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SCSI-to-Ethernet Adapters, Cheesy WallStreetHinges, a Dying iBook, and Blue & White G3 Upgrades

Charles Moore - 2004.08.16 -Tip Jar

SCSI-to-Ethernet Adapter Sources

In response to SCSI-to-Ethernet Converter?, Walter J. Ferstl writes:

Hello Charles,

Referring to Philip Croff's letter who was looking for a source for an SCSI-to-Ethernet adapter:

Such adapters seem to be available here:

Please note that there are versions for the special square HDI-30 (30-pin) connector found only on some PowerBooks (e.g., the 1400) as well as for the more common 25-pin DB-style connector like the one in most older desktop Macs.

Another source might be:


Thanks for the links, Walter.


SCSI-to-Ethernet Adapter Available

From Ed Hurtley

I happen to have three of these wonderful devices. All three are Asanté EtherTalk EN/SC models (the big network-hub-sized models). Two in "Apple Platinum" and one in "Older PowerBook Charcoal Gray". While it's nice having these things for my collection of older Macs and accessories, I know that someone with more need could use them.

I can confirm that one works perfectly with a PowerBook 2300c, at least in a full-sized DuoDock. I would be happy to offer one of them to Mr. Croff, for only the price of shipping from U.S. Zip code 97219.

Ed Hurtley

Hi Ed,

Very generous of you. I've forwarded your note to Mr. Croff.


Cheesy WallStreet Hinge

WallStreet hingeFrom Dean Hausladen

Hi Charles,

I had the loose hinge problem on my WallStreet 300/DVD. Found little advice online other than replace it. I took the screen apart to diagnose the situation better. I was unimpressed by Apple Industrial Designs' cheesy cast part. One side was repairable with a part I made as a machinist. The other side has a splined pin pressed into the aluminum frame. More cheese.

I've attached a pic of the part I made and used. I made extras and a dimensioned sketch. Works smooth now. Oh well, Apple tries.


Hi Dean,

No, the WallStreet screen hinges were not one of Apple's better efforts.

Yours look great.


Another WallStreet Hinge Source

After reading WallStreet Hinges, Andrew Main responds:


Might I suggest another source for PowerBook parts, including replacement display hinges: PBFixIt. Haven't bought anything from him yet, so I can't vouch for the service, but the website is well-designed (always like to see that), he offers free online repair manuals with photos (or purchase for use offline), and recent price comparisons show him significantly lower than the other suppliers you list.

P.S. You might also enjoy this page: Want to fix more than your computer?

Marsha Jackson wrote:

"I had a friend's iBook that had power-up problems, too, and the voltage on the PRAM seemed fine, but since it continued to lose settings, I replaced it anyway. It's worked great since."

Perhaps that's an iMac? iBooks have never had a PRAM battery; see

Seems odd that settings would be lost with a PRAM battery whose voltage "seemed fine" (36.V?), then retained when it was replaced with a new one; perhaps it just needed to be removed and replaced, to clean the contacts?


Hi Andrew,

Yes; the PBFixIt people are good folks. Thanks for the links.

See my review of the PB FixIt PowerBook Teardown Guides on Mac Opinion.

Also, you're correct about the PRAM battery issue.


Dying iBook 500

From Walter Jamison


I recently purchased an iBook G3/500 (192 MB/10 GB) from the PowerBook Guy, and up until last week, I had absolutely nothing to complain about, other from the sluggishness of running Jaguar with only 192 MB of RAM. However, last week (Thursday, I think), I launched iMovie for the first time, hoping to import some comedy videos a friend downloaded for me and make a compilation. As soon as iMovie launched, the hard drive appeared to "hang" - it would spin, search, then spin down. Spin, search, spin down. Over and over, and after ten minutes I manually restarted the computer. The problem vanished - temporarily, anyway. On Monday, the hard drive freeze occurred while importing music from my MP3 player.

Manually restarted, it happened while opening iTunes right after the restart. Called it quits for the night. I turn the computer on the next morning, and the hang occurred while launching the Finder. I let it sit and reboot into Classic Mode. The problem appeared while launching a Nintendo emulator. The computer is now so unstable that waking it from sleep sends it over the edge. It's two days out of warranty, and I've called the PowerBook Guy twice. To no avail - he suggested booting into Classic (I tried it, and it didn't help). What should I do?

Walt Jamison

Hi Walt,

Since booting into Classic doesn't help, this is probably not a software problem. However, it would be well worthwhile to run some disk diagnostic and repair software such as Disk Warrior, DiskGuardian, TechTool, or Norton, to see if it finds any disk directory corruption.

The two most likely candidates are either the hard drive itself or perhaps the motherboard. In either case, replacement would be the remedy.


B&W G3 Upgrade Questions

From Nicolas Collart

Hello Charles...

It's Montreal again ;)! Once again, thank you very much for your great articles - they are always more than useful!

I just bought a nice Power Mac G3 B&W. I was really happy to see that it was a Rev. 2 when I open the case; it will limit the problems known in Rev. 1.

I would like to upgrade this computer a bit, and so I had one or two questions for you - hope you won't mind!

I saw the nice G4 upgrade made by OWC (the OWC Mercury G4/450-500 MHz). Do you think this accelerator makes sense coming from a G3/300, and have you heard good comments about this processor?

Also, I wanted to install a Combo drive. I wanted to know if it is possible install any drive I want. I mean, can I install a PC drive, or do I need to buy a special brand?

Finally, as my system is Rev. 2, I shouldn't have a problem with newer drive, but do you think ATA/33 is too limiting? Would an Sonnet Tempo ATA/133 be justified?

Thank you very much for your time and answers, Nicolas

Hi Nicholas,

I have heard no specific reports about that OWC upgrade, but I would anticipate that it's a good product. Given the substantial performance boost I got from upgrading a 500 MHz G3 Pismo PowerBook to a 550 MHz G4, I would say that you would notice quite a difference from that upgrade, especially in OS X.

You might also check out FastMac's processor upgrades for the B&W G3.

I think Combo drives are fairly generic, but I can't affirm that for certain. I would suggest checking with the vendor regarding compatibility.

As for the Sonnet ATA/133 upgrade, the higher spec will likely result in better performance. The cost/benefit evaluation is a subjective issue.


Bad OS X Utility Link

From Dan Hermon


Small error in your article on Mac OS X utilities:

Address for Onyx is incorrect:

Correct address is:

Thank you for the article,
Dan Hermon

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the correction.

I'm at a loss as to where the incorrect address originated. Perhaps it's an obsolete one? The article was posted some time ago.


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