone came out in June, many people (myself included) loved it, but wanted it without the phone - and that pesky two-year contract with AT&T Wireless. I'm no luddite, but I don't want my personal media player to ring in the middle of a song. That said, the multi-touch glass display was beautiful, Cover Flow was a great way to navigate tracks, and the Web browser was better than any other portable player's before it. Apple could have delivered a player with just these features and nothing more and I would have been thrilled. But it didn't. The company added a WiFi version of the iTunes Music Store so you can buy songs on the go - now, if you have WiFi access you can download tracks anywhere. Apple also announced a partnership with Starbucks that enables iPhone and touch owners to purchase songs they hear in Starbucks stores via WiFi. Okay, maybe I'm not in love with that last feature (I'm not a Starbucks addict). It would also be nice if the WiFi store offered video purchases, too - it's currently music-only. And, yes, the earbuds still suck. But those are my only complaints - and they are minor. The relatively hefty $300 and $400 price tags for 8 and 16 GB, respectively, don't bug me either. Why? This is probably the best portable media player ever made.

"The touch is a thing of beauty....."

iPod touch: Gorgeous and Talented, but Is It Overqualified?

PC World's Edward N. Albro says:

"It's hard to argue with the grace and power of the iPod touch. It displays photos and videos flawlessly, it gives you lots of innovative ways to navigate your music collection and its use of Wi-Fi is a quantum leap past that of any other dedicated music player. But after playing with it for a couple of hours, I can't help but wonder whether a music player really needs to be this much....

"Perhaps that's just the Puritan in me, though. Certainly, if you want a music player that does it all - and with panache - this is the one to buy."

iPod touch + Wi-Fi iTunes Store a Winner for non-PC Consumers

WiMax reports:

"The iPod touch - essentially a thinner iPhone sans phone - along with a new release of iTunes makes content downloads feasible using Wi-Fi wireless networking. This is unique as MP3 players and Apple's iPod portfolio have been hindered from reaching a significant consumer segment that doesn't have access to a broadband-enabled personal computer.

"Adding and changing content on portable media players is currently tied to PC ownership. Downloaded content and personal CD collections are typically moved via a cable (a process called 'side-loading') from the PC to the audio player. Consumers have modified their behaviors to accept this procedure as default for portable media players as well as digital cameras. Side-loading is not an option for those without PCs.

"The iPod touch is the first PMP device to overcome the PC requirement. Content purchase and direct download to the device is enabled using the latest iTunes application. The Wi-Fi connection built into the iPod touch obsoletes the PC cabling and connects the user via thousands of wireless hot spots and city-wide wireless networks."

iPod touch: The iPod Meets the iPhone

Ars Technica's Eric Bangeman reports:

"The moment the iPhone first saw the light of day, observers wondered how long it would take before a redesigned iPod based on the iPhone form factor followed. The answer, as it turned out, was about two-and-a-half months. The iPod touch, along with a redesigned iPod nano and the iPod classic, was unveiled at a special event on September 5. Apple said that its latest digital audio player would become available towards the end of September, but eight days later reports began trickling in that the 16 GB iPod touch was available in limited quantities at Apple Stores.

"Five minutes after the local Apple Store opened the next day, I found myself waiting with a woman who wanted to exchange the iPod classic she had received as a gift for an iPod touch. After tracking down a green-shirted Apple Store employee, I handed over my American Express card and walked out the door with a shiny new iPod touch."

Getting to Know the New iPod nano

The Chicago Tribune's Eric Benderoff reports:

"Considering breakthroughs Apple has made in design with the new iPod touch and huge storage capacity in the classic, it would be easy to overlook the revamped iPod nano. Don't, because this snappy little gadget offers the same cool features, more actually, first used on the iPhone in a remarkably small and familiar package. The only difference is that navigation is by scroll wheel, not touch.

3G iPod nano"A few interesting things were overlooked last week amid the uproar over the iPhone's sudden price cut: Apple's new line of iPods.

"The iPod touch is a direct descendant of the iPhone, which should appeal to anyone who likes the iPhone's fabulous touch-sensitive navigation. It will be worth a long look later this month when it goes on sale, even though its 16 gigabytes (and US$400 price tag) may not satisfy iPod fans with sizable music and movie collections.

"Those folks will want the ridiculously large and newly named 160 GB iPod classic...

"So, considering those breakthroughs in design and storage it would be easy to overlook the revamped iPod nano. Don't, because this snappy little gadget offers the same cool features, more actually, first used on the iPhone in a remarkably small and familiar package. The only difference is that navigation is by scroll wheel, not touch."

A Week with the New iPod nano

TUAW's Nik Fletcher reports:

"Dear TUAW readers, I have a confession. Normally I am not a person who spontaneously buys an iPod . However last Thursday morning was, well, a little different. Upon seeing the new Nanos, Shuffles and iPod Classics on display at an Apple Store I just happened to be passing (convenient, eh?), I was torn. Do I buy a new Nano? Do I need one? Do I want one? Can I even justify purchasing one, given that I have a (RED) 4 GB Nano that I love dearly? The answer to all those questions was close enough to 'yes', almost exclusively because I wanted a video-playing iPod. And more importantly, because I had 7 days of travel that would allow the Nano to prove its worth. Well, after a week of video-playing, music listening and more, the jury is in."

iPod nano: A Bite-size Player for Bite-size Video

PC Magazine's Tim Bajarin says:

"The iPod touch might be getting all the attention right now, but the video-enabled nano is the device that best suits our 'media-snacking' lifestyle.

"About four years ago, at a conference in San Diego, Steve Jobs was asked about putting video on an iPod. He responded by saying that he was not convinced that anyone would want to watch a movie on a 2-inch screen....

"Apple's recent iPod news focused on iPhone price cuts and the new iPod touch. But I believe its most important new product, in terms of sales and impact, will be the new nano. The Apple iPod nano (3rd generation) now supports video on, ironically, a 2-inch screen. This will be Apple's hottest product this coming holiday season."

Playlist's Comprehensive Review of iPod classic

PlayList's Christopher Breen reports:

"As of September 5, 2007, the full-sized iPod turned six (as in sixth-generation) and, because of the existence of the iPhone-like iPod touch, was pronounced a classic - the iPod classic. Offering increased capacity, a thinner form factor, a full-metal enclosure, an enhanced (and sometimes sluggish) interface, and incompatibility with some accessories that get along quite happily with earlier iPods - in short, the high-capacity version of the third-generation iPod nano - the iPod classic is mainly about size and storage. If you want to pack every speck of digital media you own into your pocket, this is Apple's best iPod option."

Editor's note: This is so far the most comprehensive review of the new classic I've read. cm

First Week with the 160 GB iPod classic

O'Reilly Mac DevCenter's Chris Adamson reports:

"Here's an unformatted collection of thoughts and experiences since picking up a 160 GB iPod classic, the last one in stock at the Apple Store in Alpharetta GA, last weekend.

iPod classic"This blog is going to be from the point-of-view from someone who's jumping from a 2nd gen (click wheel) iPod to the 6th gen 'classic' model. So some of this is new to me and won't be new to those of you with more modern iPods. Though I'm not completely oblivious to iPod evolution: I have been borrowing a 2nd gen nano from my wife while my old one is in the shop (no, it's not back and not refunded after more than two months; yes I have initiated a chargeback)."

iPod classic 'Quite Different' from Classic iPods

The Register's Tony Smith reports:

"The iPod classic marks the most widespread update Apple has ever made to the 'standard' hard drive-based iPod range. The name's been tweaked, the user interface given a radical overhaul, and while the new model may look like the previous version, it's actually quite different.

"The iPod classic has a metal face, not a plastic one. The shiny, curved chrome-like backplate is still there, but now it's attached to an anodised aluminium sheet that curves gently forward before forming a flat space in which the display and clickwheel are mounted.....

"The new model is much the same size as its predecessor - it's actually fractionally thinner, but not so as you'd notice. Similarly, it's very slightly heavier, but again you won't be able to tell when you're carrying this player around."

Apple iPod classic Review

CNET UK's Nate Lanxon reports:

"Almost a full two years since its last full-size iPod, Apple has unleashed the iPod classic. Coming in 80 GB and 160 GB capacities - costing £159 and £229 respectively - the classic can hold a massive archive of music and video. There's no need to pick and choose which music goes with you, even if you rip CDs at the very highest lossless quality. We wasted no time in stress-testing the classic to within millimetres of its life.

"The glossy and easily scratched faceplate of previous models has been replaced with an attractive matte texture, either in black or silver - white is no more. The Click Wheel too has been steered from shiny gloss to matte, the result being a less scratch-prone finish. The reflective silver casing is unchanged though, and still easily scuffable - seven days into the classic being used as our 'full-time' MP3 player, several scratches had appeared."

Ars Technica Reviews the iPod nano and iPod classic

Ars Technica's Clint Ecker and Jacqui Cheng report:

"iPods iPods iPods! That was the theme of Apple's September 5 event, titled 'The Beat Goes On.' And as expected, what came out of the event was all sorts of iPod news: the shuffles got new colors, the iPod touch (touchscreen iPod) made its debut, and Apple updated its old standbys, the iPod classic and iPod nano. This review focuses on the latter two in the list, because they both saw the same general changes to physical design and also use the same new UI.

"We will go over the physical differences of each iPod separately first and then address the UI as a whole."

iPhone News, Reviews, & Opinion

Details of $100 Apple Store Credit for Early iPhone Owners

Apple has posted details of the "iSorry" early iPhone adopters credit.

The page notes:

"If you bought your iPhone before August 22, you may be eligible for an instant $100 electronic credit toward the purchase of products at the Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store. See the terms and conditions below for more details.

"To receive your credit, follow these three easy steps.

"Step 1: Identify your iPhone

"To confirm eligibility, simply enter your phone number and iPhone serial number in the fields provided.

"Step 2: Enter your access code

"You will receive an SMS text message on your iPhone containing the access code to redeem your $100 credit. Enter your phone number and your access code in the fields provided to generate an electronic store credit.

"Step 3: Get your $100 Apple Store credit

"You will receive a $100 electronic store credit to purchase products at the Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store.

"Requests for the $100 credit must be submitted by November 30, 2007.

"You must activate your iPhone with AT&T prior to submitting your claim. Once you activate, return to this page after 24 hours to request your credit."

Free iPhone Software Unlock GUI

PR: This is beta so run at your own risk!

It should not do any damage to your phone anyway because you can easily reflash all the old original files.

And you should not break any warranty. Would also be a good idea to backup any files you might need just in case! Don't blame me!

Also a through one beta tester hit the start button twice wait when it says wait for 20 mins dont be scared let it run 20 mins!


David Harrison

iPhone Software-unlocked, Easy-to-use Tool to Follow

The Register's Tony Smith reports:

"Calling all iPhone owners. The first free easy to use - well, relatively easy to use - software to unlock your Apple handset has arrived, mere hours after a rather more tortuous process. Well, almost. It's not quite ready for release, but folk who have seen it claim it does the business.....

"However, it remains unclear whether you still have to activate the iPhone, a process that involves signing up for two years with AT&T - or O2, come the end of September - before you can apply the unlock process."

Macworld's iPhone Superguide

PR: Macworld has announced the release of the Macworld iPhone Superguide, the most recent installment of its popular Superguide series. Developed by Macworld's award-winning editorial team, the latest Superguide provides tips, tools, and a complete how-to guide for operating Apple's exciting new addition to its line of innovative products. Commercially available in three formats, the Superguide can be downloaded immediately as a PDF for $12.95, or purchased as a CD-ROM for $15.00 or full-color book for $24.99 (price for CD-ROM and book includes shipping and handling). All versions are available now.

"The iPhone is truly an amazing product with capabilities that have exceeded our expectations," said Jason Snell, VP/Editorial Director of Macworld. "The 'iPhone Superguide' will help you unleash the endless potential of this revolutionary device by providing easy to follow instructions to master every feature from the most obvious to the ones you didn't even know it possessed."

Written by Macworld's team of iPhone experts, including Christopher Breen, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Rob Griffiths, and Ted Landau, and edited by Senior Features Editor Kelly Turner, the "Macworld iPhone Superguide" covers everything an iPhone owner needs to know, from customizing the phone's settings and navigating music and videos on-the-go, to protecting precious data while connecting to nearby wireless networks. The guide also includes vital information about the email, text-message, and Internet features as well as strategies for synching video and audio files. There is also a section about the variety of available accessories for the iPhone, including cases, headphones, car accessories, speakers, and more. The easy-to-follow language is accessible and speaks to all levels of both Mac and PC technology users.

The Macworld iPhone Superguide is the fifth release in the Superguide series. Other Superguides currently available for sale include:

Apple Buyers' Guide: Apple's Amazing iPhone

InformationWeek's Mitch Wagner says:

"Should you buy an iPhone now? I've been a satisfied iPhone owner since June 29, 2007, the day they came out. My iPhone works great, I'm very happy with it, and I think it's very reasonably priced considering what it does. Nonetheless, I advise against buying one. Why the contradictory advice?

"The iPhone is Apple's attempt to revolutionize the cell-phone market, the same way that the iPod revolutionized digital music players. Like the iPod, the iPhone's specs and capabilities aren't particularly innovative. It's a combination cell phone, music and video player, cameraphone, Web browser, and e-mailer, with built-in mapping through Google apps. It connects using either Wi-Fi or the AT&T EDGE network. Other cell phones, like the Nokia N95 do all those things, and have more impressive hardware specs."

Apple TV News, Reviews, & Opinion

DVR Could Really Add to Apple TV

MacUser's Dan Pourhadi says:

" you think Apple TV needs DVR functionality? (Swoosh!) That's one of the common complaints among Apple TV nay-sayers: Apple TV just adds; it doesn't simplify (a staple feature of Apple products). All it does is append another box to your already four-box-high TV set. DVD player, TiVo, surround sound deck, cable box . . . some people have these doohickies called 'VHS' player . . . things . . . with tapes (don't ask me), etc. Why can't Apple make a box that not only does what Apple TV does . . . but what all those other devices do, too (except the tape thing), to save us a little space and hassle?

"For once I'm in the same boat as Paul 'Marketshare Matters' Thurrott: DVR could really add to Apple TV."

iPhone Accessories

MakeiPhoneRingtone 1.2 Released

PR: Using Fission to create ringtones for the iPhone. Editing with Fission is straightforward, but getting the resulting files onto the iPhone is a bit tricky. The processes for both iTunes 7.4 and iTunes 7.4.1 work, but they're not simple.

Simply drag and drop AAC ringtones (made with any editor, though we hope you'll use Fission) onto this tiny app, and they'll show up in the iPhone Ringtones tab. Sync your iPhone and they'll ready for use.

Apple may release iTunes 7.4.2 in the next few days and change how this works all over again. They were quick to update from version 7.4 to 7.4.1, and ultimately, if Apple wants to lock out home brewed ringtones, they can. That said, we'll do our best to keep MakeiPhoneRingtone working with iTunes updates. Further, if MakeiPhoneRingtone does turn out to be a tenable solution, we'll see about integrating it right into Fission.

For now though, check out Fission to create iPhone ringtones and then use the free MakeiPhoneRingtone to get them onto the iPhone.

New in version 1.2:

  • Now works with all iTunes libraries, regardless of location.

System requirements: Apple iTunes 7.4.1.

System Support: PPC/Intel


Glide Adds PowerPoint Support for the iPhone

PR: Introducing Glide Presenter 2.0, a mobile collaborative presentation application to create media rich compact presentations

Glide Presenter 2.0 is available today on your desktop and on your iPhone.

Glide Presenter is a mobile collaborative platform where you can create media rich presentations and securely share from your desktop or mobile device. Glide Presenter features tightly integrated email, project management and live conferencing capabilities making it possible for an unlimited number of Glide users and nonusers to collaborate on presentations.

"Glide provides the convenience and security of access to all of your most important presentations and other digital files on your desktop or iPhone," said TransMedia Chairman & CEO, Donald Leka. "So now you can deliver stunning presentations in Glide on your iPhone in one hand while you enjoy an extra- foamy Venti Latte in the other hand."

Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentations can get bloated and difficult to share when media is added especially when sharing from your mobile device. Glide Presenter is media savvy. Add unlimited video, music, photos and documents and your presentations stay compact and easy to share via Glide Email, Share and Chat even when exported in Glide to PowerPoint or PDF.

Glide also differs significantly in its approach from other online office suites like Google Apps in that all of Glide's applications live in a sophisticated online Operating System (OS) designed for the new age of mobile working and living. The Glide OS acts as an automated data manager and translator to make communication across various devices, operating systems, applications, file formats and networks dramatically more efficient.

In addition, Glide's privacy policies differ greatly from online services like Google that rely on user data entry to generate revenue from targeted advertising. Glide has pledged not to engage in targeted advertising; a business model that undermines the right to privacy. "Those who rely on user data input to generate revenue, cannot legitimately lead the charge on privacy rights," said Mr. Leka.

Glide Presenter 2.0

  • Create media rich presentations; insert photos, music, video, documents, bookmarks, calendar events and much more.
  • Work together with colleagues in Glide's rights based collaboration environments including Glide Email, Glide Share and Glide Chat for real time collaboration.
  • Automatically sync and convert your Microsoft PowerPoint documents for compatibility with your desktop PC and mobile device.
  • The Glide Presenter 2.0 iPhone version works seamlessly with the Glide desktop version and brings powerful mobile presentation and collaboration features to your iPhone.
  • Deliver stunning presentations in the palm of your hand on your iPhone.
  • Export presentations you create in Glide Presenter to Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF.

Glide Presenter also supports themes and layouts, custom themes, slide transitions, shapes, transparencies, spell check, thesaurus, dictionary, bullet lists, left, right, center and full justification, keyboard shortcuts, undo / redo, zoom, preview mode, color text, color background, bold, italic, underline, uppercase/lowercase, element effects, slide element alignment, export to PowerPoint and PDF, automatic PDF creation for mobile viewing, and much more.

Turn Any Phone into an iPhone

Glide Mobile also supports the LG VX8700, Nokia E-61 (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 6300 and Motorola KRZR, T-Mobile Wing (Supports Streaming Media), BlackBerry Curve 8300, Nokia N95 (Supports Streaming Media), BlackBerry Pearl (8100), BlackBerry 8700, Cingular 8125 (Supports Streaming Media), HP iPAQ, HP hw6510, Motorola Razr V3, Motorola SLVR, Motorola ROKR, Motorola Q (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 9300, Nokia E62 (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 6102i (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 6682 (Supports Streaming Media), Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 680 (Supports Streaming Media), Palm Treo 700P, Palm Treo 700W (Supports Streaming Media), Palm Treo 750 (Supports Streaming Media), Palm LifeDrive, Samsung Blackjack (Supports Streaming Media), Samsung A707 (Supports Streaming Media), Samsung D807 (Supports Streaming Media), Samsung A920, LG VX8100, LG VX8300, Sony Ericsson w600i, Sony Ericsson w810i, T-Mobile SDA (Supports Streaming Media), and T- Mobile SideKick.

What You Get When You Register For Glide

  1. Free automated online synchronization of your music, video, documents, presentations, photos, contact, calendars and bookmarks for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs for anytime, anywhere access on all of your devices;
  2. Free automated conversions of your files for access on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and most smartphones creating universal compatibility;
  3. Free mobile access and advanced personal computing capabilities from most smartphones;
  4. A free Online Mobile Operating System to manage your digital life;
  5. The most comprehensive free mobile application suite including Glide Write, Glide Presenter, Glide Spreadsheet (available in September), Photo Editor, Glide Email, Glide Share, Glide Chat and much more;
  6. Free desktop and mobile social and business networking tools; and
  7. 2 GBs of free online storage.

The Glide Business Model

  1. $5.00 a month or $49.95 a year gives you an additional 10GBs of storage for a total of 12GBs of storage
  2. You can also purchase photo prints as well as music and videos (coming soon) through Glide Shops
  3. No annoying advertising

iPod Accessories

MacAlly Releases BTCUP for the iPod Road Warrior

PR: MacAlly has announced the release of its BTCUP, a full-channel FM transmitter with a clever cup holder design that lets customer enjoy their iPod in the car. It also features integrated Bluetooth handsfree functionality to connect with Bluetooth-equipped mobile devices.

Macally BTCUP"The MacAlly BTCUP will appeal to anyone who has ever tried to connect their iPod to their car audio system and then searched for a way to make it securely stay put," said Andrew Saldana, vice president, sales and marketing, MacAlly. "iPod users can now comfortably listen to their favorite iPod tunes through the FM car stereo receiver while also having the benefit of handsfree functionality for their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. Our continuing effort to create products that are at once useful, attractive and technologically advanced have come to fruition again with the BTCUP."

The MacAlly BTCUP was designed to let customers enjoy their iPods even more. With the BTCUP, everyone can enjoy the music through the car's speakers via the FM transmitter. Fitting into standard car cup holders, the BTCUP keeps the iPod upright, giving the driver full access to the spin wheel and offering a clear view of the screen. In addition, the BTCUP features a backlit LCD display that show the channels in clear digital letters, so it is easier to read at night.

The BTCUP was also developed to be easy to use for both playing music and managing incoming calls from Bluetooth equipped mobile phones. When a call comes in, auto-switching between phone mode and iPod mode allows users to answer the call handsfree for improved safety, then returns to music play mode when the call is completed. It offers easy-to-reach buttons and switches including, a power on/off/privacy switch, a button for Bluetooth/answer/hang-up, frequency up and down buttons, as well as a "quick channel switch" button. The BTCUP also comes with an earphone for enhanced call privacy. The earphone has its own inline microphone designed for voice use with mobile phones.

Powered through the cigarette lighter, the BTCUP supports third- through sixth-generation iPods, iPod with Video, iPod photo, first- and second-generation iPod nano as well as the new iPod classic and the new iPod nano. The MacAlly BTCUP also charges the iPod when docked. It can access the full FM spectrum (88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz) to utilize the clearest channel available and will automatically access the last used frequency when turned on.


  • Listen to your favorite iPod tunes through the FM stereo receiver in the car
  • Built-in Bluetooth handsfree function keeps you safe on the road
  • Auto-Switching between phone mode and iPod mode when you answer and hang up calls
  • Supports any Bluetooth equipped cell phone Includes earphone for call privacy
  • Works with 2nd generation iPod nano, 5th generation iPod, 1st generation iPod nano, 4th generation iPod, and iPod mini
  • Dock and charge iPod devices simultaneously
  • Fits cup holders securely in most cars
  • Powered through car cigarette lighter outlet
  • Full FM spectrum 88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz for the clearest channel
  • Easy-to-reach power on/off/privacy switch, Bluetooth/answer/hang up button, frequency up and down buttons, and quick channel switch button
  • Automatic last used frequency memory
  • Tilted backlit LCD display with easy-to-read characters
  • Designed to accept Apple dock insert shipped with iPod
  • Docking inserts included to support 2nd generation iPod nano, 5th generation iPod, 1st generation iPod nano, 4th generation iPod, and iPod mini

MacAlly plans to offer a BTCUP for iPhone in the fourth quarter of 2007.

The MacAlly BTCUP for iPod full channel FM transmitter with built-in Bluetooth handsfree functionality has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of $119.99, and is now available at leading electronics and technology retailers throughout the United States.

Belkin TuneBaseFM Automatically Scans and Finds the Best FM Frequency

TuneBaseFMPR: With a new, compact design, TuneBase FM mounts, powers, and plays your iPod in your car

Belkin's new TuneBase FM is now equipped with ClearScan technology. With one push of a button, it automatically seeks out the clearest FM frequency to play your music. TuneBase FM also conveniently mounts and powers your iPod in the car.


  • Mid-October 2007 in North America and Latin America
  • Late fall 2007 in Europe, Asia, and Australia


  • Features ClearScan technology
  • Includes line-out for use with car-stereo inputs or cassette adapter
  • Pro setting optimizes audio and boosts volume
  • Transmits audio wirelessly on multiple FM channels from 88.1 MHz - 107.9 MHz
  • Multiple cradles fit any docking iPod
  • Flexible neck offers convenient, easy repositioning of your iPod

TuneBaseFMThis accessory is compatible with the following iPod models:

  • iPod touch
  • iPod nano 3rd generation (video)
  • iPod classic
  • iPod nano 2nd generation (aluminum)
  • iPod 5th generation (video)
  • iPod nano 1st generation
  • iPod 4th generation (color display)
  • iPod 4th generation
  • iPod mini 1st generation

TuneBase FM (F8Z176) - $89.99

Kensington LiquidFM Family of FM Transmitters

PR: Kensington Computer Products Group has announced an entire family of FM transmitters, which enable the users of iPods and other MP3 players to enjoy high-quality audio in their cars. The new LiquidFM product line, a complete line refresh of FM transmitters, features Kensington's ClearFM technology for crisp, clear sound and is combined with the unique, smart features demanded by music-loving consumers.

LiquidFMThe LiquidFM family is the next generation of FM transmitters from Kensington, which earlier this year launched the market-leading QuickSeek FM Transmitter, designed to eliminate the time-consuming tuning often needed to play an iPod through a car stereo. "As a result of our unique Smart Made Simple approach to product development, we conduct in-depth consumer research, so we know what consumers want most. We also understand their pain points," explained Kevin Ngo, Global Product Manager for Kensington. Based on the research findings, the LiquidFM line includes unique features such as:

  • ClearFM technology for enhanced audio quality
  • QuickSeek technology for finding the clearest station in seconds
  • A unique RDS capability that displays the song and artist names on a car's stereo screen
  • Charging capabilities through a USB connection
  • Connectors that work with iPod or MP3 players in a protective case

"The LiquidFM line provides enhanced functionality and greater choices," Ngo said. "These new products make great gifts, and they will be widely available for the holiday shopper." He added that Kensington strives to maintain compatibility with leading-edge technologies delivering the best possible experience to the consumer. As a result, the new LiquidFM for iPod line is compatible with the newly introduced iPod nano, iPod classic and iPod touch and Kensington FM transmitters are consistently rated as the highest-quality FM transmitters on the market1.

The LiquidFM family consists of two FM transmitters made for the iPod and two FM transmitters designed for use with MP3 players and MP3-enabled cell phones. "Most of the top-selling cell phones are now MP3-enabled," Ngo said. "It's a growing market, and, as a consumer needs-driven brand, Kensington is now including a cell phone adapter with its transmitters. And we are the only manufacturer to do so!"

Kensington LiquidFM Deluxe for iPod (SKU K33424US): The ultimate iPod FM transmitter for playing your tunes through your car stereo, the LiquidFM Deluxe for iPod features a unique design and premium features, as well as superior sound quality. Suggested retail price: $99.99.

  • ClearFM technology provides superior audio
  • QuickSeek technology finds the clearest station in seconds
  • Displays song and artist name on your car stereo2
  • Charges your iPod while it plays
  • 3 station presets for instant tuning to any FM station (88.1-107.9)
  • On/off switch avoids car battery drain
  • Enhanced custom digital LCD screen for easy viewing

Kensington LiquidFM for iPod (SKU K33411US): We've taken the industry's most popular digital FM transmitter and made it even better so you can enjoy superior sound while you listen to your iPod tunes in your car. Suggested retail price: $79.99.

  • ClearFM technology provides superior audio
  • Charges your iPod while it plays
  • 3 station presets for instant tuning to any FM station (88.1-107.9)
  • On/off switch avoids car battery drain
  • Enhanced custom digital LCD screen for easy viewing

Kensington LiquidFM Plus for MP3 Players (SKU K33408US): The LiquidFM Plus is the ideal FM transmitter to let you enjoy your favorite MP3 songs while you drive. Its unique set of features makes it the perfect travel companion for your MP3 player or MP3 cell phone. Suggested retail price: $69.99.

  • ClearFM technology provides superior audio
  • QuickSeek technology finds the clearest station in seconds
  • USB pass-through charges your MP3 player or any USB-powered device (cable sold separately)
  • 3.5 mm connector for all MP3 players, plus a 2.5 mm adapter for MP3 cell phone compatibility
  • 3 station presets for instant tuning to any FM station (88.1-107.9)
  • On/off switch avoids car battery drain
  • Enhanced custom digital LCD screen for easy viewing

Kensington LiquidFM for MP3 Players (SKU K33383USA): The LiquidFM for MP3 players features our ClearFM technology to reduce noise and enhance stereo separation, providing superior audio quality and FM reception. Suggested retail price: $49.99.

  • ClearFM technology provides superior audio
  • 3.5 mm connector for all MP3 players, plus a 2.5 mm adapter for MP3 cell phone compatibility
  • 3 station presets for instant tuning to any FM station (88.1-107.9)
  • Digital LCD screen for easy viewing

The Kensington LiquidFM Deluxe for iPod (SKU K33424US), LiquidFM for iPod (SKU K33411US), LiquidFM Plus for MP3 Players (SKU K33408US) and LiquidFM for MP3 Players (SKU K33383US) will be available for pre-order at and starting September 17, 2007 and at major retailers including Apple stores, Best Buy, Circuit City, Comp USA, Dell and Fry's, starting in late September.

  1. The Kensington Digital FM Transmitter/Auto Charger is the #1 consumer-rated and top seller on Based on sales and ratings of FM transmitters for iPod on dated August 2007.
  2. The feature for displaying the song and artist names requires an RDS-enabled stereo. RDS is available in various vehicle models offered by leading manufacturers.

SendStation Dock Extender for iPod Now in Black

PR: SendStation Systems has announced that its widely popular Dock Extender for iPod is now also available in black color.

SendStation Dock ExtenderThe unique Dock Extender is the only solution on the market which allows you to dock the iPod or attach dock-mounted accessories without constantly peeling your iPod from its case. It comes with a matching Universal Dock insert and three interchangeable bumper caps to accommodate the various iPod sizes.

It is available for $28.95 from the SendStation Online Store.

Waterfield Designs Cases for iPod touch, classic, and nano

PR: Waterfield Designs, a leading maker of custom-fitted computer bags and cases for digital gear, announces three new cases to match Apple's recently announced iPods: the Smart Case, the Travel Case and the Suede Jacket. Each of these new cases are custom-fitted for the iPod touch, Classic and Nano. These cases were designed for protection and accessibility while keeping the look stylish and compact.

Waterfield caseThe iPod Smart Case - at less than an inch thin - slips easily into and out of a pocket. The multilayered padding system combines a high-impact, rigid insert with a soft, scratch-free Ultra-suede liner to protect the iPod. It comes in six eye-catching colors and three custom sizes to fit the new Touch, Classic and Nano iPods. A rubberized textile flanks each side making the case easy to grip. For a sleek and smooth look, all stitches are internal. Three different styles offer carrying options; attach it to a strap, clip it on a belt, or slip it in a pocket.

Waterfield casesThe iPod Travel Case is designed to keep the iPod and its accessories all together and tangle-free. Custom-sized, padded, interior compartments keep gear organized. Self-locking zippers ensure contents don't spill out accidentally. All three sizes maintain a thin and compact shape even when fully packed, so they can be easily stowed in a work or day bag.

Waterfield iPhone caseThe iPod Suede Jacket is a minimalist case offering elegant protection from scratches without bulk. The basic Ultrasuede case fits iPods snugly and doubles as a screen cleaner.

"I love the Suede Jacket because it's so simple; I can slip it in my pants pocket and my iPod won't get dinged by my keys," explained owner Gary Waterfield, chief designer. "For hard core protection, I reach for the Smart Case, and I use the Travel Case for organizing all my gear. When I head out, I don't have to think about what to take and leave behind; it's all together in one thin, lightweight case, ready to go."

Availability & Pricing: All three products are now available for shipping from:

zCover iSA case for the new iPod nano

PR: zCover Inc, manufacturer of fashionable silicone protective cases has announced the release of their iSA micro3 for the new iPod nano 3rd Gen.

"The development of such an extensive line of new iSA micro3 cases in just 8 days after Apple's release on Sept 5th 2007 of the new iPod nano 3rd Gen, once again demonstrates our ability to lead the way in iPod silicone protective cases." said Sean Sa, vice president of zCover Inc. "zCover's iSA classic design focuses on intuitive usability while offering protection in its fullest form. zCover has always focused on the merging of function and style, but this time the iSA micro3 not only provides full access to all of iPod nano functions, but also has a few enhanced functions of its own."

Each zCover "iSA micro3" retail pack contains one protective case with integrated a 0.2mm click wheel cover, one hard crystal clear screen protector, one removable rotary belt clip. In its first release of the iSA micro3, zCover is offering a selection of five colors to the online consumers.

Models: zCover iSA micro3 offers one model to fit the new iPod nano 3rd Gen 4 GB and 8 GB

Colors: In this first release of iSA micro3, zCover offers you a choice of five bright colors: Ice Clear, Blue, Pink, Grey and Black

Pricing: Each zCover iSA micro3 Original Retail Pack for the new iPod nano 3rd Gen contains one iSA micro3 silicone case with integrated a 0.2mm click wheel cover, one hard crystal clear screen protector and one removable rotary belt clip retails for $24.99

Marware Cases for 3G iPod nano

PR: A variety of soft and hard cases for Apple's latest iPod release: iPod nano.

Sportsuit Relay for 3G nano

The Sportsuit Relay is designed to accommodate the iPod nano and Nike® + iPod Sport Kit receiver and sensor. This case was specially designed to make Nike's innovative, iPod-based fitness technology available to all running shoes.

Marware covers for 3G iPod nanoThe Relay includes a protective Nike sensor pouch and convenient wristband carrying case. An armband expansion piece allows you to also wear your iPod on your arm - two cases in one! The case completely but safely encloses your iPod to provide you the comfort and protection necessary for an active lifestyle. And, of course, you have the assurance of Marware's lifetime guarantee!


Sportsuit Runabout for 3G nano

The Sportsuit Runabout provides comfort, protection, and multiple wearing options for exercise enthusiasts. A lightweight wristband case lets you wear your iPod like a watch, while an additional adjustable extension piece allows you the flexibility to wear it as an armband - two cases in one! Although your iPod is fully, safely enclosed, a clear plastic cover provides screen and Click Wheel protection and convenient access to your iPod controls. And, of course, you have the assurance of Marware's lifetime guarantee.

Color: Black, Blue


Sportsuit Convertible for 3G iPod nano

The Sportsuit Convertible promotes an active lifestyle. Whether you want to listen to tunes while you run, walk or bike, or just casually carry your iPod, the Convertible allows you to "convert" your case to your needs. Wear your iPod on your arm, your hand, attach it to a belt or shoulder strap, or carry it as a slim stand-alone case in your pocket or bag - a four-in-one case! The rugged case construction fully, safely encloses your iPod while providing convenient access to controls and the Dock connector. And, of course, you have the assurance of Marware's lifetime guarantee.

Color: Black, Blue, Silver


SportGrip for 3G iPod nano

The Sport Grip offers rugged yet soft silicone protection for your nano. Ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, providing a firm hold on your iPod. The Sport Grip is designed to give you easy access to key controls. Includes a protective film for the display and Click Wheel.


Marware Releases Cases for iPod classic

A variety of soft and hard cases for Apple's latest iPod release: iPod classic.

Sidewinder for iPod classic and video

Marware cases for iPod classicUnique hard plastic case with pullout side arm for earphone storage. Retractable kickstand supports case on a desk for easy video viewing. Includes removable belt clip. Fits all iPod classic and iPod with video models. For best fit, the included spacer should be used with the 30 GB iPod video or 80 GB iPod classic.

Color: Black, White


Sportsuit Sleeve for iPod classic and video

Sporty neoprene case offers complete protection. Orca-skin pocket holds headphones. Removable clip included. Fits 80 GB and 160 GB iPod classic and 30 GB, 60 GB, and 80 GB iPod with video.

Color: Black, Blue, Silver


Trail Vue for iPod classic and video

Rugged, sporty case with cord management bungee. Fits 80 GB and 160 GB iPod classic and 30 GB, 60 GB, and 80 GB iPod with video.

Color: Black


Sport Grip for iPod classic

The Sport Grip offers rugged but soft silicone protection. Ergonomically fit for your hand, while providing a firm hold on your iPod, the Grip is also designed to give you easy access to key controls. Also includes a protective film for the display and Click Wheel.


Proporta Offers Ultimate Protection for New iPod Family

PR: It's the moment you've all been waiting for - the new iPod family is here and once again, Proporta are introducing to you the smartest of protection, in a variety of styles.

Proporta case for iPodThe whole iPod line up has been refreshed with four brand new colours for the iPod shuffle, the latest iPod nano, a sleek iPod classic, and the revolutionary iPod touch.

Although Apple have stuck with their current design for the perfectly formed iPod shuffle, another four colours have been released. With this, we would like to remind you of the cases Proporta currently provide for the shuffle in the form of Silicone, Steel, and Crystal. Available in a variety of colours, these funky little sleeves allow you to personalise your own player, and to add even more variety, they're also available in packs of three.

The latest iPod nano (available in 4 GB and 8 GB) sports a very different appearance to Apple's previous model. Features include a large 2 inch screen that is 65% brighter than previous models - the highest pixel density Apple has produced yet, extended battery life, an enhanced user interface, and to take full advantage of the amazing picture quality video.

The iPod classic is very similar to its predecessor, the 5G iPod with video, however this latest model has undergone a new interface, an increase in memory capacity, and a slimmed down body for both the 80 GB and 160 GB models.

The new flagship iPod, the iPod touch, has the same size screen as the newly released iPhone, however the device itself is even thinner. Like the handset, the iPod touch hosts the same multi-touch interface, and will be available to ship in a number of weeks.

Proporta are offering their classic protection for these devices in the form of their Alu-Leather Cases, Silicone Cases and Advanced Screen Protectors. Images are not up on the site yet, but will be available to view very soon.

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